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Best Apps to Manage Finance | Mobile digital wallet apps for Android and Apple

Were living in the future. Before, we are used to paying or sending money using physical cash. We always carry our wallet with us anywhere we go. Nothings wrong with using physical wallets with all sorts of cards in it and some cash. But in this modern age, its more practical to have a digital wallet. Its fast, easy and safe. This is not to say that we should ditch our wallets totally. Why not use both?

So which of the 5 in the list is the best digital wallet app for Android? If you want something with more features and is also accepted in many stores, we recommend Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Which of the apps is your favorite? What do you think of our list? Let us know your thoughts. Feel free to leave your comment or suggestion below.

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Boarding Passes Rewards And Tickets All In One Place

Wallet Cards is an open platform for mobile wallet passes in Android environment. Follows Apple’s Passbook® standards in terms of UI& UX as well as API structure for Developers.

Wallet Cards is the best-in-class Mobile Wallet experience for Android platform users.

Boarding Passes

Simply add your boarding pass to check in for flights

Reward Cards

Add your favorite coffee shop rewards card to your Wallet

Student ID’s

Add your QR based student ID card to Wallet Cards.

Event Tickets

Enter the stadium with just your Android Smartwatch.

Loyalty Cards

Never miss out on all the rewards and benefits.

Embedded QR Scanner

Easily add passes with built-in QR scanner & web browser

Best Exchange Rate Digital Wallet: Wise

Another digital wallet app on our list is the money transfer service Wise, one of the cheapest mobile wallets to transfer money within the US and other 80 countries. Moreover, the exchange rates on direct deposit are second to none. You can effectively transfer funds in different ways, such as credit and debit cards or bank account.

You can simply use a calculator to see the amount of money you tap to pay or desire to send. In addition to this, the exchange rate and fees allow you to check and ensure whether you got a good deal with this separate app or not.

You can generate a free account and tell where to send money and the local bank details to transfer how much money you want to spend. Thats how buying and selling with in-store purchases work.

Furthermore, pay with credit or debit card mainly to TransferWises bank account. Smart technology connects the local accounts to other accounts worldwide. Moreover, it also includes local transfers to enable payments rather than international.

Wise Best Feature?

One of the most exclusive digital wallet apps, the Transferwise service is ideal for offering built-in simplicity, rapid speed, and transparency. You will find this cash app effortless to use as recipients will receive money quickly within the mobile wallet once you request money.

Who is it Best For?

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Trustworthy Gift Card Wallet Apps

We have to be honest, the best gift you can give to anyone and for any occasion is a gift card. You wont need to worry if the person that is going to receive the gift will like it since they can choose their present.

But, what exactly are gift cards and what do gift card wallet apps do?

Gift cards, also known as gift certificates or vouchers, are used by shops like , eBay, , and many more boutiques as a substitute for money. Business owners distribute these cards to their loyal customers as a reward. And customers can also buy these cards if they want.

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When customers use these cards, they wont need to pay using cash. They only need to present the gift cards to the cashier to confirm the payment. But these gift cards are only redeemable to the specified stores.

The best thing about gift cards is that they are transferable. You can give them to anyone, and they can use it to purchase items they like. So its no wonder that giving out gift cards as present is becoming a norm.

If you are like us, then you might also be having a hard time keeping track of all your gift cards. Sometimes, some of our cards go to waste since some of these cards have an expiration date.

So with this kind of problem, have you ever wondered how it would be like to have a digital wallet for your digital gift cards?

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Choosing App Development Company

Lemon wallet for Android

If you dont have the necessary technical knowledge, you will need to find a development company that will create a wallet for you. Here are a few tips on how to choose a company that will become your reliable technical partner:

  • Start the search online on Clutch, ITFirms, Manifest, etc.
  • Check portfolio and customer reviews
  • Conduct interviews with vendors
  • Ask about relevant experience and similar projects

During the screening process, some aspects can influence future cooperation, such as the level of English knowledge, differences in time zones, cultures, etc.

Check our guide disclosing the process of finding a reliable IT partner:

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The Top Digital Wallets In Canada

Before we take a closer look at the top digital wallets available to Canadians, I should point out that Im not picking a winner here. Thats because the wallet thats best suited for you depends on several factors, including the type of device you have, the types of cards or loyalty programs you use, and in the case of the bank wallets, the bank youre dealing with. With that in mind, lets take a closer look, starting with the big three tech companies:

How To Add A Card To Google Pay

First, check to see if the Google Pay app is already installed on your phone. If not, youre going to need to first.

In the app, select the Payment tab, click + Payment Method at the bottom of the page and select Credit or debit card.

Google Pay will launch the camera to take a photo of your card to quickly add the details, but you also have the opportunity to enter the details manually. Next, read and accept the issuer terms. Your bank may require that you verify your identity to complete the final step of adding the card to your wallet.

Once in your wallet, you can choose to make the card the default for in-store payments. If you want, you can also set a nickname for the card by clicking Add Nickname.

This is a great opportunity to leave yourself a note about what types of purchases you should make with this card. For example, you can nickname the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Travel and dining because this card earns 3 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent on these categories.

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Summing Up: Android Digital Wallets

Android users have a range of options when making payments with their mobile devices. Both Google Pay and Samsung Pay allow for an easy and secure means of payment without the need for physical cards. Samsung Pay has more functionality, but is, of course, restricted to Samsung products.

Both Google Pay and Samsung Pay are preferred over bank-specific apps, given the greater range of cards that can be linked and that PINs are not required to be entered when paying. Its just easier to have everything in one app as well.

Looking for a card to add to your digital wallet? Here are some of the best sign-up offers at Point Hacks.

Which Merchants Accept Google Pay

Top 5 Digital E-Wallet Apps In India | Best Digital Wallet App (2020)

According to Google, Google Pay is accepted at millions of locations.

As Google points out, you just need to look for one of two logoseither the general tap-to-pay logo or the specific Google Pay logo. And these touchless payment readers are popping up in more and more locationsincluding self-serve gas stations.

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Manual Tests For Android 11

Testing the core features of the Quick Access Wallet requires an NFC paymentterminal and an NFC payment app that implementsQuickAccessWalletService . Core features that must be testedinclude availability, zero state, card selection, and lock screen behavior.


  • If the GLOBAL_ACTIONS_PANEL_ENABLED setting is true and the defaultNFC payment app supports the feature, the Quick Access Wallet is accessible.
  • If the GLOBAL_ACTIONS_PANEL_ENABLED setting is false and the defaultNFC payment app supports the feature, the Quick Access Wallet isn’taccessible.
  • If the GLOBAL_ACTIONS_PANEL_ENABLED setting is true and the defaultNFC payment app doesn’t support the feature, the Quick Access Walletisn’t accessible.
  • If the GLOBAL_ACTIONS_PANEL_ENABLED setting is false and the defaultNFC payment app doesn’t support the feature, the Quick Access Walletisn’t accessible.

Zero state

  • If QuickAccessWalletService is enabled and exported but doesn’tprovide any cards, the Quick Access Wallet UI displays the empty state view.
  • Figure 11. Empty state view in the Quick Access Wallet UI.

Non-zero state

Lock state tests

Accessibility tests

  • TalkBack users can navigate the wallet view by swiping left and rightand by listening to the content descriptions of the cards.
  • Swiping left and right with TalkBack enabled selects each card in turn.TalkBack users can select and use an NFC payment method at an NFC paymentterminal.

The Best Digital Wallet Apps

Did you know that one recent survey revealed that around 150 million Americans have used a digital wallet at some point in their lives? In fact, 66% of them, which is approximately 98 million people, mentioned that they prefer this new financial medium rather than carrying cash or physical credit cards.

Likewise, Nick Maynard, principal investigator of Juniper Research, says that, “The benefit of digital wallets is that they are ready to use .” Now, mobile wallets, also called electronic or digital wallets, are currently the reflection of a major financial change. In short, if you have a smartphone, youve basically got a virtual wallet at your fingertips waiting to use. The trick is in finding the best one.

At their core, digital wallet apps are a way of storing debit or credit cards, not only to authorize payments for various transactions compatible with the platform, but also to allow you to transfer money directly to an external bank account as well.

Theres no doubt that digital wallet applications are constantly evolving, incorporating functions and services that will allow processes to be carried out more and more efficiently in this new era of digitization of the financial system. Heres what to know to help you choose the right one.

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Best Digital Wallets Apps For Crypto

If you want to benefit from the future of digital payments knowing the best digital wallet apps for crypto will let you do just that. These wallets offer a variety of features and benefits for cryptocurrency users and traders.

With cryptocurrency adoption on the rise, its important to have a digital wallet app to keep your crypto holdings safe.

Best Digital Wallet Apps For Android

Prepaid Digital Wallet Solutions, eWallet App Development for iPhone ...

Lets admit it: cash is goodbut the cards are better.

If theres something we have in common its that we have different sorts of cards in our wallet: debit, credit, gift card, you name it. When we shop online, we pay with our card. When we buy in-store, we sometimes use our card. Fast and easy. But you know which is easier? When we use the best digital wallet app for Android.

Were not saying you should ditch your wallet and go cashless


Its nice to just use our phones when we transact online or even in stores. Dont you dream of just pressing your phone and, voila, youve sent money to your family or friend? Well, that would be nice. How about requesting money with just a few taps on your phone? Oh, what a life!

You can do all that and leave the dream by installing a digital wallet app on your phone.

First: What is a digital wallet?

Basically, a digital wallet is a virtual wallet and payment system that stores credit, debit and other card information on your smartphone, laptop, and desktop. You can use this for different payment methods , to send and request money, to split a bill, get rewards, and more.

But is it safe?

Its safer than carrying actual cash in your wallet. It features an extra layer of security to safeguard card and banking information. Its encrypted. And when you accidentally lost your phone or somebody steals it, you wouldnt have to worry much about your card and bank information getting compromised. Theyre password protected.

Lets find out.

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Best Mobile Payment Apps In 2021

The best mobile payment apps offer a simple way to make and send payments using your smartphone.

Mobile apps providing contactless payments have become common since the introduction of Near Field Communication , turning individual smartphones into the equivalent of a payment card.

Just as like contactless credit and debit cards, however, mobile payments have their limitations – but they also have their fees, and sometimes these aren’t always so clear.

Therefore as mobile apps deliver on the promise of the digital wallet they are changing and expanding the way we pay for things in everyday life. They excel at small transactions, avoiding the need for having cash, and this can apply not just when shopping but also for everyday items.

However, as well as contactless payments, mobile payment apps can also be great for sending money to people you know, such as friends or family, or paying traders directly.

As contactless payment platforms continue to be rolled out, we’ll help you choose the right mobile apps and NFC system that can work for you.

We can also show you the best mobile card payment readers.

Reasons to avoid

Apple likes to make the complex simple, and easy for everyone to do, and their mobile payment offering, Apple Pay is true to that philosophy. There is no app to download, and it works on iPhones, and can be used for online purchases on Macs.

Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid
Reasons to avoid

Key Benefits That Mobile Wallet Applications Can Bring

Why should you develop a mobile wallet app?

Such applications can deliver many benefits to businesses in every industry.

  • Accessibility

Mobile wallets allow making day-to-day transactions without carrying around physical cards. All they need is an app on their smartphone and a user ID.

  • Access to money from mobile

Users can start making mobile payments in no time. They need to connect their cards to the digital wallet and make payments with smartphones.

  • Variety of use cases

Mobile wallets can be used for a range of uses. Users can pay for purchases, buy tickets, pay for online services, etc.

  • Bills splitting

Depending on where you are using the wallet app, you can add the functionality allowing users to split the bill and send a link to users who needs to pay them money.

  • Automatic payments

You can add the ability to set up automatic payments within your app so users wont forget about them because of their hectic everyday life.

  • Promotions & discounts

Digital wallets usually offer different promotions and discounts. You can reward users for buying at partners locations, making a certain number of monthly payments, etc.

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What Is Digital Wallet Apps

A digital wallet app is an application that stores your credit card, debit card, or other payment information to make it easier for you to pay for things with your mobile device. You can use them to buy things online, in-stores, or in person. Earlier it used to be that you had to carry your wallet everywhere you went. Now, with digital wallet apps, you can just carry your phone.

Top Fastest Digital Wallet: Walmart Pay

Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Android Apps – Wallets I Exchange I Trading- For Crypto Currency Lovers

Are you looking for a wallet to use at Walmart? This Walmart pay is the best solution that will not disappoint you. It includes verified methods and SSL technology to keep information secure. Lets consider it in detail!

Dont you want to keep technology simple? With this Walmart pay option, you can get the best-in-class options. It uses NFC technology to use their smartphones to scan a QR code with the same PIN pads.

You can use Walmart Pay to send signals to the server and use a particular purchase making the process effective. It wont transmit financial information and help users maintain different layers of security to update the methods and systems. Sounds impressive, right?

Besides this, the Walmart stores include premium payment techniques, CVV codes, and other Wallets digital credit cards. The checkout pin pad is genuinely encrypted with secure networks known as Secure Sockets Layer. The credit cards data will not transfer the data itself, making money transfers a reliable process.

Best Feature?

The Walmart pay helps to make it easier and convenient to get things Walmart. When a user pays, it will scan the phone with a QR code to show the PIN pad. You will find card information stored in the app, making it a more accessible option. See the difference!

Who is it Best For?

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Best Digital Wallet Apps For Android In 2021

Digital wallets are quite popular these days as they facilitate easy payments through smartphones with complete protection. With wallets, you can not only send and make payments or pay bills but also enjoy the benefits of coupons, tickets, and passes.

Very much like contactless cards, digital wallets have their limitations and not all are the same. So, in this post I am going to help you choose the best digital wallet apps for Android that best suit your needs, is secure, and offers great features and rewards.

So keep reading

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