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Connect Android To Pc With Microsoft Remote Desktop

The Best Remote Desktop Apps For Android!

From the company that brought you Windows, Microsoft Remote is one of the basic, yet efficient remote desktop apps out there. With this app, you can be productive anywhere you go.

Microsoft Remote offers the fundamental features a remote desktop app can offer. Given that it is free, its performance is decent, and its multi-touch system is one of the best features Microsoft can offer.

Key features:

Before we start, you first need to do these things for this to work.

    Microsoft Remote Desktop

    • Enable Remote Desktop Access on your Windows PC and remember the name of your PC.

    How To Remotely Support Android Devices

    • 1. Install the Zoho Assist Technician app on your android device
    • 2. Install and start the Zoho Assist Customer app on the Android phone you wish to provide Android remote support and enter the session-key to initiate a support session.
    • 3. Allow access for remote control and unattended access on the connecting Android device
    • 4. Access the quick launch tools and resolve issues on your Android device remotely

    Remotely Access Your Windows Pc Or Macbook From An Iphone Or Android Device

    So these are the best apps on the Play Store to control your desktop and laptop computers remotely from your iPhone or Android device without having to carry additional wireless gadgets. As weve mentioned already, most of them come for free, but some offer premium options with added bells and whistles. So go ahead, give the free versions a try, and subscribe to them if you believe you will get your moneys worth. Once you use them, let us know which app you liked the most and if youre planning to invest in the premium version.

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    Remote Support And Remote Desktop Zoho Assist

    You can also try Remote Support and Remote Desktop. This app is started with a new way of remote control of your desktop. This app allows you to make you reach every corner of the world only with a few clicks. No matter where you are situating right now, you can now connect and control a PC from far away. Help your friends and even your customers solving problems on their desktops. Connect multiple people, and with that, you can attend or take a class through it. You can even transfer files to this app.

    Important Features

    Control Your Pc Over Wifi Or Bluetooth From Your Android Mobile Phone Or Tablet

    10 Best Android Apps To Remotely Control Your PC « 3nions


    Turn your Android phone or tablet into a universal PC remote control with Vectir. Install the Vectir PC Remote Control server on your computer then install the Android PC Remote Control app for Vectir on your mobile device and you will be good to go. The Vectir PC remote control app will let you quickly connect to your PC over Bluetooth or WiFi without any complicatedsetup instructions. Before you know it you will have a powerful universal PC remote control in your hands. Control all of your favourite PC apps,move and click the mouse, type on a virtual keyboard and change the volume from the comfort of your sofa or wherever you are in your house.


    • Bluetooth and WiFi remote control
    • Mouse and keyboard remote control
    • File browser
    • Media player controls
    • Media library and playlist browsing
    • Full remote control for VLC support with playlist browsing, file browser and remote video snapshot
    • Remote desktop mode
    • Master volume control
    • Windows power commands
    • Custom remote controls
    • Password protected connection
    • Wake on LAN
    • Multiple servers
    • USB-UIRT support device from your phone or tablet)
    • Built natively for the Android operating system

    Pre loaded remotes

    • Desktop remote
    • iTunes remote
    • Windows Media Player remote
    • System remote
    • Windows remote

    Custom remotes

    Install instructions

    1. Install Vectir PC server software on your computer. Download link is at the top of this page and in sidebar on the left.

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    Awesome Software To Update And Fix Issues Remotely With Android Devices

    âThe speed and ease of updating android media boxes. I use this app on a daily basis and would be lost without it. I recommend if you are planning to remotely access and update android boxes get this service”

    Bryan G. | President

    “AirDroid Business allows us to have full access to all our device despite distance – The Teamviewer for Android ! And our main clients and partners love it too.”

    Stephane Valcauda, CEO

    Aji Digital, France

    “Aura manages a Global fleet of Android Media players for our customers. Have the ability to centrally manage the fleet remotely including pushing application updates and remote controlling devices, speeds up the support time for our customers and keeps their devices up to date all of the time, saving hours, and the costs of travelling to site.”

    Andy Smith, Product Specialist

    Aura Futures, United Kingdom

    “We have over 1,000 devices across the country, that are used by field workers who are constantly moving around. Using AirDroid Business we’re able to closely monitor the devices and manage the deployment of our application from our central office. This enhances makes our deployment of applications easier and quicker.”

    Tiledi Kekana, Director

    Android Apps That Act As A Remote Control For Your Pc

    With these Android apps, you can remotely control aspects of your PC like the keyboard, mouse, and media playback.

    Have you ever been in a position where you didn’t want to get off the couch to pause a movie that’s playing on your Windows PC? The good news is that you don’t have to do that anymore, as long as you have your Android smartphone by your side.

    There are several apps that let you control your PC from your phone like a remote. These apps act as the mouse and keyboard, allowing you to control your Windows PC from the comfort of your bed or elsewhere. Let’s take a look.

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    How Do I Remotely Control An Android Phone

    • 1. Install the Zoho Assist Technician app on your android device
    • 2. Install and start the Zoho Assist Customer app on the Android phone you wish to remotely control
    • 3. Initiate a support session from your device and enter the session-key on the Android phone you wish to remotely control
    • 4. Click Start Session , you can now remotely control your Android phone screens

    Android Tv Remote Control

    Chrome Remote Desktop for Android! Control PCs from your Android Phone or Tablet

    The Android TV Remote Control serves as a generic universal remote for Android TVs, providing basic D-Pad, touchpad and gamepad controls for navigating your Android TV’s interface. The app also includes support for voice controls, as well as the use of your phone or tablet’s virtual keyboard to input text. The app connects to your Android TV through your local network or via Bluetooth.

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    Great Roku Tv Remote App For Pc Online

    Stream your photos, music and video on big tv screen vai playonroku feature. It is developed by vulcan labs and is one of the best free android app in tools app category. Roku tv remote app for pc.

    Roku Tv Remote App For Pc, Voice search and controls are available in english and spanish. Create your private video listing To open a roku account go to and go through these 5 step: Stream your mobile screen on tv

    Tv remote for all tv is also a remote for roku tv. With the latest version of v1.3. Enable screen mirroring on your tv. How it works see whats on the roku channel link your roku device create a roku account channel store.

    Alpemix Remote Desktop Control

    Now, lets look into a remote accessing app called Alpemix Remote Desktop Control. It is very resourceful and does not hurt the phones existing resources. You can control your home computer from anywhere, anytime, with a data connection.

    To use this app from your Android devices, you have to install its desktop version on your computers. It provides a top-notch security system and password protection for secure accessibility. You will definitely love Alpemix for its help in your productivity.

    Important Features

    • It works in most of the updated Android devices and supports both phones and tablets.
    • You will do your office work from anywhere and see the presentation on your mobile phone.
    • It helps you connect with your office colleagues, friends, and family, even when you are not in front of your personal computer.
    • You can manage multiple computers from your mobile devices.
    • It features multiple connections to different users over the authorized user list.
    • The app can handle multiple users at the same time with different IDs and passwords for login.

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    Manage Your User Accounts

    You can save user accounts to use whenever you connect to a remote desktop or remote resources.

    To save a user account:

  • In the Connection Center, tap Settings, and then tap User accounts.
  • Tap + to add a new user account.
  • Enter the following information:
  • The User Name to save for use with a remote connection. You can enter the user name in any of the following formats: user_name, domain\user_name, or
  • The Password for the user you specified. Every user account that you want to save to use for remote connections needs to have a password associated with it.
  • When you’re done, tap Save.
  • To delete a saved user account:

  • In the Connection Center, tap Settings, and then tap User accounts.
  • Tap and hold a user account in the list to select it. You can select multiple users at the same time.
  • Tap the trash can to delete the selected user.
  • Best Apps To Control Windows Pc With Android And Iphone

    Remotely control a PC from your smartphone with ROCCAT ...

    Remote access applications, like LogMeIn and TeamViewer, let you access Windows PCs from another Windows device in a server/ client configuration. However, did you know that you can also control your Windows computers and MacBooks with Android devices and iPhones? In this article, we will show you how to control your Windows 10 PCs, MacBooks, and Linux machines just by using your Android device or iPhone. Here, we will list the best apps that you can use to remotely control your Windows PC from an iPhone or Android device.

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    Control The App Using Touch Mode And Trackpad Mode

    Here are some tips to effectively control the Chrome Remote Desktop in Touch Mode:

    • Swipe with two fingers to scroll down.
    • Drag with a finger to click and drag.
    • Tap the screen for a left-click.
    • To show the keyboard, swipe up with three fingers.
    • Pinch and stretch with two fingers to zoom.

    Chrome Remote Desktop in Trackpad mode

    For a more detailed guide about its controls, check this guide out from Google to help you access your desktop smoothly.

    Recommend: Use Mirrorgo To Access Android Phone From Pc

    In the past, one would have only dreamt of managing another platformâs device from their computer. However, it is now very much possible, thanks to Wondershare MirrorGo. The reliable application offers you remote access to the Android phoneâs contents through the Windows PC. In addition to Android, the app is capable of accessing an iOS device.

    Here are some of the top features of MirrorGo:

    Mirror your android device to your computer!

    • Allow full control of the Android phone from a PC.
    • Drag and drop files between the phone and the computer.
    • Record the screen of the Android device.
    • View multiple notifications simultaneously without picking up your phone.
    • Use android apps on your PC for a full-screen experience.


    Step 1: Run MirrorGo and connect the phone with the PC

    After installing the app, launch it on your computer. Simultaneously, connect your Android device with the PC using a USB cable.

    Enable the USB settings from the phone, primarily when you intend to transfer files from one device to another.

    Step 2: Enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging

    Make sure that the Developer Mode is enabled on the device. If not, head to the Android deviceâs Settings menu and access the Build Number from the About Phone option. Tap it 7 times. Enter the Debugging Mode from the Developer Option available from the Settings menu. Please enable it and tap on OK.

    Step 3: Access the Android phone remotely

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    How To Control Your Computer Using Your Phone

    There are two general ways to achieve remote control. You can use a full remote desktop client, which will transmit images from your monitor to your phone or tablet. This option is generally more powerful, but its also a bit more complicated and is preferred by more advanced users.

    A standard mouse and keyboard app doesnt transmit video or sound and works more or less like a TV remote control for your computer. For all of them, youll need an active connection on the local network . Most remote desktop clients offer control over the Internet as well.

    Here are five of the best options on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

    Control Your Pc With An Android Smartphone

    MK802 $74 Android PC remote controls a Windows desktop

    Using the above apps, you can easily control your Windows PC, or even a Mac or Linux computer, using just your Android smartphone. These apps act as the mouse or keyboard, allowing you to relax on your couch or bed. Most of the apps also offer additional features, but you will need to pay for those.

    If you’re looking for complete remote access to your PC, there are other screen sharing apps you should consider instead.

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    Universal Tv Remote Control

    Universal TV Remote Control allows you to use your phone’s IR blaster to send commands to more than 300 different brands and models of TVs, as well as commands to smart TVs through Wi-Fi. The app supports a wide variety of devices with traditional IR receivers, and the smart remote features don’t even require an IR blaster on your phone just a Wi-Fi connection to pair to your TV with.

    Isl Light Remote Desktop

    Say hello to ISL Light Remote Desktop, another great remote desktop app for android. Connect to your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktops while not being near them. See the actions going on the PC Live. You can join a meeting or online class through it. This app provides great assistance over the internet.

    If you are new in this app, it will guide you through all the basic actions you need. All you have to do is to open an account and go on. With this app, you can access your device unattended. You can send your files directly to your devices, no need to upload those to the cloud.

    Important Features

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    Best Free Android Apps To Remote Control Your Pc

    Given the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of workers have had to work remotely from home or in some defined space/cubicle and I was thinking of how I could turn remote into a topic. Well, the remote control isnt too far removed I hope.

    Todays article presents you with a list of software that will enable you to control your PC from your Android smartphone. It could be via Bluetooth or an Internet connection. The point is that you get to make things happen on your computer without handling the PC yourself.

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    Blek Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

    The 6 Best Android Apps to Remote Control Your Linux PC

    BleK is another notable app that lets you use your Android device as a remote keyboard and mouse for your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Android TV. The app turns your smartphone into a touchpad with scrolling support. You can also use it to type text on the remote device using virtually any keyboard app on your phone. Whats more, you can also use the app to control media playback on your computer, including volume, navigation, and more. The app supports 32 different keyboard language layouts and can be used to turn your phone into a movement-based air mouse as well. It also lets you use speech input and send copied text to connected devices.

    Do note that the multimedia controls, air-mouse gestures, voice support, and copied text transfer are only available in the premium version that costs $4.49 in the US and Rs. 170 in India. The best part about the app is that it does not require you to install a server app on your Windows PC in order for it to work. Supported receiver devices only need to have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher as long as they run Android 4.4 or higher, iOS 9 or higher, Windows 8 or higher, or Chrome OS.

    • Supported Platforms: Android Windows, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS

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    Pin A Connection To Your Home Screen

    The Remote Desktop client supports using the Android widget feature to pin connections to your home screen. The widget adding process depends on which type of Android device and Android OS version you’re using.

    To add a widget:

  • Tap Apps to launch the apps menu.
  • Tap Widgets.
  • Swipe through the widgets and look for the Remote Desktop icon with the description: Pin Remote Desktop.
  • Tap and hold that Remote Desktop widget and move it to the home screen.
  • When you release the icon, you’ll see the saved remote desktops. Choose the connection that you want to save to your home screen.
  • Now you can start the remote desktop connection directly from your home screen by tapping it.


    If you rename the desktop connection in the Remote Desktop client, its pinned label won’t update.

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