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How To Check Internal Storage On Your Android Phone

With the high-speed Internet becoming extremely cheap, it is beneficial in a lot of ways to rely on cloud storage. Google provides an almost unlimited storage solution in the form of Drive and Photos. Even if you invest a little, the rewards are greater. Wonder how? Even if your phone is lost or stolen, you will always have access to your files from any computer in the world.Also, keep in mind that smartphones do require some buffer space to download and install updates. Occasionally, you may need to use your phone’s storage as a portable drive. Therefore, it is always beneficial to gauge your requirements and choose a variant that gives you the extra buffer space.

The Storage In Android Phones Today

Most phones today come with at least 32GB of storage space as an absolute minimum. Youll also find a lot of phones offering 64GB or 128GB. The top of the range phone goes even further with anything from 256GB to 512GB.

All this can make it confusing when deciding just how much storage you will need. Also, youll want to make sure you get it right because its not always possible to add extra storage at a later date.

The amount of storage youll need will come down to two things. The specs of the phone and how you intend on using the phone. If youre going for a high spec phone, youll most likely end up using more storage. Why you may ask?

If a phone comes with a 12 Megapixel camera it will take up a lot more space than a phone with a 4 Megapixel camera.

Samsung Mobile With 1 Tb Rom

Already back in January 2019, Samsung announced that they have started manufacturing 1 TB storage chips for phones, and soon a month later at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain they announced the Galaxy S10 series with the flagship Galaxy S10+ model having the 1 TB. That’s the start, we have seen many more from the house of Samsung and one among the recent ones is the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The newly launched flagship mobiles by Samsung has one model with 1 Tb storage but it’s less available as compared to other 128 GB & 256 GB models. The Galaxy S22 Ultra 1 TB handset is priced at $1499.99 for the unlocked handset & various EMI options.

This phone doesn’t disappoint anyone because the Android phone manufacturing leader has taken extreme steps to make it required improvements with every successor model. It brings on Nightography, & SPen support.

The first Sammy phone had 1000 GB storage. Here is the handset –

So taking a jibe at Apple, Samsung moves an inch ahead in the competition by announcing the first smartphone with 1 TB ROM. It’s not cheaper once either as you have to pay $1600 to get it.

Price: $1599.99

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There Is No Definite Answer

Your budget and the way you use your smartphone are the two factors to consider when choosing the best memory option to suit your needs. Media files take up a lot of space, and one way to solve this problem is to reduce photo quality in your camera’s settings. However, this is not ideal if you’re a keen photographer, so forget devices with 16 or 32GB is this is the case.

Regarding apps, you can enjoy music and TV series by using streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix, for games though, it’s different. Gamers: compromising isn’t an option, you need to go for more storage. As for other users who only like to play games occasionally, you should ensure that you clean up unused apps, and any other type of unwanted files.

Youll Never Get The Storage Advertised

5 Features We Want Every Flagship Android Phone to Have This Year ...

One thing you need to remember is that youll never get the storage advertised as available space. If a phone comes with 32GB, you can expect to have about 24GB available to you from new.

This is because the phone will come with the Android Operating system installed. This can take up at least 5GB of storage and is essential for your phone. Youll also have preinstalled apps that the manufacturer has added.

Some of the pre-installed apps can be uninstalled, but not necessarily all of them. So always take this into account, especially if youre buying a phone with low storage.

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How Much Memory Do Videos Use

Recording in 4K will use around 300MB of storage for every 1 minute of filming. Whilst recording in Full HD only uses approximately 100MB of storage per minute. Operating at 4x the resolution of 4K UHD, 8K requires around 600MB of storage per minute of recording. Whilst this is a significant amount, all Galaxy S21 smartphones come with at least 128GB of expandable storage.

How Much Ram For Gaming

For gaming beginners, 8GB of memory is a good starting point. However, we recommend at least 16GB of memory to ensure an uninterrupted, speedy and high quality gaming experience.For more advanced players who prefer large adventure games with lots of exploration and high quality graphics then 32GB+ is more suitable. Large RAM is also advised for those who like to record and share their gameplay.Checkout Samsungs Memory & Storage options, including 2TB portable SSD & PRO Endurance microSD card 256GB. Take your gaming experience to the next level.

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Expand Your Memory Using A Microsd Card

A microSD card is a small card that can be inserted into your phone to allow for extra storage. This card is removable and therefore insertable into other compatible devices. This wont be an option for you if your phone doesnt have a memory card slot. iPhones dont have a slot for an SD card, but most Android models do.

Which Phone Has 64gb

How Much Smartphone Storage Do You Need | 32GB, 64GB, 128GB OR 256GB?
Best 64GB Internal Memory Mobiles ModelsPrice

Is 64GB storage enough for phone?

64GB of storage is enough for the average consumer

Which phone is best 64GB?

Best 64GB Internal Memory Mobiles


Which phone has maximum internal storage?

Apple iPhone X 256GB, Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S10 512GB

Mobile Phones with Highest Internal Memory


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Use Memory Card To Increase Internal Storage Space Of Android

Here, I think you will agree with me when I say:

“Its REALLY hard to spare some space of our memory card for the internal memory?”

Well, it turns out, you can perfectly use memory card to increase storage space by turning to a professional partitioning tool as well as Link 2SD.

And, in todays post, I am going to show how you can easily and effectively increase android storage space by borrowing free space from memory card.

In general, people who successfully increase android storage space via using memory card do 3 things very well.

First, they prepare some necessary tools as follows:

  • Android phone must be rooted.
  • 2 GB or above memory card with class 4 or higher. (More details information about SD Card price, you could
  • Memory card reader.
  • Excellent partition software.
  • Link2SD app installed on the phone. This app allows Android phone to use a part of the memory card as internal memory, so users can move some data and apps to the memory card.

Second, they partition SD card.

Finally, they use the SD card to get more free space.

Now, you might be wondering:

1. Why need to partition SD card and how?

2. How to increase internal storage space with SD card?

Next, well show you all the answers in order.

Deleting Photos And Videos

  • 1Tap the Google Photos app. The app is located in the app drawer on your Android.
  • 2Tap the Menu.
  • 3Tap the Settings tab.
  • 4Tap Back up & Sync.
  • 5Tap the return arrow. Tap the arrow at the upper left hand of the screen to return to the main screen.
  • 6Tap the Photo icon. The Photo icon is found at the bottom of the screen.
  • 7Touch and hold a photo. Touch and hold down all the videos or photos you wish to remove. A check mark will appear once the photo has been selected.
  • 8Repeat the process as needed.
  • 9Tap the Trash icon. The Trash icon is found at the upper right hand side of the screen.
  • 10Tap Delete. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm you want to delete your selected photos. Tap Delete to permanently remove photos or videos from your Google Photos app.Advertisement
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    Mb Gb And Tb Explained

    MB stands for Megabyte, and is smaller than GB Gigabyte. 1GB is composed of 1,000MB. A Terabyte is even bigger, and is made up of 1,000GBs.

    Naturally, as phones have become more technologically advanced, the data that is required to complete tasks has also risen. So even though storage has become cheaper and more readily available over time, people need a higher amount of space to begin with.

    However, its not just tasks on your phone that determine how much MB or GB of storage you need there are a number of other factors that can affect this amount as well, such as:

    • The display resolution on your screen – the higher the pixel resolution, the clearer and more detailed your screen, and the more data that is needed to showcase this clarity
    • The quantity of images on a webpage – more data is needed to download images while opening a webpage than if it was just text
    • The quality of graphics on a game – once again, the higher the resolution, the more data that is required to load it vividly
    • The size of files attached in emails – the bigger the file, the larger the email as a whole, and the more data is needed to download it, particularly offline using 4G

    Despite this, for the most part youll determine your internal storage by how much you use your phone, and the types of activities you do on it. Take a look below to see how much storage each task will take up on your smartphone.

    Calculating How Much Phone Storage You Need

    What are the best 64GB internal memory mobile that are worth to buy ...

    When you calculate your potential usage remember that you will need to leave enough space for additional files and software updates . You should then add 20% to allow for a buffer. You can also increase your phones memory capacity with a Micro SD card1. Explore our range of Micro SDs here.Its important to remember that the numbers discussed are estimates and the exact photo, video and app size will always vary.

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    How Much Storage Do You Need For Your Android Phone

    So weve looked at what uses up your phones storage. Now well take a look at just how much storage youll need when buying a new phone.

    It obviously depends on what you use your phone for. If you use your phone to make calls, send text, use the occasional app and social media. Then a phone with 32GB of storage will be just fine.

    If you do all of the above but also download music through your favourite music app. Then you may find the 32GB may not be enough. Youll be ok to download a few albums. However, if you want access to lots of music without using up your data when streaming. Then you may want to consider a phone with 64GB of storage.

    If all of the above sounds like you, but you also like taking a lot of high-quality photos. Then you need to consider the storage youll need carefully. Will 64GB be enough? Possibly, but if you like taking lots of pictures then your storage will soon run out.

    You may find it would be much better to look for a phone with 128GB of storage. This will allow you to snap away on your camera without too many issues.

    If youre buying a phone to use the camera as a video recorder. Well, thats a totally different matter altogether. Youll be able to shoot the occasional video, but if you intend on making lots of videos on your phone then 256GB or even 512GB will be a much better option for you.

    Solution : Free Up Android Space Without Losing Anything

    1. Compress photos. The first thing we can do to free up our Android space is to compress Androidphotos without sacrificing photo quality. There are many photo compressing apps offering for help. You just need todownload one on your computer and have photos and videos on your Android device scanned. After that, the app will showyou the original size of your photo album and the compressed size.

    2.Move apps to SD card. Apps will be installed on yourphone by default if you didn’t choose to install apps on SD card. To move apps to SD card, you just need to go to”Settings” > “Storage” > “Internal storage” > “Apps” > find the app > hit on “CHANGE” > “SD card” > “MOVE”.

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    Apple Iphone With 1 Tb Storage: Iphone 13 Pro Max

    After iPhone 12 Series in 2020 with 512 GB capacity, last year the Cupertino tech giant launched the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro, Mini, & Pro Max models and only 13 Pro Max has 1 TB ROM size. Possibly in a year or two, the iPhone 15 or iPhone 14 is expected to carry 2 TB storage.

    As of now, here is 1 TB iPhone –

    Until then, you can enjoy Apple iPhone with highest storage, and here are the options –

    Apple iPhone 512 MB Models


    512 GB

    Is 128gb Enough For A Phone

    How to Increase Your Phones Internal Storage upto 256 GB – Use Memory Card As Internal Storage

    Overall, for most casual smartphone users 64GB phone memory is enough, although many people prefer to choose between 128GB and 256GB. Those who use their mobile phone to the absolute maximum should consider phones with storage of 512GB and 1TB to avoid running out of storage space and suffering with a slow phone speed.A 128GB smartphone on average can store: 900 photos 20 movies

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    Gb And Up: Never Worry About Storage Again

    128 and 256GB are two options no longer reserved for the top flagships. Upper mid-rangers like the Samsung Galaxy A9 can boast 128GB amount, and even high-end devices from budget brands like the Honor View20 also pack plenty of storage at 256GB. The OnePlus 6T and the new Samsung Galaxy S10e also come in these configurations.

    But to really stake your claim at the top in 2019, one must offer a whopping 512GB storage. A number previously unthinkable on a smartphone, but as we know, the numbers keep going up and up. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, among its many other attractive qualities, comes with 128GB-512GB storage depending on configuration. The Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 can have up to 512GB, and the Galaxy S10 Plus can go all the way up to an absurd 1TB, or 1,000GB!

    Suffice to say, that such an outrageous number may become more common years from now, but hardly anyone has a need to keep such vasts amounts of data on their smartphone. If money is no object, or if you’re using your phone as a mobile workstation to create and edit videos, then you might be grateful that a smartphone can now break the 500GB mark. But most of us will struggle to fill up 128GB.

    How Much Storage Space Do You Need For An Android Phone

    If youre looking to buy a new Android Phone one of the questions youll want answering is how much storage space you will need.

    The other day I wrote an article about how much space you need for an Android Tablet. I considered whether I could use one article to cover both devices. However, after careful consideration realised we use both devices differently, so a separate article was needed.

    So lets take a look at how much space you should be looking for when buying a new Android phone.

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    What Is Internal Phone Storage

    Your internal phone storage is the amount of space you have available directly on your phones drive to store your data. Examples of external storage include microSD cards, memory sticks/USBs, and plug-in hard drives.

    How much storage you have initially varies depending on the type of phone and model you have. Before purchasing a phone, you can view the different storage capacities, which will also alter the price , so you get the right amount for you. If you end up buying a phone with too little storage, you may find yourself needing to expand it or deleting some information to clear up much-needed room.

    The majority of smartphones nowadays come with one of the following storage options:

    • 8GB
    • 16GB
    • 64GB
    • 128GB
    • 256GB
    • 512GB

    If you need more than 512GB of storage, you can easily add more, such as through cloud storage or an external drive. These options can boost your storage massively, though its rare to need anything beyond 2TB at the moment.

    Is Higher Storage Always Better

    Android Phone with 32 GB Internal Storage: Amazon.com

    Of course, the more storage your phone has, the better. However, the increased storage space usually comes at a hefty premium. But if you can comfortably splurge on a 512GB storage option for peace of mind while taking high-res images and 4K videos, go for it.

    That said, you should carefully consider your needs well since 256GB can sometimes be overkill, even for heavy users. Higher options are outright overkill and should only be viable for the prosumers who use their smartphones to create content.

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