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The Ultimate Scales App For Bass 2020!

1. Image recognition within the app allows you to easily register products using your phone’s camera.

2. Customize your gear page and share your original header image on social networks.

3. Find tips and tricks, articles and videos with valuable information for beginning guitarists.

4. Find, save and access docs and manuals related to your instruments whenever and wherever.

5. Search ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ using keywords to quickly answer questions about your instrument.

6. Submit questions directly to Yamaha if your issue cannot be resolved using the FAQ database.

7. In case you have a serious issue with your gear, you can immediately contact Yamaha using the inquiry form.


Player Port only supports guitar-related products . We plan to update the app to include other products in the future.

For use with an electric guitar or bass: Please note that the tuner might not respond properly depending on your device. Connect guitar to an amplifier for accurate detection by tuner. This tuner may also be used by connecting the guitar and your mobile device to an audio interface.

Please note that the accuracy of image recognition cannot be guaranteed. We will utilize the photos you upload to improve this function.

Please note that, while we are not able to reply, we are improving the FAQ database based on your feedback.

Best Guitar Apps For Android To Strum Along

Do you own a guitar, but only as a wall decoration? Well, lets change that together with the best guitar apps for Android! People today have some really great guitar apps for Android which can help them not only in learning but also honing their craft further. You no longer need to pay an actual tutor to learn how to play guitar. Its really easy to pick up some basic skills with these apps and then learn on your own from there.

Fender Play Learn Guitar

Fender is a well-known guitar manufacturer. They are well known for all kinds of guitar from acoustic to bass and ukulele. Fender Play is an app by fender that can help you learn bass guitar, ukulele and guitar. It comes in both android and iOS. You can also use it on the web browser to learn.

Fender Play app consists of high-quality video lessons which are great for learning any instrument. They, perhaps, have the best video-based learning resources in the market. With tablature, chord diagrams, and a huge list of lessons. It is a great place to learn.

The user interface of the app is great which helps beginners with a planned lesson path to guide them properly and help them to learn faster. There are also backing tracks available which makes it a great app to play along with and learn. All these features make this app a great resource to use.


  • Paid, which needs some investment
  • 7-day trial period only

In conclusion, this is a great app like the manufacturer fender and it is a good investment.

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Top Apps For Beginner To Pro Bass Players

Posted by Bass Gear Magazine | Mar 30, 2020 | Columns, Guest Columnists | 0 |

Learning to play bass or feeling the need to sharpen your skills? Theres an app for that! Wed love to share with you some of the best apps that can help you become a better bass player. Whether youre just starting out, on the way to creating a name for yourself or have several albums out with your band/s, youll surely find an app here that can keep give you something new to work on. Even if you havent got yourself a cheap bass yet , you can still give them a go! Take a look at these apps to get you on your way.

Guitartuna Tuner For Guitar Ukulele Bass & More Free With In

Bass Guitar Simulator (FREE) for Android

GuitarTuna is simply the best guitar tuner app available on the Google Play Store. We admit were no experts on guitars or their workings but we do know how important tuning is.

The music professor at my college recommended a bunch of apps and this was on the top. From a newbie perspective, GuitarTuna seems easy enough to use without getting confused.

Of course, this app is only useful to those who know what they are doing and know their way around the instrument. The interface, however, is remarkable and provides easy access to every feature.


  • There are alternate tuning sets available.
  • Select between electric or acoustic guitar.
  • The auto mode is a nice touch.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with background noise cancellation. This means it can be used effectively even in noisy environments.

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Best Apps For Bass Players Ios And Android

With access to so many apps to help you learn bass, its hard to figure out which are worthy of your time. Here Ill share the best apps for bass players.

In todays world, we have digital access to more than our predecessors ever thought possible. Gone are the days where the only option for learning to play the bass guitar was through a brick-and-mortar class-like situation.

Today, I want to talk about digital applications, or apps as they are more commonly called. To do so, I will be discussing:

  • The Benefits of Digital Learning & Tools
  • Best Apps for Learning Bass Guitar
  • Best Apps for Assisting with Playability
  • The Benefits of Digital Learning & Tools

Thanks to the internet, tablets, smart phones, and more you can learn how to play the bass guitar from virtually anywhere.

The benefits of digital learning have become more obvious as technology has advanced. In fact, school students of every age from kindergarten to doctorate students have enjoyed the assistance of digital learning platforms.

Learning to play the bass guitar is no different. Some of the best benefits associated with learning the bass guitar digitally include:

Music Apps To Help You To Learn

When you learn how to play the bass, its more than just the technique that counts. Youll also need to learn about music theory, tuning your bass guitar, playing in time, or even recording.

Find guitar lessons London on Superprof.

There are plenty of apps that can help you learn more about music in general and improve your bass playing.

Check out some of our favourite bass guitar websites.

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Sustain Analyzer For Android: Mute A Bass Guitar To Get The Beatles / Motown Sound

The secret of the classic Beatles and Motown bass sound lies in the short sustain time of the notes. Use Harmonic Tuner Sustain Analyzer for Android to measure sustain times of string instruments or to adjust sustain times using string mutes. String mutes shorten the sustain times of a notes harmonics depending on their material, size, pressure and position, shaping and defining the timbre of an instrument.

Sustain Analyzer allows to measure and compare sustain / decay times for the individual harmonics of the notes. Note decay typically varies within the note range of an instrument .

With the note protocol features of Sustain Analyzer you can compare sustain behaviour of different strings on your guitar or of the notes on different instruments .

Demonstration of sustain adjustment and systain / decay measurements using Sustain Analyzer and a Fender Jazz Bass:

My Music Teacher: An App For Beginner Bassists

Best App for Bass Guitarists In 2021 – Free Bass Lessons & MUCH More!

You can learn bass wherever and whenever you want with the My Music Teacher App. While this app is normally dedicated to the guitar, there is a course for bassists.

The app detects which notes youre playing and will correct you to make sure youre playing in time. You can choose an objective and youll gain points as you learn. The app advises you on which songs to play in terms of your progress.

There are 2,500 hours of practical exercises on riffs, rhythm, scales, etc. Its a great way to start learning bass on your own.

Similar to the previous app, theres a subscription fee for this app but it will grant you access to tablature, playback, and live lessons with real teachers.

The community aspect is really important as you can talk to other forum members, buy and sell music equipment, set challenges, etc.

Its available on Android and iOS as well as Mac and PC.

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Everything You Need To Learn Bass In One App

Whether youre a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, youll have a good time practicing with Yousician. You can start your musical journey any time with our online lessons, regardless of your skill level.

Learn by following our lesson plans created by real bass players and music teachers and practice your skills with challenges and interactive tutorials. Yousicians unique music learning technology keeps you motivated as you earn rewards, reach goals, and level up your bass playing skills.

Learn chords, triads, fretting, plucking, locking in, picking, pitch, grooving in style, and so much more while playing your favorite songs and music genres.

Yousician is easy to follow and offers helpful visual feedback its extensive lessons on technique and music theory make it clear that Yousician is no toy.

The app caters to every level of ability, the videos are intuitive and accessible, and you can go at your own pace, so you dont feel hurried or pressured.

If youre looking for an engaging way to start learning to play guitar Yousician is modern technologys gift to music education.

Smart Chords & Tools Guitar Bass Banjo Uke Free With In

Smart Chords & Tools doesnt have a great looking interface but it gets the job done. If you are looking for a straightforward app to work with, this is the best choice among the guitar apps for Android list.

There are more than 1,000,000,000 chords and fingerings in the app. If you want to play the banjo, there are features that cater to that too.


  • A dictionary with more than 220 types of chords.
  • Support of multiple string-based instruments.
  • You can define individual tuning for each instrument.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with modes for basic, advanced and expert users. This makes it easier for the newcomers as well as the experts.

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Best Apps To Master The Bass Guitar For Beginners

Antonio Rozich

If you are interested in learning the bass guitar, you no longer have to worry about signing up for lessons. You can use an app to teach you every chord and key so you can begin playing your favorite songs.

If you want to learn how to play a few songs on the bass or would like to slowly start teaching yourself how to play the guitar, there is no need to waste money on lessons. If you dislike learning at a fast pace or on someone elses terms, you can use an app to learn the basics and be creative with music. By using an app, you can easily find information like a bass guitar keys chart and some bass guitar notes for beginners that you can use to help you learn on your own. Enjoy a hobby without having to pay tons of money and attend classes. You can forget about wasting money on expensive lessons and learn at your own pace and gradually get better on your own terms. Find an app that offers beginner bass guitar chords, so you can understand the basics and begin learning to play some songs. You can even learn bass guitar scales on your own using an app to help you play better and more complex songs.

  • 4.7 Ratings60K+ Reviews1M+ DownloadsFree

Smart Chords And Tools

Bass Guitar for Android

Price: Free / $3.83 per year / Additional in-app purchases

Smart Chords and Tools is a decent all-in-one app. It boasts tuning support for a bunch of different instruments, including guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, and others. Additionally, the app contains a bunch of chord, arpeggio, scale, and fretboard charts. There is even a metronome with up to 300 BPM for practicing. This makes it a great choice for beginner and intermediate guitar players. It tunes your guitar and also teaches you things. This one offers a bunch of add-ons as in-app purchases. Additionally, there is a $3.83 per year subscription with a lot more features. Were usually weary of subscriptions, but $3.83 per year is extremely reasonable.

Thank you for reading! Try these out too:

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Best Software To Learn Bass Guitar

Ivan JenicRead moreTo fix various PC problems, we recommend Restoro PC Repair Tool:

  • that comes with Patented Technologies .
  • Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.
  • Click Repair All to fix issues affecting your computer’s security and performance
    • Restoro has been downloaded by 0 readers this month.

    Fancy yourself as an expert bass guitar player who can weave some serious magic with the strings? Or have you always wanted to strum your favorite songs on a bass guitar but were clueless as to where to start?

    Well, with the help of some great tools you could begin your bass guitar lessons with almost as much ease as having a real tutor guiding your way through the musical journey.

    There are plenty of apps that will let you pick up the requisite skills while allowing you to customize your lessons in almost any conceivable manner.

    Whats more, the apps will let you start from a complete novice with almost zero knowledge of guitars in the first place, so lets find some great picks right away.

    Bass Guitar Courses With The Real Bass App

    There are 20 lessons offered on the Real Bass app for you to sink your teeth into.

    There are also 16 loops for you to play along with to try out what youve learnt. Your smartphone screen will become a fretboard that you can practise on. This is perfect if you dont want to bother the neighbours.

    The app is available for free on the Play Store but you can pay to get the ad-free version.

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    Real Bass Electric Bass Guitar For Android

    – REQUIRES ANDROID |Category:

      Real Bass is the best solution for you to learn how to play guitar bass, right now! Get the same experience as a real instrument, download the best guitar bass app from App Store, right now!Real Bass contains 100 amazing international music lessons, designed for those who are just beginning to learn. Plus 6 guitar bass styles in 4 and 5 string versions so you can play any music style! And lots of fun loops to play along. REAL BASS Electric bass guitar is a Music app by Rodrigo Kolb. It has an average of 5 stars on the appstore and has been rated by over 1,063 people over it’s lifetime. The latest version of the app is version 6.9.7 and it was updated on the android store about 6 months ago.

    • Is the REAL BASS Electric bass guitar app free? The cost of the app is $0.00
    • Top 9 Guitar Tab Apps For Ios And Android

      You NEED this! FREE bass & guitar tuner app Guitar Tuna for Android and iOS

      Guitar tablature is a great, easy way to learn new songs, and most guitar players use it. Thanks to sites like,, and, its easy to go on your computer and find a tab to nearly any song with just a few clicks. But what about guitar tab apps for iOS or Android?

      As many of us know, the popular tablature websites often dont lay out correctly on your phone or tablet. Also, its harder to search and the advertising pop-ups from the website can mess with the display.

      As it turns out, guitar tab apps solve some of these basic problems, as well as introducing a lot of innovations to make using guitar tab more effective, intuitive, and fun.

      Here are nin guitar tab apps for iOS and Android guaranteed to make your life easier and your guitar playing better.

      About this particular list of the best guitar tab apps:

      • Rankings are determined by Reviews, Number of Downloads, Usability, and Aesthetics.
      • App store reviews are shown for both a) the most recent version of the app and b) the overall history of the app.
      • This list leans covers both the iOS world and Android world.

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      Top 10 Best Android Apps For Learning Guitar 2021

      The guitar is one of those musical instruments that fascinates most people around the world. However, learning the art of playing guitar is by no means an easy task. It is a very complicated instrument. There lies immense dedication and sincerity to learn this art. Thankfully, your Android smartphone can help you with that.

      The Google Play Store is full of apps that can help you learn to play guitar. Whether you are a complete newbie or know the basics of playing guitar, there are apps for every type of user. We have tested several such apps and compiled a list of the top 10 best Android apps for learning guitar.

      Go through the article below for detailed information on each app, including a description, Android version requirement, cost of in-app purchases, and screenshots or promo videos, as well as a Google Play Store download link.

      Learning To Play Bass Guitar With The Yousician App

      The Yousician app was developed by music teachers and has classes for piano, guitar, ukulele, and bass.

      The app acts as a digital private tutor and is aimed at absolute beginners as well as those playing at higher levels. You can follow step-by-step tutorials according to your level.

      The app listens to you via your smartphones microphone and provides you with feedback on your timing, rhythm, and accuracy. It saves your progress and you can check how youre doing at any time.

      You can find over 1,500 activities and hundreds of videos to help you learn to read tabs and sheet music, chords, follow along to melodies, slap bass techniques, and many others.

      The exercises are adapted to the skills youve practised and the chords youve been working with and you can even challenge your friends to weekly challenges via the Yousician app.

      The advantage of the app is that even though youll be teaching yourself, you can still get feedback on your playing.

      Yousician also includes thousands of songs to play along with for electric or acoustic bass. If you cant find a song, you can always download it and work on it with the app. The app will also give you regular reminders to encourage you to practise.

      Theres a limited free version available and a paid version on both iOS and Android.

      Beware that youll be billed for the year at the end of your 7-day trial if you dont cancel it.

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