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Factory Reset Samsung With Google Account

Android Enterprise Factory Reset Protection (EFRP) | Mobile Device Manager Plus

The first method on our list is resetting a Samsung device via your Google account synced with it. Implementing it is as straightforward as possible, but this solution works only if you’re using Android 4.4 or lower on your Samsung device.

Step 1.On the Samsung locked screen, enter any wrong password at least five times.
Step 2.A message will pop up on the screen. Tap “Forgot Password/Pattern”.
Step 3.On the next screen, go to Account Unlock and enter the login credentials of the Google account connected to this Samsung device.

Soon after you sign in, the system will reset your locked Samsung phone, and you can start using it right away.

Samsung Find My Mobile

  • 1Go to Samsung Find my Mobile. On your computer, go to the Samsung Find my Mobile website. When prompted, sign in to your Samsung account.
  • You will only be able to reset your phone if it is currently on and has an internet connection.
  • This method will work for anyone who uses a Samsung account on their Android phone.XResearch source
  • 2Select the phone you want to erase. If you have more than one Samsung device, select the phone you want to reset from your list of devices.
  • If your phone has location services enabled, you will be able to see its last approximate location on the map.
  • 3Choose “Erase data”. This option will be listed in a window on the right side of the screen and will be represented by a logo of a trash can. You will be asked to confirm this action by clicking Erase one more time.
  • 4Enter the two-step verification code. After choosing Erase data, the website will ask you to enter a verification code. You can choose to either enter a backup verification code you previously set in your Samsung account, or have the code sent to your phone number. Enter the verification code for the method you selected.
  • If you lost your phone, you will likely need to use the backup code method. Check out this page to learn how to set a backup code for your Samsung account.
  • You will be asked to confirm this action by clicking Erase one more time, and your device will be reset!
  • Stuck At Motorola Moto G5 Logo Screen

    Most of the time, the phone or tablet may be stuck for a long time. Then, letting the phone rest for a few more minutes is a good solution. Upgrading uses more RAM on the device. If your RAM is small, it may take some time.

    If the problem is persistent, it could damage your device system. So, try resetting your Motorola. If it does not work, you need to install Stock ROM. Flashing Stock Firmware.

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    Factory Fully Reset Motorola Moto G5 Entire Device

    In the above three methods, we only do reset but in this, we are going to replace the entire android system. If you buy a Motorola Moto G5 Device, then it has a Stock ROM. Stock ROM is the Original ROM and Official Rom that a Device has. So, installing Stock ROM does not avoid your warranty. We found dedicated posts about flashing Stock Roms on Gogorapid. Go to that site and Flash a new Rom to your Device.

    Remove Pattern Lock Device Password

    How to Reset Android Mobile with Android Device Manager

    A lot of people suffering from this problem. they dont know how to remove Pattern Lock from their Devices. If you use any third-party app to set Pattern Lock then Uninstall it first. If you do not use any app then you may have been set it through the Device setting. Try to find it and remove it. If you cant find then your final solution is, Factory reset or Flashing Stock Firmware.

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    Hard Reset Android Using Adk

    In this process, we will learn how to hard reset Android phone to factory settings from a computer using ADK. This involves removing all data from the device using a PC.

    Follow the given steps to know how to hard reset an Android phone using PC.


    ⢠PC that runs on Windows

    ⢠You have to download Android ADB tools on your computer.

    Android ADB Download:

    ⢠A USB Cable to connect your device with your computer.

    Steps to hard reset Android using ADK

    ⢠Step 1:Enable the USB Debugging in the android settings.Open Settings> Developer options> USB Debugging. If developer options canât be found on the device, then please go to Settings> General> About phone> Common> Software info .

    Step 2:install Android SDK Tools

    Ensure that Platform-tools and USB drivers are selected in the SDK manager window

    Step 3:Ensure that the drivers for your Android are installed in your PC or at least the Generic drivers are present

    Step 4:Connect the device with the PC using a USB cable. Ensure that the device is recognized in the Windows Device Manager.

    Step 5:Open command prompt in windows and go to

    cd C:\Users\Your username\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

    Step 6: Type ADB reboot recovery and the device will restart. The recovery menu must appear after this

    Step 7:The device can be disconnected now. Now, you can remove the password or simply Factory Reset the device.

    Now, you have successfully reset your device using a PC.

    Android Device Manager On Macos

    This article explains how to use the Android Device Manager to create,duplicate, customize, and launch Android virtual devices.

    You use the Android Device Manager to create and configure AndroidVirtual Devices that run in theAndroid Emulator.Each AVD is an emulator configuration that simulates a physical Androiddevice. This makes it possible to run and test your app in a variety ofconfigurations that simulate different physical Android devices.

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    Reset Android Using Android Device Manager

    Factory resetting android phones using Android Device Manager is one of the effective methods for users to easily locate, remotely lock, and wipe data on android phones. This method of resetting android phones is helpful in cases when your phone is stolen or lost.

    Heres a step-by-step guide to factory reset android phone from computer.

    Before using this method, make sure that your android phone is turned on and signed into a Google account. Your phone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi as well as the Location and Find My Device is turned on in this method.

    • First, go to and then search for
    • You will see Google Find My Device. You need to sign in to the same Google account as that of your android phone. You will see the Erase Device options there.
    • Finally, choose Erase all the data’ to reset your Android phone to its factory setting.

    Hard Reset Android Phone With Samsung Find My Mobile

    Find my phone Google – Find your phone, perform remote factory reset – android device manager

    Samsung Find My Mobile also works as an application ot online service. Particularly designed to find a lost or missing Samsung phone or tablet, Samsung Find My Mobile can also help you perform a hard reset on your Samsung device. To do this:

    Step 1. Go to Samsung Find My Mobile page from your PC. Log into your Samsung account.

    Step 2. Select the Android phone that you want to hard reset. When you see the options available, choose and click “Erase data“.

    Step 3. Choose “Factory data reset” and then click “ERASE“.

    Step 4. To confirm this action, you will be asked to key in your Samsung account password.

    Step 5. Click “OK” to complete the process.


    If your Samsung device is online, the factory reset will happen instantly. If it is offline, the wipe will happen as soon as the device goes online again. Remember that you need to be logged into your Samsung account to be able to use this program.

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    Access Android Device Manager Settings From The Web

    • Sign in to your Google Account on
    • Select Setup Lock & Erase.
    • Click Send to send a notification to each of the mobile devices that are linked to your Google Account. The notification asks you to turn on Android Device Manager.<
    • On your device, open the notification by swiping down from the top of the screen to open the notification tray. Touch the notification for Android Device Manager.
    • Adjust the Android Device Manager options as described above.

    If you have more than one device, you also have the option to rename your devices in Android Device Manager by following these steps:

    • Click the Edit icon.

    After Factory Reset My Device Cant Connect To The Internet

    Q: I performed a reset on my OnePlus 7 Device. Now I cant connect to the internet and the sim card was not recognized.

    A: If there is no error msg, then Contact your Network severs provider and you should ask for Internet settings for your Device.

    A: Reset your Oneplus again. If it is failed or goes wrong again, then try to flash OfficialStock Rom. Flashing Stock Firmware.

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    Android Device Manager On Windows

    This article explains how to use the Android Device Manager to create,duplicate, customize, and launch Android virtual devices.

    You use the Android Device Manager to create and configure AndroidVirtual Devices that run in theAndroid Emulator.Each AVD is an emulator configuration that simulates a physical Androiddevice. This makes it possible to run and test your app in a variety ofconfigurations that simulate different physical Android devices.

    I Is It Possible To Format Android Phone Using Computer

    Factory Data Reset in Android

    Normally, the most common way to factory reset your android phone is by using the factory reset option in the Settings, or by booting the phone in recovery mode. It is quite possible that your Android phone gets frozen or broken in an accident. At that time, it becomes almost impossible to factory reset itself.

    For this purpose, the method of factory resetting android phone from computer can be a valid option. Yes, it is possible to factory reset android phone from computer. Read through this guide and learn how to reset android phone when locked using computer.

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    Option : Wipe The Phones Data Using Android Device Manager

    A very common way of wiping phones data is using the Android Device Manager. Its a built-in function inside every Android phone that lets you wipe your personal data from the device.

    To use this feature, you have to sync your Android device with the Android Device Manager. It is compatible with Android 2.2 and above. Follow these steps to sync your device:

    • Go to your phones Settings and click Android Device Manager
    • Select Allow Remote Lock and Factory Reset
    • Make sure the Remotely Locate This Device button is clicked. If not, the click on it.
    • Now check the Allow Remote Lock and Factory Reset box. Once you do that, a screen will pop up asking your permission to wipe the data from your device.
    • Go to Android Device Manager online by entering you Google account and select the device that you want to sync.

    How to Wipe Data from Your Phone?

    Once your device is synced, follow these steps to wipe the phones data:

    • From your computer, visit and enter your Google account credentials.
    • Once you have logged in, the Device Manager will attempt to locate your phone. You should see a map showing the location of your device
    • You can either Ring your device, Lock it or Erase it.
    • If you choose Erase, you will be asked to enter a new password. Then a warning window will pop-up. If you agree, the entire data on your phone will be erased.

    Note: Only use this option if your device is lost for good.

    Are There Any Limitations?

    How To Prevent Users From Factory Resetting An Android Device

    First, an important reminder: make sure that device users always remember their device’s passcode. This is important because if the user forgets the device passcode, there is no way to reset, restore or keep using the device if the factory reset has been prevented with Miradore.

    1. Go to Management > Configuration profiles on Miradore, and click Add from the page toolbar.

    2. On the Configuration profile wizard, choose Android > Restrictions and then select Factory reset = Denied from the Device owner tab.

    3. Complete the wizard as instructed, and then deploy the configuration profile to the devices. You can deploy the configuration profile manually from the Devices page using the Deploy button, or you can automate the deployment of the configuration profile using a Business policy.

    You can create new business policies on the Business policies page using the Add button from the page toolbar. When configuring the business policy, configure the policy scope so that it will be applied to all devices having the Device owner tag. This ensures that the configuration profile will be deployed to all Android devices that are managed in the fully managed device mode.

    4. Choose the configuration profile that you created in steps 1-2 when you are asked to select the configuration profile on the business policy wizard.

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    Ii How To Reset Android Phone When Locked Using Computer

    We know that the standard and effective way to factory reset an android phone is through the settings on android directly. However, Android users may think about are there other methods to factory reset other than settings?

    Well, the answer is yes! There are methods available in this article to reset the Android phone using pc.Lets have a look at them.

    Check How To Remotely Factory Reset An Android Phone

    How To Factory Reset Your Android Device

    There is nothing more frustrating than losing your phone. Once youve lost it, youve lost everything else on the phone as well . We use our cell phones for more than just communication We use them to save memories, keep track of appointments, and even make purchases. What if your phone is found and someone has access to your apps, emails, personal information, or something else confidential?

    Losing a phone can be devastating. Criminals are willing to pay money to open it, even if it is closed. You never know what will happen to your information in the future. When your Android phone gets lost, you can completely wipe its data from a remote location. Everything is erased remotely when you transmit a command from your computer. Here are several options to erase the data on your Android device:

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    Features Of Imyfone Lockwiper

    • Easy to use – it can hard reset your phone in less than 5 minutes.

    • Work on almost all Android phones and tablets, including Motorola, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, and more.

    • Hard reset Android phone that has forgotten passwords, broken screens, multiple inputting of wrong code, and other situations.

    • Enable lock screen bypass and hard reset for devices with Android system 2.0 and later versions.

    Factory Resetting Your Phone Remotely

    Android Device Manager allows you to wipe, lock, and ring your phone remotely.

    Let’s say, unfortunately, your phone is stolen. What do you do? Options for recovering or wiping your phone remotely are available through many sources, but one of the easiest ways is by using Google’s free service, Android Device Manager.

    With Android Device Manager, there’s very little setup involved. All you need is to have the app installed on the phone you want to remotely wipe. From the web, or even another smartphone, go to Android Device Manager website and log in to the Gmail account associated with the phone.

    Quickly view the last recorded the last recorded location of your phone with Android device manager

    When successfully logged in, Android Device Manager will begin looking for your phone. Once found, the options to ring, lock, or wipe your phone become available. Tapping the Erase option will bring a up a confirmation menu. Once confirmed, the selected device will be erased and returned to its factory settings.

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    Fix 6 Remove Pattern Lock On Android Without Factory Reset Using Android Unlock

    Whether you lock the screen by pattern, PIN or fingerprint, you can use Android Unlock to bypass any type of password. It is a safe, reliable and very convenient unlocking tool that can help you unlock Android phone password without factory reset without the risk of data leakage. You only need to connect your phone to your computer to let Android Unlocker start the unlocking process.

    Attention: It should be noted that although Android Unlock supports most Android devices, however, except for some Samsung and LG devices, the data on devices of other Android brands will be erased after unlocking.

    Main Highlights of Android Unlock:

    • Remove 4 screen lock types: pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints.
    • It can unlock some LG and Samsung models without data loss.
    • Easy to use. No tech knowledge asked.
    • Work for all mainstream Android brands like Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, etc.

    Follow the detailed guide to unlock your Android password without factory reset using Android Unlock.

    Step 1. Launch Android Unlock

    Install and launch the Android Unlock tool on your computer, choose the “Screen Unlock” tab from the primary interface and connect your locked Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.

    Step 2. Get your Android phone into Download mode

    – Turn off your Android phone.- Press and hold Volume Down + Home button + Power key at the same time.- Press the Volume Up to get into the Download Mode.

    Step 3. Download a recovery package on Android phone

    How Can I View My Broken Phone Screen Without Usb Debugging

    [APK DOWNLOAD] Android Device Manager Updated With Remote ...

    Steps To Retrieve Data from Android Device Without USB Debugging

  • Step 1: Connect your Android device to computer.
  • Step 2: Select the data types to recover from broken phone.
  • Step 3: Choose the fault type which matches your situation.
  • Step 4: Enter Download Mode on the Android phone.
  • Step 5: Analyze the Android phone.
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