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Best to-do list apps for Android!

To-do list apps are a dime a dozen, and few of them stand out as being much better than others. For example, there are plenty of apps that are excellent for Android or iPhone, but they do you no good when you’re working on a laptop and need to jot down a thought quickly without picking up your phone and losing your place.

Todoist’s mobile app

That’s why for this list, we only include apps that you can access on both desktop and mobile devices. After evaluating around 25 possible contenders, we tested and evaluated them and selected the highest-scoring apps to list here.

One of the major points of consideration when testing and scoring is how well these apps help you organize and stay on top of your tasks. We also consider collaboration, meaning the ability to share a to-do list with other people, though we see it as a bonus feature and not a requirement to be included.

We also looked for apps that fit different user profiles, such as people who follow the Getting Things Done method of organization , or those who prefer writing down tasks using a stream of consciousness .

Microsoft To Do

Top 12 Best To Do List Apps To Simplify Your Task Management In 2021

You know the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? That’s how I feel about to-do lists.

After all, how you track your tasks depends entirely on the person. Are you looking for a simple interface, or are you hoping to color-code and categorize hundreds of tasks at once? Is this a to-do list for yourself, you and your family, or you and your entire team? How much do aesthetics matter?

There are hundreds of to-do list and task management tools out there, but some of them are just plain better than others. To help you separate the really solid ones from the rest, we’ve curated a list of 12 of the best to-do list tools below, including short descriptions to help you determine which may be right for you.

Google Tasks For Android

A Google-backed task management application for your Android device which fully integrates with all Google applications, ranks #14 in our list of best to-do list apps.

Google Tasks lets you add and manage tasks directly from your Gmail, without any need of opening a new window. The tool takes a crisp take on traditional to-do list apps by providing a simple UI design that makes task management quick and easy.

The tool might not be a good solution for you if youre looking for comprehensive to-do list management. But, if creating and managing to-do lists on the go is your forte, look no further.

Like many other to-do list apps, Google Tasks also comes with easy drag and drop functionality to help you prioritize your to-dos and make quick changes whenever required.

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Advanced Features At An Affordable Price

If you

  • Are willing to pay for contextual features like tags
  • Have tasks coming at you from all directions
  • Value natural language processing when inputting tasks

then go with Todoist.

It has all of the above features, plus sharing and collaboration tools that are functional enough for students and student group work.

Trello: Organize Anything With Anyone Anywhere

Top 10 Best To

Trello is more of a project management tool, but can also be used to manage simpler to-do lists. It’s very flexible and lets you organize items in boards with various lists, but this may be confusing if you’re new to the app. However, if you’re handling complex tasks, it’s a great way to work with other people and keep track of everything, as you can assign checklists, labels, and due dates and monitor their progress. Additional features like the Calendar and Map view also make it rich in features, so it’s probably the app to consider if you’re dealing with complex projects.

Image Gallery

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Beautifully Minimalist And Easy To Use

This app is super cute and handy! I have ADHD and struggle remembering everything I want/need to get done sometimes so this has been very helpful in streamlining my thoughts. Typically I would have to-do lists all over the house and this helps me to keep them all in one place in a way that is organized, visually pleasing, and not as overwhelming. I love the icons and the color options, they are not necessary to use the app but worth it for 99¢ in my opinion! Beautifully minimalist and easy to use, I would absolutely recommend this app. However, I would love to get more use out of the reminders and notifications so the app would be more helpful for when I lose focus or just forget about something. The app requires a lot of manual input as far as reminders/notifications go. This can be time consuming and requires more setup than Id personally like out of this kind of app. I wish you could put reminders/deadlines for entire lists instead of only individual items, as I use some lists to break larger projects down and it can be tedious to put reminders on every single item in a list. I feel I would get more use out of the upcoming tab that way, too. It would also make it easier for weekly lists, as I currently would have to reset the reminder for each individual item every week and tend to opt out of using the reminders in general for these reasons.

Simple Easy Effective No Log In Required

It only takes a few minutes to figure out the interface. Everything is easy to find and the buttons only contain a few options in their respective menus, avoiding confusion. The colors are distinctive and do not blend with Apple’s default color scheme. The simplistic design allows the user to easily make a list in mere minutes. Multiple lists can be edited and sorted for organizational purposes. Individual lists can be sorted alphabetically, or by order of entry. List items can be checked off much like a list on paper. Items can be deleted one at a time by swiping left or mass deleted by deleting all checked items with the option at the bottom of the list. Enable the option to delete list items as they are checked off, for those nights when you’re on a roll and don’t want to delete things manually. I recommend this only after getting familiar with the app, which only takes a few minutes. The app doesn’t require you to log into any account which makes it perfect for anyone who wants to use an app to replace the pen and paper method, without giving up their identity.Lastly but certainly the most exciting is there are no ads. The app developer is a college student, who I hope will continue to keep this app ad free even after they begin to develop paid apps.

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Keep Yourself Organized With Best To Do List Apps

You can choose from the above mentioned best to do list apps to increase your productivity and organize your work. These apps can help you in organizing, sharing data and managing your team too.

We will be updating the list regularly and add more productive to do list apps in the list so keep a regular check on this space. Also, you can drop your suggestions in the comments regarding any of the mentioned app or if we missed out on something.

Nishit Raghuwanshi

To Do Reminder With Alarm

Top 5 To-Do List App Alternatives on Android

To-Do Reminder with Alarm is one of the best reminder apps for android. This app is handy and extremely easy to use. You can quickly add your tasks and make them ready for the reminder with alarm. You dont need to worry about the reminder, and you can relax till the time it reminds you. While using this app, you have to avoid preventing the alarm from working with the battery saver app, an app to kill the task. That is the only thing you have to remember for this app.

Important Features

  • You can easily and quickly customize and set your tasks with reminders the way you want.
  • You can get repeated reminders by setting the time of repetition.
  • There is an option of early warning or alarm for your task.
  • The remainder will also come as notification if you want, and you have the freedom to set your favorite tone or sound as the alarm.
  • You can set your task and alarm with a voice command as well.
  • If you are driving, the app will handle the situation for you and smartly remind you are maintaining your safe driving.
  • All dates of the anniversary and special days will be synchronized automatically, and get enough time to make a plan for surprising someone.
  • This app keeps a backup in Google Drive and anywhere you want.
  • You can set the day and night mode for adapting the screen with your eyes.

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Microsoft To Do: List Task & Reminder

Microsoft To-Do is not just a listing app, and it has premium-grade reminder functionality and tasks organizer in one place. This organizing app is packed with tonnes of features, and it is completely free to use. This app provides colorful themes along with dark mode integration. It also offers complete personalization for the users convenience. You can make grocery lists, daily schedules, reminders, and task lists. It will keep you up to date. This app also supports Office 365 services.

Important Features

How To Select A To

The to-do list apps are flexible to progress with changing requirements of workflow and allows you to perform tasks with ease. A bad app can be difficult to organize or complete the job. Therefore, it is important that you choose to do lists by considering the following criteria.

Calendar integration: You need to check the support of the calendar with your chosen to-do list app. It will give you date wise overview of tasks that you need to tackle. You can prefer apps that can be plugged into iCloud, Google Calendar, or other services.

Organization: Apps having features like projects, task labeling, and subtasks can keep you more organized. If you do not have a proper way to manage your tasks, then you may forget some high priority work.

Design: It is hard and tedious to keep your tasks in order, therefore, you need to go for the to-do list app, which is nice to look and navigate with fewer efforts.

Input method: You should look for to do apps that enable to input tasks quickly without putting much effort and confusing syntax. Features like natural language parsing or voice input can make your work easy. You need to check all the input methods before purchasing the to do app.

Price: Many to-do list apps available online are free, but they have some limitations. Free applications can help you to use the basic features. You can go for premium plans if you are not satisfied with a trial or free version of the app.

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Ticktick Todo & Task List

TickTick is yet another simple but powerful to-do list app that is available for free on Google Play Store with an optional subscription that users can opt which will enable improved task management, collaboration support and more.

The cloud syncing feature lets you keep track of all the tasks between devices. The built-in tag system lets you sort the tasks, widgets, priority levels based on the importance. TickTick also has location-based reminders.

Know Your Task Management Style

10 Best To Do Apps for Android in 2017

Everyone has a different task management style, with some people preferring minimalist apps that only list their tasks and others opting for a visual app that shows everything at a glance. There are also apps with plenty of bells and whistles, such as tagging, time management tools, and subtasks. Think about how you prefer to work and look for an app that suits your style.

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What Is A To Do List App

A to do list app helps you stay productive by organizing everything you need to do in one place.

If your life were to be a spaceship, a to do list app would be your mission control center!

Essentially, a todo list app helps you:

  • Stay on top of your tasks and chores
  • Deal with multitasking requirements effectively
  • Manage deadlines proactively
  • Track work at the office, take care of your grocery list or shopping list, and more
  • Make life easier

Why not stick to the traditional paper to do list?

After all, its just so satisfying to cross off tasks with a pen or pencil.

To do list apps matter because modern-day tasks are more complicated and require much more advanced features for proper organization. Not the mention, youd be protecting the planet by using less paper!

What Makes Great To Do List Apps

Its a challenge to agree on one universal definition of a great to-do list app. When choosing our list, weve decided that the best apps must cater to a diverse set of requirements. Great to-do list apps:

  • Offer great flexibility. The best to-do list app needs to be neurodiverse and function well no matter how its used. You should be able to set priorities , add tasks and subtasks, and view your tasks in different ways.
  • Remind you of deadlines. You need an app to remind you to get things done. Whether its in-app, push, email, or SMS notifications, a great to-do list should be able to keep your important tasks top of mind.
  • Are easy and intuitive to use. Adding tasks should be simple and straightforward, but also cater to your situation. The best apps should allow you to do this cross platform, in offline mode or through keyboard shortcuts.
  • Offer collaboration features. You should be able to share your lists with others so you can make progress more transparent. Its also important to have different privacy settings so you can decide what to share.
  • Function cross platform. Besides Android and iOS, ideal to-do list apps should be accessible on web browser and other systems such as Linux.

Its time we check out those to do list apps that make our lives better:

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Best Reminder Apps For Android

In this article, I shall discuss the 20 best reminder apps for android. These are chosen after analyzing the reviews of the users, their comments, the volume of downloads, features, etc. I hope you will like the apps. All links at the end of each app will lead you to more info, and you can directly get to the download page of the play store. Now, lets check out the 20 best reminder apps for android.

What Makes A Great Android To Do List App

5 Best Checklist or To do list apps for Android Smartphones.

How we evaluate and test apps

All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who’ve spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it’s intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We’re never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any sitewe value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of .

The best to do lists stay out of your way so you can enter something and get back to what you were doing, but they also let you quickly find those tasks later when it matters. Designing something that does this well is tricky, because there are multiple factors to consider. In our experience, the best Android to do lists:

  • Offer multiple ways to organize tasks, such as tags, lists, due dates, or projects.

  • Make it quick to add tasks.

  • Remind you about self-imposed deadlines.

  • Offer a clean Android interface, with native features like notifications and widgets.

  • Sync tasks to your other devices.

We tried every highly rated application that met our criteria here are the ones that stand out, and why.

In this article:

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Reminder To Do & Task

The last one is Reminder to do & Tasks. It is also a very supportive reminder app for your Android phone. Using this app is very easy, and you can set a reminder just by spending a few seconds. Also, there is a to-do list option. So, you can take an instant note and set a reminder on it. You can make a birthday schedule, meeting schedule, or any other task you think is important to remember. Then just forget it and take care of your other work. You will receive an alarm just as you set in time with the note you save. Thats how it works.

Important Features

Don’t Forget The Groceries

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk aims to make picking up groceries as easy as possible while also offering a fully-featured to-do list. With options to add specific items to your shopping list with barcodes, zip code-based deals, and the ability to add a reminder for specific items on your to-do list, there is plenty here to love.

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    Calendar Notes & Reminders is an app that aims to keep you organized through to-do lists and delivers a beautiful experience while doing just that. You can build multiple lists and customize each one with the tasks you need to complete. will also link up with your Google Calendar if you sign up using your Google Account, which means everything is in one place.

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