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Top 7 Best Car Apps for Android/iOs 2018 | Car Maintenance, Car Buying Guide, Gas Stations, Car Part

As the name implies, this app excels at helping you keep track of your vehicle expenses. This app keeps track of how much you spend on insurance, fuel, maintenance fees and more. The app will send you reminders on how much you should fill up based on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and will keep you on track with your insurance payments. One of the more handy features of this app is a chart that displays fuel efficiency and service history.

Vehicle Maintenance Tracker Say No To Physical Documents

A simple but useful utility app, Vehicle Maintenance Tracker efficiently keeps records of all your vehicles historical maintenance. Keep the app updated with trivial but essential information such as VIN, license plate, year, make, model, tire size, oil filter type, current odometer, total annual maintenance cost for each vehicle, etc.

Vehicle Maintenance Trackers best feature is letting you set/view/reset the due date on the vehicle or its different parts that need maintenance. Dont forget to keep your maintenance receipt updated with your car data. In the long run, I would love to see the quick search option to find my data more quickly.

Price: Free

Great Teams Depend On Fleetio

Thousands of customers around the world recognize Fleetio as the best fleet management software.




“I’d recommend Fleetio Manage to anyone looking for a cost-effective, simple, cloud-based solution that their entire employee base can use.”

Josh AdamInta Maintenance

“We were doing paper logs and experimenting with a few other tech applications and really Fleetio was the one that very clearly set us up for long-term growth.”

Ryan Hamilton, Sr. Director of Fleet Ops Filld

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Autoexp Free: My Car Expenses Manager & Reminder

This app will show you the detailed statistics of your expenses on the car. You will be able to control the repair of the car. You wont need to think about when to replace auto parts.

The app will notify you about everything. You will be able to control the cost of washing the car, parking, and repairs. You will save a lot of money. Your money will be under your control.

It is easy to enter data into the app. You can easily fill in the cost section. Select a car model and enter the amount of fuel. The app itself will count everything. The app will remind you of any event. Do you need to check the engine next week? Put a reminder. You will never forget anything! This app will be a good helper for you.

You will be given detailed statistics at the end of each month. You can find out all your care costs. You can add multiple cars to the app. It is convenient to manage multiple cars in one app. The app has a great rating. Download the app as quickly as possible. Your car wont bring you any money losses. You can control your costs!

Incar Carplay For Android Pro

10 Best Car Maintenance App for iPhone and Android  Rx Mechanic

You can try InCar for the best in-car experience with your android device. This app is specifically designed for smart cars. This android auto app is fully compatible with any of your newly released cars and other four-wheelers. It will take care of the apps you want to use while driving and let you enjoy them without actually touching your phone. Woking like a distant music app, it will help you enjoy music and video while driving your car. You can also enjoy some other features that are really essentials for the best CarPlay experience.

Important Features

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Best Car Apps For Android And Ios

Owning a car brings a lot of responsibilities. There are several recurring tasks like tracking daily costs, common expenses, etc, that youve to keep in mind to get your vehicle up and running. While you always have the option to keep a pen and a writing pad in your glove box, you could use an app that not only keeps a database but also eliminates the chance of losing any documents.

So without further ado, here are my picks of the best car apps for Android and iOS you can install right away.

Eobd Facile Obd2 Scanner Car Diagnostic Elm327

You can now turn your phone into a car scanner and an OBD code detector. For that, you can use another popular car app for your Android device. I am talking about EOBD Facile. Have you ever heard about this useful app? If not, its time to give a try on it. Just with your Android phone, you can run a diagnosis on your car and find out if anything is wrong here. This app will provide you an elm 327 interface that you can connect with your car using the OBD port. It will help you to learn about engine status and the fault codes.

Important Features

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The Best Car Maintenance Apps

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Vehicle maintenance can be a daunting task since it is difficult to remember to schedule interventions such as changing the oil or replacing the brake pads. Car maintenance apps help us keep track of our vehicle, with regular maintenance reminders, service logs, fuel monitoring and much more. So lets see which are the best apps for car maintenance.

Best Car Maintenance Apps For Iphone In 2022

Best Android application for your car maintenance

It is easy to overlook the blinking engine check light or miss changing the oil with our busy schedules. But what if we have someone to remind us about car maintenance regularly? Well, the best car maintenance apps for iPhone come to the rescue! You can learn a lot about what parts need your regular attention, what care you need to keep the car running smoothly without trouble, and track your finances. Here is a collection of some of the best iPhone car maintenance apps for you.

  • Fuel Monitor Pro
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    Car Minder Plus Car Maintenance And Gas Log

    Do you have a lot of cars in your family? Dont you have enough time to control all the cars? This app will help you control multiple cars. The app will allow you to manage several services for each car.

    You will have access to a repair log for each car. Record the most important information there. You wont forget anything. All information is securely protected.

    Record information in the gasoline log. The app will highlight the services that need to pay more attention. Dont ignore them. You will save a lot of money if you fix these problems earlier.

    The app stores all the information in the logs. They are protected because they are copied to the cloud. Keep a record of all repair records. You will know how many kilometers or miles your car drove. You will learn the fuel consumption.

    The app will notify you when it is necessary to make a service. If you have any questions, you can write to technical support. You will be answered quickly. You can control all your machines in one app. This app is useful for business people. This is the personal manager of your car. Download it as soon as possible.

    Fuelio: Gas Log And Costs

    The name says it all. Fuelio is geared towards keeping track of your gas consumption and keeping you on top of your spending. This app will access your GPS to deliver information on the closest gas station and their gas prices. That will give you the option to shop around for the lowest price before even setting foot in your vehicle.

    Fuelio also tracks car expenses, mileage covered and much more. This app will always keep you informed on how much you’re spending on fuel by generating a log that will display relevant statistics. Fuelio will even back up your data to a cloud storage drive via Google Drive or Dropbox ensuring the safety of your information even if your device crashes.

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    Openbay Best For Heavy Vehicles

    Openbay is the market leader in your online sources of car, truck, SUV, and even MiniVans vehicle repair and services. The app is used to book and pay for your maintenance services with trustworthy automotive service centers nationwide.

    Enter a service request, and get multiple competitive service estimates. Choose the one that fits your range, area, and budget and opt for their services. Openbay now also supports Apple Pay, further adding to your convenience. Well, apart from offering the ease of booking a vehicle service, you also earn Openbay rewards that ultimately can be redeemed against a free service. Tempting enough?

    Price: Free.

    Best Car Maintenance Apps 2022

    15 Best Free Car maintenance apps for Android

    Nowadays, car maintenance is also one of the important perspectives for car owners. But sometimes we neglect this important task due to carelessness and lack of time. Here we bring you the Best Car maintenance apps, Android/ iPhone 2022, which will help you to maintain your car and will timely remind you of car services and deadlines. These apps will also help you in saving money on maintenance.

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    Gas Station Rewards Apps

    Price: Free

    Most large chain gas stations have rewards programs. You use your card when you buy gas and other items. The rewards points stack up and you use them to get gift cards, free stuff, and discounts on gas. There are several grocery stores with gas station chains that offer similar rewards. These may take a while to be effective. However, its possible to get things like free gas and all kinds of other things over time. Theyre car apps worth having. In fact, everyone should have at least one of these apps. Some popular brands include Giant Eagle, Speedway, Kroger, Circle K, and others.

    Best Apps For Car Maintenance

    December 19, 2021 By CRS Automotive

    Its safe to assume that every driver nowadays has a smartphone, right? But how many of you are actually using your phone to enhance your driving experience and take care of your car? If you are slacking in this department, we are here to help you. We give you the 4 best car advice apps!

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    Acar Car Management Mileage

    aCar is a very easy to use car maintenance app that allows you to record your all car expenses and fill ups in a single place. It sends you the notifications when the tuning and car services are required. This app also supports multiple vehicles, mileage units, graphical charts, GPS locations, SD cards and automatic data backups etc.

    Here Are Ten Of The Best Car Maintenance App Guide

    Best Car Maintenance App | Simply Auto : Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker App | Lans Act

    A car maintenance app is an application that assists car owners in tracking and monitors their vehicles history, and service needs to take care of the needs at the right time. Many of these apps keep records on MPG, fuel economy, maintenance fees, gas expenses, and others. The apps will also help you learn about the composition of your vehicle, parts that need regular attention, breakdowns, and what kind of care the car needs to keep running. All you need to benefit from is download the car app from Google play on your iPhone or Android phone.

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    Best Free Care Apps For Android

    Car upkeep should be at the top of your to-do list. Most of us rely upon our cars for practically everything. We use our cars to drive to work, pick up/drop off our kids from school, go grocery shopping, etc.

    With that being said, car maintenance tends to be the last thing on our minds. We simply expect our cars to work every time we turn the key. That’s why many of us are taken by surprise when we suddenly blow a tire or when the engine decides it doesn’t want to turn over.

    If you’re terrible with vehicle upkeep, there’s a simple solution. Android offers a wide variety of car care apps that allow users to keep track of vehicle expenses, upkeep, gas consumption, mileage and more. Best of all they’re free! Let’s take a look at 12 of the best car care apps for android devices you can download for free.

    Fuelio: Gas Log Costs Car Management Gps Routes

    You can also try Fuelio if you want a better fuel using statistical analysis and reduce the cost for fuel that you actually dont need. Fuelio is a well-known car app for your Android device that will make an analytical gas using log and always show you the cost of gasoline of any type. Besides, it will attempt to help you in managing your cars and other four-wheelers with tons of service-related tips and how-tos. This app includes a better GPS tracker that never lets you get lost in a new city.

    Important Features

    • Designed with a very clear and easy user interface.
    • Automatic gasoline cost tracking and show you the fuel status and history.
    • You can use this app for any kind of fuel consuming vehicles.
    • It will give you a reminder of the service-related issues.
    • On the google map, it will show you the destination and fill-ups.
    • Shows the distance with both of the kilometers and miles unit.

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    Gasbuddy: Find Cheap Gas Prices & Fuel Savings

    If you are owning a gas car, GasBuddy is a perfect tool to track it. It is one of the most successful tools being available in the marketplace that is going to save your time and money a lot.

    Just install this app on your device and then keep an eye on the different information related to your car such as where and when to buy the gas.

    GasBuddy is being designed to provide an extra level of convenience for the gas car owners to find out the nearest and cheapest gas stations. Accuracy, affordability, and accuracy are at higher ends here and one can easily access the app without any external help.

    Below are some of the Pros and Cons of The GasBuddy: Find Cheap Gas Prices & Fuel Savings app that earned it a spot in our list of Best Car Maintenance App to download.


    • Free to use the app
    • Locate nearest and cheapest gas stations
    • Exact prediction of deals by local convenience stores


    What Does Carly Offer

    Best Free Car maintenance apps for Android

    First off, theres the regular diagnostic scanning through reading of error or fault memories across your cars control units. However, Carly takes it a step further and performs a degree of interpretation for you. A simple traffic light system is used, where green means everything is OK, yellow signifies there are some errors that need attention soon, and red is used when your car has serious errors that require immediate attention. No need to perform internet searches to decipher the raw error codes that other apps spit out, as Carly will explain it for you.

    Next up on Carlys menu is coding. Coding is exciting because it allows you to customize your cars behavior across several systems. For example, you can customize the behavior of the turn signals and horn when locking and unlocking the vehicle, deactivate the start-stop system, set the climate control to use recirculate mode by default, customize lighting, and much more. Whats neat is that you dont need to be a computer programmer for this kind of coding, as Carly allows you to do it from an easy-to-use interface, and you can always roll back any changes if you dont like it.


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    Car Maintenance By Mycarfax

    Price: Free

    Car Maintenance by myCARFAX is a car management app. That means you can keep an eye on a bunch of things. You can see all of your maintenance and repairs from the app. Additionally, the app alerts you when its time for additional maintenance or even to renew your registration. There is a mechanic search. However, itll only show mechanics in the CARFAX network. Thats likely a good thing most of the time. Its one of the better car apps to keep everything organized.

    Best Android Car Maintenance Apps

    Because many people spend a lot of time in their cars, car manufacturers and other service companies like Google and Apple are bringing their technology to help car owners. Here are the best car apps for Android!

    Drivvo Car management, Fuel log, Find Cheap Gas

    The app in question is great for one reason only. It is superb when it comes to maximizing the mileage and reducing fuel consumption. At the same time, it helps you find cheap gas, which makes driving more affordable. In addition, it offers a complete car management features, which are needed. It offers fuel stations registering, statistics / charts / reports for your financial control, vehicle Maintenance records management with reminders, fill-ups, services, expenses and trips recording, and many more.

    DIY Car Maintenance

    DIY Car Maintenance app will come as a guidance for all of you who are interested in maintaining their cars all by themselves. Each process is presented with detailed instructions with pictures and explanations. With the help of an app, you wont have to go to the garage anymore. Sadly, there is a lack of information on some car brands.

    my car maintenance service pro

    Here you will get an app which is just great when it comes to maintaining your car. It will be synced with the vehicle and notify you when you should change spark plugs, oil and etc. The app is relatively simple and offers basic features, but it is very desirable and popular nowadays.

    Car Maintenance Reminder Lite

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