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Best Android Smartphones Under $200! (Updated for LATE 2020)

The good news is that while smartphones are getting, well, smarter, the price of this technology is dropping. While premium devices like devices in the iPhone 13 series and Samsung S21 phone range are still very expensive, the prices for these high-end phones havent really changed much year on year, despite the technology getting better. What this also means is that as technology gets better and cheaper, more phone manufacturers are now packing great technology into mobile phones with a smaller price tag.

For example, a smartphone at $300 now has far better technology cameras, display, processing chips, etc than what youd expect in a premium phone five or so years ago. So if youre looking for a cheap phone, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for price.

In more recent years, weve also seen several challenger brands pop up to rival the big players such as Apple and Samsung, with some manufacturers focusing on the budget and mid-range phone market rather than the premium devices that Apple and Samsung dominate. In this guide well cover devices from some of the phone manufacturers you know, and some you might not have heard of just yet.

Apple Iphone 7 And 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus launched back in September 2016, but youd never know it when using these former flagships. These high-end smartphones feature aluminum bodies and are available in your choice of Black, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver.

Packing the quad-core A10 fusion chip and either 2GB or 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have more than enough grunt for whatever you want to throw at them. These phones are available in your choice of 32, 128, or 256GB of storage, so youll have enough space for all your games and media. And since they support iOS 14, you can expect several more years of software updates.

Apple iPhones feature some of the best screens and cameras available, and the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are no exception. Shutterbugs looking to show off their mobile photography to friends and family will certainly be pleased.

Apple iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 is the smaller of the two stablemates. It features a 4.7-inch display with a 1334×750 resolution, equating to a Retina HD pixel density of 326ppi. It also supports a wide color gamut and is compatible with 3D Touch technology. And with 1960 mAh of battery power, it should have enough juice to make it an entire day for most users.

Above the display, youll find a 7-megapixel selfie camera with an f/2.2 aperture. On the rear, the iPhone 7 has a single 12-megapixel camera with an f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Best Phones Under $200 With Great Features And Design

Are you spending too much on a smartphone? Are you looking for better options for $200? Well, there are some companies which offer great features and make the best phones under $200 too. The phone under $200 comes with decent features and design, plus you will not feel like youre compromising by selecting anything less.

When you choose the best budget mobile, do ensure that the phone you select works with your carrier. Most of the unlocked phones support only GSM. This means they are compatible with MetroPCS, AT& T, and T-Mobile, but not Sprint and Verizon. However, most of the best phones under $200 that weve listed support all the big network providers.

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Features That Makes The Phones Under $200 Worth The Buy

What are the features we look for while buying a phone? Most of us look for a metal design, big screen, and enough performance to run most of the popular apps. The storage capacity might not be as huge as you would get in a high-priced phone. But, if your device includes space for inserting a MicroSD card, you can transfer your stuff to this slot.

The camera quality in this price range has improved greatly, as well. So, people who require top-of-the-line features like amazing picture quality in low light, reverse wireless charging, and serious graphics power for playing games, the best phones under $200 that weve listed offer all of these and are excellent values.

How To Choose The Best Cell Phone Signal Booster For You

Best Android Phones Under $200 (March 2020)

Before you even start shopping for signal boosters, take stock of the network you use for cell phone service, and the bands your phone operates on. While all of the products in this list work on all networks across every carrier, some lack that universal support, and you definitely don’t want to end up with a signal booster that boosts the wrong signal. Also keep in mind you will have to register whatever you buy with your carrier both because it won’t work otherwise, and because it’s a legal requirement.

Then, it’s important to assess what exactly you need from a signal booster. If you find yourself always struggling to connect at all, prioritize finding an option that utilizes a directional antenna, as these are more focused and can deliver stronger, more efficient and consistent connections. If your situation is less dire, an omnidirectional option should do fine.

Of course, you also have to consider the space you need to fill. Unsurprisingly, signal boosters that can blanket a whole home in signal will cost more potentially hundreds of dollars more than those that are designed to outfit smaller spaces with service.

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The Best Iphone Under $500

Apples iPhone SE 2020 strikes the right balance of camera, build quality, speed, battery life, software, and longevity for most people. Even though its over a year old now, it should still give you an excellent return on investment. We recommend upgrading to the model with 128GB of storage for $449, which is $50 over the base price but well worth it long term.

The iPhone SE follows a very tried and true formula. It has the same body and 4.7-inch LCD screen that Apple has been using since the iPhone 6. That puts the display on the smaller end of screen sizes today, which also means the phones bezels are bigger than anything else sold on the market. High-refresh-rate screens with smoother animations and scrolling have been trickling down into the budget class recently, but you wont find one here.

The 2020 SE is part of the iPhone 11 generation, so its A13 Bionic processor is two years behind the latest and greatest and wont win any benchmark races. Its still plenty performant, though, and its often hard to tell

If youre looking for the fastest wireless connectivity, the SE is not going to provide it

the difference between a two-year-old iPhone processor and a brand-new one in use. But why that processor really matters, though, is overall longevity. Apple consistently supports its phones for four or more years with software updates. So Apples choice of a fast processor means, in a few years, the iPhone SE will still feel snappy and be supported with iOS updates.

Should I Buy A Phone On Black Friday

For the most part, this is one of the better times to buy a phone, unlocked or tied to a carrier. Samsung has stellar deals with trade-ins, some carriers have great offers, and you can find some decent sales on Amazon or Best Buy. If you’ve been holding off on a new phone for 2021, now’s a good time to upgrade.

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Best 5g Phone For Under $300

At $299, the OnePlus N10 5G brings 5G and some upscale features to a budget phone.

While you wont find a fantastic screen here, its large 6.46-inch LCD does come with a faster-than-average 90Hz refresh rate. Worth noting is the devices somewhat tall 20:9 aspect ratio, which is a little unusual at first glance but makes the phone slightly narrower and easier to use with one hand. Its processor is capable enough, though it sometimes shows its limits and only supports sub-6Hz 5G networks. It launched with Android 10, and

dont expect to get Android 12 on this model

OnePlus has released the update to Android 11 already. But thats it dont expect to get Android 12 on this model. OnePlus is offering two years of security updates in addition to that.

On the camera side, the N10 offers a 64-megapixel main camera thats surprisingly good in daylight and even moderately low light. Theres an 8-megapixel ultrawide, too, along with macro and monochrome cameras that arent really worth talking about. Its not Pixel 5A-level good, but if you dont push it too hard, the N10s main camera takes good photos in the right light.

Motorola Moto G Fast$199

Honor 10 Lite “Real Review” – The Best Android Phone Under $200

Even as the feature list of affordable phones improves, theres one area where they often continue to fall shortpower. Thanks to Motorola, now phone buyers in need of a bit more umph from their affordable phone can look to the moto g fast. A Qualcomm octa-core processor and 3GB of RAM means snappier performance and better multitasking than many of its direct competitors, making it a perfect upgrade for those with aging mid-range phones. And somehow, Motorola still manages to offer a 6.4 HD+ display, triple-lens camera and a 4,000 mAh battery with fast charging that lasts up to two days. It also doesnt hurt that this is one good-looking phone. Check out the moto g fast in the Ting Shop.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are nothing short of technological powerhouses. Released in early 2017, these former flagship phones are spec sheet monsters that pack so many cutting edge features that they even manage to outshine many current generation flagships from other manufacturers.

The two phones feature the 8-core Snapdragon 835 processor backed by either 4 or 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM, so youll have enough grunt to power through all the latest apps and games. And since they come with either 64 or 128GB of internal storage, with support for up to 512GB of microSD expansion, youll never run out of space for all your apps, games, movies, and music.

In addition to excellent performance and expansion, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus feature fantastic front and rear cameras. The two phones pack an 8MP front-facing camera and a 12MP f/1.7 rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the smaller of the two devices. It features a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED at 2960×1440 resolution, which equates to an incredibly sharp 572 ppi. Despite the relatively large screen, the Galaxy S8 remains quite pocketable, thanks to being just 8.0mm thin and weighing only 155g. The S8 manages to pull off all-day battery life thanks to a large 3000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Quality Phones Under $: Our Favorite Budget Phones That Deliver Lots For The Price

Need great a phone for $200 or less? Take a look at this list of our favorite affordable picks.

    If you crave a reliable phone that’s $200 or cheaper, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few budget phone options available that we recommend. Some of these choices have been fully reviewed by CNET editors, while others are ones we hope to get our hands on soon. Note that we’ve linked to the unlocked version of each phone where available, and they should run on most of the big four US wireless carriers, unless specified otherwise.

    If the price of the cell phones shown here or at the vendor is more than $200, it’s because inventory and pricing has shifted since we originally published this story or the review linked herein.

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    Best Verizon Phones Under $200 In 2022

    There are several phones in the market today, some cheap, others expensive, but in this article, we will be discussing the Verizon phones under 200. While we generally focus on flagship offerings, theres no denying that a large bulk of the population also focuses on budget offerings. However, given the versatility of the Android platform, there are hundreds of fairly priced devices out there. Verizon is one of the popular sellers of these budget-oriented smartphones. Keeping this in mind, we figured it would be best for our readers if we compile a list of all the top low priced best verizon phones under 200 that you can buy in 2022.


    * If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

    The list includes a diverse range of smartphones, so dont be surprised if you see an unexpected device. This also helps you diversify your search and perhaps invest in Verizon phones under 200 that you werent interested in previously.

    Best Phones For $300 Or Less: Galaxy A50 A32 Moto G Stylus And More

    Top 10 Unlocked Android Smartphones Under $200

    If you’re looking for a phone on a budget, check out CNET’s top four picks for 2021 so far.

    Are you on a tight budget but you need a new phone? Luckily, it’s possible to find a few great options that cost $300 or less. Most of the budget devices we recommend are from Motorola, which isn’t surprising given that the company has come out with feature-rich budget phones for years now. In addition to its latest budget phones, which include the Moto G Stylus and G Power, we also recommend Samsung’s Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung’s cheapest 5G phone.

    A budget phone may be less expensive, but many of these options still offer features enthusiasts crave, including great cameras, fingerprint sensors and the elusive headphone jack. To see our top picks, check out the list below and read CNET’s reviews. We’ll update this list as we review new phones. Note that we’ve linked to the unlocked version of each phone, and unless specified otherwise, they should run on most of the big four US wireless carriers. If you’re looking for more budget picks, check out our recommendations for the best phones under $500 and best phones under $200, too.

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    Why I Dig This Deal:

    Though you could pay as much as $1,099 for the iPhone 13, you dont have to spend that much to get a decent smartphone. And though many wireless service providers such as Verizon and T-Mobile offer big discounts on the latest smartphones, these deals are often tied to monthly installment plans.

    With all the great options out there for smartphones, theres really no need to pay big bucks. One of Clarks favorites is the Moto G family of smartphones, which have robust features and typically work on all four major carriers! Also, Google has the Pixel 4a starting at $349.

    If stashing some cash is more your thing instead of buying the latest and greatest, here are a few smartphones thatll get the job done, all under $200. See more deals on refurbished unlocked smartphones at eBay here! Remember to only buy from eBay sellers with high positive feedback scores and a generous return policy. Another great place to check for deals on unlocked smartphones is B& H Photo and Video. Note that due to variable or dynamic pricing, prices on these phones may fluctuate.

    Best For A Vivid Display


    • Lacks band 71 for T-Mobile customers
    • Mediocre cameras


    • Though technically unlocked, only works on T-Mobile’s network
    • Lacks band 71 support


    Affordable phones are better than ever. Sure, youll still find plenty of flimsy handsets with dated software out there, but if you do some digging, there are lots of excellent flip phones and smartphones that work far better than their low prices suggest. If you’re buying on a budget, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered the top phones you can buy for just about $200 or less, along with the most important features to look for when shopping.

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    Refurbished Sale Units And Used Smartphones

    If removing the protective film for the first time on your new device does not cause you to jump for joy, you can pick up more expensive smartphones from the second-hand or refurbished market. It is particularly advisable to use devices that carry a refurbished guarantee. These are used smartphones that have been checked and refurbished by reputable companies to ensure that they are in tip-top condition. Refurbished devices are particularly exciting to check out when they come with an extended warranty. This is how you protect yourself when picking one up just in case the handset gives up the ghost just a few weeks down the road.

    Of course, you do not have this advantage when buying a used smartphone from private owners on platforms such as eBay, eBay classifieds, or other portals. However, used devices can be found for significantly reduced prices here, as there are no additional costs because the middleman has been cut out. With the so-called ‘sale’, you also secure older models that online shops still carry in new condition but which are no longer in production.

    Top 5 Cheap Android Phones Under $200

    Best Android Phone Under $200 You Didn’t Know About!?

    All the cheap iPhones featured above are great and all, but what if you prefer the freedom and customization of Android? Androids all about choice. And here at Swappa, youre able to choose from plenty of cheap Android phones for under $200. So if youre looking to get your hands on a gently used Android phone on the cheap, these 6 smartphones are certainly worth a look.

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