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DIY HD IP Security Cam with recording and motion detection using Android, IP Webcam and iSpy! 1080P

If you’re looking for a security camera for Android devices, perhaps we can help. These cameras are designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can keep an eye on your home or business without having to be stuck in one place. You can view your home or place of business on your device while you’re on the go, or even when you’re already in bed. Browse the top-ranked list of security cameras for Android devices below along with associated reviews and opinions.

Ip Security Camera With Push Notifications And Remote Viewing

What would be your next move after you receive the security camera push notifications?

Maybe log into the security camera App and see the live viewing on your phone to figure out what’s happening, I guess.

With a CCTV camera with push notifications and remote viewing, you can tell whether the security camera push notifications are false alarms triggered by your pets or some uninvited visitors pop up.

Adjust Your Camera Settings According To The Environmentand Get The Best Results Possible

  • Landscape & Portrait mode
  • Monitor your cameras from your Android, Windows or Mac device
  • Watch and record live HD video
  • Communicate using two-way talk-back function
  • Remotely turn off or restart your cameras
  • Enable autorun in case of unexpected device reboot
  • Sync with Google Drive and access your captures from anywhere

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How To Set Up Cctv Security Camera Push Notifications

Follow the steps below to ensure the security cameras alert your cell phones instantly when any movement is detected.

Step 1: Download the latest App version of the security camera provider on your smartphone.

Step 2: Allow the App to send you notifications to your smartphones by setting up the “Notifications”.

Step 3: Log in to the App and enable the push notification by tapping the icon.

How To Turn An Old Android Phone Into A Security Camera

OWSOO IP Camera CCTV Surveillance Camera Support Cloud Storage P2P ...

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If you have an old phone lying around, you can easily put it to good use by turning it into a mobile security camera. With the help of an app by Edward Snowden, its super simple. Heres how.

Your phone already has the components of a real security cameranamely, a camera lens and an Internet connection. Youve been able to do this with an Android phone for years, but theres a newer way thats even more secure.

Were going to be using an app named Haven, which was built by NSA leaker Edward Snowden. You can use the app on almost any Android phone or tablet, from your old spare sitting in your drawer to a cheap $50 phone from WalMart. As long as your device has a working camera and microphone, you can use it as a security cam. You can install the Haven beta from the or compile it yourself from its Github repository.

Haven will work whether your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. If you go the wired Internet route, make sure to get an adapter that also carriers power. The Haven app itself only runs on Android devices, but you can set it to alert your iPhone.

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Iphone App Push Notification

In order to receive push notifications from your NVR on iPhone, you must log in to the iPhone app using the user ID that you configured for push notifications on the NVR. IMPORTANT NOTE: at the time CCTV Camera Pros wrote this article, the Zavio CamGraba iPhone app was not yet updated to support push messages. However, the i-Security app does support push messages. i-Security is the original manufacturer that makes the mobile apps for Zavio and NUUO. It is the same as the Zavio Camgraba app, just a different brand, and name. If you want to use push notifications, please . The user interface of the i-Security app is exactly the same as the Zavio CamGraba app for iOS. You can learn more about the featured and controls built into the iOS app here. You can read an NVR setup article for the iPhone app here.

When the IP camera detects motion, the NVR sends out a push notification to the iPhone app. The above screenshot shows what it looks like when the push message is received and it appears in the alert banner area on iPhone. It works the same on iPad devices.

When the user taps on the push notification the app opens and the user is brought to the recorded video playback screen. The recorded video of the event is queued and ready to play. The user can tap on the play button on the controls in the lower part of the app. The controls also allow the user to pause, reverse, speed up and slow down the video playback.

All You Need Is Two Android Devices And Internet Access

Step 1: Install Security Camera CZ on your unused smartphone or tablet, create an account and choose Camera mode.

Step 2: Install Security Camera CZ on your regular smartphone or tablet, log in with the same account and choose Monitor mode.

That’s it! You can configure your setup further to suit your personal needs using a variety of useful settings, or even add more cameras.

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How To Set Up Your Camera And Viewer

With any security camera app that you download, you’ll need two phones to complete the system your old phone to act as the camera and your current/new phone to serve as the viewfinder and control panel.

That may sound a little intimidating, but Alfred guides you through the setup process quite nicely. Here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow for both parts.

  • Tap Sign in with Google.

  • Choose the account you want.
  • Tap Allow to confirm account permissions.

  • Tap Allow to allow camera access.
  • Tap Allow to allow microphone access.

  • How To Turn Your Android Device Into A Security Camera

    Turn Old Smartphones into Security Cameras with Motion Detection FREE Alfred

    Easily turn Android into a security camera!

    Not everyone can afford CCTV security cameras for their home, shop, or any small business needs. Therefore, they look for ways to convert their smartphone into security cameras. If you are also looking for the same, you are reading the right article.

    Its pretty easy to turn any Android into a security camera. Once converted, you can watch the streams right on your computer screen or through the mobile apps.

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    Taking A Closer Look At The App

    Getting Alfred set up on your phones is extremely easy, but once you’re all good to go, what’s it like actually using the service?

    Starting with the camera interface, there are a few settings to play around with even though most of the controls are done from your viewer phone. You’ll find three icons towards the bottom of the screen, including a shortcut for your settings, enabling/disabling motion detection, and turning on a power-saving mode.

    The settings allow you to configure different things for your phone’s camera, including which lens you want to record from , audio and continuous focus toggles, and if you want motion detection to automatically stop when the camera is being moved. The overall UI is nice and clean, making it easy to find what you need without unnecessarily cluttering up the screen.

    Your old phone being used as a camera basically turns into a set-and-forget-it device. You can change its placement in your home whenever you’d like, but when it comes to checking in on what it sees or managing most settings, you’ll do that from the viewer device.

    From the Alfred home screen on your viewer, you’ll see your active cameras listed at the very top. Tapping on this takes you to a live feed of that camera, along with some helpful remote controls.

    Tap the arrow icon next to those controls, and you’ll find even more features at your disposal. In order from left-to-right, these include:

    Can I Receive Ip Security Camera Push Notifications When My Phone Is Asleep Or The App Is In The Background

    It depends on the phone and the IP camera App with push notifications you are using.

    For example, Reolink can still send security camera push notifications to your Huawei phones and iPhones when your phone is asleep or the App is not running nonstop. But for some phone manufacturers that don’t support this feature, you may fail to receive the IP camera motion detection push notifications in these circumstances.

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    What To Do If I Can’t Get Security Camera Push Notifications

    What if you can receive Reolink security camera push notifications, Foscam push messages to phones or Hikvision alarm push notification? Try out these quick fixes to troubleshoot the problem of “no security camera phone alerts:

    Tip 1: Make sure you have enabled the “Motion Detection” and “Push Notifications”.

    Tip 2: Check whether both your phone and your security camera with push notifications can access to the network.

    Tip 3: Make sure your phone has allowed the IP camera App to send you security camera cell phone alerts.

    Tip 4: Test with another phone to see if you can receive CCTV IP camera phone push notifications.

    Tip 5: Your router may fail to connect with the push notification server. Try to restart your router or test on another WiFi.

    Tip 6: Update the firmware of the cameras with motion detection alerts to the latest version, and it could fix potential bugs that have been meddling with the push notifications.

    Tip 7: The IP camera App with push notifications plays a major role for you to be notified in real-time. So, update the camera software when a new version is released.

    Tip 8: Place the security cameras that send text messages upon motion detection properly. Avoid positioning them behind the glass or windows. Make sure the wireless security cameras with email notifications and phone alerts are close to a WiFi router or hotspot.

    If you have more questions about security cameras with push notifications, please leave your comment below and we would love to help!

    Install The Alfredcamera App On Your Two Android Devices

    Security Camera Outdoor, Mibao 1080P WiFi Camera, IP66 Waterproof, with ...

    To get AlfredCamera set up on your home network, you’ll need to install the app from the Play Store on both your old phone and your current phone. The old phone will be used as the security camera itself, while your current phone will be used as the screen or viewer to the camera. Once both phones have the AlfredCamera app installed, you can move on to the next part of the guide.

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    Power Supply For Android Security Camera

    It’s important to make sure your Android Smartphone or tablets are fully charged or charged all the time.

    And make sure your Android cell phone or tablets don’t go to sleep or lock screen after a period of time for this would close the app and it would stop working instantly. To change screen lock screen setting, users could go to Android phone setting and tweak the setting to enable 24/7 non-stop streaming.

    Presence Video Security Camera

    Not only owners of Android phones can ensure their security without additional costs. For those of you who still have an old iPhone, iPad, or just a previous model and are using a new one, you can easily turn it into a whole security system.

    Presence Video Security Camera allows you to adjust the sensitivity of motion perception, as well as receive notifications and alerts about any movement. Youll need to set up the camera in the right direction and to increase accuracy in the darkness you need to allow the application to use the flash.

    If you are ready to pay $5 a month, the application will provide you with additional functionality. You will be able to record sound, store video in the cloud, or simply record for longer periods of time. Also in the Pro version, the phone will be able to make additional sounds when motion is detected.

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    Alfred Home Security Camera

    Universal application for both iOS and Android devices. You can watch your home not only during movement or detection of foreign objects but also at any time from anywhere in the world.

    The intelligent system sends you an alert as soon as it detects motion in its field of vision. You can upload all your records to the cloud and access them at any time, not only online.

    You dont need to buy a huge amount of equipment and wires: the smart Alfred Home system is so well thought out that it calculates all the possible situations.

    For 4 dollars a month you get HD-quality recording, removes all advertising, that is present in the free version, as well as sync with the system Smart Home.

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    Presence Video Security :

    Android Motion Detector Camera | Arduino project

    Youve got an old smartphone or tablet. Its sitting there, doing nothing. Why not put it to work?

    Let the free app Presence watch your back. Get it today, and youve got a home security camera system in less than 5-minutes. Download Presence on BOTH your primary smartphone the one you use every day and your old smartphone or tablet. Position the old device in the direction you want to watch and secure.

    Youll get recorded video alerts when something happens. You can even see whats happening remotely from anywhere.

    With live audio/video streaming and on-demand video recording, Presence makes a great DIY home security camera system.

    Its also a webcam, baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, home surveillance cam, party cam, or any cam. At home, in the kitchen, the garage, the nursery, the office or wherever watch whats happening live and record it at the same time.

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    Motion Detector Video Recorder

    Probably the easiest motion detector app in this list. There is no need to set up anything in this app. All you have to do is just launch the app and it will take care of the rest. Yes. you will need to place your phone on a monopod or something similar so that you dont get annoyed with constant motion detection alarms.

    Additionally, you can alter the intensity to which the alarm will respond. You can make it to small changes which will make the alarm ring even at the slightest movement. Or you can set it to large changes where it will ignore small movements.

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    Update The Cctv Phone App

    The phone monitoring apps the communication mode between your phone and your remote security system. The DVR, NVR, or camera sends out an alert to the phone which then shows up as a push notification. Quite often these apps contain software bugs that may cause the alerts not to get triggered or general malfunction of your security system.

    The manufacturing companies try to iron out this bug and release updates to fix the issues. Upgrading your phone up to the latest version may solve all the issues youve been experiencing with the motion detection/notifications. Always check if your monitoring app has a new release.

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    Ivideon Cloud Video Surveillance :

    Ivideon is one of the best app for video surveillance, remote video monitoring and video recording for security cameras, DVRs and NVRs.It will allow you to keep tabs on things while youre away with event notifications and recordings stored either locally or in the Ivideon cloud.

    The best thing about this application is its versatility. You can simply connect this application and use it the way you want on any device you want to. For example, you can even connect the Laptop webcam or external webcam with this application.

    It also works with both wired connectivity and wireless connectivity, which is more flawless when you look at the free cost of this application. The other feature includes a cloud recording facility, HDD recording, and scheduled recording with sound detection or motion detection. There is even more to this application.

    Access high-quality video online via any standard connected device including Android Record and store video in the cloud with guaranteed reliability and data security Receive automatic push- and e-mail notifications of suspicious movements or sounds Quickly search and view recorded surveillance video Access quality video over any bandwidth down to 3G Easily expand to any number of cameras

    Homucam Use Android Phone As Security Camera

    1080P Home Security WiFi IP Camera, Auto Track Wireless Indoor ...

    OverviewHomuCam is an app which makes an Android smartphone to work as a networked motion-detection security camera more powerful than many dedicated security cameras.


    • Automatically take pictures and record video on detection of relevant objects
    • Support LPC optimization
    • Playback Functions. Convenient for both quick and thorough reviewing of recorded pictures and video. Support speed selection, source type selection, slide-bar search, and step back/forward
    • Automatically send real-time email alert notification and pictures on detection of high-priority actions
    • View real-time scene from anywhere using a web browser
    • Built-in ScreenOnPC Server. View and fully control the phone remotely from a PC or another Android phone. Support file transfer.
    • Selectable picture resolution. Support high resolution pictures.
    • Selectable target object types and distance range. Far away objects and vehicles can be excluded from motion detection.
    • Configurable motion-detection regions. User can choose areas in the scene where motion detection is performed or not.
    • Taking pictures and video only on detection of relevant actions. Efficient storage space usage and easy playback

    System Requirements

    • Android 5.0 or higher


    • HD version :

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