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Furthermore People Can Access Them Anywhere They Want That’s What Made Them Fascinating

Brain Teaser android game #5 – top 10 brain games for android | best mind games

Top best brain games for android 2020 free download apk list of best mind puzzle brain teaser android games challenge logic exercise quiz mind games for android is an awesome platform for playing games. They have three very excellent puzzle games with samorost 3, botanicula, chuchel and the popular classic machinarium. This app has 9 different brain puzzle games which are very easy to understand and also help with aspects such a vocabulary building as well as your brains. Features different modes of play such as story mode. Since the introduction of android phones, there has been a revolution in the online mobile gaming and it is getting big day by day. Skillz game for android is an excellent exercise for the brain, and it can test how accurately you can manage your instincts. This list shows all the top 10 best puzzle games available to play and download in. Not only able to provide entertainment for players, puzzle games are being one of the best android puzzle games, cut the rope not only can sharpen the brains of players, but also provide fun and exciting game entertainment.

And you can access reports of how well you do in each year. The games feature a leaderboard that reflects your latest scores. If you have to make the muscles strong the body needs exercise. Limbo is as unsettling as puzzlers come. But what if some gone rather.

River Crossing Iq Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games

Waterway Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles is one of the most famous cerebrum games you may find out about. Im not discussing the Android game, yet the consistent inquiry you may get with a pear or another person in your adolescence.

In light of that mainstream intelligent IQ games, a gaming organization has dispatched a cerebrum game that has picked up acclaim and fame with no time. It is the game here. I trust you will appreciate it with a sharp nostalgic inclination.


  • Precarious and testing games that you should cherish.
  • It causes you to expand your IQ and knowledge.
  • It is going to cross the waterway with your IQ by not losing any of your mates.
  • Besides the waterway crossing puzzles, there are likewise numerous other insights making decisions about games.
  • Simple toward the start yet difficult to be the ace.

To download one of the best brain games for Android from google play and get the best experience for River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles & Fun Brain Games, click here.

The House Of Da Vinci

The House of a Da Vinci is a 3D puzzler that requires you to solve various puzzles , escape from certain rooms, explore and find hidden objects, and otherwise have a good time. It asks you to pay attention to your surroundings and to keep your wits about you.

The touch controls are well-optimized, never giving me any trouble as I navigated the game world. The aesthetic and setting are interesting and special, with plenty of mechanical puzzles and cool setpieces. Finally, the story is good enough to keep you going and wondering what’s going on.

The House of Da Vinci

A unique and fun 3D puzzle game, The House of Da Vinci requires your utmost attention. It’s a fun puzzle game/mystery.

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    Brain Teaser Activities For In The Classroom

    If youre not a fan of tools or apps, or you just dont have the right technology in your classroom, these fun brain teaser activities will do the trick. Most of the games are brain teaser activities for primary school students. Of course, you can adapt them and make them harder, so they can be used as brain teasers for high school students as well.

    Youll notice that many of these brain teaser games are perfect icebreakers for on the first day of school.

    Top 7 Brain Teaser Game Apps For Android

    5 Best Brain Teaser Games for Android

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    Games are a great way to distract yourself from everyday life, relax a bit and pass the time when youre bored. One of the best genres of games for entertainment and recreation are puzzle games, which are now available on smartphones thanks to the technological advances of the past decade.

    These brain games are available on the Play Store to exercise your brain and fight boredom two birds with one stone. These games will get you off the beaten path, challenge you and keep your mind sharp.

    If you want to relax while playing games on your phone, here are seven of the best games to scratch your head on Android.

    Developer: Brainbow Limited. Size: 330 MB | Price : Its free. Purchase offers within the application

    Peak offers more than 45 games to sharpen your memory and improve your problem-solving skills. You can measure yourself against your friends and also view your own performance. The application also offers personalized brain training. This is a fun and challenging application that will test your mental agility, memory, emotional control, creativity, coordination and much more.

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    Smarter Brain Training & Mind Games

    This game is designed to boost your mind and memory. To play this game, you need to be smart. It helps you improve your skills by presenting your many brain training games. Smarter is a compilation of free mini-games designed to test you in different categories. This includes accuracy, color, memory, math, and logic.

    Best Brain Games For Android In 2021

    We live in a fast pacing world and are committed to our respective works. In this busy world, we are always concerned about our physical health but when it comes to mental health, we are constantly perplexed. Our brain is indeed capable of storing limited information but nowadays we usually end up forgetting things. This is when the memory comes into the picture. Memory plays a vital role in our daily lives as all of our work is based on Remembrance. It is, therefore very essential to exercise our brain in some form or another. Brain Games basically improves our memory and sharpens our mind. They also help us to get rid of anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders.

    There are many such ways that can help us boost our memory and attention but we will mainly highlight Brain Games for Android in this article. There are several brain games available out there on the play store that will help keep your mind mentally fit. These brain games will make you think out of the box and will put your overall reasoning abilities to test. Most of these brain games will ask you to complete a particular task on a daily basis. So, in this article, we have listed down 7 Best Brain Games for Android. Moreover, all these apps are suitable for all age groups.

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    Rooms: The Toymakers Mansion

    Price: $4.99

    ROOMS: The Toymakers Mansion is one of the newer puzzle games on the list. Its a fairly simple puzzle game at heart. You move through a mansion and each room moves like a puzzle piece. You assemble the puzzle pieces to continue on the journey. The game contains 144 total levels across four mansions. Players also unlock special abilities like transportation bombs, and the ability to move every room at once. There are 96 story levels and 48 special ability levels to keep things a little bit fresh. There is more than enough content here to justify the titles $4.99 price tag and there are no in-app purchases or ads to ruin anything.

    Memory Games: Brain Training

    The Birdcage Review – Best Brain-teaser Puzzle AR Game for iOS & Android

    Make your memory strong with Memory Games: Brain Training. It is a logical game designed to train your memory and attention. It is fun and helps you improve your memory, concentration, and attention. You can take the fun online and play it with random people or friends. Memory Games help you to work on your logic and reasoning skills. The good thing is that you can play this game without an internet connection.

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    Fun Brain Teaser Games For Android And Ios To Train Your Brain In 2021

    Love to solve puzzles How about some fun brain teaser games for Android to meddle with your mind during your pastime hours. Here are such 5 best games to train your brain.

    Previously we posted, some of the challenging hardest games on Android, the listed brain teaser games are challenging too. Moreover, they not only help to overcome boredom but also improves your memory and mental skills by training your mind with some challenging puzzles.

    So play smarter and feel sharper a strong brain leads to a happier life.


    Of The Best Brain Games For Android In 2022

    From the start of the millennium, Brain Games have been in fashion. Newspapers, books, magazines, everything had a page just dedicated to Brain Games or crossword. While Sunday maze is still in fashion, the still media took over most of the part.

    Following the trends, everyone went online with it. Games, brain teasers were in trend. Furthermore, people can access them anywhere they want, thats what made them fascinating.

    With this post, we come with the Most Popular Best Brain Games For Android.

    Competing, comparing stats, and got rankings around the globe is what made it even more addicting. While this revolution is subject to the legacy we behold, it has given us a lot.

    The level of games and applications we use today is the gift of this revolution. And as they grew, so did the Brainteasers, getting back in the limelight.

    Brain Games are something that makes our life interesting. It gives us a platform to compete with ourselves and with others.

    Be it a book or an app, if we indulge with it, we tend to stuck with it.

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    The Best Brain Games For Older Adults

    If you spend a lot of time with an aging loved one, you may notice them becoming a bit more forgetful or misplacing things. While frequent forgetfulness or severe memory loss may be a sign of Alzheimers disease, some forgetfulness is a normal part of aging. It may not be entirely preventable, there are things you can do to slow down the process.

    Much like the body, keeping the brain active is important at all stages of life. Brain games and puzzles serve as mental exercise that reduces the risk of Alzheimers disease and cognitive decline. Brain exercises provide a simple way to improve your memory and problem-solving skills.

    There are a number of factors that make certain games ideal for older adults:

    Price: Free to start Premium plans start at $1.99

    Memrise is another app that focuses on teaching you a new language through videos and audio clips featuring native speakers, games, and fun activities. You can access the app on both Google Play and the App Store or the web. With the Pro subscription, you get complete access to everything.

    Key Features:

    • Tons of videos to access
    • Can learn using an app or on the website
    • Learning engine adapts difficulty to learners needs

    Price: Free to start Premium plans $8.99/month and up

    Key Features:

    Winky Think Logic Puzzles

    Top 5 Brain Games Android 2017

    This game has difficulty levels ranging from basic for preschoolers to hard for adults. In some cases, it might take several days to solve a single puzzle. With several puzzles on offer, this game is a great investment for you and your child. Children learn to think logically along with improving their motor skills, spatial cognition, and observation.

    Age group: 4 years and aboveAvailable on: iOS

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    Brain Teasers Enhance The Brains Processing Speed

    There are times when students need to learn in urgency. Let us say that you want to cover a topic before the end of the week, and you are frustrated because the students do not seem to get the concepts as fast as you need. That is the time you should shift your lessons into brain games.

    Brain teasers will help your kids to process the information they learn faster, making their brains stay active. Students who compete on brain teasers will work more quickly to ensure that they arrive at the result before time runs out. This behavior calls for faster action for the brain. With sufficient training, your mind will start processing information faster and boost the learning speed.

    Do Puzzles Make You Smarter

    Arent these brain games amazing? The above-mentioned list of the 7 Best Brain Games for Android will not only help you improve your memory but will also challenge your cognitive skills. However, if you are looking for a basic level of game then you should try Lumosity as it ranks among the top brain games. So prepare yourself for these games as they are going to train your brain and will, therefore, benefit you in many ways. If you found this article informative then dont forget to share it with your friends. Feel free to comment down below if you have any doubts related to this article.


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    Neuronation Brain Training & Brain Games

    This is a scientific brain training game that can help you work on your memory, thinking, and concentration. It takes only 15 minutes of training every day. It has a wide community of 15 million members. This game performs a comprehensive analysis of your potentials and strengths to create a personal training program to meet your requirements.

    Brain Out Can You Pass It

    Top 3 Game For Android ð | Puzzle Game ð? | Game For Android | Brain Boosting game | Best apps

    You can also try Brain Out. It is a fun game that must make you laugh and happy, but you have to go through lots of tricks using your thinking capabilities. You can find out your IQ levels and gradually increase them by playing this game. This addictive game is full of tricky puzzles and riddles. You need to activate your logical thinking ability, memory, reflexes, and concentration to pass each level. You will get a big zero if you try to answer the question ordinarily. So, you must enjoy a different gaming experience with it.

    Important Features

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    Enjoy Your Brain Teasers Love A Good Confounding Then Here’s Our List Of The Best Mobile Puzzle Games

    Theres perhaps no genre more synonymous with mobile than puzzle games. The best mobile puzzle games are good for a device with no buttons, with a pace that plays well, allowing for small gaming sessions, and catering to the start-and-stop nature of mobile gaming. It could be a series like Monument Valley, smartly combining puzzle-play with optical illusions, or games like Lara Croft Go, channeling the classic, adventure puzzles of the original Tomb Raider game series.

    Its all too easy to play something which isnt at all difficult, to relax into the same gaming routine, especially on mobile, when so many of us play during our commutes. But puzzle games challenge us, make us think in ways were not used to, and in so doing, keep our brains sharp.

    The best mobile puzzle games also offer a fantastic sense of achievement for those willing to power through. Whether you want puzzles and a story, like Krystopia: Novas Journey, or just a little something you can dip into like Threes!, we feel these series represent the best mobile puzzle games available on Android and iOS. Lets get quizzical.

    Left Vs Right: Brain Games For Brain Training

    You can practice for real improvement in the exercise center. Yet, shouldnt something be said about your cerebrum? Wont you believe that you should exercise to keep your cerebrum dynamic and solid? Truly, you should.

    Some cerebrum games resemble practice for your mind. Left versus Right is such a mind game you can play on your Android gadget. This extraordinary game is explicitly intended to pass judgment on your mindfulness, cerebrum action, memory, reasonableness, etc.


    • Assist you with preparing your mind movement consistently.
    • Without your anxiety, you will get yourself more mindful and savvy.
    • Simple strategies, yet you should have a super IQ level to be an ace.
    • Half of the game is intended to prepare your minds action.
    • Generally excellent to taste your mindfulness, insight, tolerance, and accuracy.

    To download one of the best brain games for Android from google play and get the best experience for Left vs. Right: Brain Games for Brain Training, click here.

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    Elevate Brain Training Games

    Elevate is more than just a game. It is a brain training program designed to improve speaking skills, attention, memory, processing speed, and much more. But this is not a free game. It gives you a 7-day free trial, after which you will need to pay. It has 40+ brain games to improve your cognitive skills. It also offers personalized daily workouts to improve the skills you need the most.

    Brain Teasers Boost Students’ Memory Power

    5 Best Brain Teaser Games for Android

    Students need to remember the things they learn in class. Even after the lessons, they need the information for their assessments, presentations, and other activities that test the skills they have learned over the period they had been in class. It all adds up to short-term and long-term memory.

    The brain teasers will help your students to remember the things they learn for an extended period. For instance, they use more effort to acquire information, and it will stick to their brain for a long time.

    This is due to the success and satisfaction brain teasers bring to your students. You should know that learning only comes when students experience successes. And of course, students need a challenge to experience success.

    Crossword riddles like Crossword solution 911 are a good way for students to train their long-term memory. Check out the tools to see how you can make one yourself for in the classroom. You can also give them the assignment to fill out the large crossword puzzle at the back of a magazine or newspaper. Its fun too!

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