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Portable Wifi File Transfer

4 Best Apps to Transfer Files from Android to PC (2020)

Portable WiFi File Transfer is the next free Android to PC WiFi file transfer app. It is another easy-to-use app through which users can transfer data between Android and PCs through WiFi. To do that, this app uses the File Transfer Protocol. This protocol allows users to connect Android and Windows devices and transfer data between them. Now, check out the below steps.

How To Perform Android To Pc Wifi Data Transfer Using Wifi Pc File Explorer:

  • Launch this app and copy the link provided in this app.
  • Now paste the link in the explorer of your Windows device to download the blackhat server.
  • Next, install the server on your Windows device.
  • After that, open up its interface.
  • Next, tap on Add computer option on this app and scan the QR code present on the server interface to establish the connection.
  • Now, go to the three-dot menu and select the Upload option to send any data from your Android device to Windows PC.

Pushbullet App To Transfer Sms On Pc

Pushbullet is one of the best apps to data transfer files from Android apps to want you to need that data. It can do a bulk of data transfer using a simple android application. That includes sending and receiving SMS/MMS messages, sharing your clipboard between devices, check notifications, and of course, file transfers or share yours on your pc or any other things.

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Zapya Transfer Files To All Platforms

This android app is best for transfer data or files without a mobile data network or Wi-Fi connection. You can share or transfer files from phone to phone, smartphone to desktop, or PC or Mac without cables. This android data sharing app is also useful for share music, photos, PDF files, and app with unlimited file size.

Bonus Tip How To Transfer Files From Android To Android

6 Best Free Wifi File Transfer Apps For Android

Except for transferring files between your Android device and computer, you may also need to transfer files from one Android phone to another. Surely, you can take advantage of Bluetooth, hardware,iCloud or other tools to transfer files from Android to Android. However, these methods have different limitations when it comes to transferring different kinds of files among different models of Android devices. On the other hand, the transferring procedure is so tedious that users may take a long time to get their files transferred.

For these reasons, we highly recommend a valid phone transfer tool PhoneTrans. With its Quick Transfer feature, PhoneTrans helps you to transfer different types of files from Android to Android with a few clicks. PhoneTrans enjoys a list of outstanding features as below:

  • Transfer different kinds of files from one Android phone to another Android or iOS device.
  • Work well with various Android models as well as iOS systems.
  • Lightning-fast speed to transfer files with 1 click.
  • Merge with the previous files on the new Android phone, 100% clean & safe.

Now, it is the perfect time to . Follow the following instructions to get your files transferred in minutes.

* 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Launch PhoneTrans on your computer > Click on Phone to Phone mode and Quick Transfer box.

Choose the Quick Transfer Mode

Connect Your Android Devices

Transfer Files From Android to Android

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How To Perform Android To Pc Wifi Data Transfer Using Wifi File Transfer App:

  • Start this app and enable the Toggle button present on its interface.
  • After that, users can view an FTP address.
  • Copy the FTP address and paste it to the file explorer of your PC.
  • As soon as you do that, you can view the internal storage of your Android device on your PC. Now, copy and paste any data between devices without much hassle.

File Expert With Clouds

File Expert is an app for managing your files on your mobile, tablets, personal computers and cloud storage servers. It most popular file manager is on Android. It can locate target files quickly, transfer files to other devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC. It provides fast access to gallery, video, music, e-books, documents, apps, plug-in, APK files, zip files and favorites on your phone SD, External SD card, and Internal Storage.

In a word, select one preferable free android file transfer for Mac, PC, Android, iOS and other platforms according to your need.

Updated on 2020-03-03 / Update for Android Recovery

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Use Bluetooth To Transfer Files From Android To Pc

You can also use Bluetooth to transfer pictures from Android to PC. To do that, follow the steps.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your PC by searching for it in the Windows search bar.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android using the toggle in the notification panel. Then find the your computer and on it to pair. You also need to click Pair or Connect on your computer. You might need to enter the code to pair.

  • Then in your computers Bluetooth settings, click Send or receive files and then click receive files.

  • On your Android phone, choose the file that you need to transfer and tap on Share button. Select Bluetooth. Choose your Windows PCs name from the list of available devices.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete.

This method has a clear disadvantage.

  • Transferring files through Bluetooth could be very slow. Depending on the size and number of photos youre sending, you might have to wait for hours.

Samsung File Transfer App: Sidesync

Top 5 Best Windows to Android WiFi File Transfer Apps for Android | Guiding Tech

SideSync is one Android file transfer application from Samsung that helps in easy and quick file sharing between your mobile device and PC. It proves to be the most suitable Samsung transfer app that is smart and reliable for both Windows and Mac versions. It is a reliable and easy PC – mobile solution that is loaded with numerous features.

When your mobile device is connected to your PC with the help of SideSync, you will see the notifications that are received on the mobile device. The other advantage is that you can make phone calls or even send text messages and photos to the mobile device from your PC. The sharing option is not only available for PC to Galaxy Smartphone, but the transfer is also possible from one Galaxy Smartphone to another one.

The operation of SideSync is too simple. You have to download and install the SideSync application on your Android device and PC. With the help of a USB cable, connect the devices along with the same Wi-Fi connection. Start transferring media files, making calls, sending text messages, and many more. Isnât it simple?

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Xshare Secure File Transfer App For Android

It is also a popular Android file transfer app to share files without an internet connection. With a very short time, this app has become one of the worlds fastest file-sharing tools. This app includes a very comprehensive user interface that will let you share almost all kinds of files within the blink of your eyes. Besides, it wont ask to check your network or to connect a USB cable to share files with others. Just match the QR code with your Sharing partner and enjoy the fastest file-sharing system that will protect the original format of each file.

Apps To Transfer Files From Android To Pc

If you are finding the best way to transfer files from Android to PC, then go through the below methods one by one.

App 1: AirDroid

AirDroid is a popular and fast way to transfer files from Android to PC. It helps you connect to your PC over a WiFi network and use it as a medium to transfer files to your PC.

  • Connect your PC to your app through available devices.
  • Select data to transfer and use this fast way to transfer files from Android to PC.

App 2: Pushbullet

Pushbullet is the fastest way to transfer files from Android to PC. You can use this app to check messages on your computer and share files on your computer.

  • Open Google Play and download this app on your Android phone.
  • After this, you will get an option to connect your phone to your PC. Connect your PC to the app.
  • Now, receive messages from your phone on your PC as well. This includes messages from WhatsApp and other apps.

App 3: SHAREit

  • Set up a WiFi connection between your phone and PC.
  • Transfer files from phone to PC .
  • Use the CLONEit feature to transfer one phone to another easily.

App 4: Xender

Similar to the above apps, Xender is also a file transfer app that works between Android to PC and iPhone as well. All you need to do is download this app on your phone and PC.

You can use Xender to transfer data between Android, iPhone, JioPhone, laptop, computer, etc.

App 5: Feem

Feem is one of the fastest and best apps to transfer files from Android to PC. You can use this app to transfer data in no time.

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Backing Up And Restoring Games

How frustrating is it to start up a new phone, open your favorite game, and find that your progress has been erased? Fear not. With most games in the Play Store, you can easily back up your progress and bring it with you to each new device. A common way to back up games is through Google Play Games. Compatible apps have a green gamepad icon on their Play Store listing.

Open the app, tap the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner, then select Settings and toggle Sign in to gamesautomatically to the on position. Once you’ve transferred your games to the new phone, log in to your Play Games account to sync progress.

If your game is not Google Play Games compatible, back it up separately. Check the app’s settings to see if there’s a backup option.

My Favorite Android To Pc Wifi File Transfer App:

8 Best wifi file transfer app for Android in 2021

Send Anywhere is my favorite app because it can transfer data between an Android device and PC using both WiFi and cellular networks. Plus, it can also send data by generating a sharable link.

You can also check out lists of best free Bluetooth File Transfer, Remote Desktop, and Encrypted Messaging apps for Android.

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Official Samsung Transfer Tool: Smart Switch

Are you looking for an official way for data transfer of files from Samsung devices? Are there any Samsung transfer tools in the form of an app that will help you transfer data in a single click? Why not? Smart Switch from Samsung is one of the apps that will fulfill your expectations. It can now be downloaded from Google apps and is entirely compatible with any Android device.

In Smart Switch, you can transfer data between Galaxy devices in one click, and more importantly, you can transfer personal data like contacts, messages, alarms, and history.

How To Perform Android To Pc Wifi File Transfer Using Send Anywhere:

  • First, install this app and its Windows version on both devices.
  • After that, launch this app on both Android and Windows systems.
  • Next, use its Android app to browse and select etc., that you want to send to your Windows PC.
  • After that, click on the Send button to get a six-digit code.
  • Now, go to the receive section of this software on PC and enter the code to start the data transfer process.

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Shareit Android To Android Transfer Automatically

If you would like to choose SHAREit for Android to Android transfer, you will find that it cant transfer data automatically. But it also supports several kinds of data, like apps, videos, music, pictures and more.

  • Install SHAREit on both Android phones, and then open the program on both Android phones.
  • On the sending Android phone, you need to tap on the Send button and you will see the types of data. Select the data which you want to transfer and tap on the Send icon. SHAREit starts to search for the receiving device.
  • On the receiving Android phone, you need to click the Receive option on the interface. And the app begins to look for the sending device.
  • After a while, you will see an avatar on the sending Android phone. Click it and your Android phones will be connected. The selected data will begin to transfer from Android to Android as well. Wait for several minutes and tap on the Finish icon on the sending Android phone.
  • Mount Android As A Drive On Mac

    Best Free Apps to Transfer Files Between iPhone, Android, Mac & PC

    You can mount internal and external storages

    Edit Android files on Mac without moving them to computer

    Use just MacDroid – no additional plugins or extensions needed

    Work with any Android or MTP device you own

    Android transfer app

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    Do You Need An Android File

    Now that smartphone companies have come up with a home-grown solution to the file-sharing problem, the need for a file-sharing Android app is gradually fading away.

    Google now has an in-house file sharing feature that enables fast sharing of files between Android devices. As of August 2020, the Android feature called Nearby Share is still in the roll-out stage, but it will eventually be available to all supported Android devices this year. Androids Nearby Share works similarly to Apples AirDrop feature, and even allows file sharing while the device is offline.

    Then, there is Xiaomis Inter-transfer alliance under which Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo users can easily share files. In May, Xiaomi announced that OnePlus, Realme, Meizu, and Black Shark joined the file-sharing alliance.

    With Androids Nearby Share and Chinese smartphone manufacturers having their cross-band file transfer functionality, it wont be long before file-sharing apps become obsolete.

    Abhilekh Das

    Best File Sharing Apps For Android Smartphones In 2020

    File-sharing has always been a massive issue for Android users. As far as I can remember, users never had a single best way to share files between Android devices.

    Sure, you can use Bluetooth for file sharing. But unless the files are small in size, Bluetooth can take from a few minutes to hours for the file-sharing process to complete. As for Wi-Fi direct, no one ever seems to know how it works. Moreover, users are oblivious if such a feature exists on their device or not, thanks to the smartphone vendors hiding it depths of Android settings.

    Not having the single best file sharing method puts Android at a significant disadvantage against Apples iconic AirDrop instant file-sharing feature. But all is not lost as some Android file-sharing apps can share large files at high speeds, without any hassle.

    Note: This list isnt in order of preference. You are advised to choose the file-sharing app as per your needs.


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    Transfer Music From Android To Android

    We all love music and have collected the music according to our choice. Mostly we store the MP3 files that appear on your computer after you connect your smartphone. Firstly you need to download the Android File Transfer app if youââ¬â¢re a mac user or else use Bluetooth File Transfer that saves these files on your computer, and then you can transfer to another device. Instead, you can use MobileTrans tool, which can easily resolve your problem of how to transfer everything from Android to Android with few clicks only.

    How To Perform Android To Pc Wifi Data Transfer Using Easy Share:

    13 Best File Transfer Apps for Android and iOS  Boomzi
    • Launch this app and go to the HTTP File Transfer section.
    • Now, users can view an HTTP address that they need to paste into the File Explorer of their PC.
    • Next, hit the enter button to get data transfer options like upload from Android to PC or vice versa.
    • Now, go to the Internal or SD Card storage of your Android device and fetch any data that you want using simple copy and paste operations.

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    Files By Google Best File Transfer App For Offline

    Google didnt miss to launch its app in this criterion. If you are a great fan of Google apps, then Files by Google is here for you. It is another useful app that can do a lot besides letting you share the essential file with your friends. The first thing I need to tell you about it, that it will always keep your device clean as it works as an effective file cleaning app. Besides, it will let you share files with multiple devices, and it doesnt take much time to do so. Thats why I think you should take a look at this app if you want a multitasking file sharing app. Use a file cleaning approach to keep your device junk-free and also to boost your phones performance. Works as a better cloud storage app by saving all the files in your storage.

    Google Drive Transfer Data From Android To Android Wirelessly

    Google Drive is another effective method for Android to Android transfer. Although it cant transfer data in 1 click, it can transfer the data from Android to Android more easily than manually. Google Drive supports to transfer multiple data, including contacts, calendar, documents and etc.

  • You need to enter your Google Drive on the Android phone. Make sure you have signed in with your Google account. Then tap on the Menu icon on the top left.
  • Then click the Settings option on the panel, and tick off the checkbox next to the Auto Add.
  • Next, enter the built-in Settings app on the Android phone and tap on the Backup & reset option. After that, turn on the Back up to Google Drive and tap the Account to add your Google account which you signed in on Google Drive here.
  • Finally, go back to the Settings and press the Account. Choose the Google Account, and then click the Sync icon. Google Drive will transfer data from Android to Android.
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