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Best Automatic Reply Apps For Android

Auto-reply to Text Messages and Phone Calls on Android

There are many automatic reply Android apps that let you send custom replies to messages. These apps let you automatically reply from Android notifications. This will help to avoid the whole process of opening the app for giving a reply to that particular message. With Android auto reply apps, you dont need to focus on sending replies immediately to unimportant messages.

Here is the list of handpicked best automatic reply apps for Android that can reply for your messages automatically.

What Is The Best Auto Reply Text For Android

5 Best Auto-Reply Text Apps for Android & iOS

  • Drivemode: Handsfree Messages And Call For Driving.
  • Auto Message automatic send and reply SMS sender.
  • Do It Later Schedule SMS, Auto Reply Text, Whats.
  • SMS Auto Reply Text Messages / SMS Autoresponder.
  • AutoSender Auto Texting SMS via Virtual Number.

Set Vacation Auto Reply Text Message On Android

On Android, there are many apps that can come to your rescue if you want to auto-reply to text messages. Were going to use the SMS Auto Reply app to set up an automatic text message reply on Android. But you can use any other apps as well.

  • Install and open the SMS Auto Replyapp from Play Store on your phone.
  • On the apps main screen, tap on the Add/Edit option.
  • Next, select a template from the dropdown menu.
  • Edit your auto-reply message and type your auto-reply message.
  • Make sure SMS is selected as the channel at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the edit icon next to Personalized list and/or Dont Reply list to add personalized messages for certain contacts or add certain contacts that shouldnt be replied to.
  • You can add individual contacts or contact groups to the filter lists.
  • Tap Set Time when youre ready to set your vacation auto-reply text messages.
  • Select Run by Date and then select the date. Make sure youve selected an appropriate time as well.
  • Tap Save when youre done.
  • This will take you to the Turn ON/OFF Replies page. Turn on the toggle next to your message.
  • The app will then ask you for a few permissions, so grant them.
  • Note: On newer versions of Android, restrictions prevent this and any other app from auto replying to calls and MMS messages.

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    How Do You Send An Auto Reply Text On Android

    Send Automatic Replies to Text Messages on Android

  • 1] To start with, download and install SMS Auto Reply on your phone.
  • 2] Open the app and tap Add/ Edit button.
  • 3] The Busy profile is selected by default.
  • 4] To auto-respond to only specific contacts, tap Personalized List, and add desired numbers from your phonebook.
  • Best Out Of Office Message Examples And Templates

    SMS Auto Reply Text Message / SMS Autoresponder for ...

    Setting proactive out-of-office messages should be part of your conversational messaging strategy. Personalizing messages at the most timely of moments can also improve customer engagement.

    I elaborate more on what good business messaging etiquette and customer service look like in another article. But itâs important to remember that professional out-of-office emails and texts accomplish four things:

  • Personally greet the message recipient
  • Explain when and for how long you or your staff are away
  • When the message recipient can expect you back
  • What they can do in the meantime e.g. contact alternate phone numbers
  • Below are various out-of-office message templates for both email and text messages.

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    Can You Set Up Automatic Text Messages On Samsung

    Start the Samsung Messages app and create a text message, but dont send it. Tap the arrow to the left of the text field to see additional options, then tap the plus button. In the library of options that pops up, tap Schedule message. Tap the Send button to send the message at the scheduled time.

    Automatic Replies To Android Text Messages Made Easy

    We’ve looked at a few ways to send auto-response texts on Android. Whether you just need an easy and safe way to let people know you’re driving, or want to dive into a full setup with multiple auto-response profiles, you won’t have to leave anyone waiting for a reply again.

    Don’t think that SMS is useless these days, either. There are services that still make good use of it.

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    Sms Auto Reply Text Messages / Sms Autoresponder

    As its name suggests, SMS Autoresponder is an app that will automate your SMS auto-reply.

    The main purpose of this app is to reply with automatic messages while youre busy driving, working, studying, or whatever else. Therewith, the app can send auto-replies to both incoming SMS or calls. Plus, there are lots of things in this app you can customize such as making individual replies for calls and SMS from particular people.

    You can also make different answers for various reasons like driving, sleeping, etc. And its possible to auto-reply in group chats as well. Besides, the auto-replies may not only consist of plain text you can add some pics, emojis, audio, and even your GPS location . Along with that, the app has a text to speech tool that can read the incoming SMS for you.

    Therewith, you can regulate the readers voice and the reading speed. You can even set automatic answers for WhatsApp, IG, or Telegram if needed. The app also has a do not disturb mode that will automatically decline the calls and hide the notifications. Furthermore, you get to block particular numbers with just one touch.

    Best 2021 Sms Auto Reply Text Message Android App

    How to Send Automatic Replies to Text Messages on Android

    SMS Blocker with Auto Response SMS Auto Reply Text Message Android App block SMS and auto reply text message to incoming sms and missed calls once you are busy, driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed. Communicating has never been easier than with the help of sms auto response sent by SMS Autoresponder.

    NEW: 07 JUNE 2021

    Automatically turn Auto Reply ON, when your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth. Never forget to turn auto reply on! Drive Safe and Save Life!

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    Concluding The Best Auto

    Through this article, we discussed some of the best and safest auto-reply text apps for Android and iPhone. You can pick any of these applications to reply to important messages and calls even when you are busy.

    If so many options confuse you, we recommend Drivemode and Do It Later for their features. If you have any other favorites, you can give them a shout-out through the comments section. To get more software and recommendations for Android/iOS, stay tuned to this blog.

    Automatic Answer Settings And Other Features

    That’s all you need to get started with SMS Auto Reply. However, this service has a few additional features that you should be aware of.

    When a rule is active, click Reports on the main screen to see information about the messages the application has sent, while that profile is active. On the left sidebar, you can use the Backup tool to save the configuration to Google Drive.

    Also on this sidebar, you will find a Settings menu worth checking out. For example, activating Send only one reply , the application will not reply to many messages from the same person in a period of time. In Reply rules , you can also choose to answer only numbers in the phonebook, not in the phonebook or personal list.

    You can also choose to ignore short numbers, which represent most automated messages.

    Auto Reply also offers a few in-app purchases to unlock more features. These include automatically replying to messages from Facebook and WhatsApp, setting an alarm when the rule is over, and adding a default state. You pay $ 4.49 for everything , which is well worth it if you use the service regularly.

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    Auto Reply While Driving With Android Auto

    If you are primarily interested in auto replying to messages while driving, Android Auto Reply to messages with one click. This applies whether your car has an Android Auto compatible unit or if you only use the Android Auto app on your phone.

    To set up automatic text responses in Android Auto, first open the app. Scroll to the left sidebar and choose Settings. Under the Notifications section, tap Auto Reply. Here, you can customize the text that appears when a message you’ve received is automatically replied to.

    Make sure the Show message notifications and/or Show group message notifications toggle is also enabled. Otherwise, you won’t know when the message arrives and therefore you can’t automatically reply to it.

    Now, when you see an incoming message notification, you can tap on the auto reply field to send your auto message with one quick tap. Additionally, this setting works with all Android Auto supported messaging apps , not just an SMS app. Although this process is not fully automatic, it is a safer way to get back on the road when needed.

    to download: Android Auto

    Set A Time Period To Respond

    SMS Auto Reply Text Messages / SMS Autoresponder APK 8.0.9 ...

    Next, you will want to set a time for automatic replies. Select Set Time on the edit or homepage to configure this section.

    Use the From and To fields at the top of the screen to specify when the service will be available. You have 3 options for responding:

  • Select Run by Time to activate the response within the selected time each day.
  • Run by Date will reply to the message within the interval and on the dates you choose.
  • Select Run by Week Days to respond to the time period you choose, for certain days of the week. Check the Repeat Weekly box if you want it to run the same way in the coming weeks.
  • Click Save and you will go to the On / Off screen. Here, the app will tell you that due to Android limitations, it only works with SMS text messages, not compatible with missed calls and MMS like before.

    On the On / Off page, you will see all the auto responder rules that you have created. If you want to create different profiles for different times or groups of people, you can repeat the above steps to set as many rules as you like.

    To enable automatic feedback, slide the slider beside the rule. When you do this, the app will prompt you to enable notification access so it knows when you receive a text message. You are also required to disable battery optimization and allow unrestricted data access so that it can run properly.

    There are many permissions that need to be granted, but they are necessary for the application to work as intended.

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    Time To Boost Your Businesss Communication

    Auto-text replies are the best way to fix the missed call problem. It shows your clients and customers that you have a credible reason for not taking the call and what they can do if its an urgent query. With a second phone number app, you wont be just solving the missed call problem but also getting a feature-rich tool for your business communication.

    Messages For Specific Contacts

    Next, you can optionally send a personalized message to specific contacts. This allows you to leave a more personal note to people you know well or are expecting a message from, for example.

    Click the pencil icon next to Personalized List to select contacts or contact groups that specific messages will send to. After selecting contacts, enter a message for them.

    You will also see the Don’t Reply List field . This allows you to specify numbers that you do not want to answer automatically. For example, you can exclude automatic numbers like bank alerts.

    When done, click Save to save the changes to the current template.

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    Enable Automatic Text Replies In Your Sms App

    Finally, for one more option, don’t forget that some Android texting apps have auto-response functionality built in. One of our favorites, Pulse SMS, includes this in its vast feature set. Give it a look if your current SMS doesn’t support auto-responses.

    Open Pulse and slide out the left sidebar, then scroll down to the bottom and tap Advanced Features. On this menu, find the Messaging Features section near the bottom and tap Auto Reply Configuration to start using it.

    Enable Driving Mode or Vacation Mode to automatically respond to every text you receive. Choose Message text for each of them to set up your response message.

    You can toggle driving mode easily by adding a tile to the Quick Settings shade. Just swipe down from the top of your screen twice to open it, then tap the Pencil icon in that panel. Find Driving Mode and drag it into your list of quick setting tiles. There’s no way to activate this when connecting to a Bluetooth device, so this is the fastest way.

    For more flexibility, choose Create a New Auto Reply. There, you can choose either Contact or Keyword. Contact-based replies will send an automatic response when a particular contact texts you. Keyword-based replies will automatically reply when you get any text messages containing the word or phrase you specify.

    As the app mentions, driving and vacation modes take precedence over any rules you set here.

    Best Sms Auto Reply Apps For Android

    The Best SMS Text Message Auto Reply For Android

    A person can get lots of SMS, emails, and social media messages from relatives, colleagues, or other important people in day-to-day life. There may be instances in the barrage of notifications where you cant keep up with some of the SMS or emails and leave the other person hanging for a response.

    If you are a small business owner, you must often wonder if there is any automatic reply tool available to help with the streams of customers messages that may intentionally get ignored.

    With the rise of smartphone OS like Android, now you can find many apps and services that let you reply automatically to SMS and save you from bad customer reviews or being labeled as rude. Here are some SMS auto-reply apps for Android that should meet your requirements.

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    How Do I Create An Auto

    Open the Settings on your device and then do the following to create an automatic reply.

  • On the main Settings screen, select Passwords & Accounts.
  • Under Accounts, tap the email account you want the automatic reply set for.
  • Toward the bottom, tap Automatic Reply.
  • Move the slider to enable Automatic Reply.
  • Auto Message Automatic Send And Reply Sms Sender

    Auto Message is another app that empowers you to set automatic text and call replies.

    The coolest thing about this app is it covers several types of auto-replies. Thus, theres an auto SMS sender, auto call answer, and even an auto-email reply! Lets go through all of those, shall we? The auto phone call reply tool is quite basic it empowers to you automatically send a particular message when you reject or missed the call.

    As for the auto message tool, it aims to manage your daily text routine. There are two ways to use this tool. The first one is you write the text for the SMS and establish the plan for when they need to be sent to particular people. And the other way is to use this tool as an auto-reply for SMS when youre busy or unable to answer for any reason. Therewith, you can attach the SMS to particular people as well.

    Speaking of the auto-email reply, this tool works similar to the SMS one. Thus, you can write several emails and make a schedule for them to be sent to particular addresses. Therewith, you can reply with the same email to multiple people at the same time.

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    Choose A Triggering Event

    There are many ways you could set up automated text messages with IFTTT, and I encourage you to experiment with it. For the purposes of this How-to, lets set up a simple trigger based on location.

    Touch the mortar and pestle icon to access recipes, then tap the + icon to add a new one.

    Touch the + again to craft one from scratch. Then theres yet another + to touch. Hang in there.

    Pick a trigger. Lets go with Android Location and select when you exit an area.

    If the app asks for permissions, allow it, then zoom in on an area. Tap Next when youve got it.

    Tap the + button again, and pick an effect.

    Lets choose Android SMS.

    Now enter the phone number and message you want to send and hit continue.

    Bingo! Now whenever you leave that location, IFTTT will send a text automatically. IFTTT doesnt stop with locations, however. There are many other potential circumstances you could set up to automate your text messages.

    On Android: Use The Sms Auto Reply App

    Android app automatically replies to text messages for you ...

    Android may not have a lot of auto-reply features built in, and it technically doesnt allow apps to send messages for you, but third-party apps like SMS Auto Reply have found ways to work around the system.

    When you first launch the app, tap the Add/Edit button to create a new rule. Give it a name, like At Work or Sleeping, and write your message in the text box. You can then go to Set Time to set the time, date, or days of the week you want that rule to be active. If you want, you can even put certain contacts on the Dont Reply List, or create a list of personalized messages for certain people . It doesnt do everything Id like it to doit cant respond to voice calls, and changing profiles based on location would be nicebut its pretty powerful, especially compared to what the iPhone offers.

    Once youve done these three things, your auto-reply rule should turn on, and you can test it by asking someone to send you a text message.

    You can see how this isnt necessarily the ideal solutionits a little janky to set up, and cant auto-respond to incoming calls thanks to Androids permission systembut its better than nothing, and calms your friends paranoia by given them an idea of why you arent texting them back.

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