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Android Development for Beginners – Full Course

About this course: Its very suitable for beginner Android APP developers, you can fully learn the basics of Android development and publish the application in Google Play Store. This course takes you through the Android architecture and provides hands-on training with 2 popular basic APPs developed within the course.

Price: $99USD

Free Android App Development Course

This Free Android App Development Course includes a comprehensive Course with 3+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime access. You get to learn how to set up Android Studio for building Android N applications, creating a virtual device, multi-window support, active notifications, messaging service, direct boot and scoped directory access.

My Favorite Android Online Courses For Beginners To Learn In 2021

In this article, I am listing down some of the best courses to learn about the Android platform and Android app development. These courses are very comprehensive yet inexpensive.

Most of the courses you can get for less than $15 and some of them are free for 10-days, which is good enough time to learn Android, especially if you have some prior experience in Java.

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Free Courses To Learn Android In 2021

Without any further ado, here is my list of free Android courses for programmers and developers. Btw, let me make it clear that even though these courses are free, it doesnt mean that they are poor quality.They are just made freely available by their instructors for promotional and educational purposes. You should also be careful while joining the course because sometimes instructor converts their free class to a paid one, particularly in Udemy, once they reach their promotional target.Anyway, lets check out some of the best free courses to learn Android application development in 2021.

What Do People Say About This Course

Android App Development using Android Studio 2020 ...

“I would like to say Thank You Dr Gary Wills, Dr Toby Wilkinson and your team for the deeper view in the Android security, now I think I have a better understanding of what’s behind the discussion.”

“I would like to thank all of the staff for taking the time to give me the tools to take forward and to apply these to my own work, and to give these skills to put me in good stead for the future and when time allows me. I will try and put these to good use for my own Personal Development.”

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These Are The Best Free Courses To Learn Android With Java And Kotlin For Free

Hello guys, If you are passionate about creating mobile games and applications and want to learn how to develop Android apps or want to become an Android application developer, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I am going to share some of the best and free Android development courses for Java programmers and others. You might know that earlier Java was the only language that is used to create Android applications.

But, ever since Google has announced Kotlin as the official language for Android app development, which means you can use either Kotlin or Java to create Android apps.If you are unsure about learning Android, then let me tell you that it is probably the single most technology that will give you the most significant reach in the world.

There are billions of mobile devices, including phones, tablets, and computers, which are running the Android Operating System.

Btw, if you dont mind investing some money while learning a useful skill like Android Application development then I also highly recommend The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course Build 23 Apps! course on Udemy.

Its not freebut complete worth of your time and money and you will learn Android Oreo App Development using Java & Kotlin by building real apps including Super Mario Run, Whatsapp, and Instagram!

Free Online Android Course

This Free Android App Development Course includes a comprehensive Online Android Course with 3+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. You get to learn how to set up Android Studio for building Android N applications, creating a virtual device, multi-window support, active notifications, messaging service, direct boot, and scoped directory access.

Android is an operating system mainly used in mobile devices and is based on the Linux kernel and operating system. It has a nice user interface which is based on direct manipulation. It works on touch screen mobile phones, tablets, and also computers. Android takes input from touch screen devices using the help of a finger or touches stick pen.

Nowadays the android application is quite popular and in huge demand. To create an application in Android is simple and can be done via the SDK or software development tool provided for this purpose. If even one application developed by you becomes famous on Googles play store, you can earn millions of dollars just in few months. This android app course teaches the skill required to create such an app. This Free Online Android App Development Course is self-sufficient and a complete package. It can be understood as a comprehensive detailed course on Android App Development and it focuses mainly on Android version 7 which is named Nougat.

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Creating A Great User Experience For Mobile Apps

Offered by Future Learn

Developing an app is one thing, but ensuring it meets the needs of its users is quite another, and thats what this excellent course on the Future Learn platform is all about. Developed by the University of Leeds Institute of Coding, its designed for those who already have some digital skills and want to improve upon them. The learning objectives are straightforward and include:

Identifying smartphone features that influence app design

Discussing the stages and roles needed to create a mobile app

Designing screens and architecture using students own smartphones, pen, and paper

Learning how visual and interactive features create a good user experience

Using apps to solve simple problems

Producing and testing clickable prototypes

The best free online app development course is taught over two weeks by designer and technologist Tom Armitage. The University of Leeds is offering students a free digital upgrade, which makes this the top offering on our list of free online app development courses. The upgrade means that students will have unlimited access to all articles, videos, quizzes, tests, and peer reviews for the course. Upon successful completion, a free PDF certificate of achievement will be awarded.

Cost: Free

Time to Complete: Two weeks

Curriculum: Introductory to Intermediate

Offered by

Cost: Free

Time to Complete: 11 hours

Curriculum: Introductory

Suitable for those who are looking for a basic overview of Flutter

Awareness Over Fragmentations Android Application Threads Loaders And Tasks

#0 Android Application Development using Kotlin: Beginners Tutorials [ FREE COURSE ] Overview

Android is a fragmented market with many different devices and operating system versions. Note that, if your device supports more devices and/or versions it will definitely require more maintenance and testing as well as the related costs. The vice-versa is also true. You also require appropriate fonts, assets, and layouts that will help in ensuring that the best possible experiences in the various screen characteristics are given. You should also consider the array of android supported sensors or UI facilities. All android apps have an application class, one or more activities, and one or more fragments.

Sometimes, you may have services for background tasks that should run continuously but other times you may not. If you want to deliver a great and smooth user interface, always ensure that the thread is never blocked. Therefore, the long operations should all be run asynchronously in the background . This is why it is important to learn the Java language concurrency facilities.

Free Course: Programming Fundamentals

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Make Security A Priority During Android App Development

On this free online course, youll learn about the common vulnerabilities found in Android apps, and how to detect and mitigate them. These skills are increasingly in demand as mobile applications proliferate in the workplace, and increasingly proof of secure code is required before companies will use them. Make security a priority during your Android app development to protect yourself, and the users of your application.

Over four weeks, the course will explore three aspects of developing secure apps in Android:

  • Why should you care about mobile app security? Well cover common application flaws, the cyber risk these expose, and how to control and mitigate this risk.

  • Security architecture on Android. Well examine the way the Android operating system compartmentalises code and uses permissions. Well demonstrate how to secure interprocess communication .

  • Static analysis of code. Finally, well use the worlds most-adopted toolset, Fortify SCA from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to identify and fix common vulnerabilities in Android apps. This is used by the majority of the largest IT companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, software vendors and telecommunications companies.

  • Unit : Expand The User Experience

    This unit covers how to extend your apps to improve the user experience. Learnhow to use fragments, widgets, and sensors.

    Each lesson in Unit 1 is independent of the other lessons in this unit. Forexample, you can do the sensors lesson without completing the fragmentsand widgets lessons.

    Lesson 1: Fragments

    This lesson explains when, why, and how to use fragments. You learn how toinclude a fragment in your activity’s UI, either by including it statically ordynamically. You also learn how an activity communicates with fragments. Youimplement a typical scenario for fragments by building an app that has amaster/detail layout.

    Lesson 2: App widgets

    Learn about app widgets, which are miniature appviews that appear on the Android home screen. Discover how to add widgetsto your project, handle update requests, and make widgets interactive.

    Lesson 3: Sensors

    Learn how to use the Androidsensor framework to get data from device sensors such as the accelerometerand geomagnetic field sensor. Build an app that responds to tiltingthe device.

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    Free Android Development Certification :

    What youll learn:

    • Youll have EXPERT LEVEL knowledge of the Kotlin programming language and know exactly how each process of Android 11 development works.
    • NEW CONTENT is always being added, and youre covered with full lifetime access to the course.
    • Become a professional app developer, take freelance gigs and work from anywhere in the world
    • Make pretty much any Android app you like
    • Bored with the same old, same old? Apply for a new job in a software company as an Android developer
    • The EXPERTISE to be an Android App developer as taught by the best.
    • Best course to learn Kotlin
    • Android Lifecycle
    • Object Oriented Programming with Kotlin
    • The Android App Lifecycle
    • If you want to learn Android and earn Money then this course is for YOU !
    • and other awesome topics that not even discussed in other courses >
    • Access on mobile and TV
    • Certificate of completion

    How to Enroll For Free android Development Certification:

    All the people who are interested to enroll for Free android App Development Certification may sign up on and then they must log in there. Kindly put the coupon code mentioned below to avail this course for free.

  • Sign Up on
  • To apply for this course :
  • Apply Coupon Code: ITSLEARNINGTIME

    **Note: Free coupon/offer may expire soon.**

    For other free course please

    What Topics Will You Cover

    10 Best Android and iOS Development Courses for Beginners ...
    • Why is security in mobile applications important?
    • Understanding risk and threats in mobile applications
    • Introducing and using static analysis tools
    • Introduction to security controls for mobile applications
    • Security control: Android permissions and how to use them
    • Security control: encryption and how to secure stored data
    • Security control: authentication and how to secure network connections
    • Verifying the implementation of security controls using HPE Fortify SCA

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    This Is How You Make Iphone Apps

    Offered by Udemy

    This four-and-a-half hour course on Udemy is a complete iOS development tutorial that will teach students the whole process of creating apps like those found in the app store. Taught by the APP Dojo, the short course has been taken by over 140,000 students and boasts a 4.5-star rating. There are nine sections and 23 brief lectures.

    No prior coding experience is necessary, as students will learn to code in Apples Objective-C programming language during the third lesson. Once you have the hang of it, the instructor will continue to walk you through each step, through product creation and testing. At the end of the free online app development course, you will observe as the APP Dojo submits a final app to the App Store.

    Cost: Free

    Time to Complete: Four hours and thirty minutes

    Curriculum: Introductory

    Offered by

    The Firebase in a Weekend Course on Udacity Platform actually consists of two separate courses. You can learn how to use the tool on either iOS or Android and each course takes three days or less to complete.

    Firebase is an app developer platform that is easy to work with, providing users with all the tools they need to build high-quality apps. During each of the courses, participants will learn how to create a real-time chat app from start to finish. There are three days of lessons:

    Day 1: Introduction to Firebase, creating a project, and reading and writing using real time database and authentication

    Cost: Free

    Time to Complete: Three days


    Udemy Android O & Java The Complete Android Development Bootcamp

    Android O & Java The Complete Android Development Bootcamp is an Android tutorial for beginners to learn coding in Java programming.

    This is the best Android development course based on in-person mobile application development Bootcamp in London.

    This course will help you with application development and teach you how to code using Java even if you have no coding or programming experience.

    Moreover, it comes with on-demand HD video tutorials to enhance your programming knowledge.

    Build real applications, and at the end of this course, you will be fluent in Java programming and make your own applications.


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    Build Your Very First Ios App

    Offered by Curtin University via edX

    This Curtin University Course serves as a complete course on creating an iOS app from scratch using Swift version 4. No prior programming experience is required and it is designed for complete beginners. There are seven comprehensive lessons in all, which can be completed in about eight weeks working between 8 to 10 hours each week.

    Using the Swift programming language

    Apple developer tools including XCode, Interface Builder, and Documentation Browser

    The basics of coding and app development

    How to converse with iOS developers using industry jargon

    Participants will also learn how to design, develop, and build a simple iOS app and will even be taught the process to submit it to the App Store.

    This top-rated app development course is free to take in audit mode. Students who want a verification certificate can pay an optional $149, which helps fund free education on a global scale.

    Cost: Free

    Certificate: Yes, with a fee

    Time to Complete: 8 weeks

    Curriculum: Introductory

    Go at your own pace

    Perfect for those who want a solid foundation in App Inventor

    Highly rated by over 88% of previous students


    Certification is part of the paid program of Coursera

    Android Development Projects For Beginners

    Free Android App Development Course With Certification | App Development for Beginners | 100% Off

    Learning to develop apps for Android can be a good career move, as over 85% of the world uses an Android-enabled device. Coursera has curated a collection of Guided Projects you can take to get started using Android Studio, the official integrated development environment for Google’s Android operating system. Youâll learn to build a variety of Android apps with hands-on training, and no programming experience is required. Youâll walk through code examples created by experienced developers and get familiar with the Java programming language. With this set of beginner Android development Guided Projects, you can go from total beginner to confidently starting your journey as an Android mobile developer.

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    Multiplatform Mobile App Development With React Native

    Offered by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via Coursera

    If youre looking for one of the best free courses on mobile app development using React Native, this Coursera option is an excellent choice. Over 95 percent of the students who have taken the class have rated it highly, and its easy to see why. Half of the participants received some tangible career benefit after taking it, including pay raises and promotions.

    It is the third course in a Full-Stack Web Development specialization but can be taken in audit mode at no charge. Auditing the online app development course will give you access to all the readings and lectures, although optional participation in graded quizzes and peer feedback is only available in the paid version.

    The four weeks of lessons take around 43 hours total and include:

    Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native: An Introduction

    React Native UI Elements and Redux

    React Native Alerts, Animations, Gestures, and Persist Redux Store

    Accessing Native Capabilities of Devices: The Expo SDK

    The course is intended for intermediate students and should be taken by those with some prior experience with Bootstrap and React.

    Cost: Free

    Certificate: Yes, with a fee

    Time to Complete: 43 hours

    Curriculum: Intermediate

    Certificate only offered at the paid level of Coursera

    Unit : Working In The Background

    This unit covers how to do background work, how to schedule tasks, and how totrigger events. It covers the performance implications of executing work in thebackground, as well as best practices for reducing battery drain. You learnhow Android determines which apps to keep running and which to stop whenresources run low.

    You write an app that connects to the Internet in a background thread to findthe author of any book. You also build apps that send notifications andschedule tasks, and you learn how to implement scheduling functionality for appsthat run on earlier versions of Android.

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