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Start Developing A Test App

Best Mobile apps for architecture 2020

From the very beginning, dont save on this stage. Start building a native program this solution is ideal for intuitive functionality and smooth operation. With the information about your users, make everything possible to create a solution that will deeply satisfy their needs and solve their sharp problem.

If your users need various platforms to perform their tasks other than Android and iOS, adopt cross-platform development. If these two most popular platforms are enough, be safe to work with native app development only.

After making this decision, develop the main functionality on its basis. Create the environment your customers dream about: whether they want to work offline, have a specific navigation method, reach interesting content in a feed, etc.

And of course, dont forget to check with users whether they like it! The choice of right architecture is always closely linked with your apps ability to satisfy your target audience. In the end, customers dont mind better convenience, which means the presence of the home menu, notifications, and widgets, along with high speed and stored content. Make sure your app will meet all these requirements both audience-specific and general preferences.

Finishing Tips For Your Mobile Architecture

The mobile app architecture must complete before the developmental process begins, as it is a sequential plan. It provides a plot that directs the various components of the application to stay organized and connected to each other. It helps to create a guideline that ultimately helps you to create a well-written application that is easier to test, expand and maintain.

Enterprise Mobile App Architecture

For the successful functioning of their businesses, many companies use corporate applications that make it easy for the client and employees to communicate with the company. Inside the application, functions of monitoring, purchases, communication, and filtering services and products from the company are used. For a modern business, one of the priorities is the strategic use of IT technologies and the implementation of business objectives in such a way as to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

At the same time, in the enterprise mobile app architecture, there is often a discrepancy between the IT infrastructure and business requirements, which is caused by rapid market changes. The problems of the information architecture of business solutions are most often associated with insufficient speed and low scalability, unreliability, as well as the complexity of updating and maintaining software.

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Our Favorite And Most Used Apps For Architects & Architecture

Theres an app for everything these days! Luckily, that includes nearly every aspect of architectural practice. From viewing 3D models to calculating distances, we can make our working lives much easier with the wide range of apps available for our phones and tablets.

In this article, weve pulled together a list of tried-and-tested apps for architects in six categories: drafting, sketching, site visits, design, photography and productivity plus three bonus apps which dont fit neatly in these categories, but which we love anyway.

Best Architecture Apps For 2022

Top 10 Practical Android App UI Design Examples for ...

Best for: Conceptual home designs, floor plans, photorealistic 3D renderings, home decoration, and design proposals.

Available on: Web

App overview: Cedreo offers 3D home design software that allows builders, designers, remodeling professionals, and architects to create drawings and complete design proposals in just two hours.

The platform helps users shorten the sales cycle and improve close rates, using 3D renderings that help visualize design ideas and create emotional connections with potential buyers.

Designs can be incorporated on users’ websites, proposals, social media profiles, and paid ads to attract new business and showcase expertise.

Key architectural features:

Pricing: free offer + plans start at $119 per month per user enterprise pricing is available upon request. Get started!

Best for: Architectural sketching and design.

Available on: Desktop and web

App overview: SketchUp is a 3D CAD program that has been in the game for more than 20 years. It’s primarily used by architects, interior designers, and landscape designers.

Users can generate flyovers and walkthroughs to guide clients through architectural drawings.

One limitation of SketchUp is the software hasnââ¬â¢t been designed specifically for the construction industry, and as a result, can be quite complex and difficult to adopt for a lot of users. In fact, this complexity is one of the major reasons why users have switched from SketchUp to Cedreo.

Key architectural features:

Available on: iOS

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Designing Android App Architecture

The new android app architecture guidelines lay out several essential concepts that a successful Android app should follow and a safe path for developers to follow to produce a decent app.

A good Android application should provide a solid separation of concerns and drive the UI from a model. For example, any code that does not interact with the user interface or the operating system should not be in an Activity or Fragment because keeping them as clean as possible can help you avoid many lifecycle issues. After all, the system has complete control over whether or not Activities or Fragments are destroyed.

Furthermore, the data should be managed by models that are separate from the user interface and result from lifecycle concerns.

Ios Mobile App Architecture

The standard iOS mobile app architecture can be divided into four blocks:

  • Kernel level works with the file system, controls the validity of various certificates belonging to the applications. Also responsible for the security of the entire system. Contains low-level access to the elements of the device.
  • Core Services provides access to databases and file controls.
  • Media level contains tools that allow for processing most media data formats.
  • Interface level has many elements for creating mobile interfaces, and also provides the remaining layers with information coming from the user.

An MVC and its prototypes are used to create a high-quality iOS mobile application architecture. Cocoa MVC encourages you to write Massive View Controller because the controller is so involved in the View life cycle that it is difficult to say that it is a separate entity. Although you still have the opportunity to ship some of the business logic and data conversion in the Model, when it comes to shipping work in View, you have few options:

In most cases, the entire responsibility of the View is to send actions to the controller. In the end, it all ends with the View Controller becoming a delegating part and a data source, as well as a place to start and cancel server requests.

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Can Mobile Apps For Architecture Replace Advanced Software

The question here isnt really about replacing the frequent architecture software altogether, but rather extending them.

The best example to illustrate this become evident when looking at your workplace: computers and workstations that architects use cant be describes as average. In other words, carrying them around or even acquiring them in the first place isnt that easy. But to keep productive and have your skills always top notch, youll have to work even when your high-end computer isnt around.

This is exactly why these apps for architects will turn out to be very handy. Using apps for architecture design purposes doesnt seem as the most orthodox way, but it certainly has its benefits. You can take a look at our video to have an idea about the interface, and some features explained.

Now that youre convinced of the value that youll be getting with mobile apps for architecture, lets look at some of the best ones on the market.

Room Planner Home Design

Top 10 Apps For Architects & Designers [Android & iOS]

With this app, you can plan or remodel your room and house with a quick 3D view of the plan that can be designed, at a price. Thanks to laser meters that will help you measure the dimensions of the space, you plan. Let it be interiors, kitchen or bathroom, try to remodel it with favorite colors, cabinets, and other electrical devices.

You have a free hand to pick from room shapes, a library of paints, color wheel, cabinet styles, materials, and many others. When the finishing touch is done, just have an overlook of the 3D model by virtual navigation tool. And when you like the whole plan, you have an option to import the plan to Chief Architect Desktop Software, as this app is from Chief Architect.

Download Room Planner Home Design for Android

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Best Mobile Architecture Apps For 2019

Architects are spending more and more time on their devices each day. To our luck, there is a continuous rapid creation of mobile architecture apps built to help out architects wherever they are. In our fast-paced world, they occasionally need tools and gadgets that make them productive and efficient.

Accordingly, using these apps can actually help us work smart rather than work hard. Here are the must-have architecture apps for 2019. If you are interested in knowing more recommended architecture apps that can increase your productivity, then check our previous articles on architecture apps.

Determining The Device Types

The parameters of smartphones determine the specifics of your mobile app. Think in advance of how it will run on each screen , how the app will be compatible with the processor , and how much memory it needs. The proper attention to these hardware and software details will make your mobile solution more stable and reliable.

Also, make sure your app will work great not only on a smartphone and tablet but also on different smartphone models.

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Fixes Lifecycle And Configuration Change Bugs

With ViewModels that can survive configuration change, the majority of the rotation bugs are fixed. LiveData solves the issue of updating a destroyed View, which in turn simplifies the logic of fetching new data. Developers dont have to worry about Views lifecycles, they can just grab the new data and store it in LiveData.

Viewmodel As A First Cache Layer

Pin on UI UX Design Ideas

ViewModels are special classes that provide an elegant solution to the common problems found when the screen is rotated. Every time a screen is rotated, the top Activity/Fragments are destroyed and recreated again, and data that is visible on the View is lost. ViewModels solve this problem by surviving orientation changes which make their scope bigger than the scope of an Activity or a Fragment. This also has a nice benefit of being a first cache layer, when a ViewModel is active and a new View is created, that View can just grab the data from the ViewModel without any network calls.

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Picking The Right Navigation Method

Finally, proper navigation is about finding a fair compromise between user expectations and app restrictions. Its the result of exquisite artistry in linking the frontend and backend in one solution.

Among the possible options, pay your attention to these top 5 methods that users like:

  • Stacked navigation bar you design a fixed bar and put there links to all other elements within your mobile app
  • Tab controller a container that allows switching between the groups of tabs with links
  • Modal controller the screen menu that allows switching between tabs and links
  • Single view a screen with one element and an option to go back
  • Gesture-based navigation the intuitive tool that encourages to use finger combinations or efficiently interact with the Home button to cause an action on the screen

To pick the best navigation method, learn your customers! Some styles are intuitive for them, while others make them confused or bored.

Best Free Architecture Apps For Architects And Architecture Students

Suppose you were able to save 4 hours daily working as an architect with help of architecture apps, and as a famous saying goes TIME IS MONEY.

I have tried to shortlist the 7 Best Apps for Architects and Architecture Students that can help you increase your work quality and save you some time .

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How Do I Design A House Plan

Draw the plot boundary and then divide the plot in two equal half on both directions, i.e. vertical and horizontal. Once done then draw similar lines about 2ft or 600mm apart from each other on both the directions. This way you have created an imaginary grid line for developing your house plan further.

Gps Fields Area Measure

Build a modular Android app architecture (Google I/O’19)

The PlanGrid is a free and best measurement app for architects and many others. The Area, distance, and perimeter measured by the app are very accurate. After marking the area to be measured, you can select GPS/Auto measure option and start walking. The Smart Marker mode will help you mark the boundaries easily.

Because of this, it is commonly used in farms to measure the area and plan the fence, construction sites, sports, surveying of lands, solar panels installation, and more application fit in. And if you want you can to others with the auto-generated link. If you need more functions in the app, there are more versions added to it.

Download GPS Fields Area Measure for Android

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Manage Dependencies Between Components

Classes in your app depend on other classes in order to function properly. Youcan use either of the following design patterns to gather the dependencies of aparticular class:

  • Dependency injection : Dependencyinjection allows classes to define their dependencies without constructingthem. At runtime, another class is responsible for providing thesedependencies.
  • Service locator:The service locator pattern provides a registry where classes can obtain theirdependencies instead of constructing them.

These patterns allow you to scale your code because they provide clear patternsfor managing dependencies without duplicating code or adding complexity.Furthermore, these patterns allow you to quickly switch between test andproduction implementations.

We recommend following dependency injection patterns and using the Hiltlibrary in Android apps. Hiltautomatically constructs objects by walking the dependency tree, providescompile-time guarantees on dependencies, and creates dependency containers forAndroid framework classes.

How To Choose The Right Architecture For Your Mobile App

When it comes to the specifics of building an app, everything starts from these fundamental layers:

  • Data layer the data-related platform within a mobile app
  • Business logic layer the place for all the domain processes and operations
  • Presentation layer all the technical details connected with the user interface
  • This multitier architecture dictates the rule for software development: your team should build each dimension separately and make them work together smoothly. At the same time, this initial complication ensures addressing complex issues fast and without changing the entire app.

    Lets see how each of these layers works.

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    A Guide To Googles Recommended Architecture For Android Apps

    Just like all software, Android apps should adhere to common architecture rules and patterns. Android apps that dont follow the right architecture tend to become unmaintainable through cluttered Activities and Fragments lacking a consistent design or set of behaviors.

    Given the importance of good architecture, how does one choose which to use for a project? In most cases, I like to recommend Googles standard architecture for Android apps as a starting point, and then as the app grows more complex, concepts can be added.

    So what does Google recommend as a starting point for an Android app? Well, its simple. Here are a couple of rules to follow:

    • Be reactive
    • Use ViewModels with LiveData
    • Use a repository for data fetching and caching

    But as well see, theres more to it than that. For example, I believe the addition of Dependency Injection is a must, and there are several options available. In this article, Ill discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the common architectures for Android apps that are currently in use in order to help you decide the best approach for your next project.

    Mobile Application Architecture Best Practices

    I will make excellent Web and Mobile App UI Design for $10 ...

    In the process of creating a high-quality mobile application architecture, it is necessary to keep the synchronization of all the processes and capabilities of the application. What features really will be in demand in the future application is still a big question. Therefore, to include all ideas in the first version is not the best solution. This will increase the development time, overload the interface, and postpone the combat product launch.

    Here we can see the standard model of the data system in the classical mobile enterprise application architecture:

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    Best Mobile Apps For Architecture

    Published by inspirationTuts on December 22, 2020December 22, 2020

    Architects spend more and more time in their offices each day. Designing and recreating any type of construction in 2D or 3D is crucial for helping clients visualize their projects by using different tools.

    However, architects also have a lot of work outside their offices. So, we have selected the best mobile apps for architecture available on IOS and Android for this year.

    Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

    This application calculates the required amounts of concrete and rebar for any particular project. It also calculates the cost and waste of the material and allows users to instantly send e-mail estimates to their team members and customers.

    With Project Planning Pro version 2.0, on-site project management is easy and effective for collaborations between team members. This tool is ideal for generating project plans instantly, entering tasks, duration and start dates, or to import existing Microsoft Project files and edit and update them through the application. Check their blog, where they have interesting articles related to project management.

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    Pixlr Express Free Photo Editor

    Another app from Autodesk, Pixlr Express is a free photo-editing tool that includes numerous features that are not available within the standard software of most smartphones. Masks and overlays allow you to add that professional touch to your architectural images, and additional options such as Color Splash and Focal Blur are available to stylize photographs. Is it better than its many competitors in this area? Well let you decide.

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