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How Do I Customize My Clock Widget

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How do you customize your clock widget on Android? You can change the color of your clock, its location, and even enable a dark theme. The clock can be hidden from your Home screens, but you can change its appearance by following these simple steps. Read on to learn more! Listed below are a few tips and tricks to customize your clock for Android. They will help you make it look as good as possible on your device!

Analog Clock Widget Plus

If you miss having an analog clock, this app would be the best choice for you. This app shows time and date in analog format. This app is the perfect combination of digital and analog.

You can customize the font, color, and text size. You can also choose from a wide range of appearance collections to customize the outlook of your clock. This displays both dark and light themes.

How To Make A Widget Analog Clock For Android

To make an Android Widget Analog Clock, you will need to have a good understanding of Android App creation. If not, you can start with reading and learning how to make an app for Android. You could also buy a book that teaches you how to make an app for Android on .If you find our first answer a bit difficult to do, you can use this Make Your Clock Widget app on Google Play Store to start making your own Android Widget Analog Clock.

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Smartclock Digital Clock Led & Weather

SmartClock is a digital clock app for Android devices that shows the time, date, and weather updates. You can stay updated with the weather from your smartphones lock screen no matter where you are. This app provides the option of both 24 hours and 12 hours format.

It has black and dark wallpaper that gives an aesthetic look to the phone. This wallpaper is great for both day and night. It comes with a neon-glow effect that is great at nighttime and great for daylight. Users can also choose different wallpaper from the gallery.

Best Clock Widget For Android In 2022

Best clock widget

Something as fundamental as a clock might not seem important to a lot of mobile users. Thats because no matter what, its always there. Be it on the lock screen or on the home screen, any Android device will give you a glimpse of the clock widget or time date and time zone on any screen unless youre in an app. Most clock widgets offered by manufacturers are pretty generic and dont offer much in terms of customizations.

This can be quite frustrating given that Android devices can be extensively customized, which is the beauty of the platform, really. However, customizing your Android clock widget is pretty easy and can be done in a couple of simple steps thanks to third party apps available on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, there are too many clock widget apps available on the Play Store, making it quite difficult to get the best one meant for your liking.

Were going to talk about five clock widgets meant for Android devices today, which will no doubt enhance your experience on mobile devices. Most of these apps are free to download, but you will be able to unlock some special features with the help of in-app purchases.

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The 12 Best Free Android Clock Widgets To Tell Time In Style

These are the best clock widgets for Android. Whether you prefer digital or analog clock widgets, you’ll find them here.

While every phone has a clock, there’s nothing really special about them. If you prefer one with a bit of pizzazz, then you need a cool Android clock widget.

We’ve scoured Google Play to look for clock widgets that offer something different than the rest. These options stand out in style, color, or features. Whatever you’re most interested in, here are several unique and free clock widgets for Android to add some spice to your home screen.

Uccw Ultimate Custom Widget

The UCCW Ultimate custom widget will display the time with seconds on your smartphone screen.

Choose from over 20 different widget shapes. You can choose the widget design to suit your taste. Widget color can be made black, green, yellow, white, red or pink.

You can also change the widget style. They are available in about 10 pieces. To preview what the widget will look like, open the settings.

Choose the style you like. Now you can look at the widget with the applied style. If you like it, you can save the settings. If not, you can change the style to a new one.

This widget displays not only the time with seconds but also the date. The time is shown exactly to the seconds. The widget can be changed to any view you want. You can also customize the font and size of the text. The time can be set as words.

This application has a nice feature. There are animated widgets here. You can choose from over 50 widgets. They are well designed and detailed enough. You can also choose the widget in the form of the analog clock. They are very realistic.

This is a free application that will allow you to always know the time to the nearest seconds.

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Weather & Clock Widget For Android

Similar to the previous entry, Weather & Clock Widget for Android is rather plain. It offers the latest weather conditions and gives you solid weather forecasts for the succeeding days. In terms of design and customizability, its up there. This weather widget is also fully personalizable to blend in with your background.

The Weather & Clock Widget automatically detects your location and then sends you the current conditions in your area. You can also manually search for a location by its name or zip code. Additionally, it gives you weather notifications and hourly weather forecasts. The best part about this is you have weather forecasts for up to 10 days.

Weather & Clock Widget


Price: Free / $4.49

Weather & CLock Widget is a fairly popular and fairly powerful clock and weather widget. The app includes a variety of widgets, including some decently deep customization options. Additionally, it functions well as a standalone weather app with a daily, hourly, and 10-day forecast along with some other weather data. Some folks seem to have trouble with the weather app portion of it updating itself, but those issues are usually temporary. In any case, these are seriously good widgets even if the weather part is a bit finicky on occasion.

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Best Countdown Widget: Time Until

This simple app, available for free in the Google Play Store, counts down to custom events, such as a vacation, a goal, or a family event. You can customize the text and the background, and you can also resize the widget. Having a reminder that youll be on an island, sipping your favorite cocktail, in exactly two weeks, three days and eight hours can work wonders for your motivation.

You can set all kinds of goals using Time Until

Time Until on the Play Store.

The 11 Best Kwgt Widgets For Android In 2021

Widgets are one of the best things users have on their smartphones. Widgets save time and allow you to see all of your important apps at once. Widgets are very popular on Android platforms. We have compiled a selection of the best KWGT widgets.

There are many KWGT widgets you can use. We only list the best for your convenience. These KWGT widgets can be used to make customized widgets that you prefer. KWGT widgets offer a wide range of customization options. You can either create simple widgets by playing around with the text and pictures or opt for music or weather widgets.

To make widgets look more appealing, you can change the colors and themes of the widgets. The Play Store has many presets that you can use to create widgets of your choice.

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Magic Analog Clock Widget

Bring a little mystery to your analog clock widget with Magic Analog Clock Widget, another creative product from Limitless Widgets. You can adjust this application according to exactly what you want, with the same type of customization as the above 2 options. Choose the right color for the clock, add a wallpaper to make the clock turn on and set the alarm, so that the clock widget on your Android phone really stands out.

If you are interested in alarm apps on Android, please refer to the article: The best alarm apps on Android for more details.

Best Weather Widget: Weawow

Top 5 Best Clock Widgets for Android 2016

Most Android smartphones have a preinstalled weather app and a weather widget already on the Home Screen. If that one doesnt show enough detail, you can always install Weawow, one of the best weather apps on the Google Play Store, and then activate one of its widgets. There are literally tens of widgets that can display a wide range of details about the current weather on a location of your choosing, hourly and daily forecasts, and many, many more. It has a 4.9-star rating, and for good reason!

Weawow is the best app for weather widgets

Weawow on the Play Store.

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Alarm Clock Xtreme Alarm Reminders Timer

Alarm Clock Xtreme is another remarkable clock app with several useful features. It not only tells you time, but rather it also wakes you up with your favorite music.

You can use it as your bedside timekeeper app. Apart from just time, Alarm Clock Xtreme tells you real-time temperature and forecasts for the next ten days. It requires just one-time connectivity with the internet to offer you predictions about weather and other information. The theme of this app is dark, which suits the UI.

Best Time Widgets For Android In 2022

One of the biggest benefits of owning an Android device is the kind of features and customization options you get in return. Widgets is one such quintessentially Android feature that has been around for much longer than iPhones or any other modern day smartphone for that matter. Given the amount of work that has gone into widget over each iteration of Android, there are plenty of offerings out there. But one that can be handy to every user is a clock widget. This is a useful yet seldom noticed widget and it can be assigned to your home screen or the lock screen.

Most manufacturers offer widgets for their phones by default, but third-party clock widgets can be handy if youre looking to spice up your homescreen with a colorful and different look. Keeping this in mind, we decided to talk about some of the best clock widgets available in the Play Store today. So lets have a look.

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Ultimate Custom Clock Widget

UCCW takes full advantage of Androids easy customization. With this app, you can create a truly unique skin by changing layout, forms, fonts, images, and so on. You can download ready skin if you dont want to spend time creating your own one. This gives us a huge clock widgets choice! And not only clock widgets, but you can also create/choose weather and battery meters widgets as well or mix everything all together.

Once again, its worth mentioning that there are lots of stuff you can change or make up. If you created a very cool skin, you can share it with others. All in all, if you seek freedom to use your creativity or just lots of options at once, this is probably the best app to choose from!

Will Graham Clock Widget

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If youve ever seen the show Hannibal, then chances are you might be familiar with the Will Graham character. This widget is said to have been inspired by the character and while it doesnt necessarily look the most sleek, it does have a certain hand-drawn charm about it that some of you might actually find useful.

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Best Android Widgets To Bring Your Phones Homescreen To Life

When it comes to richness in features, Android remains at the top of the hill. One of the great features that has been part of the platform natively since 2009 is widgets and it remains an integral part of the OS even now. Android widgets have evolved over the years both in terms of functionality and looks. For people who have been in living in a cave, widgets are available for Androids homescreen and they display live-updates like weather info, news, email and more. It also lets you use certain features of an app like shuffle music directly, post on social networks and more.

Android widgets are an important part of the user experience and like any other feature, Google Play Store packs a ton of great widgets. Some widgets bring a great deal of functionality, some make life easier, while some are just cool enough to deserve a mention. The number of apps are always overwhelming on Play Store but not all of them bring the best user experience or features. As weve always done, weve saved you from all the hassle and tried most widget apps ourselves and here are the best Android widgets we found:

Sticky Notes + Widget

Taking notes of daily tasks are always handy to maintain a scheduled life. Sticky Notes + Widget is such an app that lets you arrange a variety of note based widgets on your devices home screen. It is a lightweight memo and note-taking app that manages interlinked widgets for Android free. The widgets are also enabled with cloud synchronization. This tool comes with ads integration to support the developers. It is easily accessible and does not consume much system resources.

Important Features

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Weather Widget By Weatherbug

The WeatherBug widget gives you easy access to accurate forecasts and real-time weather conditions in 5 different designs. Just so you know, it is backed by the worlds largest professional weather networks. The app lets you select from multiple weather widgets in different sizes. It offers a custom clock widget with an alarm function. Using this app, you can also set your preferred temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit. But the best of all is the severe weather alerts which keep you prepared beforehand.

Transparent Clock & Weather Forecast & Radar

5 Best Clock Widgets for Android

Why do you spend your phone memory for two apps for weather and clock when you get two in one? This is a great digital clock app for Android that spontaneously works as a digital clock, calendar, and weather updater. This is a perfect app for travelers. Even though you are not a traveler, this app will help you to be up-to-date. This will show time and weather correctly in a transparent way to match with your mobile wallpaper.

Important Features

  • It has a built-in GPS that tracks your location to show accurate local time and weather updates.
  • It will show weather forecasts on an hourly and daily basis with accurate time predictions.
  • Live wallpaper will change its appearance along with time and weather conditions.
  • You will get many customization options for your clock appearance, along with font size and color.
  • You will receive notification from this app about sunrise, sunset, rain, high temperature, and other time and weather issues.

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Best Clock Widgets For Android Smartphones Verdict

As you can see, there are a lot of excellent digital clock widget apps that you can use with Android. Android comes with a variety of digital clock widget apps that you can use with your smartphone already, but if youre looking for some nicer style ones, or options with more customization, these will be right up your alley. Visit and explore Google Play for more options.

Do you have a favorite digital clock widget that you use with your Android phone and downloaded via Google Play? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Best Photo Widget: Google Photos

We close this list with yet another app widget thats preinstalled on many Android devices: Google Photos. The app is the default photo manager for Google Pixel smartphones, and it has two widgets: People & Pets and Your memories. The first one highlights your family, friends, and pets, the second displays a collection of photos from various moments .

Google Photos has the best photo widget

If your smartphone doesnt already have Google Photos, you can .

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Clockq Digital Clock Widget

ClockQ widget has a large number of settings and is able to display additional data. In the parameters, you can select one of 26 types of fonts, customize the color of any widget element, transparency, shadow, clock and date format, and much more.

Buying a premium version of the program, the user can change the elements of the widget. You will have several types of fonts and the ability to display the battery charge at your disposal.

If you belong to people who can set up the appearance of each element for hours to achieve their perfect combination, be sure to pay attention to ClockQ.

Best Clock And Weather Widget Picks For Android

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Clock and weather widgets are some of the best widgets for Android because they conveniently show you the time and forecast for the day right on your home screen. An Android clock widget, especially one with weather integration, is essential for modern on-the-go users. For instance, youll instantly know when to bring and not bring an umbrella without asking Google whats the weather today.

However, not all clock and weather widgets work great. Some old widgets are no longer optimized to fit well with todays best mobile phones, and thats why we have sorted our favorite clock widgets with weather functionality. Most of the widgets on this list are transparent, so they can blend well with your wallpaper.

  • YoWindow
  • Having a good clock and date widget is nice. But you know whats better? Having a clock and weather widget. Such a widget gives you the time of day and doubles as a weather forecast app. The best part is that theyre on your home screen so you only need to unlock your phone to see them. With that said, here are some of the best clock and weather widgets for you.

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