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Best Apps For Field Sales Reps In 2021

Best CRM App for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets to manage Client Contacts

If you want to maximize the performance of your sales team, you need the right technology: sales rep management tools, apps that improve efficiency, and platforms that give you detailed sales analytics in real time.

Its hard to know which sales apps are the best for you and your team. Thats why weve done the research for you. We reached out to our top clients and conducted extensive research to compile this list of the best sales apps for improving performance. The sales apps have also been broken out by use case.

In this post, well look at the unique benefits of sales apps, their pricing, and ways your team can immediately take advantage of each tool.

Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best Crm App

Best CRM Apps 2021
A customer support app that can act as a CRM

Has detailed customer profiling

Intercom is primarily designed for support teams. It suits the needs of small and medium businesses as well as large enterprisesIntercom paid plans start at $39/month

So, weve looked at some tried and tested performers as well as some up-and-coming new players. And there are a lot of great CRM options out there for businesses.

But remember, its crucial to pick a CRM thats going to work well with your business and not investing in one because of its bells and whistles. If youre in the e-commerce space, you now have the luxury of picking a CRM thats built just for e-commerce businesses. On the flip side, if youre a freelancer who wants a CRM app to integrate with your inbox, you can have that, too.

Whatever your business needs are, therell be a CRM app that will help you boost your sales, improve your contact management, and help you make the most of the data you already have. If you want to offer better customer service and win more deals get a CRM!

Customer & Tech Support

Even the highest-rated apps on the app store arent exempt from the occasional downtime or glitch. While you cant avoid problems with the app completely, you can minimize its impact on your team by choosing an app with a good customer service reputation. Youll be able to contact their support team when things go wrong and get it fixed before it starts hurting your numbers.

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Work From Anywhere Anytime

Say youre boarding a plane after a successful client visit and the person seated next to you shows interest in your product over a casual chat. You can quickly access your documents and briefly describe your product with impressive digital resources such as brochures, videos, power points, and so on. Zoho CRM’s mobile app makes it easy to access data from anywhere, at any time. Add and modify customer information in real time, even when you’re offline. Changes made offline will automatically sync across devices once you’re connected to a network.

Know What You’re Buying

6 Best Mobile CRM Apps for 2019

Choosing a CRM is a significant investment, but bear in mind that the lowest number won’t ensure the best value. Knowing how your salespeople operate and having some idea of the features that can help them is where your pricing decision needs to start. Only by knowing what you need and then matching that up against the appropriate pricing tier are you going to get yourself the best deal. But there are gotchas beyond that, too.

Training can eat up a chunk of the budget, and so can upgrades and ongoing support. Consider how much it would cost to integrate the software with existing systems and whether or not you need additional equipment. For example, that mobile implementation looks slick, but will it still look slick once you’ve re-designed your customized CRM forms to fit on a smaller screen? And does it mean the sales or customer service teams need new smartphones or tablets? These costs can quickly add up.

Read the support documentation, and you’ll get an idea of setup complexity and any issues you might bump into with the software you already have. Use the free evaluation period to try out important features, such as importing data, adding information manually, connecting accounts, and assigning tasks to other users. Take note of how helpful the software is or whether it creates more work. Keep track of how often you have to consult the help system to complete a basic task.

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Mobile Customer Relationship Management

1CRM Mobile features optimized mobile access to your complete 1CRM system every module as well as admin capability. Now you can easily track opportunities, take notes, connect with clients, create tasks, and manage your projects and service cases from anywhere. Create quotes or invoices on the spot and email them as PDFs to clients instantly. All changes are instantly visible in the main 1CRM system providing your colleagues with access to your real-time information.

What Type Of Buyer Are You

If you only intend to access your CRM system via a single device with a Web browser, you have your pick of applications. However, if youre looking for a system that grants access to multiple users, youll need to consider what types of devices they use when making a purchase decision. Lets take a look at each example:

Employees use only Android devices.

This is likely the case if youre issuing company-owned Android devices to your employees. Even though you technically only need to select Android CRM software, theres benefits to a web-based system. One benefit to choosing a web-based system you can avoid version control issues, and because they generally dont require software installation, you wont need to worry about software updates.

However, if you want to be able to access the system offline and want a solution that can make use of other functionality on your Android device , a native Android app is your best bet.

Employees use multiple operating systems.

If you fall into the ever-increasing company of companies that encourage a Bring Your Own Device , you definitely have multiple operating systems in your business. Dont panic though! Its easy to satisfy everyone.

If all employee devices have access to a Web browser and you want everyone using the same operating system, consider a Web-based application. With Web-based apps, all users will see the same platform.

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View All Your Customer Activities In One Place

Sales reps work some of the busiest, most deadline-driven schedules and are constantly on the move, which makes it challenging to keep track of sales activities. When all your data is easily accessible, you can get relevant customer data, deal information, and contact history necessary to make tactical sales pitches, with one quick look at your screen.

Native Crm Mobile App For Sugarcrm

Best CRM App for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets to manage Client Contacts

TapCRM is a dedicated CRM mobile app for SugarCRM users. It lets you access your CRM in a secure manner while bringing several app-exclusive features like offline data sync, custom modules & field support, check-in & check-out, mobile access of CRM functionalities like adding leads, updating records or target lists, etc. You can download SugarCRM Android App and SugarCRM iOS app from respective Mobile App Stores, too.

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Best Crm For Customer Prospecting

With its Prospector engine, contact action lists, and social tracking feature, Nimble keeps prospecting sales teams organized and more efficient. On top of that, there’s a playful quality to the UI that makes it enjoyable to use.

Nimble provides lots of instruction throughout the UI, especially when you first sign up, making it hard not to get started and up to speed quickly. The dashboard shows a helpful high-level snapshot of important daily reports, such as deals, tasks, activities, email tracking, and social engagement called Signals. The menu includes these same items when you’re ready to dive in. If Nimble has a weakness, it would be its somewhat limited reporting capability, which includes forecasted deals and revenue, deals won and lost, and opportunities by stage.

The contact screen’s menu shows a list of action-oriented lists in various stages of contact: recently viewed, added, and contacted, marked important, and stay in touch. These provide a quick way to see who you need to contact or take action on throughout the day. For example, if your sales manager just passed over contacts from yesterday’s webinar, go to the recently added tab, and from there you can segment into a more targeted list. Segment for title, city, keywords, influence groups, and many other attributes that let you find those most like your buyer personas.

Nimble Price: From $19/month/user with 25 Prospector credits/month

What Does A Crm Supposed To Be

CRM stands for customer or content relationship management. A CRM is usually a system, tool, or technology that helps you manage your clients. Most if not all CRMs have a contact database and some kind of phone, email, or chat functionality that lets you reach out to your customers.

The promise of a CRM is to help salespeople sell more and better, yet the real life experience with most CRMs, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Although feature rich, they have monstruos interfaces and demand enormous time keying data in with little in return for salespeople on the field. Many CRMs failed promise resides in the fact that they are practically inaccessible from mobile devices.

Some CRMs, like the ones on this list, take it a bit further with additional features. CRMs that are designed for sales professionals or teams can also integrate meeting scheduling, email tracking, data reporting & analytics, and marketing campaigns into the system.

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Top 10 Personal Crm Apps In 2022

If you are asking yourself how to keep track of networking contacts and stay in touch with friends and family, getting a personal CRM tool might be the answer. Personal CRM systems can be very helpful to many people from various industries and occupations. In this section, we will focus on the top 10 best personal CRM systems for individual use. We will touch on the features, benefits, use cases, and pricing of each system.

Only caters to Gmail users


The starting price for Nat application is $9 per month but comes with limited memory, no calendar sync-up and no real-time updates. The next tier costs $12 per month and includes executive memory storage and sync-ups. The business plan is $29 per month and gives access to all features including the Nat team slack threads.

The 6 Best Mobile Crm Apps For 2022

6 Best Mobile CRM Apps for 2019

REVIEWED BY:Jess Pingrey

Jess served on the founding team of a successful B2B startup and has used a wide range of sales and marketing tools over the course of her 13-year career. She uses her industry knowledge to deliver the best answers to your questions about sales tools and sales management.

Jill is a writer at Fit Small Business specializing on Customer Relationship Management software.

This article is part of a larger series on CRM.

The best customer relationship management mobile apps let you manage leads, track deals, update sales pipelines, communicate with your prospects and customers, and complete tasks even without desktop access. With the need for remote access to deal information and customer data on the rise, we evaluated dozens of the best mobile CRM apps on the market to arrive at the top six options.

Check out each of the remote-friendly CRMs below and their best use cases:

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Best Free Crm Software With Unlimited Users And Contacts

With most CRMs, especially free versions, you are limited to a certain number of users and contacts. Bitrix24 is the lone exception in our selection to offer unlimited for both . This, combined with its other features, makes it stand out from the crowd. Aside from contact and deal management, the app also has team collaboration tools such as workgroups, chat, internal activity streams, and polls.

Bitrix24’s many features make it feel a bit overwhelming at first, but you can hide, delete, and change the order of the various menu items. Then, from inside each menu item , you can configure the order of items . If you ever want to see everything at a glance, click the Sitemap icon toward the bottom-left of the menu.

With unlimited users, you can invite your entire team to use Bitrix24, slotting them into the app departments you create. Once your employees accept the invite, they’ll be given access to their own customizable version of the app. However, you must upgrade to the paid versions to assign permissions to each user for viewing and making changes.

Within the Activity Stream, you can chat internally, assign tasks, design and distribute a company poll, and make announcements to your entire team. Clicking on Workgroups lets you create private or public spaces to collaborate on work, assign tasks, share a calendar, and develop knowledge bases. Invite employees or external contacts to each group.

Best For Small Business Crm


  • Comprehensive feature set with various customization options
  • Outstanding mobile applications, granular security controls, and 24-hour support



  • Powerful range of functionality with built-in project management chops
  • Extensive integration options
  • Insightly’s move to the mid market product might price it out of SMBs consideration
  • Support costs extra for leads

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How To Choose The Best Android Email App For You

Before you can choose an app, you need to understand your Android email habits. Are you using your inbox as a to-do list and need organization? Are you using it mainly for scheduling and value calendar integrations? Do you value security above all else? As you ask yourself these and other questions, remember that your answers might be different when you’re searching for mobile apps.

Try brainstorming what you like about other mobile communication apps , and pick an Android email client with similar benefits.

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Best Free Crm For Businesses Wanting Lots Of Integration Options

Top 5 Best CRM Applications for Android and iPhone 2021 | Customer Relationship Management

If you use multiple apps within your company and want a CRM to integrate with them, there’s no better choice than HubSpot CRM. The mammoth App Marketplace has over 900 integrations available to various levels of HubSpot plans with CRM free users able to choose from over 800 apps in categories such as eCommerce, analytics, events, finance, project management, and customer success. Not only that, but many of these third-party apps provide free editions, which allows greater accessibility for small businesses with limited resources. And the new, included Operations Hub provides additional data sync features for a select group of apps.

The CRM is forever free and includes unlimited users and room for up to one million contacts. Included are deal tracking, landing pages, live chat/chatbot, basic email marketing, and a ticketing feature for tracking service requests. All of these are designed to provide a taste of their meatier Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs, which provide advanced features at tiered pricing.

For many, the CRM will be all that’s needed to track deals and manage relationships, especially if you’re integrating with other business apps in your stack. For example, a good first step is to connect your Outlook 365 or Gmail account, so you can email directly from a contact record, track conversations, and use the sales templates to quickly respond.

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What Is Crm Software

CRM software helps you track contacts and nurture them to build customer loyalty and repeat sales. A good CRM will also make the information it gathers accessible to other business platforms via smart software integration. In this way, CRM becomes the epicenter of how you manage your customer’s journey, from the first marketing touch, to a closed sale, and on to the next engagement.

To succeed at that, CRMs need to be both smart and agile, and at the same time, easy for salespeople to use. Some very small businesses might try to use a spreadsheet to mimic what a CRM can do. But this type of homebrewed solution delivers but a tiny subset of the features you’ll get with a CRM, and it’s also cumbersome enough that you’ll be frustrated once your customer list grows much beyond 100.

The best CRM solutions are not only easier to use than spreadsheets, but they also do more than just retain user and contact information. They also automate processes, such as dynamically creating calendar events, setting appointment reminders, prioritizing the sales pipeline, and automatically identifying new sales opportunities. They can even rank them by likelihood of success. What makes that possible is integrating your other customer-facing data so the CRM can access it.

The Revenue Impact of AI Adoption in CRM

This revenue impact is possible because AI-enhanced CRM is a quantum leap ahead of what many companies still call customer relationship management.

Air Translate For Offline Translation

Let us end this list with another top offline translation mobile app for android. It can easily translate your image to text, voice to text, and also text to text with some of its modern tools. You can use this application offline as it also contains a phrasebook to make your conversation meaningful. You can save your translation for later. The other notable features of Air Translate are:

-> Integrated dictionary to make things easier while traveling

-> Easy and interactive user interface

-> Do not contain any kind of ads

-> Quick speech recognition with better output audio

Download the best voice translator for your phone Air Translate

In the midst of so many mobile applications let us have a look at top cross-platform app frameworks which makes the process of mobile app development easier and advanced at the same time

This is the completion of top translation mobile apps in the market. Now you need to decide which one will be right for you. Moreover, if you are planning to create one such application or finding 20 android app development trends to watch out for in 2021 then a top IT outsourcing company like VerveLogic is there for you.

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