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What’s The Best Phone For A Child

Doogee N20: Best Cost-effective Smartphone? FR review

Most children want to make up their own mind about choosing a phone when it comes to entering young adulthood, but if they’re a little younger you’ll probably want to make the decision for them.

You’ll want to look at something ultra-affordable for a first smartphone , it’ll need to have a decent-sized screen, long battery life and be fairly durable, so you should probably avoid phones with a glass back.

As it’ll likely be your main point of contact with your child, you’ll also want to look for good call quality, something that’s often overlooked on modern smartphones.

The Best Cheap Phones In 2021

Nord N200 5G

The best cheap phones we’ve tested will make you wonder why people spend $800 or more on a new smartphone. Based on our reviews, you can get a very good phone for under $400 with all the features most buyers need, whether you’re an iPhone fan or prefer Android.

Those on a budget will find that the best cheap phones offer capable cameras, big-enough displays for watching video and playing games and plenty of battery life to get you through most of the day. And 5G connectivity is starting to become standard for cheap phones.

You do need to make some trade-offs in this price range, as you wont always find the most powerful processors, 120Hz displays or versatile zoom cameras. But overall youll be pleasantly surprised by what the best cheap phones deliver. Read on for our top picks under $400.

Software: One Ui To Rule Them All

  • Android 11
  • One UI 3.1
  • Three years of promised software updates

Samsung has stepped up its software game. To start, the phone ships with Android 11 and Samsungs One UI 3.1. This is the most up-to-date software available to any Samsung device on the market right now. There was a time when Samsung would ship its mid-range phones with older versions of software. Thats no longer the case. More importantly, Samsung has committed to longer support curves for its phones. Its now offering three years of updates. This means the phone will stay current and protected for longer, and on par with Googles Pixel series.

Samsung Android 11 update: When will your phone get One UI 3?

One UI 3.1 itself is a solid user interface skin. Im not the biggest fan of its fonts and some icons, but with Android you can get around minor stuff like that pretty easily. All the usual and expected bits are in place. For example, theres an app drawer and, mercifully, access to the Google Discover feed on the left home screen panel. On older phones, Samsung forced you to use Bixby or its Samsung Free feeds. Having access to the Discover feed makes me much happier, though you can switch back to Samsung Free if you so desire.

With these basics handled, Samsung is leading the way with software. Thats a good thing for Galaxy fans and the Galaxy A52 5G specifically.

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Smartphones We Also Recommend

For now, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is our pick for the top smartphone available to buy. However, we understand that it may not be one that every user likes the look of – or, indeed, the price tag that comes with it. Here are the other options we currently recommend checking out.

  • No big leaps from iPhone 12 Pro
  • Heavy users may still challenge the battery

If the ‘standard’ iPhone 13 is the right device for most people seeking an iOS device, the iPhone 13 Pro is the model for those who care just that bit more about their phone’s performance. If you want a true flagship experience from Apple, this is it.

That’s not to say it does a great different to last year’s equivalent – it doesn’t – but it does still refine enough aspects to make it a compelling upgrade for those with a model that’s at least a couple of years old.

Battery life is improved, giving you around 90 minutes more than iPhone 12 Pro, and Apple’s ProMotion adaptive refresh rates provide much smoother scrolling. The notch is still there, of course, but its reduction does also makes the overall experience feel just that bit better than last year.

We’d suggest power users will still be able to drain down this battery fairly quickly , but, generally, this is the most refined iOS experience you can buy. Naturally, all of this also applies to the Pro Max variant, too, since they are essentially the same experience in a different shell.

The Best Cheap Phones For 2022

The best cost effective smartphones of 2014

A new smartphone can cost a lot of money. But you dont always have to buy the latest and greatest. If you just use your phone to accomplish basic tasks and cant justify buying a brand new flagship model, there are some budget options to consider. An entry-level smartphone might not take stunning photos, but there are no differences when it comes to calls and texts. One of the best on our list, the , offers a bigger battery than the Pixel 4a, excellent camera performance, and 5G.

When youre looking for an inexpensive phone, nowadays you dont have to give up 5G. Our top pick here has 5G, and weve also compiled a list of cheap 5G phones if its a requirement for your next purchase.

Weve compared different budget phones and selected the best devices in different price ranges. Our top picks are a great place to start if youre in the market for a new phone and dont want to overspend.

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The Best Android Phone Under $500

If youre looking for the best sub-$500 Android phone, the Pixel 5A is your best bet.

The $449 Pixel 5A has a 6.34-inch OLED screen thats on the smaller side for the budget class, but its bigger than the previous-gen 6.2-inch panel on the Pixel 4A 5G. Theres a bigger battery, too: a 4,680mAh cell that will last through a full day of heavy use and well into day two if youre a lighter user. The 5A also offers IP67 water resistance for added peace of mind in the event of accidental spills or tumbles into water.

Thats more or less the extent of the 5As improvements over its predecessor. The 5As dual rear-facing cameras , Snapdragon 765G processor, as well as the 6GB RAM and 128GB storage combination, were inherited from the 4A 5G and still deliver solid performance in this iteration.

Software is another area where Pixel phones shine, and the 5A is no exception. It launched with Googles own Android 11 OS and has already gotten upgraded to Android 12. The software is refreshingly free of the added clutter that other manufacturers sometimes pile onto it. The Pixel 5A is also guaranteed three years of OS upgrades and security updates, which isnt quite as long as Apple or Samsungs standard software support timespan but is certainly better than a lot of the Android competition.

Theres also, of course, 5G connectivity. You wont get the super-fast mmWave flavor of 5G support, but you will be able to access the slower but more common, sub-6GHz 5G network.

Why Do You Need A Dual Sim Phone

A dual SIM phone is more than just a regular SIM phone. You can allocate and separate phone numbers to keep personal from business call and vice versa. In essence, you are able to manage users and contacts on an individual SIM.

When you have a dual SIM phone you are able to have more storage, save money, and conduct business in your life much easier. In the end, you can connect through to foreign networks and at once hold on to a local SIM card.

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Best Budget Phones In 2022

The best budget phones deliver amazing value and features

The best budget phones are a vital part of the market as not everyone wants to spend $1,000 on a flagship phone and even the newer budget flagship realm can be pricey. For our purposes we set the upper limit for budget consideration at $500, there are a number of options for much less, but that’s the ceiling.

If you are fine spending more than $500 you can check out our best smartphones, you’ll find a few of the budget options there along with the $600 to $1,200+ flagship phones. With that said, stick around and see if you can save yourself a lot of money with one of these more affordable phones. There are budget phones that offer you a great camera, some of the best battery life, or even a stylus, no matter what your interests are we’ll find the best budget phone for you.

The Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters You Can Buy

DOOGEE N30: Exciting appearance and cost-effective Android phone
Reasons to avoid

If you need a signal booster in the first place, you’re probably not looking for a slightly better connection you need serious improvement, and not only in one room in your home. If that’s the case, the WeBoost Home MultiRoom is a good fit so good in fact, it was a winner the Tom’s Guide Ultimate Home Office Awards. WeBoost’s directional antenna design may make it a little more challenging to setup than a booster of the omnidirectional variety, but the tradeoff is an efficient, powerful signal with up to 65 dB in gain.

Like all WeBoost’s offerings, the Home MultiRoom package is designed to pull in bands from all networks Verizon, T-Mobile, AT& T, Sprint and even US Cellular on any carrier, whether you’re subscribed to one of those aforementioned providers or a virtual operator like Metro or StraightTalk that piggybacks off one of the major carrier’s towers. That’s great news if you see yourself changing carriers, or expect to get many years of use from the Home MultiRoom which you probably are, because, at $550, it’s far from the cheapest option.

Reasons to avoid

On the flip side, if you just need a little extra signal, the Fusion4Home could be helpful. Furthermore, it’s going for pretty steep discounts at the time of writing you can save as much as 40% off this model’s $450 list price on right now, making it an even more attractive choice.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

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What Is Wireless Charging

Wireless charging allows you to recharge an electronic device by placing it onto a charging pad. This eliminates the need for a wire to be plugged into your device.

The term wireless is a little misleading, though, as there is technically a cable between the charging pad and the socket its plugged into. The wireless aspect comes from being able to drop and pick your phone up off the charging pad without having to mess around with any wires..

Wireless charging works by allowing an electric current to run through a coil in the charging pad, which creates power through an electromagnetic field. This power is then received by the compatible phone placed on top.

Best For A Vivid Display


  • Lacks band 71 for T-Mobile customers
  • Mediocre cameras


  • Though technically unlocked, only works on T-Mobile’s network
  • Lacks band 71 support


Affordable phones are better than ever. Sure, youll still find plenty of flimsy handsets with dated software out there, but if you do some digging, there are lots of excellent flip phones and smartphones that work far better than their low prices suggest. If you’re buying on a budget, we’re here to help. We’ve gathered the top phones you can buy for just about $200 or less, along with the most important features to look for when shopping.

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Moto G Stylus Review: Verdict

The Moto G Stylus is a solid phone with an interesting feature that makes it easier to jot down notes whenever you want. It delivers good performance for the price and the cameras while hit and miss generally produce some decent shots if not the kinds of quality photos you’d get from the Pixel 3a or iPhone SE. If you don’t want to spend more than $300 on a phone, the Moto G Stylus is a very good option.

And yet, I don’t think it’s the best cheap phone option, not even from Motorola.

In terms of performance, camera and design, there’s very little separating the Moto G Stylus from the Moto G Power. And the big difference battery life skews heavily toward the Power’s favor. It would feel like a closer fight if you could do more with the namesake stylus on this more expensive phone, but without support for more apps, the Moto G Stylus feels too much like a gimmick instead of the bargain that the Moto G Power is.

Cheap Does Not Equal Bad

Best Smartphone 2020 Android One

With the speed at which the world of smartphones works, the cheap phones of today are the luxury goods of yesterday, top-tier becomes middling in a matter of months, which is excellent for you, the price conscious bargain hunter. The best budget phones now will have cameras equal to, or better than, the creme-de-la-creme of just a couple years ago. This leads to intense competition in the budget phone market manufacturers are coming out swinging to deliver solid products, at great prices. For comparison’s sake, feel free to have a look-see at the differences in our best phones list.

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Tcl 20s Unlocked Android Smartphone With 667 Dotch Fhd+ Display

  • Compatible with the T-Mobile and AT& T LTE networks.
  • An Expansive Visual Experience: The 6.
  • Capture the Beauty in Life: With the main 64MP high-res quad camera system, you can discover greatness in every detail day and night regardless of the scene and light conditions.
  • Stunning Design Lets Your Style Shine: Inspired by the milky way, more than a million micron-level prismatic crystal pits are embedded on the super 3D back for a sparkling effect with beautiful light reflection.
  • Enjoy More & Keep More: The mighty 5,000mAh battery has the power to let you do more.

Is Android Better Than Iphone And Ios

Android’s big advantage over Apple is the wide variety of options. There’s a greater range of manufacturers, meaning many different price points and designs, but all with the familiarity of the underlying Android software, so there’s no real learning curve when it comes to using it.

Android manufacturers are often more aggressive with new technologies, pushing new camera features in advance of Apple, but often only keep a design for one year, before releasing a new model that’s different. Android also isn’t as consistent with software support.

Although most devices will get two or three versions of Android, the timescales are never as tight as they are for Apple – but prices do fall faster, so good deals on newer models are frequently available.

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Our Top Pick: Best Smartphone

  • Slightly chunky
  • Not especially fast charging

We’ve seen plenty of Pixel phones enter the market over the years, but none have quite managed to live up to typical expectations of a flagship device. That’s completely changed with the Pixel 6 Pro.

As ever, Google has provided a camera and computational photography system that is, in our view, best in class. However, the stakes have been raised here primarily due to the asking price, which is low enough, we expect, to make a lot of competitors second guess themselves.

With the 6 Pro, there’s a real sense of confidence and completeness. The design is bold, the display is crisp, the speakers are excellent and Google’s Tensor chip has Android 12 running very smoothly.

It is very much on the chunky side, which won’t be for everyone, and the charging speeds let it down slightly, but this is an outstanding choice for those who want an Android device.

    The Best Budget Phone With A Stylus

    The Best $400 Android Smartphone

    Its slim pickings for Android users who want a new budget phone with a stylus. With LG exiting the smartphone market this year and Samsung pausing its premium Galaxy Note series, theres only Motorolas Moto G Stylus left to hold the line.

    Of the Motorola budget devices weve tested this year, the Moto G Stylus offers the best balance of features and cost-saving measures. Its a good phone for $280, whether youre a stylus devotee or just stylus-curious.

    It has a big 6.8-inch LCD display at 1080p resolution, good battery life with its 4,000mAh cell, and ample internal storage with 128GB of capacity. Thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 processor and 4GB of RAM, the G Stylus performs just fine with the

    its a good phone for $280, whether youre a stylus devotee or just stylus-curious

    occasional hiccup. The cameras, though flawed, are good enough to get by. You wont find an amazing night mode or top-notch picture quality here, but for a sub-$300 phone, it does the job just fine.

    The Moto G Stylus stylus is built into the device like the Galaxy Note. Popping it out brings up a quick menu of shortcuts to stylus-friendly apps, like its coloring book app.

    Theres no telling how much longer Motorola will make the Moto G Stylus, so if you want a budget phone with a built-in stylus, you should grab one while you can.

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    Comparison Chart Of Top 10 Cost Effective Android Phone

    Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone for iPhone/iPad/iPod via Lightning Connector9.4
    TCL 20S Unlocked Android Smartphone with 6.67 Dotch FHD+ Display9
    3OnePlus Nord N200 – 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S Version – 6.49″ Full HD+LCD Screen – 90Hz Smooth Display – Large 5000mAh Battery – Fast Charging – 64GB Storage – Triple Camera8.8
    NordVPN: Fastest VPN App for Fire TV – Stream Securely Without Interruptions8.8
    McAfee Total Protection 2022 – 5 Device – Antivirus Internet Security Software – VPN8.8
    NUBWO G06 Wireless Gaming Headset with Microphone for PS58.6
    TCL 20 SE 6.82″ Unlocked Cellphone8.6
    Google Pixel 6 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with Wide and Ultrawide Lens – 128GB – Stormy Black8.2
    10SAMSUNG EVO Select 64GB microSDXC UHS-I U1 100MB/s Full HD & 4K UHD Memory Card with Adapter8.2

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