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Sky Viper Video Viewer

5 Best Drone Apps 2019

You can improve your drone control skills with the Sky Viper Video Viewer application. It is designed to capture video and transfer it to your smartphone the shooting will be carried out with the help of your drone. The stream of video will be directly on your screen, and you only need to control the flight Sky Viper.

The application interface is simple and straightforward enough at first glance, it may even remind you of a standard smartphone camera shooting. On the screen, you will see the image captured by the camera, as well as a small amount of information about the drone itself.

For example, the Sky Viper Video Viewer constantly displays the charge of the quadcopter so that you can stop shooting in time. It should be noted that video and photo are immediately saved to the gallery of your smartphone, so you can immediately share the result of your work.

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Drone Apps: What Are They For

Drone apps are essential to every pilot whether they are professionals or individuals who use drones for recreational use. You will need drone apps to help you make your flights run smoother and safer. Not only do they provide information such as weather forecasts and airspace information to make your flights safer some apps also provide tools for photography and surveying purposes. Without these apps, your flights will either fail or you might get in trouble for accidentally flying into a restricted area.

With drone apps, pilots can plan their flight execution and ensure that their flights will launch without a hitch. The best drone apps even provide you with information on no-fly zones and help you inform nearby airports when you fly your drones. From essential flight information down to photography tools, there is an app for every drone pilot.

It helps to always be aware of certain parameters before flying your drones. On the photography side, these apps help you take better photos and tell you the best times to take them. Most importantly, no effort will be wasted when you use drone apps as youll be able to plan better with them.

Dronedeploy: Mapping For Dji

Now drones can be used for various purposes and one of them is for industrial use. Now, there are many drone apps for android, but not all can be used for professional purposes. However, DroneDeploy changes that and gives more access to the user.

You can use your DJI drone and get commercial shots, capture data, explore routes to have a realistic picture of the maps. It also comes with free planning mode to autonomously fly your device. You can also share images taken from the drone on social media websites in real-time.

If you want to use your drone for aerial images and software for creating realistic maps, then this is the one to go for.

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Got Any Free Drone Apps That You Recommends

Among these top 10 free drone apps that I recommend for any drone pilots to use. Not only you will be able to be aware of fly zones, but they will also enhance your drones performance to do the jobs automatically and independently directly from your smartphone or tablet.

There are many great drone apps available to download from. But these free drone apps that I listed are popular among drone pilots. If you know or use any good drone app and you want to share with the community. Please feel free to share with us by commenting below. Happy flying!

Drone Buddy Uav Safe Wind

2018 best Android Controlled Drone

If you are using the drone for the first time and want to use it for both professional and personal use then this is one of the best drone apps in the market. It comes with a simple-to-use interface, precise readings, and can make live broadcasts as well.

The app gives easy-to-use control to the user and allows them to change the course of the flight based on real-time weather readings like wind direction. It has several configuration options and supports all kinds of DJI and FPV devices.

It is completely free and also comes with a premium subscription for more features.

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Make Yourself Familiar With The Rich Ecosystem Of Drone Technology Offerings And Solutions

Theres a growing ecosystem of drone solutions. This includes drone hardware and software solutions. You can also access excellent documentation.

Check out the following examples:

A. The projects supported by the Dronecode Foundation

The Dronecode Foundation is a part of the Linux Foundation. It supports valuable projects that facilitate the growth of the drone industry.

Review them. These are open-source projects, which can help your project.

An example is MAVLink. This a lightweight message library for communications between drones and ground control stations. MAVLink has message-set specifications. It also offers Python tools to convert them into source code for popular languages like Java, Swift, JavaScript, etc.

B. AirSim: A simulator for drone software development

Do you also plan to offer a simulator for drones along with a drone control software application? You can get ideas by reviewing AirSim. The developers of this platform utilized AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning , Computer Vision, Reinforced Learning, embedded software technologies, etc.

AirSim also supports Lidar sensors. Lidar sensors can collect high-quality data when used in drones, therefore, they are popular.

C. DroneMapper

Looking for an image processing software solution for your drone control app? Evaluate DroneMapper. The company provides two licensed software products for this, named REMOTE EXPERT and RAPID.

Choose Native Mobile Development Over Cross

We recommend you choose native mobile development. Native mobile apps offer a superior user experience, security, and performance over cross-platform apps.

Native mobile apps use the device-specific features well. You develop them with technologies that work effectively with the operating system in question.

Native Android development involves Java or Kotlin, and you develop native iOS apps with Swift. These languages tap into the strengths of the respective operating systems very effectively.

You can save costs by developing a cross-platform app. This allows you to run your app on Android and iOS with one codebase. However, cross-platform apps cant fully match the native user experience, performance, and security.

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Do I Need To Use Manufacturer Apps In Order To Fly My Drones

However, it is possible that there are very few options. Youre good to go if your manufacturer has made it possible to access an SDK or API to allow third-party software control of your drone. This includes most manufacturers that are involved in the Dronecode or PX4 systems, as well as DJI drones. If you dont find what you are looking for, we have a complete list of alternative apps to DJI GO 4.

Drone Apps The Basics

Top 5 Realistic Drone Simulator For Android & iOS 2020

In todays world of ever rapidly improving technology, drone apps are now a fundamental tool for many fliers both hobbyist and professional.

There are many different apps out there that all do different things. For example, there are apps for flight planning, drone photography, VR flying, weather reports, making sure you meet drone compliance you name it, theres an app for it. There are even software development apps designed to help you program your drone. Some of these apps cover multiple functions, while many specialize in just one.

Its important to distinguish between apps made by drone manufacturers and those made by third-party developers. These days, most drones come with some kind of companion manufactured by the manufacturer. These types of apps are most commonly used for flying the drone, controlling the camera, editing photos, and so on.

Then there are third-party apps that focus on drone photography, but more often on things like flight preparation, environmental condition reports, and mapping. When it comes to using these apps, its important to make sure you find one thats compatible with your drone.

Most third-party apps are designed for DJI drones. This is due to a couple of reasons firstly that DJI makes software development kits available so developers can create compatible apps, and secondly that DJI drones are extremely popular and have the largest target audience.

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Apps Every Drone Pilot Needs

The best UAVs let you fly about with ease while taking stunning images and footage. But there is only so much a drone can do, and smart pilots know the value of pairing their drones with intelligent technology.

There are numerous ways to plan and organize drone flights. Some are better suited for beginners, while others are for advanced users. Ultimately, which one is best for you depends on what you need.

With that in mind, a common question that drone pilots ask is, what app does my drone need?

Tesla Field Recorder, Kittyhawk, Google Earth, DJI Go 4, Litchi, Airmap, PhotoPills, Sun Surveyor, DroneDeploy, UAV Forecast, B4UFly, Pix4D, and DroneMate are some of the apps a drone pilot cant do without.

As a drone pilot, multiple functions need to be managed at the same time. This guide reviews the 13 apps every drone pilot needs and what makes them the best.

What apps do I need to fly my drone?

Before looking at these top picks, note that all of these apps have their pros and cons. So, its best to not only look at what they offer but also try them out before picking favorites.

This way, youll establish exactly how they work and whether they meet your needs.

Lets dive into the best apps for drone pilots.

Sky Viper Drone Builder

Not all users who have purchased a drone for themselves know what it is inside. It is unlikely that you have ever wanted to disassemble and assemble your device back without any need.

However, you may be wondering what is inside the innovative device. Sky Viper Drone Builder will help you experience the pleasure of building and detailed review of the Sky Vyper.

Here you will encounter the model E1700 Stunt Drone. It is worth noting that the scheme and details of all drones Sky Viper similar to each other, so that the owners of other models can also become familiar.

Using the service you will learn what exactly the work of the drone from the inside looks like, and even how the controllers do look like. In 3D, you will observe the detailed assembly process and even participate in it, discovering something new and interesting. It may also be useful in case your device will abruptly fail or break down.

There are many other, no less interesting projects among the various applications that specialize in drone management or work with them. At that, most applications are designed only for certain models of quadrocopters.

So if you have a device, but have not yet installed a special widget or application to work with it, we recommend that you check their compatibility. We have found for you those that can work exactly with Sky Viper Drone.

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Do I Have To Pay For These Expensive Drone Apps

Before you invest in other apps, please consider your needs. The majority of apps are worth the cost, but only if they have the necessary features. Pix4D, for example, is not within the budget of most hobby pilots. However, the advanced mapping capabilities they offer are essential to commercial operations.

Whether Youre New To Flying Drones Or A Veteran Hobbyist Or Professional Youll Need More Than A Mobile App To Power Up And Operate Your Drone

Best drone for child UK! Buy children drones and read a useful guide!

DJI, Autel, Parrot and other comparable manufacturers have designed their native flight control apps to help you conduct safe and effective missions. However, it would be impossible for them to pack in every single feature necessary to get the most out of each drone flight without overwhelming the user.

The following 8 applications will ensure youâre properly prepared for any operation. From insurance to authorizations, pre to post-flight planning and more, here are some must-have apps to add to your arsenal.


Kittyhawk was tapped by the FAA to help revamp their B4UFly safety and awareness app, so you know that the data they provide is top-notch. Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability requests are free. You can also plan missions ahead of time, create pre and post-flight checklists, conduct automated flights, log flight hours, and monitor aircraft battery performance.

The interface on this app is expertly-designed and user-friendly, which makes it an overall delight to use for safe and compliant flight planning. Kittyhawk is free to download. Those seeking out more sophisticated features, including team management, can contact their sales team for enterprise memberships.


The app itself is free to download. However the benefits youâll receive from using it depend on which monthly paid plan you choose. Lastly, DroneDeploy also has many app integrations and can make it easy to sync flight data.


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Option #: Dji Sdk And Api:

DJI offers mobile SDKs and API for creating drone control apps. You can create iOS and Android apps using them. You can incorporate the following features:

  • High and low-level flight control
  • Aircraft state through telemetry and sensor data
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Save media and download, including images and videos
  • Send autopilot flight plans
  • Update your drone.

The SDK works with a wide variety of drone platforms. The SDK is developed using the popular programming language C. It provides libraries for Android and iOS. A drone simulator is included.

You need to sign-up with the Parrot developer platform to get the SDK. You can also view their Android and iOS sample projects in their GitHub repository, which you can access here.

Dronedesk Best Drone App For Streamlining Planning

Dronedesk is pretty similar to Airmap in that its one of the more advanced drone flight planning apps out there. The main selling point of this app, though, is how much time and money its innovative planning tools can save you.

It aims to make it faster and easier than ever before to plan safe, efficient routes. In fact, the Drondesk website states that 78% of users said it takes them 30 minutes or less to plan compliant routes since they started using the app.

If youre a business owner that uses drones, Dronedesk also claims to be able to save you significant amounts of money. It has an interactive tool on the website that estimates savings based on the number of pilots and flights per week. For example, if you have three pilots performing 10 flights each week, Dronedesk claims to save you as much as $12,600 per year by cutting admin and planning times by up to 840 hours.

You can create flight plans in seconds and get an instant view of operationally relevant radii from 30m to 150m, enter flight logs in just a few clicks and easily export data, and manage all job aspects in a single screen while having everything you need to ensure compliant flying.

Dronedesk is actually a web app, but it runs well on mobile too, and you can easily access it through your iPhone or Android browser.

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Uav Coach And Drone Sifter : The Best Drone Cameras To Buy For Photography

So what’s the best drone for photography? It depends on who you ask. If you want to compare different options and find unbiased expert views, there are two sites to narrow down your choices.

Drone training firm UAV Coach has a fantastic drone buyer’s guide to understand which specifications matter and figure out what you actually need. It’s one of the most-linked articles on different drone photography forums for beginners looking to buy a drone. Using that advice, check out their best camera drones round-up for recommendations on what to buy, or go by other trusted tech reviewers.

If you want to know your options across major brands, DroneSifter is what you need to look at. It’s a product catalog of the best new drones on the market, with filters to refine them by price, flight range, flight time, video quality, GPS, and type. The catalog mainly lists the top contenders in the US market, so if you’re a hobbyist, you might want to check out some foreign options on sites like AliExpress.

Bonus: Googles Wing Aviation Opensky


The folks at Google are getting in on the fun. OpenSky is a simple app to discover airspace limitations, and acquire LAANC authorization to fly in controlled airspace. The first launch of this app has very few features, as we could not see other flights in our area, drone or manned aircraft, nor could we confirm that our non-LAANC registered flights in OpenSky were reporting for other apps and maps to see our flight location.

If you dont care about the extras that apps like Airmap can provide, OpenSky is a quick tool to get you authorized to fly.

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Kittyhawk: Enterprise Drone Flight Operations

Kittyhawk is a fairly comprehensive app, helping companies manage a drone programme thats safe, compliant and reliable.

Kittyhawk is a one-stop-shop app, with features ranging from mission planning to weather details and safety checks

Designed to keep teams flying safely and their data organised, Kittyhawk is one connected platform to navigate airspace, maintain aircraft and manage aviators.

Kittyhawk can be used for a variety of things, such as:

  • Check airspace and weather
  • Run safety checklists and risk assessments
  • Sync data from DJI aircraft
  • Real-time UTM and aircraft telemetry
  • Automated team, fleet, and compliance reporting
  • Encrypted real-time audio/video streaming

“The app works well and has really made it easier for commercial use of a drone,” – customer review

This app can be installed for free via Google Play and the App Store.

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