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What Are The Advantages Of An Android Tablet With Stylus

Best Drawing Apps for Android Tablets

Up until the last decade, Apple has dominated the market for tablets with a stylus. This was due to the fact that Android companies, such as Samsung, didnt explore their tablets capability to work as a device for drawing. This led to limited apps and intuitive design features for those wishing to use their products creatively.

Now, however, everything has changed. There are a whole range of good drawing apps available for Android that are equal to their iPadOS counterparts.

AMOLED screen

Samsung has updated to an AMOLED screen which is superior to an LED screen due to better colour contrast and range. This is a huge advantage, especially for artists, as this allows for more detail in design.


The most known advantage of Android tablets starts with price. Products like the Simbans PicassoTab are typically under half the price of most Wacom products. Similarly, Samsung Galaxy range comes with their new S-Pen included in the box. This could be considered a small detail until you realise that the Apple Pencil costs extra.


Unlike Huion or Wacom products, Android tablets require little fuss in set-up, not requiring the need to connect to a desktop or having a huge space to work on.

Best Drawing Apps For Android That Artists Will Love


It was not that long ago when you had to buy big and bulky professional drawing devices if you wanted to get into digital art.

But thankfully that is not the case anymore. In the last few years, we have seen compact and portable Android tablets get more and more powerful.

With this increase in power came a massive improvement in the power and capabilities of the drawing apps available on these platforms.

At present, Android drawing applications are as capable and powerful as their desktop counterparts and comes with all the advanced tools to express your creativity.

After going through all the popular Android drawing applications, we have finally made a list of some of the best drawing applications for digital artists.

Rough Animator Art In Motion

Rough animator is more of an animation app than a drawing app. If you ever wanted to make simple animations on an android device, this is the best app for the task.

It has a very simple and easy-to-understand layout. The app helps you to make the frame-by-frame animation and the end result looks surprisingly good.

The app not only allows you to make animations but also has an option to import audio for lip sync. You can also import video files in the timeline for rotoscoping. For reference to the previous frames, you have the onion skin feature as well.

In drawing side of things, the app has some basic brushes and supports pressure sensitivity.

You have options like area fill and object selection to make the coloring process easier.

You can also copy and paste objects within the canvas. This app works best with tablets as you have more screen real state to work with in comparison to smartphones.

on Google play store

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What Is Procreate And Why You Need Procreate Alternatives For Android

As I said above, Procreate is a popular app for sketching, painting, and drawing. Featuring hundreds of handmade brushes, artistic tools, and an advanced layer system, its a great asset for pros or those who have a penchant for creating stunning artworks. Boasting a fast Valkyrie graphics engine, it runs with buttery smoothness. So, you can craft paintings or illustrations with much-improved control.

As to why you may need Procreate alternatives is primarily because its not available for Android, which is an absolute shame. Another reason lies in the proficiency that Procreate has to offer. If you are after an app that can offer a similar experience on your Android devices, the best apps like Procreate for Android need to be at your disposal.

Best Drawing & Art Apps For Tablets

SBP2.0 update for Android Tablets

Digital art has piqued the curiosity of creative professionals around the world, with everyone trying to better their art through ever-evolving technology. Drawing apps are testimony to this statement. The tech market is flooded with applications that let the artist in you rejoice with options and features available at your disposal.

It is both, critical and practical that you choose a drawing app that meets the following criteria:

  • Matches the needs of your profession/hobby
  • Suited to the artistic stage you are at Beginner or Professional
  • Lets you hone your artistic skills to the maximum
  • Compatible with your device and its OS
  • Gives you enough features to draw effectively and efficiently
  • Doesnt burn a hole in your pocket

To make this process quick, we have rounded up a list of 10 best drawing and art apps for different OS types Android, iOS, and Windows. There are useful links added for each app that lets you see them in action with online tutorials and courses. Without further ado lets find out what are the best drawing apps.

Create anything you want simple or detailed, notwithstanding!

Cost Free with in-app purchases

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Dont Forget To Add Your Creations To Your Online Portfolio

Once youâve used some of these drawing apps and have some amazing sketch work ready to go, itâs time to display it in your online portfolio website. Donât have an idea on how to create one? No worriesâjust use a website builder you can make a professional-looking site in minutes. Choose one with gorgeous templates and fresh fonts to show off your new drawings, illustrations, and art as beautifully as possible. We canât wait to see it!

Looking for more ways to boost your illustration career?

Ibis Paint X Smartphone/tablet Friendly Drawing App

Many of the drawing apps which aims for minimalist design tends to oversimplify their layout so much that it becomes difficult to navigate.

On the other side, some apps overcomplicate things and make the app crowded with buttons.

If you are someone who likes to have as many shortcut options at your fingertips without losing precious working space, Ibis Paint X is the most suitable app for you.

The app is mainly focused around small devices and have features like stroke smoothing and optimizing which allows you to draw accurate strokes even with your fingers.

The overall layout very much looks like a desktop-grade drawing application with important tools on the left.

There are handy menus at the lower end of the screen which allows you to control pen size and stroke properties.

The app has 142 different kinds of brushes and allows you to work with as many layers as your device can handle with virtually no restrictions.

It also has other handy features like clipping images, layer duplication, import from Gallery, horizontal inversion, vertical inversion, layer rotation, layer moving, and zooming in/out.

on Google play store

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Top 5 Sketching Drawing Apps Android Tablets

Sales Representative at Wholesale Tablets

Tablets with their large display are ideal for creating artworks and designing. Most of the modern tablet models come with a stylus that makes it easy to create drawings or sketches. In fact, the availability of various sketch and photo editing apps can help turn an iPad into a creative platform for producing works of art or for designing purposes. These apps are easier to use and contain many built-in tools that will help to create sketches and edit them easily. Below is a list of the top five sketching and drawing apps for Android tablets.

Tayasui Sketches The Hidden Gem

Best Art Apps for Samsung & Android Tablets (2020)

There are so many great apps that are hidden from the spotlight but still have a lot of great features, Tayasui Sketches is one of them.

It is kind of a beginner-friendly simple drawing application with some of the most simplistic layouts.

The layout is best suited for the tablets and consists of a set of brushes and few tools on the left-hand side of the screen.

In the same area, you get options to do some basic brush settings. All the layer panels and settings are located on the right side.

The opacity and size settings of the brush are located on the right edge of the canvas.

There are different kinds of brushes to choose from which include simple pen, pencil, markers to the texture, and pattern brushes.

Within each brush set, you will find extra brushes with different shapes and functions, neatly organized without blocking the canvas.

The app has an active community where you can share your artwork and see what others are creating.

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Top 9 Best Drawing Android Apps 2021

If youre really good at drawing, or just want to get better at it, there are quite a few apps that you can utilize. Youd be surprised to know how many good drawing and sketching apps are out there. In this article, well highlight some of the best drawing apps for Android, well, at least our favorites. Youll find 9 applications included in the list below, these are only our favorites, there are many more available in the Google Play Store.

Do note that the apps below are not listed in any specific order. Youll find some additional information here about each of these applications. There are descriptions included, for each of the apps, along with some screenshots / video content, price tags, required versions of Android, and so on. Each of these apps is interesting in its own way, so if youre interested in drawing, read on.

Sketch Two In One Painting And Photo Editing App

Sketch is a two in one drawing and photo editing app made by Sony.

It comes with all the basic features which you can find in other apps. There are several sketching brushes along with layer support. You also get a lot of free stickers to use in your sketches and pictures.

Others features include move, scale, rotate, and flip, Pan and zoom. The app allows you to backup your sketches and sync. with other devices. Overall it is a fun app used mainly for casual doodles.

on Google play store

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What Apps Do Digital Artists Use

Still undefeated is Adobe Photoshop. Its number one for many reasons and its a number one pick for many artists. Its been at the top of digital art tools for a very, very long time. The features and possibilities are endless. Creativity is the limit. Its a great tool for collaboration due to the fact that its part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. You can share your artwork and access all of your assets from any device you like.

Drawing Desk Draw Paint Color

8 Best Android Tablet for Drawing (in 2021) with Stylus ...

Drawing Desk is another app for Android smartphones and tablets which is available at free of cost to take out the creativity of adults and kids. One can draw sketches or scribbles and to make them more expressive, the app also provides pictures of Animals, Toys, Fruits, Vehicles and more

The best thing no need of internet to colour your depictions. It features 3D brushes, doodle pens, stickers Easy controls, pan and zoom drawing canvas, live brushes, works offline and more.

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Sketchone The Best Free Drawing Social Media App On Android

SketchOne is a free Android app that serves ads and offers in-app purchases. I think it is one of the best free drawing apps on Android devices for the following reasons:

  • With 4.3 out of 5 stars from 4000 reviews on the Google Play Store, this app is certainly one of the top-rated drawing apps among Android users currently. This is coming from over 500,000 downloads so far.
  • The app takes only 13 MB of your storage space.
  • I also like this tool because it offers enough color hues which help with shading and creating realistic artwork.
  • Again, I think that this app is quite easy to use.

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Can A Tablet Run Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator requires a tablet that is the best for it. A sketch is even more clear when the artist uses several brushes, pencils, and charcoals of different sizes. The technology has advanced so much that you can now use a stylus like a pencil, which is a great invention. The only thing you need is a tablet.

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Best Android Tablet For Drawing: Top 5 Tablets With Stylus

  • Emil Jadersten

Art Ignition is supported by its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Are you searching for the best android tablet with a stylus, but dont know what to choose? With dozens of Android tablets to choose from, it can be hard to find the right drawing tablet for you.

Below, we compare and rank our top choices. Youll then learn in more detail the pros and cons of each android tablet. Finally, you will find out how exactly you can pick the right tablet which fits your needs


  • RAM: 8GB
  • Pen Pressure Levels: 4096

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is an 11 inch tablet with an S Pen Stylus that is known for its super fluid feel that works intuitively with the android interface. Compatible with Samsung DeX, this is one of the tablets that works extremely well as a smaller laptop as well as a tablet for drawing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Android’s 10 Best Drawing and Art Apps

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has the biggest screen, at 12.4 inches, and the extra size can make a big difference in detailed work compared to the smaller Galaxy Tab S7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite screens. The Galaxy Tab S7 plus screen is also noticeably brighter, deeper and higher resolution, and with better blacks, whites and colors all big factors in creating art on the screen.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ has excellent overall performance as the best Android tablet, and all of the art software works perfectly, with no discernable lags or loading delays. It also has really fine cameras, great wifi and internet performance, runs cool and charges fast. A great Android tablet in pretty much every respect.

If you want the best Android tablet available, and also want the best Android tablet, this is an amazing product, and highly recommended. Not just the best Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet an artist can get, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is clearly the best Android tablet on the market from any company in 2022, and one of the greatest Android tablets overall.

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Affinity Photo For Ipad

Affinity is also ready to answer your raster art needs. Photo by Affinity is analogous to Photoshop. Its user interface is a bit smoother, however, with cleaver skin changes based on the type of task youre looking to complete.

Both Affinity apps are inexpensive when compared to Photoshop and Illustrator. If youre looking for a great drawing app for iPad and one that is a digital art application for editing or raster drawing, look no further than Photo and Photo for iPad.

Infinite Painter Popular Amongst Pro Artists

Many drawing apps in the market focus on shiny things and try to implement so many weird features that most of the artists end up never using them.

Infinite Painter is one of those apps which have nailed down the basics so well that it is becoming very popular amongst pro artists.

So what do the basics actually mean and how it affects the painting. Things like blending colors and different brush strokes are some of the very basic things a drawing app needs to do well.

Infinite painter has all of those basic features implemented correctly.

It has great perspective guides to help you build futuristic cities and landscapes.

Their brushes consist of paintbrushes that correctly mixes with the colors on the canvas and various watercolor brushes apart from the usual basic texture brushes you will find in all the main drawing apps.

In a nutshell, the app is capable of making some really good artwork. You can go and have a look at their art gallery, which will surely inspire you to get your hands dirty and make some really great art.

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The Best Drawing Apps And Art Apps For 2020/2021

There are a ton of drawing apps and art apps out there for you to doodle with. Weâre here to share the best drawing apps for mobile and desktop.

Thereâs a whole world of cool drawing apps, art apps, sketch apps, and painting apps out there. They make everything from childrenâs book illustrations to acing your online illustration class work super-easy, allowing you to express your creativity and create cool work that will really make your online illustration portfolio stand out to prospective clients and customers alike.

But what are the best drawing apps? Weâve assembled this list of the most powerful, interesting, and popular drawing apps and art apps on our radar for 2020/2021. Letâs check it out!

The Best Drawing Apps For Android

5 Best Android Tablet For Drawing: Top Tablets With Stylus

Price: Free / From $0.99 per month

Whether hobbyist or pro, Clip Studio Paint has plenty of features for all artists. It blends the natural feeling of drawing with more brushes and 3D models than you can count. You can tap into a massive materials library on the Android version, and its a breeze to bring your artwork to life. Clip Studio Paint doesnt limit you to a single device you can store everything in the cloud for fast access. You can even record timelapse videos in case you want to show off your artistic process on TikTok.

If youre not quite sure about Clip Studio Paint, you can give the three-month free trial a test or enjoy the free version for an hour a day on your smartphone. Users on tablets will have to subscribe following the initial three-month trial, though.

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