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Bible: Dramatized Audio Bibles Free

Christian Apps 2020 – Best Bible Apps for Android, Apple, and Windows! offers you mobile access to more bible translations in more languages than all other Bible apps for android, and includes a dramatized bible audio and The JESUS Film Project. With this Android Bible app, you get a convenient way to read the Bible, listen to the Bible and more so see the Bible as never before with anyone in the world.


  • Look up words or verses

An Android application by a non-profit organization, is a great solution that wishes to reach the entire global community with the word of God. Additionally, it can help you get engrossed in the Bible, as the readers taking part in this project are passionate about what they read.

Pushpay Total Engagement Package

Custom church app builder

echurch began by providing Pushpay to churches , but theyve branched out into providing a Total Engagement Package to churches. They allow churches to create their own unique native app, which features include sermon media, emails, and mobile giving.

From their website: Our custom echurch app enables you to have a custom branded interface that acts as a central hub for your church membership. This can engage your community and prospective church members like you never have before. It offers resources for your engaged community to connect with you, event registration, push notifications, podcast access, video sermons, recent news, church blog, giving, and everything in between. Your church brand becomes sticky and offers members and prospective members a constant connection to your church. Suddenly, your reach and influence goes from whomever is attending church on Sunday to everyone with your app.

Best Christian Apps For Iphone

For a step-by-step guide to self-discipline checkout my course, POWER Mornings. Its a simple morning routine designed for productive Christians.

I have written in the past about my love/hate relationship with my iPhone. And others have written at length about the ways our phones are changing us. Nevertheless, there are many ways in which owning a smartphone has been beneficial to my spiritual life. And not just because it helps me stay connected, but also because there are so many great apps for Christians. Here are my picks for the 10 best iPhone apps for Christians.

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Android Bible Apps Get Closer To God

The next time you need to read a Bible verse to keep you inspired, you dont have to carry a pocket Bible with you, at least not in the literal sense! There are scores of highly rated Bible apps on the Android apps store. When picking your app, put into considerations factors such as whether or not you are consistently connected to the internet, whether you prefer to read the text, listen to audio or watch a video. Install your best Android bible app pick from our list and read the scriptures from wherever you are, whenever!

How Did It Start

Christian Dating Android App from

Heroes began as a 2-dimensional, comic-style trivia game in 2013.

It was played for more than 10 million minutes around the globe in 8 languages. And it opened doors to many other Adventist gaming apps.

Three years later, a Google search survey gave the development team a brilliant idea. It showed over 250,000 worldwide Google searches for Bible trivia, Bible game, and Bible quiz every month.

Also, they realized it would be better for the game to have an element of storytelling and adventure. And what better would it be if it were in 3D animation?

As such, they reengineered the game and released its second version on March 25, 2021.

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Bible Study Free With In

If you are student learning about the Bible, this app for Bible study has some really interesting features to offer.

The Bible Study app is also best viewed on Android tablets. The smartphone interface of this app is good but it looks amazing on tablets. The app for Bible study allows you to study resources, bookmark points, take notes and make highlights.

This app makes sharing what you read easier. Simply double tap a verse and it will be ready to share via Facebook or Twitter.

In-app Purchases: $0.99 $199.99 per item

Recenter With Christ Christian Meditation

Download Recenter with Christ: Android iOS

Recenter with Christ is actually built from a podcast, the Christian Meditation Podcast, created by a chaplain named Jared. The app makes it easy to play the podcast episodes, save your favorites, and download episodes to listen to later.

The meditations come in two forms: guided and free-form, with one of each kind for each Bible passage. Chaplain Jared releases a new meditation every Sunday and Wednesday, and at this time there are over 300 meditations. I have personally found the meditations to be very encouraging and uplifting. They have helped me to connect deeply with God and also to understand different facets of Scripture.

The guided meditations generally start with a time of relaxation that involves breathing, softening tension in the body, and minimizing distractions in order to be able to better focus on Gods Word. Then, the Scripture is read repeatedly in a Lectio Divina style: paying close attention to the words to hear what God is highlighting to you in that moment. Then, some teachings and applications are drawn from the passage. Listeners are invited to reflect, pray, and rest in Gods presence.

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Holy Bible King James + Audio Free With In

This is a free talking KJV Android Bible app. A very cool and fast app designed to streamline Bible study, KJV Bible is popular for its quick navigation, easy note taking and a host of other classic features. The simple but powerful design is also something worth noting, which allows you to easily read the word off-line, search, highlight verses and more so make margin notes.


  • Integrated Social Media
  • Auto-Scroll

Additional bible translations such as The Message, New Living Translation, NASB or NIV can also be affordably purchased via in-app purchase. With a host of cool features, including landscape/portrait mode, ability to view your reading history, a powerful folder system and more so night mode for low light reading, this classic Android Bible app is definitely worth a try.

Bible App By Olive Tree

Top FREE Christian Android Apps Everyone Should Download and Checkout

The Bible App by Olive Tree for Android and iPhone devices is a great way to acquaint anyone with Gods wisdom. It makes Bible reading an immensely immersive and learning experience- you can take notes, highlight and save passages that can be synced to all your devices. Bible App by Olive Tree also features a powerful Resource Guide that links your Bible text with outstanding study Bibles, maps, commentaries, and more for an in-depth Bible study experience. Track your progress with a Bible reading plan.

This free Bible download for Android without internet also offers its own customized parallel Bible to compare Bible different translations easily. With the latest update, the free Bible app also provides the New King James Version , New International Version , King James Version , and English Standard Version , all of which you can download for free and even read offline.

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Best Bible Study App #: Bible Gateway

With more than 200 versions and translations of the Bible easily available to search, study, or simply read.

In addition to this, Bible Gateway Bible study app also has devotions and reference material available. Its a solid app and also easily usable from your laptop.

The reading plans and audio Bibles available make this a leading Bible app for busy women who want to listen to Word from the treadmill, carpool line, or while picking up toys at the end of a long day.

Check out their Daily Audio Bible study app, too!

Asking You To Let Them Track And Hawking Paid Subscriptions Before Showing Anything Of Value

The screen where they suggested please allow us to track you, so we can better advertise to you, etc.. got me. What business does a spiritual appa prayer apphave encouraging you to let them track you? Isnt hawking a paid subscription plan good enough for you? Its a real shame how people behave in this space. I have no problem with making money in business or even trying to find some profit in a spiritual nichethats all fine. But this was just so over the top and so transparent, that it makes me strongly question the intentions of the people behind this app. Id suggest this: try to show your customer why this app is goodand why it may truly help them in their life or spiritual journey, or whatever, before you start selling to them. You can have that attitude if youre selling HVACs or cars, but in this space that attitude will only serve to hurt you from the get-go.

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The Best Of The Best Android Bible Apps

The more you stay on Android, the better Android gets. So, with the best Android Bible apps, you are able to read your favorite bible verses from wherever you are, without having Bible with you. All you need is a few finger-taps on the Google Play Store to make reading every verse of every chapter an out-of-the-pocket experience.

All of that is possible thanks to a committed and more so talented community of developers on the Android ecosystem. Well, there are a dozen android bible apps on the Google play store or Wonder which one is good for you? In the next sections of this post, weve compiled a list of the best of the best Android bible apps on the World Wide Web.

The Niv Adventure Bible Memory Hd App

Top 5 Christian Apps for Beginners (Android)

The NIV Adventure Bible App can be used well with the NIV Adventure Bible. This Bible is a full color kids Bible that frames reading through the Bible as a great Adventure! The app is available to purchase for $1.99 in the Apple App store.

This app is designed to help kids memorize scripture. The app included verse scrambles to help you memorize scripture. Kids can earn special prizes that help keep them engaged with the challenges the app offers. The app includes over 1300 verses that your children can work on memorizing.

This could even be a great way to motivate the whole family to memorize more scripture together.

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Best Bible App Study #: Olive Tree

This is a new find to me, but Im really excited about it !

The Olive Tree app has both free and paid features and its one of the cleanest, easiest interfaces .

I love that theres no wifi needed to use this its nice to be unplugged or to have access to it even when somewhere with poor reception.

The NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV versions of the Bible are included , plus there are more available for inexpensive purchase if you prefer.

This is a Bible study app you should DEFINITELY check out if youre looking to have a great experience and wealth of information at your fingertips.

In fact, its now my go-to Bible study app in 2021.

Best Catholic Apps For 2022

Modified January 24, 2022

Catholicism might be a thousand years old, but that doesnt mean we cant make use of modern technology to practice our faith.

Catholic apps allow us to seek a deeper connection with God and understand what Catholicism is really about. It provides an easier and more comfortable way to read the bible quotes or brush up on your knowledge of Catholic prayers and teachings. For young Catholics, these apps are also valuable resources to help incorporate our faith into a digital lifestyle.

So without further ado, here are the best Catholic apps for 2022 that you definitely need to check out.

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Best Christian Apps Of 2020

Smartphones are designed to help us keep in contact with the people we love the most our friends and family.

But this small device can potentially also help us be closer to an even greater love: God.

There are several apps on the market for both Android and Apple devices that will help you study scripture, pray more often, and live out your faith. Here are some of our favorites.

Bible Study App By And Bible Open Source Project

5 Best Bible Apps for Android in 2021 with Olive Tree, Logos, and Accordance

Inspired by the book, Download Bible for Android called Jesus Calling . This free Bible app for Android and iPhone devices is a mobile version of the time-tested classic. Bible Study app, by And Bible Open Source Project offers a well-executed User Interface with several intuitive and interactive features.

It lets you search any particular sermon by categories of keywords, date, topic, or verses and invoke Gods presence in your life. The free Bible app also offers social media sharing to allow you to share your favorites with friends and family via Facebook or Twitter.

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The Seven Best Christian Apps

What is the role of modern technology to fulfill the Great Commission? One of the most interesting opportunities for Christians is using apps. Why use Christian apps? Each Christian app is tailor-made and has its own unique features.

Seven types of apps top the list of most frequently used Christian Apps:

  • You can navigate the word of God with Bible apps,
  • connect in prayer with other believers worldwide using Christian Prayer apps,
  • prepare and present quality powerful sermons with PowerPoint Presentation Tools,
  • network with other Churches sharing the same vision and mission,
  • preach on television and radio using Christian Media apps,
  • pledge and give one-time gifts with Church apps for giving and
  • reach out to kids with the gospel with Christian apps for kids.

The Bible App For Kids

This app is great for teaching Bible stories to your children. It is available for free in multiple languages and offers a child-friendly world with interactive animated Bible story adventures. It is easy for children to navigate and includes fun facts and activities that encourage kids to retain what they learn. Users can earn rewards by completing challenges. Find it on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire. This best Christian app will help even the youngest member of your family grow in their faith.

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Youversion The Bible App Free

YouVersion is as simple as it gets.

It is, by far, the best bible app that we can recommend. We like the YouVersion Bible App because of its readability. It comes with the perfect font and size which is ideal for reading, even on a moving vehicle.

YouVersion features more than 1,400 Bible versions in over 40 different languages. Although not all versions are available offline, you can download them while youre connected and use it offline.

Additionally, if you dont feel like reading but still want to have a daily dose of Gods word, YouVersion is also a free audio Bible app.

This Bible app will also notify you with a Verse of the Day and comes with Reading Plans.

The Bible App By Youversion

Free Christian Dating App For Android : Christian Dating For Free App ...

iOS | Android | Windows | Blackberry | Web | Desktop

Its still the Christian app of Christian apps. YouVersions app has been downloaded well over 100 million times. Its quick, free, and probably the Bible app your friends use.

From their website: Our focus remains on relevancy as we consistently strive to demonstrate and teach people how Gods Word relates to everyone, no matter where they are in life. We arent just building a tool to impact the world using innovative technology, more importantly, we are engaging people into relationships with God as they discover the relevance the Bible has for their lives.

Android |iOS |Kindle Fire |Mac |Windows

The Bible Study App by Olive Tree is a widely-used tool for Christians who like to dig around while theyre reading the Bible. The apps ability to sync study Bible notes with Bible text makes it a good resource for getting more insight into passages as youre reading themwhich is why I use this app when Im following along with the sermon in church.

Plus, Olive Tree gives you the opportunity to build out your library with study Bibles, commentaries, etc. They offer a host offree Bible study and Christian living resources, too.

From their website: The mission of Olive Tree Bible Software is to inspire people to connect with God and the Bible via technology.Olive Trees Bible+ software is available across all major platforms. We create and design all of our software with beautiful craftsmanship in mind.

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Verses For Bible Memorization

5 | 1,000+ Reviews

If you are interested in actively learning scripture in a fun, interactive way, youll love the Verses app. Verses helps you memorize Bible passages through a variety of short, fun games.

Heres the caveat Only the King James Version is free. If you prefer memorizing verses from other translations, youll have to upgrade to a higher plan. For access to all Bible translations, the cost is $4.99 per year or you can upgrade to the pro plan which is $9.99 per year and includes all Bible translations, creeds & catechisms, a light theme and focus mode.

I think this app makes Bible memorization 10x more fun and give it two thumbs up! If youd like to give this app a try download on iOS or .

Best Bible Apps And Bible Study Apps For Android

Here are the best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android! We are aware that there are many different faiths that use the Bible and many different versions of the Bible. Again, were not saying any particular version of the Bible is better than any other. Most of these should work for most religions that use the Bible.

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