Android Smart Home Control Panel


How To Edit Your Smart Home Controls In Android 11’s Power Menu

Android Tablet Smart Home Control Panel
  • Long-press the power button to open the power menu.
  • Tap the three-dot menu icon to the right of your smart home name.
  • Tap Edit controls.

  • To remove a current control, tap the unwanted toggle to uncheck it.
  • Drag and drop a smart control to re-order the toggles.
  • Once the controls are in the desired order, tap Save.

  • I prefer keeping the thermostat at the bottom of the list so they’re closer to the bottom and my smaller thumbs but you can arrange your controls by device type or room if that makes things easier for you to remember.

    Advantages Of The Tablet

    The cost factor is one of the benefits of the mobile solution. The costs are usually lower than the prices for a fixed panel and its installation. In addition, tablets have a built-in battery. This means that they can be used on the move and only need to be connected to the charging station again for recharging. Since the tablet is not always permanently mounted, retrofitting is often easier. However, this advantage is put into perspective, as some fixed panels are also suitable for a more uncomplicated surface mounting.

    • Flexible use after removing from the frame
    • Inexpensive entry compared to a fixed panel
    • Simple replacement with spare unit
    • No permanent power supply necessary
    • Existing tablet can also be used for home control

    Google Home: Masters Of Internet Adding New Dimension To Domotics

    The Google Home app is from the tech giant itself. If you have chosen to go for the smart home automation system provided by Google themselves, then the google home app is going to be your one-stop.

    Popular as smart home app android, and on iOS platform as well, the Home app enables you to set up Google Home and Chromecast devices, along with many other connected home devices like lights, cameras, and many more. The third-party devices that are compatible with Google Home apps are nest thermostat, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Honeywell Home, WeMo, etc.

    Not only android smart home app Google Home app lets you control, organize, and manage compatible lights, speakers, it also lets you control them with one or two taps only. The app will provide you with shortcuts for most actions like turning the lights on, checking the weather, getting news highlights, and more actions, all with a simple command. This ease and efficiency of the application get personalized over time. Because of its versatility, the Google Home app is one of the best smart home automation apps in the market right now.

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    How To Set It Up

    Unfortunately, single app control doesnt mean single app install. To get started, you still have to install the app associated with your new smarthome device. You use that to set up the device and get it working. Then, you connect it to your single-app solution, whether thats Google Home, Alexa, or HomeKit.

    For , open the Home app, tap the add button, tap Set Up Device, and then tap the Works with Google option. The Google Home app presents you with a list of manufacturers. Find the right one and follow the linking process.

    The process for Alexa is similar. Open the Alexa app, tap the hamburger menu in the top left, and then tap Add Device. Pick the category of the smart devicefor example, Light or Plug. Select its manufacturer and follow the prompts to link your accounts.

    HomeKit features the most intuitive process to add a device. Tap Add Accessory, and then use your iPhone or iPads camera to scan the QR code on the devices box. Follow the prompts to name the device and add it to a room.

    Every smarthub has a different method to add devices. The process can also vary depending on the type of device it is . You can check the website for your smarthub to see the current method to add a device.

    In This Blog Post Ill Show You How You Can Turn Your Old Tablet Into A Universal Smart Home Remote At The End Of This Blog Post Youll Be Able To Control All Your Smart Home Devices By Using Yeti

    Android Tablet Smart Home Control Panel

    Do you have an old tablet or iPad at home that you are no longer using? That was also my case, so I decided I could bring it to life again.

    Having many smart home devices and controlling them using your phone is a good experience. Turning them on/off by voice commands itâs cool when there isnât noise or you actually have Google Home or Alexa.

    But what about guests who are willing to play with your home? Or what about when you forgot your phone into another room but you still want to turn on/off your lights?

    Your old tablet can help you to face up to this situation. We are going to turn our old tablet into a smatr home remote control.

    Creating a home control tablet

    To create our home control tablet interface we will need:

    Step 1: Clean and charge your tablet

    Probably, your tablet has been in a drawer, so clean and full charge it can be a good starter point.

    Step 2: Install Yeti

    Yeti is compatible with a wide range of Android, Apple and Amazon tablets. If yours doesnât seem to be compatible, let us now in the comments.

    Step 3: Let Yeti scan your home

    Once you have installed Yeti on your tablet, open the app and follow the steps so Yeti can find all your devices. In my case, I have Philips Hue Lights, Lifx and Yeelight and also a Sonos Speaker.

    Home automation on tablet

    Now itâs time to control and organize your devices in Yeti!

    Easy control for your devices

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    Using A Full Screen Browser On Android

    Most smart home dashboard systems are basically a webpage that you need to open. For the best experience, you probably dont want the status bar or navigation buttons. So we need to run the browser full screen on Android.

    As mentioned in step 4, we have installed the Full Kiosk Browser with the Fire Toolbox. If you are not using a Fire HD Tablet, then you can also download the Full Kiosk Browser from the play store.

    The free version of Full Kiosk Browser will do for most. You can set an URL that will open automatically. The browser will also position itself above your lock screen, so you can keep your tablet secure for the other apps, but dont need to unlock it to use your smart home dashboard.

    If you buy a license for Full Kiosk Browser, you will get access to much more useful settings:

    • Turn on screen based on motion detection of the camera
    • Automatic wake up / sleep timer
    • MQTT integration
    • Kiosk mode

    Mounting The Smart Home Tablet To The Wall

    I wanted to mount the tablet as flat as possible to the wall without the use of any brackets or visible clamps. The tablet is in my case mounted over an unused wall socket, which allows me to place the Qi charger inside the socket.

    On the German Amazon site, I found a really small Qi Charger that fitted perfectly in my socket box. Its only 6cm in diameter and 0,6cm thick.

    To mount the tablet against the wall I have used small N35 neodymium magnets. I have glued one magnet on the back of the tablet and another on the wall. 6 magnets on each side will hold the tablet perfectly.

    As mentioned, the white Fire HD tablet doesnt have a built-in Qi receiver. So I added a type c Qi Receiver to the back of the tablet. Make sure you pick the receiver with the long cable, and not the short one. Otherwise, you wont be able to position the receiver over the Qi Charger.

    The magnets are glued with super glue. This works perfect on plastic, drywall, metal, etc.

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    How To Turn Your Old Tablet Into A Universal Smart Home Remote

    Dust off your old tablet and turn it into a one-stop control center for all your smart home devices.

    Have you upgraded your tablet and your old one is languishing in a drawer? Or maybe you tossed your tablet to the side in favor of a big-screened phone.

    It’s time to give your old tablet a new life by making into a mega remote that controls all of the smart devices in your home.

    Besides using it to control your streaming box or stick , your tablet is an ideal option for managing the many smart devices in your home.

    With the right setup , you can streamline your tablet to easily control your smart bulbs, thermostat, security camera, locks, and other Web-connected devices.

    For example, my mega tablet remote runs my SHIELD Android TV, Playbulb Color light and speaker, Xbox One, SmartChef Wifi-enabled smoker, D-Link Wi-Fi security camera and all of the other devices I have all over my home. I’m so glad I have a place for all of those apps, so they’re not clogging up my phone.

    You Have Options For Which App To Use

    Smart home with Android: More control for more devices

    The average smarthome might not need incredibly complex routines, in which case either will work well as your single app. The bonus here is all your smartphone, tablet, and voice controls are all in one place.

    You do have to make sure all your devices support your voice assistant of choice. That list is growing all the time, though. If you already own Google Home or Alexa speakers, definitely consider whether any smarthome gadget you buy is compatible with them.

    If youre an Apple fan, you can use HomeKit and the Home app. But just like Google Home and Alexa, you need to make sure all your devices have HomeKit support. HomeKit has some distinct advantages and, depending on your hardware, more local control. This means some of your commands will process more quickly than they would with Alexa or Google Home.

    If you own a smarthub, like SmartThings, Wink, Insteon,Hubitat, or HomeSeer, they also have apps with dashboards to control your devices. You might not be able to control all features in the app, though. Also, many Wi-Fi devices created for Alexa and Google Home arent compatible with hubs.

    Hubs dont offer native voice control either, so you still have to pair everything to your Google Home or Alexa app if you want that. However, smarthubs generally provide more powerful automation than voice assistants do.

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    Smart Home Control Via A Knx Control Panel

    A KNX panel is permanently mounted on the wall at a central location in the house. The KNX Smart Home Panel can be installed either via a flush-mounted box or as a surface-mounted variant. The flush-mounted smart panel integrates seamlessly into your living environment, enhancing the already high-quality overall impression. At the same time, a permanently installed device acts as a central control unit for your smart home that will not get lost in a hurry.

    What We Proposed : The Solution

    The project:

  • Use five sensors to monitor the state of home namely temperature, light intensity,motion, LPG leak and door/window status.
  • Use a host device that will be mounted on wall and will have connection to all your home appliances like lights, fans, etc and to all the sensors.
  • Use ANDROID based smartphone, tablets as the user interface and control panel.
  • The ANDROID client will use bluetooth to wirelessly connect to the host device.
  • Simply logging in the android application will grant access to the user to control and automate his home wirelessly.
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    The Smart Home Bottomline

    There are numerous smart-home automation systems in the market due to its rising popularity and it can be confusing to choose one. You might feel that they all perform the same actions so it does not make a difference which one you choose, and that is a wrong concept. This is also a reason why a lot of entrepreneurs are coming up to create something different in smart home apps.

    Each home automation system may have the same function, but they are wildly different and come with different features. Choosing one of them is going to be a matter of understanding what you need from your smart-home. Once you understand that, you can make your choice on smart home systems. Have a smart home app idea? Let us know and we can help you create the next big sensation.


    Vestel Tv Remote App Launches On Android And Iosyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

    China New Android 7.1 OS Touch Screen 4 Inch Smart Home ...

    Anyone in Europe who owns a Vestel-made TV may be interested to check out the company’s TV Smart Centre remote control app, which is now available to download on Android and iOS . Vestel may not be a household name but it’s actually a massive player in the TV producion industry.


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    Make Your Remote Easier To Access

    Get rid of the lock screen

    Now that your apps are streamlined, let’s make the tablet even easier to use. When you grab your remote, you want it to be easy to access your app controls, so the lock screen on your tablet needs to go.

  • Go to the tablet’s Settings screen.
  • Tap on the Lock Screen option.
  • This step may vary a bit, depending on what type of tablet you have. Generally, you should see an options that says something like “Lock Screen Type.”
  • Choose “none.”
  • Remove extra home screens

    Most tablets also have more than one home screen. Chances are you don’t have enough apps to fill up more than one screen, so let’s get rid of the extra screens to streamline your remote. This step is even easier than removing the lock screen. Simply go to your home screen, press your finger to the screen and wait for the screen options to pop up. Swipe to your unused screen and drag it to the trashcan or tap on remove.

    Get a third-party launcher

    Another way to simplify and customize your home screen is by using a third-party launcher app like or Apex Launcher. With these types of apps you can customize your icons and folders to make searching for just the app you need intuitive to the way you search for things. So, say the device’s launch icon on your tablet’s home screen doesn’t make any sense to you or you would like an icon that’s easier to spot, these launchers can help you customize the icon to your liking.

    Enable voice commands

    Add gestures

    Advantages Of A Knx Touch Panel

    The wall-mounted touch panels are designed for continuous operation thanks to durable and high-quality components. Specially designed heat management ensures that heat is efficiently dissipated and that important electronic components do not overheat. Thanks to the durable components and an energy-efficient power supply, permanently installed panels are more resource-efficient than rechargeable batteries. In addition, the control panels score with further functions that are especially helpful for intelligent home control. These can include proximity sensors to automatically switch on the device, theft protection, CO2 sensors or LED backlighting.

    Due to their LAN connection, permanently installed KNX displays are safer, faster and more reliable than wireless WLAN systems. In addition to the functional advantages, the KNX touch panels also have an advantage in terms of design. Wall mounting allows larger displays that would be out of the question as a mobile solution. As a result, the devices offer significantly more space for speakers and interfaces, which provide for a higher range of functions – as for example the Controlpro KNX panel for smart homes demonstrates. The control panel has a diagonal of 18.5 inches. That is hardly imaginable for a mobile tablet.

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    The Key To Smarthome Bliss: A Single App

    Other than voice, the best to way to control your smarthome is through a single app. This is especially true if multiple family members interact with your smarthome. If everyone is always second-guessing which app controls the living room lights and which controls the smart plugs, you might be tempted to give up in frustration.

    Its even worse when you have to change infrequently used options, like routines, timers, or scenes. If you cant remember which app locks the door every day, you have to dig through all of them one by one.

    If, however, you control every function of all your smarthome devices through a single app, you can eliminate all of the confusion. After its correctly set up, youll only need the other apps for firmware updates and, occasionally, some additional features.

    Control Smart Devices On Your Android Phone

    Intercom Demo Android Smart Home Control Panel

    You can quickly control compatible smart home devices like thermostats, lights, locks, and cameras from your phone. You can turn them on or off and change some settings without opening an app.

    Home controls work with devices that youve connected to the Google Home app . Some of these smart devices include:

    • Lights
    • TVs
    • Speakers

    Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 11 and up. Learn how to check your Android version.

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    Wemo: Bringing Home Automation To The Fingertips Of The Users

    Wemo is a series of home automation devices that include smart switches and outlets and wifi bridge.

    With the Wemo app, you can perform the following actions-

  • Control all the lights and appliances of your home without lifting a finger.
  • Turn the lights on automatically when you return home after a long day by syncing the lights and devices to the sun
  • Protect your home even when your away with the Away Mode which will randomly turn the lights on and off in different rooms.
  • Integrate with If This Then That a popular web-based service that gives you access to a large number of features for your Wemo devices.
  • The Wemo app can be your one-stop solution for the smart house app. The unique features, as well as the smooth functionality, is what makes Wemo one of the best apps to pay attention to in the smart home industry.

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