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Amazon Flex App: Regular Navigation

AMAZON FLEX APP 2020 (New Amazon Delivery Driver Guide)

While not in-navigation, you have your regular menu. The bottom portion of this menu is static and doesnt change.

This should look the same, regardless of if you have the iPhone or Android version of the app.


The Home button does exactly what you would expect: It takes you to the first screen after you sign in.

It displays your next scheduled block and also includes a swipe menu to view other blocks you have coming up.

Also included on the home screen are buttons to Check for Available Blocks and Update My Availability.


The offers screen displays available on-demand blocks and your reserve blocks.

You can see a range of block types, including Amazon Packages, Amazon Restaurants, Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh.

On occasion, the app will send a push notification when blocks are available.

When you find a block you want, its simple to accept it. Click on the block and it will ask if you want to accept.

It is important to use caution when fishing for blocks.

Most will alternate tapping between where blocks appear and the refresh button.

After highlighting a block, the refresh button becomes the accept button so if youre not watching closely, you could easily accept a block you do not want.


The Calendar button opens your availability screen, and days that are greyed out are unavailable.

A day with an orange dot indicates that you have a block scheduled for that day.

If this occurs frequently, you could be deactivated.





The Best Food Delivery Apps For Android

Price: Free / Varies

Caviar is a food delivery service from Square. For those who dont know, Square is the company that makes credit card readers that attach to your smartphone. The service offers most of the usual features. You can find restaurants in your area, order food, and have it delivered. There are additional features depending on the city youre in. Its only available in a few dozen cities in the US. We recommend checking out the Play Store listing for the full location list. Its not perfect, but it works most of the time.

Price: Free / Varies

DoorDash is one of the more mature food delivery apps. It supports over 300 cities in 32 markets. Thats a lot more than many that operate in the United States and Canada. The service also boasts a Yum score on restaurants. It not only factors in the quality of food, but also how well the restaurants work with DoorDash to get your food out in a timely fashion. They have partnered with a lot of popular restaurants as well. Its easily one of the bigger food delivery services with a mobile app. It should be available in more places than most.

More Money More Problems

Thanks to bots, drivers have a greater chance of grabbing blocks that are in high demand.

In addition to Flex deliveries, the app has shifts to deliver Whole Foods, Prime Now and AmazonFresh orders. These blocks are considered more valuable than other jobs because customers can add a tip to their order, unlike package deliveries. Drivers will tell the bot only to grab Whole Foods, Prime Now and AmazonFresh shifts so that they can scoop the blocks before others do.

Drivers also use bots to limit their blocks to warehouses that are nearby, since the Flex app could potentially send them to pick up an order at a warehouse 50 miles away. Longer trips mean lost time and more wear and tear on their vehicle. The faster drivers finish a job, the faster they can move onto the next block.

In response to a rise in bots, Amazon has slowed the refresh rate in the Flex app, drivers believe. Multiple drivers told CNBC they think if they click on blocks too quickly, Amazon is able to detect that they’re using a bot and will “soft block” them, preventing them from seeing any new shifts for a certain period of time.

Developers have found ways to make their bots harder to detect. In many apps, users can specify how often they want the device to click. Autotappers also have settings to slow the rate at which the device taps the screen.

Not all members of the Flex community appreciate drivers who attempt to trick their way to getting more shifts.

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How To Install Deliver For Amazon Flex

  • You can download Deliver for Amazon Flex – Guides For Newbies APK by clicking the above button and that will initiate a download. Once the download is complete, you can find the APK in “Downloads” section in your browser.
  • Before you can install it on your phone you will need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device.To enable this, the steps are mostly similar to the below.Open Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Once you complete the above step, you can go to the “Downloads” in your browser and tap the downloaded APK file once. It will start to show the installation prompt that asking for permissions and you can follow the steps to install it.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can start using the app as you normally do.
  • Completing Deliveries On The Amazon Flex App

    Amazon Flex Driver App Download Android

    An hour before your shift is scheduled to begin, the Amazon Flex app will display your starting location.

    To get there, the company recommends using its in-app navigation to get there, but many drivers prefer to simply pull up their preferred navigation app, as Amazon Flexs directions arent always as intuitive as those on other platforms.

    When you get to the pick-up location which is usually a designated delivery station, Amazon Locker, or warehouse follow any signage as necessary, then tap Ive Arrived.

    An employee will then greet you and scan your arrival code, then direct you to the delivery items you need to pick up.

    Use your app to scan packages and load your vehicle.

    Once youre done loading your car, youll see your assigned delivery route on your Amazon Flex app.

    During the delivery process, you must use the in-app navigation to be able to follow the route and complete deliveries.

    When you arrive at each drop-off destination, youll just need to scan the right packages and select where youre leaving the package.

    You will need to take a picture of the package if youre leaving it unattended, or get a signature if youre leaving it with someone other than the customer.

    Then, just continue on with your route until all deliveries are complete.

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    Where Can I Deliver For Amazon Flex

    Amazon Flex jobs are currently available in most large and medium cities over 50 cities across the U.S.

    The specific types of deliveries available will depend on the market, as services such as Amazon Fresh and Prime Now currently have limited availability.

    However, if you can get Sunday delivery, Same-Day delivery, or have groceries delivered through Amazon, then Amazon Flex definitely operates in your area.

    Here are just a few of the cities where Amazon Flex is available:

    • Seattle
    • Atlanta
    • San Francisco

    Amazon is constantly expanding its operations, so if it is not already, it could be in your city soon.

    If you want to get notified when Amazon Flex is available in your city, you can fill out the form on Amazons website.

    Speaking of the waitlist, we should note that Amazon Flex jobs are extremely competitive.

    Unlike other delivery apps where all you need to do is meet the requirements and fill out a few forms, Amazon Flex jobs have a waitlist in most markets.

    At the time of publication, Amazon Flex jobs are available for a limited time in the following areas:

    • Baltimore
    • New York
    • San Francisco Bay Area

    However, its worth noting that Amazon Flex ramps up hiring during busy times of the year.

    The busiest time by far is in the months leading up to the winter holidays, when the number of available delivery blocks also increases to keep up with the increased deliveries of Amazon packages.

    Here Are The Requirements To Become A Favor Runner:

    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have an Android or iOS device
    • Active U.S. drivers license
    • Personal vehicle and insurance
    • Bank account to process direct deposit

    Runners in Austin can deliver via bicycle, and you dont need a drivers license or vehicle insurance to deliver by bike, but you will need an official ID. Favor Runners also need to pass a background check before they start delivering.

    Drivers earn 35% of the delivery fee plus 100% of your tips. This is one of the best food delivery apps to work for in Texas because Favor offers hourly guarantees of $9-$10/hour as incentives for delivery drivers who schedule your hours in advance.

    Favor drivers average $18-$20/hour.

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    Other Delivery Driver Apps To Consider

    • Amazon Flex drivers can deliver groceries or packages and earn an average of $18 – $25. You pick up packages from an Amazon delivery station or local stores and deliver directly to customers. Depending on the order, your delivery blocks are typically 2-6 hours. Amazon allows Flex drivers to keep all customer tips. The bigger your car is, the more money you can make since you’ll deliver more packages.
  • OrderUpOrderUp is a food delivery service owned by Groupon. While smaller than companies like DoorDash and GrubHub, OrderUp continues to grow and is currently available in California, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Virginia. Drivers are paid commission plus tips for every order they make as a driver.
  • Shipt ShopperIf delivering groceries interests you, consider driving for Shipt. Being one of the more popular grocery delivery services, shoppers can earn up to $22/hr. Work part time or full time while helping people get the things they need. Available in all of the U.S. except for Alaska and West Virginia.
  • SeamlessSeamless is a food delivery app owned by GrubHub Inc. When customers use their app, Seamless suggests new restaurants and dishes based on previous orders, encouraging them to place an order. Like other delivery apps, drivers get paid for every order completed plus tips.
  • Does Amazon Flex Pay For Gas

    Latest Amazon Flex Driver App

    No, Amazon Flex does not pay for gas. But that doesnt mean fuel costs are money down the drain.

    As long as you keep mileage records, you can claim gas costs when you file taxes. You can also claim certain related costs.

    So, while you dont get pay for gas, it is possible to make up the difference when you file taxes.

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    Driver Requirements To Sign Up For Doordash

    • Must be 18 years old or older
    • Access to a car, scooter, or bike in some markets
    • A valid drivers license number
    • Auto insurance

    DoorDash has a simple driver pay formula called the Dasher Pay Model:

    Base ranges from $2-$10, and you can always see the base pay amount in the app before you take the order.

    DoorDash acquired another one of the best food delivery services, Caviar, in 2019. Caviar is seen as a high-end service, delivering for a more curated list of restaurants.

    Caviar is still operational, but its begun to operate under DoorDashs branding. For example, signing up to deliver for Caviar takes you through the Dashers sign-up process.

    Drivers on DoorDash average $15-$20/hour.

    To Sign Up As An Uber Eats Driver You Must:

    • Meet the minimum age to drive in your city
    • Have at least one year of licensed driving experience
    • A valid U.S. drivers license
    • Eligible vehicle
    • Provide proof of residency in your city or state
    • Have vehicle insurance

    Uber Eats drivers earn a base fare for every delivery, which includes your pay for pick-up, drop off time, and distance. It added a new earnings component called a trip supplement to account for time and distance.

    One of the reasons some people think that Uber Eats is the best food delivery service to work for is because you can have someone else in the car while youre delivering, so you could bring a friend with you to keep you company. This is pretty uncommon in the food delivery industry.

    Uber Eats drivers are paid weekly, but if you sign up for an Uber Eats Visa debit card, you can instantly cash out your earnings for free. It normally costs $0.50 to cash out early.

    Drivers for Uber Eats earn an average of $10-$20/hour.

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    Videos And Help Screen

    These two sections come in handy if you need to review the information you might have missed or forgotten. In addition, the training videos are readily available, so you can go back to them anytime. Likewise, check out the FAQ section to see a list of topics that might concern you. You will also see a Contact Us menu where you can email your issues or questions to Amazon.

    While the Amazon Flex app is the foundation of your delivery gig, there are times when it doesnt work perfectly. This is why drivers look for proprietary solutions that help them perform their jobs well.

    Below are some of the most common concerns during the application process:

    Signing Up As An Amazon Flex Driver

    How To Use Amazon Flex Delivery Driver App

    The Amazon Flex app is actually the only place where you can sign up to become a driver for the delivery service.

    Luckily, the in-app sign-up process is very straightforward, as long as you meet all the basic Amazon Flex requirements.

    When youre ready, just tap Create an Account at the bottom of your app screen.

    Then, log in with an existing Amazon account or submit your name, email address, and preferred password.

    Provide the permissions requested by the Amazon Flex app, then tap Get Started to answer some qualifying questions, which will include your ZIP code, availability, and vehicle type.

    If youre eligible, youll be able to continue on and provide your required documents, tax information, and bank account information before approving a background check.

    If the Amazon Flex gig is not available in your area, youll be able to join a waitlist.

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    How Do I Contact Driver Support At Amazon Flex

    There may come a time when you need to get ahold of Amazon Flex support.

    Maybe a customer claims they didnt receive a package, even though you delivered it.

    Maybe youre having trouble making a delivery to an apartment complex.

    Whatever the reason, Amazon Flex representatives are in place to answer your questions when you need assistance.

    To contact support quickly, your best bet is to call the support phone number.

    The number is 281-6901. A rep will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your issue.

    Does Watching The Training Videos For Amazon Flex Speed Up The Process

    When you sign up through the Amazon Flex app, you could be booking your delivery blocks in a few days. However, applicants may encounter some hiccups along the way.

    Based on the experience of applicant drivers, it can be as short as a week or as long as six months. It depends on the need and availability of positions in your location.

    Some chimed in that it might help if you apply as a Delivery Service Partner to drive for Amazon so you can get instant approval of your Amazon Flex application. This seems to be a workaround since, as a DSP, you will still be a contractor and not an employee of the company.

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    Here Are The Requirements To Sign Up And Deliver For Eaze:

    • Be at least 21 years old
    • 2004 model year vehicle or newer and your car must have a working car alarm
    • Smartphone
    • Clean driving record
    • Pass a criminal background check

    The way Eaze works is that licensed cannabis dealers pay Eaze drivers an hourly rate, plus mileage reimbursement of $0.545 for every mile you drive. For example, if you drive 50 miles, thats $27.25 that youre reimbursed, which is why youre paid so much more.

    Besides the fact that youre delivering weed, another difference is that drivers fulfill orders from the supply they carry in their car. So you spend less time driving back and forth between pick-up and delivery locations.

    Eaze drivers average $18-$26/hour.

    What Is Amazon Flex

    Video: Amazon delivery driver rescues 19-year-old and her dog as larger dog attacked them l ABC7

    Unlike food delivery apps or courier services, Amazon Flex contains five different categories of deliveries.

    These all exist to enable different services available to Amazon customers.

    The five categories of Amazon delivery jobs are as follows:

    • Prime These are regular package deliveries. While Amazon makes many of these deliveries via USPS or UPS, using contractors allows the company to increase delivery times or offer delivery on Sundays.
    • Prime Now Available in select markets, Prime Now is a service that allows Amazon Prime customers to receive two-hour delivery on household essentials, everyday items and select Amazon products.
    • Amazon Locker Drivers deliver packages to Amazon Lockers, which are like P.O. boxes that Amazon operates in order to provide alternative pickup locations for customers.
    • Merchant Pickups Instead of picking up the package from an Amazon station, you pick it up directly from a merchant. This is how Amazon can offer services such as Amazon Fresh, as well as deliveries from local small businesses and other brick and mortar Amazon partner stores.
    • Restaurant These are food orders from restaurants as part of the Amazon Restaurants service.

    As a Flex driver, youll have the chance to deliver for all of the above services.

    When your shift begins, youll open the Amazon Flex app and follow its instructions.

    The app will tell you where to get the delivery, how to handle it and where to deliver it.

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    The Best Gps Apps For Delivery Drivers In 2021

    Businesses that make deliveries need to streamline the delivery experience from order to doorstep. This means using tools not just in the warehouse, central kitchen, or wherever you fulfill your orders, but it also means having tools for your drivers while they are enroute. The best delivery experience for your drivers and your customers relies on these tools.

    Features like the ability to take photos of a completed delivery, notes to let your drivers know where to leave a package, and live GPS tracking of drivers as they make their rounds are just a few things that transform a good delivery operation into a profitable one.

    The best driver apps solve multiple problems for route planners, and have benefits that include:

    In this guide, we will be reviewing some of the most popular driver apps. We will go over their functionality, and take note of any limitations that may exist. And to remain objective, weve intentionally decided not to include Routifics Driver app in the list.

    Since youre currently looking to find the best driver app, you were probably going to do this research anyway. We just thought we would save you the trouble. So, heres what we found.

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