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Top 10 Android Apps For Businesses

Top 6 Must Have FREE Android Apps for Entrepreneurs|Business Apps for Android-2020

In spite of Apple’s iOS getting increased attention from people, Android has continued to rack up impressive numbers. Due to its super easy usage, the Android platform has attracted many business owners. Here we have listed the top business apps which can be used to increase the productivity and help them generate more revenue.

1. Basecamp: Free

This is a project management app which allows business managers to organize or assign tasks to others. This app helps in communication within the team, manage workflows, and make sure everybody is working on what they are supposed to be working on. Business owners can analyze team-wise data and measure employee’s productivity individually.

2. Cloud Print: Free

This Android app is a way to wirelessly print documents, webpages, and articles from your android device. This is a dependable way to print from any compatible printer. The app gives access to all printers available on the local network, and can be easily integrated with other Google services and, allows sharing of photos and images with others. Businesses find this very helpful as they do not have to connect to any desktop or laptop, or even be physically present in the office to have a document printed.

3. Invoice2go Pro: Free4. Slack:Free5. Evernote:Free6. Todoist:Free7. Google Drive: Free8. Square Register:Free9. Google Hangouts or Skype: Free10. Tax Code and Regs – Touch Tax: $4.99

Best Android Apps For Productivity

When youre juggling multiple deadlines, you cant simply rely on memory or manual labor to keep things in order. It would be burdensome on your schedule and mental sanity to manage everything without any technological assistance.

The good news is that it doesnt have to be that way. There are many productivity apps to help you with your everyday work-related troubles.

A quick search on Google brings you all kinds of tools and apps and not-so-surprisingly, half of the list seems to be an exact match for your business. This is where all the confusion begins. And with all due respect, this is where most of us make the wrong choice.

However, with this article, you may easily be able to spot and pick the platform that is the best fit for your needs.

  • 22. Pocket
  • Ii Best Free Sports App

    Our Pick: The Athletic

    The Athletic is the third highest-grossing app in the sports category on the Google Play Store. You can get information about your favorite team, players, and more. You can also listen to podcasts of your favorite teams and learn from their experiences.

    Honorable mentions:

    • Bleacher Report Bleacher Report displays scores and upcoming matches of your favourite teams. Moreover, the app showcases stories written by popular writers.
    • BBC Sports BBC sports is also a very good sports app. The app provides prompt news updates, set match reminders and much more. You can also create a custom page and add the topics you are interested in.

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    Best Productivity Apps For 2022 Compared

    After the list of the best productivity apps 2020 became a must-see page, we decided to test the hype and created the list of the best productivity apps 2021 as well. As it turned out that people worldwide greatly benefit from these articles, we wanted to make sure that you had a selection of crème de la crème productivity apps at your disposal for this year as well.

    We scoured the web and analyzed countless options by type, price, interface, and more. At last, we rounded off our list with ten fantastic productivity apps that will help you handle daily responsibilities with ease.

    Wallet Budget Money Tracker

    Best Invoice Android Apps for Small Business ...

    Opting for a simpler name, the developers behind Wallet have put in a lot of thought into this app. It is compatible with Android 4.1 and up, which covers a broad range of devices that are in circulation right now. It has already seen about 5 million installs on the Play Store, which is fairly decent for the kind of app that it is. Tracking your expenses is a hassle free process here, and youre given a detailed description of your previous spendings. You can hook up your bank account with the app, and some banks even offer real-time synchronization with the app, giving you a very good idea of where your finances stand.

    Wallet will also sync up your budget to give you wise suggestions on how to meet financial goals. The app supports multiple currencies, which is ideal for travel. The core features of budget apps are pretty much the same, and the developers can only innovate in terms of onboard features and the appearance of their applications. Wallet comes with a pretty easy to use interface and is quite a nifty app to have. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, and we highly recommend you give the best budget app for android a try right away.

    Download it now: here

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    Payment Apps For Small Businesses

    7. Melio

    Melio is a web-based account payable platform that lets you conveniently pay bills via bank transfer and debit card for free, even for vendors who only accept check payments. Currently only available to small businesses in the U.S.

    Melio is a free solution you can use immediately on any internet-enabled device such as your laptop or smartphone. This works perfectly for busy entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a way to pay bills and manage cash flow on the go without spending a huge portion of their budgets on expensive accounts payable software.

    Melio comes with payment scheduling features that help you set automatic payments so you dont have to worry about late payments or paying too early. It also has payment approval workflows so you can invite users or your accountant to access the platform while still having full control of transaction approvals. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks accounting software and allows paying with any credit card or bank in the US.

    8. Square

    9. Venmo

    Last on our list of payment apps for small businesses is Venmo. Venmo isnt just for splitting cab fares or sharing payments with friends, their social commerce platform allows you to do so much more. When customers checkout on mobile or desktop, Venmo steps in to connect real friends who can share what they experienced and bought. That network of friends can then view, like, and comment on a shared purchase which means your brand gains a lot more exposure.

    Best Money Management Apps In India For 2021

  • Mint Personal Finances AppPersonal finances app for managing personal finances
  • Pocket Expense Personal expenses app for daily expense management
  • Monny Daily expenses app for personal finances management in India
  • My Tabung Personal accounting and finance managing app
  • Lets read about these money management apps for Android in detail.

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    Treepoints: Business Analytics App

    Treepoints provides an emissions calculator that curates a businesss footprint and enumerates it into a profile, where you can see your personalized stats, points accumulated over time, current balance, and the opportunity to refer friends. Also, Treepoints has built an API that can be integrated into external businesses websites in customer booking flows either directly or as a Shopify plugin.

    Features of Treepoints:
    • Enables you to determine figures by using a specially designed calculator on the website, powered by data from authorities like the World Bank and the World Wildlife Federation.

    • Helps you to earn reward points that depend on your chosen plan, and also by referring friends and employers.

    • Provides API which can be integrated into external business’s websites in customer booking flows either directly or as a Shopify plugin.

    Best Free Android Apps In 2022

    5 of the BEST FREE APPS 2020 for BUSINESS on Android and iPhone

    The best free Android apps give you loads of things to do without costing anything upfront. Whether you’ve picked up one of the best cheap phones or you pay big bucks for the latest flagship, you get the same experience.

    And if you do buy the latest and greatest Android phones these days, you’re paying more for your device. Even with Samsung lowering the prices on its new Galaxy S21 models by $200 from the Samsung Galaxy S20, phones like the Galaxy Note 20 still start at $999, and some devices easily blow past the four-figure mark. Throw in a monthly data plan, and it’s easy to understand why you’d want to slash spending from your mobile budget.

    Why not start to save money by opting for some of the best free Android apps? After all, not every app available at Google Play comes with a fee. The true challenge is sorting the must-downloads from the ones that will just waste space on your phone.

    Whether you’ve got a new Android device to load up with apps or you’re just looking for new additions to your old phone, here are some of the best free Android apps we’ve found on our trips through Google Play.

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    Best Overall: Abbyy Business Card Reader

    ABBYY Business Card Reader

    ABBYY features one of the most accurate and easy-to-use business card scanner apps currently available. The app allows professionals to scan business cards in 25 languages and share contact details with a single tap.

    • Scan cards in 25 languages

    • Only 10 free scans

    ABBYY is our top pick for best overall business card scanner app. This app allows professionals to convert paper business cards to digital contacts in a single tap. It also features cutting-edge scanning technology that quickly and accurately transcribes information in 25 different languages.

    ABBYY comes with a free trial plan for up to 10 scans and then offers a premium plan for $29.99 annually or $7.99 per month. This plan comes with unlimited functionality, automated backup, and no ads. Theres also the option to purchase individual features without subscribing to a monthly or yearly plan.

    The app is compatible with both Apple and Android mobile devices, which makes it easy to save, store, and receive contacts. ABBYY uses optical character recognition technology to accurately scan business cards. These contacts can be exported to excel and shared with colleagues via email or text. You can even manage your business contacts and make calls on your apple watch.

    Overall, ABBYY is a great choice for a business card scanner app, with impressively accurate scanning technology and high customer satisfaction.

    Enders Pos For Android

    Enders POS is a line item Point of Sale system ideal for any small retail environment. Unlike a cash register, it does not have predefined buttons for items. By line items you can adjust the name, description, price, department, quantity and barcode for each item. US and Canadian Stores are able to process credit cards through BluePay using Enders Point of Sale. This is a basic system usable for one device. It can not synchronize to another system.Price: $24.95

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    I Best Free Music Streaming App

    Our Pick: YouTube Music

    YouTube Music is a music streaming service from search engine giant Google. The app has over 70 million songs, including live performances, remixes, covers, and more. Moreover, it offers personalized playlists for Workouts, relaxes to name a few. The biggest advantage of YouTube Music is that it has access to all the popular songs and all the videos that are available on YouTube.

    Honorable mentions:

    • SoundCloud SoundCloud has a huge collection of established artists, DJs and more. In the app, you can also follow your favourite artists to listen to new songs from them as soon as it released.
    • Spotify Spotify is another popular music streaming service. Spotify not only has a huge collection of songs but also of podcasts.

    The Best Android Navigation Apps Of 2022

    Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for Android

    is the ultimate Android navigation app as it offers accurate online and offline maps, real-time traffic updates, shows you all nearby locations and points of interest, and lets you easily share your location and directions with others. But if youre not happy with Google Maps, we found nine other great navigation apps for Android and iOS users. Here are the 10 best Android navigation apps available.

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    Et Money Personal Finance App

    Best For: Indias top money management app for personal use

    Its a completely automated personal money manager app for Android, which helps keep track of all your spends, bills and accounts. You can track your spend behaviour and get weekly and monthly insights on your income and spending.

    Further, you can add all your investments on ET Money and track the overall portfolio performance with real-time updates.

    Special Features

    • You can explore top mutual funds for yourfirst-time investment
    • Direct mutual fund investments with zero commission
    • You can invest in tax saver directly andmake Smart Deposit
    • Provides different options to get hassle-freeloans up to 20 Lacs
    • Assists in buying health insurance, term lifeinsurance, car insurance and bike insurance
    • Provides income tax calculator, SIP calculatorand rent receipt calculator
    • You can also check your credit score

    Pricing: This money management app for Android is free to download with all the features available.

    Contains Ads: Yes

    Free Business Apps Every Small Business Owner Needs

    Small business owners are more aware than anyone of the importance of tight budgeting and finding savings wherever they can .

    And making use of free business apps is a great way to access a range of handy functions without breaking the bank. From accounting software tovideo conferencing and marketing apps, there are tons of options available in your app store to help you with productivity, efficiency, and communication.

    Below, well take a look at some of the most popular free apps in various categories to help you choose the ones that are best for your business:

    Are you looking for a new communication app and unsure how to get started? Heres a checklist to help you pick the right one for your business.

    For small businesses that need a variety of different options for communicating with teammates, prospects, clients, freelancers, and more our recommendation is always to find versatile apps that can do multiple things well.


    Because if you can streamline your tools that way, then youd be paying for fewer tools every month and also spending less valuable time trying to manage all those tools.

    Thats why Glip is our pick. Its a desktop and mobile app that gives you both team messaging and video conferencing for free in one easy-to-use interface:

    Not only does it give you a maximum of 24 hours per meeting , it also lets you have smarter meetings by giving you the full pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting experience.

    Plus, with Glips free plan, you can

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      Salesforce Mobile: Crm App

      For any B2B business platform, it is greatly essential to have a secured CRM with them to maintain sales efficiency and productivity. Salesforce can be an unbelievable choice if you need a durable CRM development solution. This application has also created the necessity to hire dedicated developers.

      Features of Salesforce App:
      • Salesforce proposes a desktop version as well as a portable version with it so that you can comfortably switch the situations. Its mobile interface ensures that sales are staying successful and profitable.

      Norton Snap Qr Code Reader For Android

      Lincoln Small Business Apps Best Iphone And Android Mobile Marketing Apps

      Norton Snap keeps you a step ahead of potential threats and takes the gamble out of using QR codes. Its the first QR code scanner that protects you, your identity, and your stuff from online threats by checking the safety of websites linked to QR codes before they load on your mobile device.Price: Free

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      Airtable Best For Remote Workers And Teams

      If youre familiar with the spreadsheet format, youll find Airtable similar to it but much more modern. Although the basic idea of Airtable closely resembles that of Excel and other sheet-like options, the functionality and design of this app are improved and modernized.

      Key features:

      • Interface designer Adapt the interface to your teams needs and present them in the form of a calendar, gallery, grid, or Kanban.
      • All data in one place Keep track of all projects and see how each assignment progresses.
      • Easy team collaboration Users can set availability statuses to focus on individual tasks.
      • File sharing Share different files related to specific tasks with all team members and have the resources available at all times.
      • HR management Follow up on new employees adaptation to the new workspace through the onboarding checklist.


      Google Docs: Free Cloud

      • Great for working on collaborative documents.

      • No cross-references to captions.

      • Missing basic word processing functionality.

      If you need a basic word processor, Google Docs can do a good job. However, dont expect it to replace Microsoft Word. Docs isnt suitable for producing large complex documents, as it lacks features like captions and cross-references. Also, unlike Word for Android, you cant edit equations in the Android version.

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      The Best Apps That Lets You Design Your Business Card On Android

      Android has millions of apps available on the Google Play store. While some may be more popular or better than the ones we selected, we still chose the apps listed below due to the following reasons:

      • Functionality
      • Customization
      • Features

      While most of the apps exceeded our expectation, some listed here barely meets our standard. We only considered them due to functionality offered that some may find preferable especially for beginners.

      So without further ado, lets jump right into the list of the best business card design apps:

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