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eFax Android App for Faxing Online from your Phone

When you need to send important documents via fax, you might want to sign them as well. In this situation, the electronic signature feature will come in handy. Fax is often used because of its high level of security when compared to other ways of communication. To ensure that online faxing retains the same degree of security, you’ll be able to sign a document without hassle from your smartphone or iPad.

The 20 Best Fax Apps For Android To Send Fax Instantly

  • Final Verdict
  • Fax is the oldest way to send texts and documents to distant people instantly that is still used by people. It doesnt matter how easy sending a message and email today, many of us are still fond of sending faxes. Especially for official purposes, we need to send a fax now and then. But sending a fax requires a fax machine that many of us dont have. But now is the era of technology and time has lessened our effort and makes many things easier. To give you an idea, I can mention this fax machine that you can now forget about. As long as you have your smartphone in your hand, you dont need a fax machine to send a fax. Android PlayStore has come with thousands of fax apps for Android that let you send fax just using your android device.

    Fax From Iphone Speedy Fax App

    The free to install application lets you combine multiple files into single fax and add a personalized cover page before you send it. It also allows you to preview your file before sending it further, ensuring that you make no mistakes. It further lets you import and store documents on the cloud, track the sent files, and much more.

    Price: Free

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    How To Send A Fax From Android For Free Via Myfax

    MyFax is the final tool with which you can send out faxes for free from your Android phone. Like eFax, MyFax can also send out faxes to international recipients without any surcharge. However, unlike eFax, MyFax doesnt come with advanced features such as the ability to add a digital signature or modify the cover letter template. As such, its a pretty basic version of eFax.

    With the MyFax Android app, you can send faxes directly from your Android device. Just like with the other apps, you install it and then access it. Once you do, you go to Send Faxes. Add the recipients number along with the country code, the cover page message, and the documents you want to send. Once all the attachments have been added, you can go ahead and send them.

    MyFax is extremely simple to use and its also the cheapest app amongst all of them. It only costs $10 a month, and with that you can send 400 international faxes. If you cross that limit, you just have to spend an additional $0.10 per fax.

    There are a lot of different ways to go about sending faxes from Android phones. The most popular fax sending apps for Android are RingCentral, eFax, and MyFax. As you can tell, all of them are ideal for different reasons.

    Best Fax Apps And Fax Sending Apps For Android & Ios

    Best Fax App For Iphone 2020 : 10 Best Free Ios And ...

    Those times are gone when we had to fit in the faxing machines in offices. The email has somehow replaced that faxing. But, faxing is easier with the advancement of technology. Yes, there is the best free fax app for Android. There is also good news for iPhone users as well. There is also a free fax app for iPhone. The fax Android app will not only save a lot of your time but also saves the cost which was spent on fax machines. Lets Explore free mobile fax app for android & iOS

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    It Is Quick And Easy To Send Fax With Wisefax Fax App For Android

    To send faxes from your Android phone, you just install the Android fax app called WiseFax on your phone, upload the document you want to fax or take a picture of your document, preview it and mark pages to be sent, enter fax number and so thats all. WiseFax will do all the rest for you. WiseFax recognizes all most common file types like MS Word document, MS Excel spreadsheet, Adobe Acrobat PDF, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents, ScanWritr documents and many other. So, you dont have to convert documents manually. It also supports sending JPEG, GIF, PNG, HEIC, TIFF and BMP picture formats, therefore you can easily take a photo of your physical document using your windows phone. WiseFax will automatically convert your document to fax and optimize it before sending.

    Best For Fax Number Options


    • Local, international, and toll-free fax numbers available
    • Modern mobile app and improved desktop app
    • Supports digital signatures
    • Only service we tested with a setup fee
    • Severely dated web interface
    • Inadequate password security and no two-factor authentication
    • Some quality issues in fax transmission testing


    • Limited free faxing to the US and Canada
    • International faxing
    • Simple interface
    • Paid faxing option is expensive
    • No mobile app or email-to-fax ability
    • Poor handling of graphics-heavy test fax document


    • Well-designed apps for mobile and desktop platforms
    • Email-to-fax capabilities
    • Base plan does not allow you to receive faxes
    • Most plans are much more expensive if you sign up from the mobile app
    • Lacks built-in two-factor authentication option


    • Good fax quality in testing



    • Simple setup and faxing process
    • International and toll-free fax numbers available
    • Well-designed mobile apps
    • Poor password security and no two-factor authentication
    • Some quality issues in fax transmission testing


    • Good value, with low overage charges
    • Solid mobile apps
    • Problematic password-handling during account setup
    • Lacks two-factor authentication option

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    Fax App: Send Fax From Phone Receive Fax Document

    Lets check Fax App by Amplify. It is a very powerful fax app that comes with a very simple user-interface. But the best part of this app is its security. This app has a very strong privacy system that will secure your documents and data. And another outstanding facility is it is completely free to send a fax. But you have to pay for the premium facilities. However, this app sends a fax very fast, and you can do it very easily. You can learn more about this app to be more specific about it.

    Important Features

    • There are tons of professional cover page templates that you can use on the fax.
    • This app will give you a notification of receiving fax and confirmation of sending a fax.
    • This app is integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and similar.
    • It is a cross-platform supported easy to use fax app.
    • You will get an Inbound fax number for toll-free local fax.

    Fax App Free Page Fax To Email

    5 Best Free Fax Apps For Android of 2021

    Another page-based fax app is here to get your attention. And this time, it is Fax App Free Page. This app is free to download, but you have to pay to buy pages and use them to send a fax. But the cost is near to be not noticeable. Also, this app lets you enjoy a week of free trial and a few free pages so that you can decide properly whether to spend money on this or not. You can also reduce the cost of buying pages by purchasing bundles. If you are interested, the following features are suggested to get a glance of you.

    Important Features

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    Email To Fax Fax To Email

    Modern businesses and workers are familiar with email workflows, and most of the fax services we’ve tested offer similar fax-to-email capabilities. In practical terms, fax services convert received faxes into email attachments, and conversely, transmute email fields and attachments into their fax equivalent. As you can email from anywhere, this approach makes a fax service more universally available.

    The process of sending a fax via email is fairly straightforward and doesn’t vary much from service to service. Basically, you type the fax numberincluding country and area codeinto the address line, followed by an email domain specific to the fax service . The subject line and body text appear on the fax cover page, while any attachments appear as separate pages. Your fax number appears as the sender, so there’s no confusion about where the message originated.

    Genius Fax Best Fax App For Iphone

    • Compatibility: iPhone & iPad
    • Price: Free with In-App Purchases

    Genius Fax app is a very fast, simple, beautiful, and easy fax app to send a fax from iPhone. It has a simple and really beautiful user interface. If your fax sends successfully or failed to deliver a fax, you will get a notification for it on your iPhone. It also provides a free cover page.

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    Genius Fax Free With In

    Simply Streamlined

    Do you value a good interface which is easy to understand and amazing for daily use? Then get Genius Fax as it provides it all. The app is designed really well with fast faxes in mind. Tap the + button and you are ready to send a fax.

    Selecting a document from anywhere on your Android device and sending it as a fax is done with ease. Just dont forget to add the recipient fax number and you are ready to roll. One of the best things about the app is that while it charges credits for each page, the cover page is always free.

    In-app Purchases:$0.99 $21.51 per item


    • Sending any type of document.
    • You can also receive faces.
    • The history is also available.

    Notable Feature:

    You can purchase a receiving number from the app too. It costs around $3.49 and you will be able to receive faxes too.

    Faxfile Send Fax From Phone

    Best fax app for iPhone and Android

    Lets check out another popular and free fax app for your android device. This time, I am talking about FaxFile by Actual Software Inc. The developer crafted this app to fulfill all your needs related to fax issues, and the functions let you handle them just using your Android device. You can send documents of different types using this app through fax files to anywhere in the world. For that, you have to purchase fax credits, and you can simply purchase it from the Google play store. Sounds interesting, right? Thats what this app is.

    Important Features

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    Great Online Faxing Apps

    If youre looking for a great online fax app to send a fax, then look no further. Here is our review of the best fax apps for both Android and Apple.

    If you thought fax was dead, then welcome to online faxing. A place where you can physically send an email. Thats right. You no longer have to hunt down a traditional fax machine to send a fax and hope the recipient has access to a machine at their end.

    Now, sending fax online is as simple as snapping the document, opening up your chosen fax app, such as iFax app, typing in the recipients address and pressing send.

    Why cant you just use email? Because email isnt secure. Online fax is secure. In fact, one of the best things about iFax app is that your fax is secured end to end with their encryption technology.

    Who still needs to send faxes, you ask? The government, healthcare providers, realtors, financial services, there are a wealth of industries that rely on this technology, and sidenote email isnt legally admissible in court, online fax is.

    Plus, have you seen the cost of sending a fax today? When you factor in the cost of the machine, the paper, the toner, the line rental, the repair guy, the salary to pay the secretary to send the fax, it equates to approximately $1 per fax. If you have to send multiple faxes an hour, that quickly adds up.

    Depending on how many credits you purchase the more you buy, the cheaper each page becomes, each fax page works out between $0.25 and $0.50 per page.

    Simple Scan Free Pdf Scanner App

    Let me introduce you with the simplest Fax app for Android that will work even more than just a fax machine. However, I am talking about Simple Scan. Though the name suggests being a scanner app, this app works as a fax app ever better. Sending and receiving a fax with this app is a matter of a few taps and a few seconds. You can send a fax without being registered and for free. Besides, it works as a great scanner and email app. Lets see whats more it offers.

    Important Features

    • All your fax will be stored as either JPG and PDF files in the cloud storage
    • You can send emails, fax, documents, and files using this app and print them using a printer too.
    • A search bar will instantly search the fax and files you are looking for.
    • You can export texts using this app, and it supports OCR text recognition.
    • This app is integrated with Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Google Drive, WhatsApp, etc.

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    Myfax App Send Fax From Phone

    It doesnt matter whether you are using a phone or a tablet if it is programmed with an android system, you can now use it as a fax machine. For that, you can try MyFax app. You need a MyFax subscription to enjoy the service of this app, but you dont have to pay to download this app. Also, you can give a free trial of using this app and then choose whether to buy a subscription or not. And one thing I can assure you here, once you start using this app, you will just love it for its premium features.

    Important Features

    Why Fax Instead Of Email

    How to Send a Fax with the MyFax App for Android

    To this, he replied, emails are like electronic postcards. Before reaching their final destination, they go through ISPs, firewalls, servers, and data harvesting bots that make them vulnerable to theft and breach. Unlike this, fax uses PSTN , which is way more secure. He replied confidently.

    Every time you send a file through fax, the files converted into base64 binary at origin location and reassembled at the final destination. So, just in case, even if the file gets incepted in between, there would be nothing but ear-hammering noise. He concluded.

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    Snapfax Send Fax From Phone

    Snapfax is another option for those who want to enjoy a low-cost fax app for Android with premium functions. Extracom Inc developed this app to help to send your personal and official fax in a very simple way. Thats why its built with a very simple user interface, and so anyone can use it. Bit for you to ensure a better internet connection. Here, you have to buy a fax page that you can use to send a fax. and The cost for the page is not so high like most other apps.

    Important Features

    • You can scan the hardcopy of a document using the phone camera and send it to others via fax.
    • Lets you select a high-quality cover page.
    • You can send multiple documents in one fax and to different people at a time.
    • Options for archive, save a draft, track sent files, and similar are available here.
    • Like an optimized file transfer app, you can use it to share documents of different formats.

    Top 5 Best Fax Apps To Send Fax From Iphone And Ipad In 2022

    If you want to know how to fax from iPhone then here we have provided the best solution for you. To send a fax from iPhone, you need the best fax app for iPhone. Still, many businesses rely on fax software. When you need to send a fax, you dont have a fax machine.

    Now you dont need to worry about how to send a fax from iPhone. So we have made a list of the 5 best fax apps for iPhone and iPad below.

    Some online fax services also provide a free fax number. These fax apps let you send a fax from your iPhone or receive faxes by email.

    Sending a fax from your iPhone becomes easy and secure now than old technology that uses phone networks with a fax machine.

    Online faxing includes email fax, google fax, web fax along with VoIP fax, which is the use of Internet Protocol to send a fax online.

  • In Conclusion
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    Efax: Send Fax From Phone

    When we think about a fax app for Android, eFax should be the first name to appear in our minds because it is widely popular around the world as an app that lets you send and get fax using just your smart Android device. J2 Cloud Service developed this app very smartly, and it can work in almost all countries in the world.

    This app demands no payment, and just an internet connection will be enough to send, receive, review, and edit fax from anywhere. It works very fast, and just a few taps are enough to handle your fax files. Check more details out there and be more specific about it.

    Important Features

    Jotnot Fax Send & Receive Faxes

    Best fax app for iPhone and Android

    The app is not only easy to use but also comes with direct subscription offers and individual credit purchase packages. Besides, it lets you stay organized by keeping a real-time track of the sent and received faxes. One exciting feature about the app is that you can give a cover page for every fax you send. You also receive proof of transmission for the sent faxes.

    Price: Free

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