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Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Best Android Phones – Winter 2020

Need a powerful Android phone that can do it all? Look no further than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It has a big, brilliant 6.8-inch display, a Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G support, and a 108MP main camera backed by a 100X telephoto and an ultra-wide. Of course, it’s also water-resistant, and it supports not just wireless charging, but reverse wireless charging and even the S Pen stylus.

Upgrading Is Easy With At& t

If youre looking to get a great deal on an upgrade, AT& T makes it easy with the myAT& T app. Heres how it works.

  • The first step is to onto your phone. You can download the app from the major app stores or text myATT to 556699 and receive a download link.³
  • On the Account view, you can view upgrade-ready devices on your account. If you have upgrade-ready devices, select which device you would like to upgrade.
  • Follow the prompts to choose a new device for your upgrade.
  • Proceed to cart and complete the checkout process to submit your order.
  • AT& T 5G requires compatible plan and device. 5G may not be available in your area. Same day delivery subject to availability. Select areas only.
  • Select areas only. Services provided by AT& T or an authorized provider.
  • Compatible device/service required. Data rates may apply for app download and usage.
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

    • Priced very close to flagship models
    • Plastic construction might disappoint some
    • No microSD, no headphone jack
    • Thermal throttling is an issue
    • Display7.6 inches2208 x 1768 pixels120Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera12 MP 10 MP front
    • HardwareQualcomm Snapdragon 865+12GB RAM
    • Storage256GB, not expandable
    • Display6.1 inches2532 x 1170 pixels60Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera12 MP 12 MP front
    • HardwareApple A14 Bionic6GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, not expandable
    • Display6.7 inches2778 x 1284 pixels60Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera12 MP 12 MP front
    • HardwareApple A14 Bionic6GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, not expandable
    • Display6.8 inches3200 x 1440 pixels120Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera108 MP 40 MP front
    • HardwareQualcomm Snapdragon 88812GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, not expandable
    • Display6.9 inches3088 x 1440 pixels120Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera108 MP 10 MP front
    • HardwareQualcomm Snapdragon 865+12GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, microSDXC
    • Display6.2 inches2400 x 1080 pixels120Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera12 MP 10 MP front
    • HardwareQualcomm Snapdragon 8888GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, not expandable
    • Display6.7 inches2400 x 1080 pixels120Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera12 MP 10 MP front
    • HardwareQualcomm Snapdragon 8888GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, not expandable
    • Display6.1 inches2532 x 1170 pixels60Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera12 MP 12 MP front
    • HardwareApple A14 Bionic4GB RAM
    • Storage64GB, not expandable
    • Display6.8 inches2460 x 1080 pixels60Hz Refresh rate
    • Camera48 MP 16 MP front
    • HardwareQualcomm Snapdragon 765G6GB RAM
    • Storage128GB, microSDXC

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    Best Value Phone: Moto G Stylus 5g

    If you’re looking for something a bit cheaper with enough power and features to still be useful, the Moto G Stylus 5G is worth considering. It comes with a large 6.8-inch screen with a hole-punch camera. There are three cameras plus a depth sensor on the back to capture solid shots in a well-lit area. As the name implies, a small stylus is included to help with precision touches.

    Buying An At& t Smartphone Outright

    LG Escape P870 Android Smartphone

    The most straightforward way to pick up an AT& T cell phone is to buy it outright. You add the phone to your cart, pay for it in full, and then own it, free and clear. Of course, this is easy in theory but often difficult in practice. Smartphones can cost as high as $1599.99 at RRP . For most of us who are ballin on a budget, thats not a realistic option. Still determined to avoid making monthly payments? AT& T carries affordable prepaid phones, as well as AT& T Certified Restored phones, which are pre-owned phones that have been refurbished.

    Lets Talk Tip: Be aware that if you buy your phone outright, there may be service requirements, like using the phone on a specific plan.

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    The Best 5g Phone For At& t

    Right now, there are no good 5G phones for AT& T, because AT& T doesn’t have a 5G network worth talking about. Looking to the future, the iPhone 12 and 13 series, the Google Pixel 5, 6, and 6 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G all have C-band and are thus more future-proof than other phones.

    AT& T uses two forms of 5G right now. If your phone says “5GE,” it’s actually on 4G. Low-band “5G” uses a tiny slice of set-aside, former 4G airwaves for 5G, and doesn’t make an appreciable difference in performance. AT& T’s high-speed “5G+” is available in small parts of somecities and has dramatic speeds up to 2Gbps, but it’s extremely hard to find.

    For now, don’t fear you’re missing out on too much if you don’t have AT& T 5G. For more, see our list of the best 5G phones right now.

    Apple Iphone 13 Series

    Apple expanded its selection of smartphones in 2020, and all four models are back for 2021. The includes the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max. Theres no denying the iPhone 13 devices are among the best AT& T phones available, but it might be hard to choose your perfect match.

    More:iPhone buying guide

    The iPhone 13 Mini is just right for anyone who wants a new iPhone but doesnt want to deal with larger screen sizes in their tiny pockets. The iPhone 13 is the best for most people who want a powerful smartphone but dont want to pay a lot for it and can live without a few premium features.

    The iPhone 13 Pro is for the serious mobile photographer, with its triple camera and LiDAR scanner. Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is for those who do not consider money a limitation and want a massive screen and top-notch camera capabilities. Both models offer Cinematic Mode and Apples ProRAW feature for extra photographic flexibility.

    Apple iPhone 13 Mini specs:

    • Display: 5.4-inch, Super Retina
    • Software: iOS 15

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    Buying An At& t Smartphone Via Installments

    The majority of AT& Ts smartphones are available for purchase through the carriers monthly 0% interest/0% down installment plans, AT& T Installment Plan and AT& T Installment Plan with Next Up, both of which consist of 30 monthly payments.

    AT& T splits up the price into even monthly payments. The option of putting 0% down is only available for well-qualified customers who have passed a credit check. Customers who dont qualify for this financing program may be required to put 30% down before the remainder of the sales price is divided into low monthly installments. Further, you can always decide to put down a custom amount that works for you this will reduce your monthly payments.

    Although these AT& T financing programs are contract-free, that doesnt mean that you can leave at any time and own your phone. If you decide to leave AT& T for a different carrier, you will be required to pay the remaining balance on your smartphone at the time of your departure.

    Only well-qualified buyers with good credit have the option of putting 0% down

    The Best Flip Phone For At& t

    Best Android Phones – Late 2021

    If you’re interested in a flip or voice phone, you should be buying one that supports voice over AT& T’s 4G network, as the carrier is no longer investing in improving 3G service. We prefer the Kyocera DuraXE Epic. It’s rugged and has excellent voice quality, which helps make up for its relatively high price. The unlocked but very inexpensive Nokia 6300 has some limited smartphone features, such as WhatsApp and social media access, while still feeling like a voice phone.

    If you need more help buying a cell phone, check out our story on the best cheap phones. While you’re at it, take a look at our lists for the best phones on T-Mobile and Verizon.

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    How To Choose The Best At& t Phones For You:

    From zero installments to $30 or more a month, AT& T’s best phones come in at all prices. And, you always have the option to pay the full price of the device upfront. How much you want to pay for a new phone is up to you, but the best phones don’t come cheap.

    For the maximum value, we always recommend trading in your older device. While trade-in rebates can vary drastically depending on the age and also price of the older phone, it’s a great way to shave some cost off. If you’re not looking to trade in then there are also a ton of discounts available on certain devices when you pick them up with a fresh plan. These devices don’t tend to be the latest or most feature-laden devices on the market, but there are a number of good flagships still available via this method.

    At& t Refurbished Phone Benefits

    The cell phone industry is making ghastly profits by quickly releasing “the next best thing” that we convince ourselves we have to have. The fact is that used smartphones still offer a ton of great features and functions while costing you a fraction of the retail price.

    • Save money: Get a good phone just a few generations back for under $200. Compared to $1000 or more for the latest flagship phone that’s a steal!
    • Better bang for your buck: Changes between models are generally slight. For instance, if you look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. the Galaxy S8 you’ll find a slightly larger display, image processing enhancement, and a different processor in the S8. Both, of course, have big screens with full HD resolution and dual cameras, but you actually get the same rear camera as the S7 and worse battery life!
    • Repairs are a breeze: You may be concerned with repairing an older phone if you should get a cracked screen or broken button. Phone repair shops are widely available now, making fixes convenient and affordable.
    • Own your own phone – and your freedom: When you opt for a used AT& T cell phone you’ll pay for it outright, giving you the flexibility to switch carriers if you find a better deal.

    Let’s be real, you’re looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to buying a budget smartphone, but searching the world wide web seems daunting – how do you know if you’re really getting the lowest price point?

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    At& t Installment Plan & At& t Next Up Compared

    AT& T Installment Plan and AT& T Installment Plan with Next Up are both great financing programs. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences and priorities.

    • AT& T Installments: 30 monthly payments. The user is only eligible for an upgrade when the device has been paid off in full.
    • AT& T Next Up: 30 monthly payments plus an extra $5/month. The user is eligible for an upgrade with eligible trade-in when they have paid off 50% of the sales price.

    The base amount you pay for your device each month will cost the same whether you choose the first or second financing optionthe difference lies in the extra $5/month for the AT& T Next Up program and the upgrade policy.

    In short, if youd rather be eligible for an upgrade every 15 months and dont mind the additional $5 monthly fee youll be paying, then itd be best to go with the AT& T Next Up option. This is probably the best payment plan for someone who is into having the latest and greatest smartphone releases. Conversely, if having the newest device on the market isnt a priority for you, you may prefer the AT& T Installment Plan option to save yourself some extra cash each month.

    AT& T Installment Plan & AT& T Next Up Compared


    At& t Phones: Your Options Explained

    Motorola Atrix 2 MB865 8GB Android Phone for ATT Wireless ...

    TechRadar’s guide to finding the best AT& T phone for you

    We’ve reviewed the contenders for best AT& T phone, and compared the value to the price. Ignoring any personal preferences and/or biases towards specific operating systems, be it Android or iOS, we’ve picked AT& T’s best phones in a number of categories.

    All of these phones are available through an AT& T installment plan, which spreads the cost of the phone over a set amount of time. For this article, we’ve looked at the AT& T plans that spread the cost of the phone over 30 months, with an option for upgrade after 80-percent of the device’s sales price is paid off.

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    Sell Your Old At& t Phone For Cash

    Bigger is always better when it comes to the amount of money in your wallet. Rack in some fast cash by selling your old phone online.

    Think you’ll get more if you trade in your eligible device? Think again. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll get a significantly higher offer by selling your phone to a reliable buyer site. Plus, that offer will be cash – not in-store credit.

    It’s easy to sell your phone and many times the buyback site will even cover shipping for you.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series

    The Samsung Galaxy S lineup may be more popular, but more demanding Samsung fans will prefer the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones. Both models come with more powerful specs, a larger display, and an S Pen stylus that will turn your device into a much more productive tool. Prices start at $999, but the Note experience is tough to beat, and these are some of the best AT& T phones.

    Also:These are the best Samsung phones

    This year we have two versions of the Note: the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The most notable differences between the two phones are display, construction, and cameras. There are some other differences, clearly , but otherwise, the devices are pretty similar. The Note 20 has a plastic body and a flat display, while the Note 20 Ultra comes with a metal/glass construction and a curved edge screen. Check the specs below to see the differences in more detail.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs:

    • Display: 6.7-inch, Full HD+

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    The Best Cheap At& t Cell Phones In March

    The latest smartphone comes out and AT& T tells you it’s time to upgrade.

    So, like most consumers, you go to the nearest store and pay whatever the cost to have the latest trend because that is what the industry has trained us to do.

    While the cell phone industry is booming, another industry isn’t far behind the rapidly growing used cell phone industry. That’s great for consumers like you who need a dependable device at an affordable price.

    In this guide, we’ll go over what to look for and we’ll show you the best deals on cheap AT& T phones from the most reputable sellers. Get ready to save a bundle!


    Samsung Galaxy A52 5g

    Samsung Infuse 4G AT& T Android phone review

    Samsungs Galaxy A52 5G is the OEMs latest mid-range contestant, and it packs plenty of the features you want in an affordable phone. Its the sequel to 2020s Galaxy A51, but it packs a more modern style and looks much closer to a Galaxy S21 sibling.

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    The Galaxy A52 5G is one of the best AT& T phones, especially at a $5 per month price tag. For your money, youre getting a 6.5-inch 120Hz display with an IP67 rating for your wildest adventures. Samsung tapped the Snapdragon 750G SoC to lead the way, and you can count on 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage to keep you going. The Galaxy A52 also packs a large 4,500mAh battery and 25W charging so that you wont need long at an outlet.

    Even though Samsung went for an older Gorilla Glass construction and weaker secondary cameras, theres a lot to like about the new Galaxy A52 5G. The 64MP primary shooter wont let you down, and the build quality feels like a phone that costs twice as much.

    Samsung Galaxy A52 5G specs:

    • Display: 6.5-inch, Full HD+
    • Cameras: 64, 12, 5, and 5MP
    • Front camera: 32MP

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    Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

    Samsung kicked things off this year with its hottest device lineup yet: the Samsung Galaxy S21 family. This includes the , , and . Along with different sizes and price points, there are some other key differences between the three. But all of them are worth taking a closer look at before you make a final decision.

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    There are some standard features these AT& T phones share as well. All three rely on the same processor, run on Android 11 with Samsungs One UI skin, and feature dust and water resistance. Their dynamic 2x AMOLED screens are among the best in the industry, and all three devices have the same resolution but in different sizes.

    The few difference are in the battery, cameras, and size. But despite their few variations, the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra are impressive devices with high-end specs and a great design.

    Samsung Galaxy S21 specs:

    Android Phones Available From At& t

    AT& T offers a wide range of Android phone for sale. From Samsung to RED to Alcatel to LG, AT& T offers a broad range of brands. Flagship phones from Samsung, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, and Samsung Galaxy S10e, are available, as well as the LG V40 ThinQ and RED Hydrogen One.

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