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Best Gaming Tablets 2021 Final Thoughts

One Of the BEST Budget Android Tablets So Far! The All New Lenovo Tab P11

There are loads of gaming tablets on the market. The Lenovo Xioxian Pad Pro 2021 is the best overall tablet for gaming, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and iPad Pro are best for most people GPDs XP with its 4G LTE support and modular controls is great for cloud game streaming. The Powkiddy X18S is a neat clamshell form factor gaming tablet, or you can snag tablets with gamepads built-in such as the JXD S192K or Powkiddy X17.

Your turn: What gaming tablets are you using and what mobile games are you playing?

Bonus: Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 103

In the budget segment, no tablet come close in terms of design appeal to a mid-range or even high-end device other than the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus. Available in variants with the either 2GB or 4GB memory and 32GB or 64GB eMMC storage configuration, the tablet is not short of memory or space either. Naturally, we would gravitate towards the 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage option however be prepared to spend up to a third more from the base model. Not a huge amount given the starting price is just over a hundred but will go a long way with multitasking and file storage.

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Back to that gorgeous design that we like so much, with its slimline bezel and stylish all metal chassis. With a high 87% display to body ratio, the device has the smallest footprint amongst tablets with the same or even bigger displays. That 10.3-inch is also Full HD so there is no lack of detail and brightness . The tablet is geared towards family and entertainment use and will play nicely with most apps. There is even an 8MP auto focus rear facing camera and a 5MP fixed focus front facing camera. For entertainment, the a set of stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos flanks the display and if you have to download your movies or music for that long journey, pop-in an optional microSD card .

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  • Processor: MediaTek Helio P22T Tab, octa-core, 4 x A53 @ 2.3GHz, 4 x A53 @ 1.8GHz
  • Memory: 2/4GB RAM

Best Android Tablet For Gaming In 2021

Top recommendations for Android tablets suitable for gaming

While wed be the first to say that gaming is best on PC, theres no denying mobile gaming is more popular than ever. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of people play on their phones. But, being able to whip out a phone at any point in the day for a spot of gaming while convenient comes with its limitations, not least straining the eyes to track on-screen action.

Tablets, specifically those with enough under-the-hood juice to power games, bridge the gap between portability, screen size, and performance, all at a price point thats easier to stomach than a decked-out gaming rig. With better specifications, not to say battery, and larger screens than phones, and virtually the same portability, gaming tablets are the device of choice for playing mobile games on the move.

Where to start? Which Android tablets are best equipped to handle the demands of gaming? Well be answering those very questions in todays guide by sharing our top recommendations for the best Android tablets for gaming.

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What Should I Look For In A Tablet For Gaming

Mobile gaming used to be a purely second-tier experience, but its easily as big as console and PC gaming nowif not bigger. Lots of gamers are switching to tablets, but what should you look for when finding a tablet with a great gaming experience?

Here are four big things you want to check out before you buy a tablet for gaming:

1. Which OS do you need?

Every gamer has games they must haveand usually, those games dont run on all platforms. So, if youre going to game on a tablet, you need to make sure that your must-haves are compatible with its operating systemiOS, Windows, or Android.

2. Is the processor fast enough?

As with most things, it really depends on what games you want to playbut make sure the tablet has a processor that can handle what you enjoy. Youll find different manufacturers of tablets use different terminology for processors, so you might have to do some research here. The nice thing is that many tablets are now keeping up with their laptop cousins in terms of processor performance.

3. Are you happy with the display?

For the most part, any current tablet is going to be able to display your games as long as the processor can keep up, but how top of the line or native to the game is the experience going to be? How much do you care about saturation and resolution?Or how big the screen is?

4. Hows the battery life?

Best Cheap Gaming Tablet Powkiddy X17

Veloci Gaming [HD]: TOP 10 Budget Gaming Tablets in India

At under $200, the Powkiddy X17 is the best cheap gaming tablet on the market. It sports a 1024 x 600 IPS display. Theres a 5000mAh battery that lends up to 6 hours of battery life. Youll find a slew of onboard controls including X/Y/A/B buttons, start/select buttons, a D-pad, thumbstick, and shoulder buttons.

Powkiddys X17 has tons of inputs and outputs. Theres an HDMI jack for video output capabilities, Bluetooth 4.0, two USB ports, a headphone jack, and microSD card slot. Native Android games run pretty well, and a lot of older games run great. The X17 can handle up through N64, PS1, and Nintendo DS titles flawlessly.

Unfortunately, more demanding games like PSP, Sega Dreamcast, and GameCube wont run well. However, for most older titles and even some tough games from consoles like Dreamcast will be fine. Its screen resolution is fairly low, and the buttons do feel somewhat cheap. Yet, for the cost, the X17 is a compelling budget-priced Android gaming tablet.


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Best Cheap Tablets For Students

Many premium tablets cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, meaning that slates like a max-specced Apple iPad Pro is out of reach for many students and young professionals.

The truth is, though, unless serious power is needed for things like 4K video editing, then this level of premium slate really isn’t required for most users.

Students do need a tablet that has good hardware, though, as many have serious studying and creative projects to undertake. And for this you need a sweet middle ground between an entry level slate and a premium one.

As such, we consider the best tablets for students to be:

1. Apple iPad Air

4. Amazon Fire HD 10

5. Huawei MatePad

Best Clamshell Android Gaming Tablet Powkiddy X18s

Sporting an attractive clamshell form factor that resembles the Nintendo DS, the Powkiddy X18S is a pocket-friendly Android gaming handheld. At its core, the X18S features a Unisoc T618 octa-core CPU with dual 2.0GHz A76 cores and six 2.0GHz A55 cores. Thats mated to a Mali G52 MP2 GPU. Under the hood, the Powkiddy X18S rocks 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, though a microSD card slot lets you add more storage space. Theres a 5.5-inch 720p IPS display.

In Geekbench 5 tests, the Powkiddy X18S scored over 350 for single-core and more than 1200 in multi-core performance. For 3DMark, the X81S clocked just shy of 700. Finally, with Antutu, the Powkiddy X18S managed over 170,000 in bechmarking.

For real-world gaming performance, native Android games run pretty well. Asphalt 9 played extremely smooth, while even demanding titles such as Genshin Impact remained playable at low settings with over 30 frames per second . Emulation up through Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64, and even PSP works perfectly.

Because of its HDMI video output, you can game on your TV or projector just fine. The 720p resolution is a bit on the low side, though that can work to the X18Ss advantage since it means tough to play titles will run at a lower resolution but higher framerate. Whats more, the GPU is a bit weak, so dont expect GameCube, Wii, PS2, or Nintendo DS ROMs to run well. But at wallet-friendly price point, the Powkiddy X18S is a fun little Android gaming clamshell tablet.


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What Tablets On This List Can Run Fortnite

All of them. Fortnite is the most widely played game around the world, so it only made sense for the developers of this action-packed multiplayer shooter to deliver a tablet compatible version.

Fortnite is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows, and is surprisingly low-resourceits just optimized that well. Check out Epics Fortnite!

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Availability And Price

Best Budget Tablets in 2021 – How to Find a Cheap Gaming Tablet?
  • Out now in the US and UK
  • Not available in Australia
  • Starts at $149.99 / £149.99

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is out now in the US and UK, starting at $149.99 / £149.99 for 32GB of storage and rising to $189.99 / £179.99 for a 64GB model. In both cases that includes getting adverts displayed on your lock screen. If youd rather not see these you can pay an extra $15 / £10.

Amazon doesn’t offer its tablet range in Australia so you won’t be able to buy this there.

  • Show Mode lets you use it as a smart display
  • USB-C replaces its predecessor’s micro USB
  • A new octa-core chipset powers the slate

On the surface of it, the new Amazon Fire HD 10 feels immediately like its predecessors. That is to say, Amazon came upon a particular utilitarian design language when it first introduced the Fire line of tablets, and it has doggedly stuck to it since.

Despite this, there are a few changes with the latest model worth crowing about, though whether they constitute discrete features in themselves is open to interpretation.

The first is a win for those who enjoy modern ports, the micro USB charging has finally been consigned to the dustbin of history, and instead we have the indisputably superior USB-C charging.

In addition to allowing for a reversible connection , this also allows for improved compatibility with a host of different accessories.

How much mileage you get from this will depend on how baked-in you are to Amazons ecosystem, and how much you depend on this smart tech.

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Best Android Tablet Overall: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

  • More performance than most people need
  • Premium hardware from top to bottom
  • Perfect general-purpose screen size


  • The screen is LCD and not Super AMOLED

When considering a tablet to declare the best overall its tempting to simply point at the model with the highest specifications and the biggest price tag and call it a day. But, for us to consider a tablet the best overall, it has to be one we can recommend to anyone. No matter which way you look at it, thats the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 fits that bill perfectly.

It has the same cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 hardware as the rest of its range but comes at a far more palatable price. What do you give up for spending less money? You get an 11-inch screen, which in our opinion is the most practical size for most people. Anything larger starts moving into fringe territory for typical tablet use.

Youre also giving up having an OLED display, which is probably where the biggest saving has occurred. The thing is, Samsungs LCD displays are top-notch and while the LCD screen wont have the black levels or vibrancy of an OLED, its still going to be an objectively gorgeous display.


So, for a very fair price, youre getting a tablet with sweet-spot screen size and class-leading performance in the Android tablet market. Thanks to Samsung DeX, you can even use it as a laptop-like system, albeit with a mildly cramped screen for multitasking.




Amazon Fire Hd 10 Plus

The Fire HD 10 Plus is another efficient option for those who’re willing to play games without breaking the budget. Home to the Mediatek Helio P60T processor that runs at 2GHz, the setup is similar to the base Fire 10. Also, with the 1080p IPS LCD, the viewing is pretty much the same. The good thing, however, is the memory factor. This 2021 launched device packs 4GB RAM, which was 3GB in the base version, so you can expect a bit of a hike in the performance, which is pretty good for the price point it is available.

No matter if it is media consumption or gaming that you’re after, expecting your device to perform equally well will not leave you disappointed. But don’t expect playing heavy-end games at 60 FPS that would be too much for the device to come up with.

It’s one of the best budget tablets overall, and when it comes to gaming, well it’s not the best budget gaming tablet, you can definitely play minor games, that requires low processor power, but if you’re planning to buy this tablet to play high demanding games like Fortnite, Call of Duty – just don’t. You will be disappointed. Especially if you enjoy high-quality games. It just doesn’t have the power to run these games. The frame drops just make the games unplayable and you will have a bad experience.

If you want to play Candy crush, Among us – sure, Amazon Fire HD 10 will run these games smoothly.

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Dragon Touch Max10 Cheapest Tablet For Cod Mobile

Network2G, 3G

The Dragon Touch Max10s Android 9.0 operating system, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage options prompted its addition to this list of the best cheap gaming tablets for PUBG, COD mobile, and many other games.

The Octa-core processor that comes with the Dragon Touch Max10 helps you get the most out of the tablet. This combined with a 3GB RAM gives you improved gaming experience. The RAM allows you to get the best performance on your games and the processor helps you manage power efficiently.

If you are looking for a budget tablet, the Dragon Touch Max10 is probably one of the best around. The tablet sports a metal body, which is pretty solid, and the buttons dont feel like plastic.

Some things I didnt like about the tablet was its screen that comes with a protective film that is very hard to remove, while the panel that holds the memory card is quite thin.

Overall, for this price range, I believe the Dragon Touch Max10 is a great fit for gaming.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 #best

Tablet 10.1 Inch Android 9.0 3G Phone Tablets with 2GB ...

Are you a fan of Microsoft’s environment and want the best performance on the go and you also want to play on it and enjoy lagging free gameplay? It’s worth it! The best windows tablet you can buy at this time.

It’s very durable and will amaze you with new 10th generation Intel processors. Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM and 1TB SSD drive. Now we have Intel Iris Plus graphics, which are more low-end graphics processors, you will not be playing the latest Call Of Duty, but GTA 5, Fortnite or Civilisation they will run smoothly on low parameters. It has a USB C port, with it you can plug in a lot of options, especially with adapters. It’s funless until you choose the i7 version. We noticed that it’s heating up quite a lot, but it’s extremely quiet.

So is it good for gaming? For light, low-intensity gaming, it’s great, more than expected. The Pro 7 will be a decent device. For modern photorealistic games, the Surface Pro 7 will not really cut it. If you lower your setting – it’s totally playable and enjoyable.

Hes playing on Microsoft Surface Pro 7 i3. Keep in mind that i7 model will outperform this by a lot.

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Can Budget Tablets Replace Laptops

  • Because most tablets are mirrored from todays smartphone technology, theres certainly the potential to replace laptops for good in about 5 years.
  • Theres likely to be technological advancements that can integrate laptop-level hardware into portable lightweight tabs as more users are prioritising portability.

Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite Review

  • 1 Display
  • 3GB RAM
  • $$

Despite some of the negative press you might have read regarding Huawei and their business practices, theyre still on the cutting edge of mobile device technology. If theres one thing Huawei knows how to do well, its high power, Android-based mobile devices for a great price. Thats just what the MediaPad M5 Lite is.

With 3GB RAM and a 2.4GHz processor, youve got some really decent performance on this tablet almost rivaling that of a mid-range iPad. Its also got quad speakers for immersion, as well as quick charge with a battery life that supports up to 12 hours of continuous video playback very important when it comes to gaming. The tablet can also be used with the M-Pen, Huaweis answer to Apple and Samsungs respective Apple Pen and S Pen.

Finally, the monitor on the tablet has a stunning ClariVu technology 2.5D curved display of 1920×1200. This results in a stunning visual experience on the tablet, which can handle some pretty graphics-intensive games. Its slim and light, and while it doesnt have a headphone jack, its pretty cutting-edge.

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