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Pcb Design Companion Best Circuit Design Guide For Students

Best Apps for Electrical and Electronics Engineering Students – Circuit Simulator for Android

Category: Tools

Cost: Free , $0.99

Rating: 3.9 stars

If you have little or no idea on circuit design, this app will give you the comprehensive guide. First, it comes with a list of PCB calculators, such as for LED resistor, parallel resistor, voltage divider, spiral inductor, and etc. Then, you can find the information about different package such as DIP IC, SO IC and PLCC IC. The performance characteristics and parameters of the chips are compared. For the students, this app has the comprehensive list of symbols like resistor , capacitor , diode , and etc. This part is especially useful for the students who are new to the symbols.

App Review

Cost: Free , $0.99

Rating: 3.8 stars

It is an app for electricians to draw the schematic diagram of all kinds of electric circuit. The user can design their own symbols and export to the library for future use. After finishing the work,

App Review

Easy to use and useful to design the electrical circuits


Many functions are restricted in the free version

Mobile Electrician By Anatoliy Tarasenko

Would you like to have a pocket electrician who will always be with you? If your answer is yes, then we present you with the Mobile electrician application.

It is suitable for you in those cases if you need calculators for different systems. Mobile electrician has collected almost all possible automated calculations needed by electricians in their work.

Here you will encounter both power and conductors, lengths of circuits, and many other parameters that previously you had to calculate on your own or look for special formulas.

The interface of Mobile electrician is incredibly simple, but it looks quite professional and of high quality. On the main screen, youll need to choose which area you need to calculate at the moment for example, capacity, NEC or anything else.

Students will also find Mobile Electrian useful, as it has basic formulas and calculations. If you cant find what you need from the categories, just use the search.

As soon as you select and get to the page of the necessary calculations, you will just have to enter the known data and get the results agree, such help greatly accelerates the work.

Iodema Srl Electrical Engineering Apps

Price: Free / $1.99-$3.99 each

IODEMA Srl is a developer on Google Play with a couple of decent electrical engineering apps. The first, and arguably more popular, app is ElectroDroid. It works almost exactly the same way as Electronics Toolkit above. You get a variety of engineering-oriented tools and guides for quick reference and calculation. The sheer amount of information is excellent and itll no doubt replace a lot of the books and manuals you have laying around. The developer also has two database apps, one for PICmicro and one for ATmicro if you need those.

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Autocad Dwg Viewer & Editor

Take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go! AutoCAD mobile is a DWG viewing application with easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools that allow you to view, create, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings on mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Simplify your site visits with the most powerful CAD app and do real CAD work on the go.

Electrical Calculations By Ettore Gallina Best Calculator For Engineering

Top 10 Android Apps For Electrical &  Electronics Engineers ...

Category: Productivity

Cost: Free , $2.49

Rating: 4.4 stars

It is a comprehensive calculator for voltage drop, current, active power, apparent power, resistance, motor efficiency, maximum torque and etc. Three options are available including direct current, alternating single-phase and alternating three-phase. The interface is very easy to use, which is useful for electrical engineers who need to do the conversion of unit. Besides, this app includes almost documentation for any electrical components such as fuse class, tripping curves, appliance classes, all socket type, wiring color codes, SI prefixes and etc. If you are an engineering student, you can find different kinds of Physics Law such as Ohms Law, formula of impedance, reactance and etc.

Apps Review

Very comprehensive info and electrical data

Fast loading speed

Internet is not required when using this app

Support both iOS and Android


The limitation is that some of the functions are locked until you paid for the pro version

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My Handbook : Ee Ec Ei E& t Eee Eecs

Are you looking for the perfect and complete guide to electrical engineering? In that case, My Handbook is exactly what you need. With it, you can prepare for exams and tests as well as gain fundamental knowledge in technical areas.

It is designed so that users with different purposes can easily find what they need. If you want to learn something new, My Handbook offers you whole chapters with the material. If you are simply looking for a specific term or section, you can also find the information you need.

My Handbook has an initial free and paid version, which gives you full access to knowledge. Before you pay for the subscription or the application itself, we recommend you to try the free version take a look at the interface and data offered to you.

Also in My Handbook you can create your own dictionary of certain terms and formulas that interest you the most. This dictionary will be available to you even in an offline format, so you can use it during exams or at work.

Simple reference books, short manuals, and even calculators we have tried to highlight all the possible applications for electrical engineering that are currently relevant.

Now it wont be a problem for you to calculate the grounding or resistance as well as the correct color coding. Even experienced electricians can sometimes face difficulties or problems that were not previously solved by them in this case, it is better to check the information in a reliable source.

Top 10 Essential Electrician Apps For Technicians

November 3, 2021 by Vishnu Patil

In todays modern age many electrician brothers have in their pockets a number of applications for electrician service in the market for the safety of the customer and fortunately to speed up the process for quick decision making in the field. Which can solve even the most difficult problem in calculation through mobile.

In todays article, we are going to make a list of the 10 most apps for electricians that can be very useful to increase the efficiency of your company in the field and office.

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Best Video Editing Apps For Android

  • Video editing apps on Android offer basic functionality.
  • While you may not be able to do professional video editing on apps, the basic edits are suitable for short videos, vlogs and social media posts.
  • Before you start using an editing app, check out our guide to help you choose the best editing apps on Android.

Electrical Drawing : Diagram Calculation & Symbol

Top 5 Android apps for Electrical Engineers

This is an Electrical Engineering App Which is developed for Electrical Drawing Apps for ElectricianIn the app you can also access some important electrical calculator which is listed below area.Electrical Drawing Application Features:Drawings and Working:Star Delta StarterStar – Delta with Local Remote Selector SwitchStar – Delta Starter Without TimerStar – Delta Starter from 2 PlacesStar – Delta Starter with Reverse ForwardReverse – Forward StarterReverse – Forward with Limit …


2. Home electrical wiring diagram

Home electrical wiring diagram app is very useful for electricians and students to learn about the wiring features this app can be used to create the electrical wiring diagram with the complete description, pin-outs, electrical calculations and other references for home wiring. The content in this electrical wiring app is very reliable and accurate. All of the illustration in this app shows the typical wiring diagram methods, and actual installation on the house wiring plan and this app are suitable for individual requirements.

What are the special features of home electrical wiring diagram app

  • It has measurements for outlets and switches
  • It has color coding of wires and screw terminals
  • It has all details about the 4 and 3-way switches
  • Many electrical symbols are present which can be used for electrical diagram
  • It can find the cause of short circuit

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These Electronics & Electricity Apps Are Must

Let us face it! Smartphone has become such an integral part of our smart lives that we dont know what we could do without them. As electrical engineering students, hobbyists, technicians, interns, graduate engineers, and senior engineers we love to have our fun with the best smartphones in the room because we of all people should know what sets a good smartphone aside. But what if your smartphone can help get the job done? With the best electrical app on smartphones, you can now get all the aid you need when computing for values and designing circuits and from a reliable partner too, one that will not abandon you when you need them the most.

Buying Guide When Looking At Stud Finder Apps

If youre looking at downloading the best cheap stud finder, there are a few things you should bear in mind before making a decision. The first is to make sure that you check the requirements needed to run the app on your device properly.

Another consideration is to check the best stud finder reviews to find out what other users have experienced.

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Circuit Solver Best Drag And Drop App For Electrical Circuit Engineers & Designers

Category: Education

Cost: Free , $0.99

Rating: 3.6 stars

It is a drag and drop PCB circuit broad simulation app that contains 100+ built-in electrical components such as resistor, inductor, capacitor, LED, AC/DC voltage/current sources, switch, transformer, and more. Unlike other simulator, Circuit Solvers comes with oscilloscope function we can see the wave form of voltage and current of individual electronics. It also has a user-friendly interface for the users to save and share the circuit designs.

App Review

There are labels on each electrical component

The icons of the electronics are larger when comparing to other similar PCB designer apps


Some users complained that it is quite annoying to have update every day

Many functions are restricted to use until paying for the Pro version

Ordinary dictionary may not be desirable if you are involving in electrical engineering field. Even you can find the terms, you may not be able to get the detailed explanation or graphical representation. Though looking at the encyclopedia is a way, but it consumes a lot of time to get to the library. Thus, electrical dictionary apps are the best tool for contractors and students. Here are the best 5 apps specialized for electronics.

Instagram Byte Facebook Etc

Basic Electrical Engineering

Price: Free

Skateboarders love to showcase their talent. The best way to do that is with live streaming video. There are a variety of apps that do it. Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube are the biggest. There are also a lot of others, including LiveStream, Twitch, and others. We mostly recommend the big three with Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope. They have excellent reach, theyre easy, and you can save them to your profile when youre done. Theyre also completely free. Byte recently launched as a sequel to Vine and lets you upload seven second clips which can be perfect for showing off a good skate trick.

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The Best Electrical Apps For Electricians And Engineers

√ćndice de contenidos

Logo Electrical Formulator APP


This Electrical calculation app helps us to solve any electrical design problem with hundreds of conversions and calculation formulas.


Free but offers In-App Premium purchases

logo top cable metal prices


Receive information on copper and aluminum prices, according to the London Metal Exchange and the German Electrolytic High-Conductivity Copper closing prices.


logo electrical calculations lite


The most complete electrical cable calculations app, simple and easy to use. You can find from wire size recommendations to reactive calculations or power conversion features. Its a must for every electrical engineer.


Everycircuit Best Circuit Design App For Electrician

Category: Education

Rating: 4.3 stars

This app not only provides user-friendly interface for you to DIY the PCB circuit but explains to you how each electrical component works by means of animated graph. Take the AC mode as an example, the app will show you the sinusoidal voltage and current phase with the time line and thus, you will understand when will the bulb light up, as well as the behavior of other electronics such as capacitor and inductor. The concept can be reinforced if you are an Electrical Engineering student.

App Review


Countless users appreciate that this app is convenient to use, especially for high school, college students and electrical contractors

Fast loading speed

Can be used without internet connection


Need to sign up before use, and the free trial period has 24 hours only

Some complained the paid version is a little bit expensive

A few users point out that the explanation is not enough

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+ Must Have Android Apps For Electrical & Electronics Engineers & Students

Smartphones made our life too smart. As we know that books and desktop applications are already available. But, everyone and then we electrical and electronics engineers, contractors, electricians, hobbyists and Students like a list of the best electrical and electronics engineering apps to be installed on our Smartphones and mobiles, because these applications can make your job faster like ideal.

Apple iPhone Users? No worriesCheck this

Here is the list of the best Electrical and Electronics Apps for Android Smartphones and Mobiles users.

Spokes Tension Gauge $499

Best Android App for Electrician

Aside from mapping apps, there are plenty of useful tools out there to help you with the maintenance of your regular bike and your electric bike. We find Spoke Tension Gauge particularly useful because it helps you true your wheels by sound: just pluck one of your spokes like a guitar string and its tension is shown on the screen.

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Electricians Handbook: Electrical Engineering

Here is everything you need for those who want to get the basic knowledge about electricity:The basic theory was written in simple language. Briefly about electrical voltage, current, short circuit, Ohms law, and so on Interactive diagrams for connecting electrical appliances calculators and tables.

Read this electricians guide to understand how electricity works in your home.This app is helpful to all those who want to improve or refresh their knowledge in electrical engineering.

Best Smartphone Apps For Electrical Engineers

Best Smartphone Apps for Electrical Engineers

Fun and useful, these are some of the best iPhone and Droid apps for todays Electrical Engineers!

Smartphone apps for electrical engineers are a tricky topic to cover because they can range anywhere from completely pointless battery drainers to how-did-I-ever-get-my-degree-without-this-thing?

BeamCalc app from the iTunes store. ” rel=”nofollow”>

To provide you with only the best of the very best, weve perused iTunes and the Droid Market app stores and came up with some of the most useful Electrical Engineering-based smartphone apps that are worth the space on your memory card.

Slide Rule app from the Droid market. ” rel=”nofollow”>

Best fundamental apps


The e-ENGineer works nearly all calculations that are needed by electrical engineers. Formulas like delta transform, volt drop, and resistance provide fast answers whether youre out in the field or at the desk in your office.

Cost: $1.99


One of the more popular Droid apps for electrical engineers, the ElectroDroid is a powerful collection of electronic tools and reference. It includes a resistor color code decoder , Ohms law calculator, voltage divider, and several more applications.

Cost: FREE

Keeps you connected to the world of Electrical Engineering

Cost: FREE

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Electrodoc Electronics In Your Hand

If your work or hobby is directly related to electronics, we have found a great tool for you. This application Electrodoc, which is a full-fledged reference book for every person who is related to electronics.

There are various calculators, tools for building diagrams, and reference materials, which you can turn to at any time. Beginner specialists say that this is a really good and necessary application, which helps in the work.

Here everything is at your fingertips any information and data, which relate to the development and repair of various devices. All collected in one application Electrodoc.

Of course, it is not perfect the service has a rather strange interface, in which you can get confused and not find the right topic. But after a few uses, you notice that you are used to this format of information.

Also, note that in the free version of Electrodoc there is advertising you need to buy the Pro application to disable it, which contains even more tools and information.

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  • You can perform the following calculations with this app:

    Ohms LawPower Calculations for DC CircuitsPower Calculations for Single Phase and Three Phase AC CircuitsEnergy Calculations Equivalent Resistance of Series networkEquivalent Resistance of Parallel NetworkWye to Delta and Delta to Wye Conversion of Resistance Network

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