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Drivermatics Blackbox And Dashcam

Support: Updating Garmin Dash Cam Software with the Drive App (Android)

Drivermatics takes a more unique approach to the conventional dash cam alternative by providing useful statistical data that makes analyzing your driving a convenient and easy to interpret process. By using the GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer of your device, the app will record a multitude of telematics for you to analyze.

This includes the distance you traveled, your top and average speed and your total travel time. It will also display your current speed as your drive, which can act as a useful alternative for vehicles that have faulty or non-functioning speedometers. Drivermatics can also provide a record of your speed, which can prove useful if you are stopped for speeding and are issued an unnecessary ticket.

The app is capable of calculating a driver score based on your acceleration, braking and cornering by using your devices sensors. This score will determine how safe your driving is. While the feature is no more than trivial, it can act as a good indication of what you can or shouldnt do, while in your vehicle. There are also certain telematics-based insurance policies that you can take advantage of by using the app.

Drivermatics is capable of making use of both your front and rear facing cameras. The former of which can prove useful if you wish to see who is at fault for an accident or to simply record passengers or hitchhikers for safety reasons.

Ipccamsoft Smart Dash Cam

Price: FreeRating: 2 starsAvailable on: Android, iOS

This app promises several key features, but the menus appear blank on the set-up page and you cant get back once its loaded, so we couldnt enable and tailor some of the things it can do. It did an okay job, but the image was a little fuzzy, especially at night.

Its free to download and use, but funded by distracting ads at the base of the screen.

What You’ll Need To Get The Job Done

The base equipment needed for this project is an old phone running Android, a means of mounting your phone to your dashboard or windshield, and a car charger and cable to supply constant power to the phone so it doesn’t die while recording.

You may already own everything you need to get started, but if not, we’ve got some equipment recommendations for you.

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Nexar Ai Dash Cam App

Best for features

With a total of 500 million miles recorded behind the wheel, the Nexar dash cam app comes with a large fanbase and for good reason. This free app offers a lot of the perks you’d expect from a physical dash cam as well as recording your drives, it even uses machine learning to automatically sense important driving events, such as hard brakes and even collisions. These events are instantly saved to your phone, including GPS location tracking, and are also auto-backed up to the user’s private Nexar cloud.

The app also offers a unique feature: a 1-Click Report template that lets you quickly fill out a detailed summary needed for an insurance claim, covering the place, time, impact, and video footage involved in the incident.

There are a few catches, though. For one thing, the app will try hard to upsell you on the official Nexar dash camera, which will pair with the Nexar app to offer high-quality video and additional features . This upselling could arguably be considered a benefit, since it makes it easy for users to upgrade.

Also, Nexar has been dinged in the past for selling its users’ data. And like any dash cam app, it’ll drain your phone’s battery like crazy, so you’d be wise to keep your phone charging at all times while using it. That said, the quality of the features on offer should satisfy any driver.

Price: Free

Turn Your Iphone Into A Dash Cam

6 Best Dash Cam Apps For Android Smartphone [ Pros &  Cons ]

Many of us who want a dash camera for our car either dont have the money right now to buy a dedicated dashcam, or would rather use what we currently have, our iPhone. Although nothing comes close to having a real dash camera for your car, you can still get similar results by using the right dashcam APP and mounting bracket for your iOS phone. Below we will share the best reviewed APPS currently available on iTunes and the best iPhone mount to turn your smartphone into a car dvr. This will work on the iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models. Below we will show you how to use your iPhone as a dashcam.

Our Review of the Best iPhone Dash Camera APPS of 2021

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Selection Criteria For Best Dashboard Apps

To round off this list, we took a look at only those apps that have 100,000 to 1 million downloads in Play Store. Also, each is rated between 4.2 and 4.5. That really narrowed it down!

That said, we didnt just take those high ratings for granted but also checked the features that these apps claim to have. All individual apps are free to use and have something unique to offer the drivers. The best thing we liked of these apps is that none of them caused the Android phone to overheat despite prolonged video recording. Also, there were a few to no ad distractions.

Use Your Smartphone As A Dashboard Camera With

May 05, 2013 ·Other places in the world dont see as many dash cams. However, regardless of if you live in Russia or elsewhere, a dash cam is a good tool to have anywhere in the world, especially in the event of an accident. AutoGuard Blackbox is an app that turns your Android phone into a dash cam. What is it and what does it do. Main Functionality

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Speedometer Dash Cam: Speed Limit & Car Video App

If you had situations when a traffic accident occurred but you didnt have a video recording with you, then you need to download this app. This is a great dashcam. It has all the functions of an expensive DVR.

This app will record all the moments of your trip. All videos are saved on the cloud. You will always have quick access to them. Turn on automatic mode and the app will automatically record photos and videos during the trip.

When the memory is full, the app deletes the old videos. Select a file save location. You can save the video to internal or external memory.

The app also displays a map and speed on the screen. If you forgot the details of your past trips, you can open old videos and see all the information. The app doesnt take up much space on your smartphone. It weighs less than 7MB.

The app has been installed more than 1 million times. It helps people from all over the world record travel videos. Join a huge community of drivers with this app.

For Android: Autoboy Dash Cam Blackbox

Best dash camera app for android smartphones – with Speed, GPS, Collison detection Autoboy Blackbox

If you have an old Android smartphone youre no longer using, we recommend using something like Autoboy Dash Cam Blackbox or Autoguard Dash Cam Blackbox. Unsurprisingly, there are quite a few dash cam apps in the Play Store, but these two are free and among the most highly rated.

AutoBoy has a clean, smart interface and its very easy to use. Lets have a look at just some of the many settings. Under the General settings, youll be able to turn on the shock sensor, which will measure the impact of a collision, and change the unit settings from kilometers per hour to miles.

Another unique feature is emergency auto dial, which will dial an emergency contact number .

Checking out the recording settings, you can adjust the recording time and maximum storage allotment, which is 10GB by default.

Another important setting you might want to consider is video quality. The lower the quality, the more recordings you can fit into your storage allotment.

We could go on and on about the settings, as there are quite a few but if you decide to use AutoBoy Dash Cam, feel free to peruse them yourself.

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Ipccamsoft Smart Dash Cam Review

  • Price: Free
  • Rating: 2 stars

While this app promises a lot in the way of features, we actually struggled to use many of them. During our test, the menus appeared blank during the setup stage and we were unable to return to those menus late on.

That said, it did a reasonably good job at being a simple dash cam, though the image was quite fuzzy than other apps on this list. Its free to download and use, however, but there isnt the option to upgrade to remove the pesky ads.

Dash Cam Travel Car Camera

This application with a user-friendly interface will become your witness while traveling. It will record all your trips. The app has 3 recording modes such as circular recording, background recording, and standard trip recording.

You can choose the resolution of the video as well as the time-lapse in the app settings. The app has an autofocus camera during the trip. Dont be afraid of poor video quality. It also can take photos while traveling.

Turn on geotags to analyze your routes. The app will show you your speed and location on the map. Turn on the auto loop to avoid wasting a lot of memory on your smartphone. The app will delete the trip recording after 60 minutes and will start recording again.

The app doesnt consume much battery of your smartphone. It can work in the background. You can also record videos without sound.

The app will show your route in Google maps. You can disable this feature. The app doesnt record your personal information and doesnt send it to the Internet. It has been installed more than 50 thousand times.

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Nextbase Iq Is A 4k Car Dash Cam With Ai Capabilities

UK-based car accessories manufacturer, Nextbase, has launched a new dash cam under the new iQ series at CES 2022. This is part of several announcements coming from the mostly virtual event in Las Vegas. The Nextbase iQ dash cam consists of two cameras, one facing the cabin and the other monitoring the road.

Nextbase says its new iQ dash cams will be available in three versions with varying front camera resolutions. Users get to choose between 1080p, 1440p, or 4K cameras facing the road. Meanwhile, the camera facing the cabin is available in 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Interestingly, Nextbase also provides an optional third wired remote camera that looks out the rear window in 1440p.

Another notable feature of the Nextbase iQ is the lack of a display. This means customers have to predominantly use voice control or the dedicated mobile application to manage the camera. The unavailability of a screen also means the entire unit is relatively smaller in size. Users can trigger video recording using voice or enable the all-new Witness Mode.

The Witness Mode feature immediately alerts your emergency contacts. It enables a real-time video stream to the cloud during vulnerable situations on the road. This feature works due to the built-in 4G LTE and Wi-Fi on the new Nextbase iQ camera.

How We Tested Them

7 Best in

Because we used the same smartphones throughout the test, the video quality was identical, so we concentrated our assessment on the user interface. The apps performance and features were crucial, from making the recording to reviewing its footage at home. Lastly, each dashboard cam app was then judged against its price.

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Nextbase Didnt Offer Pricing Or Precise Availability Details For The Iq Dash Cam

Cellular connectivity also enables the Emergency SOS Response feature on the new iQ dash cam. When the camera detects a severe impact, it can quickly send the accurate location of the vehicle and other relevant information to emergency responders. Camera owners also have the choice to add their blood type beforehand.

Other features include Live View and Valet mode, with the former letting you view a live feed of your car when its parked. The iQ dash camera also comes with a built-in microphone, allowing users to broadcast their voice to the camera using the Nextbase iQ mobile app.

Users also get alerts whenever someone bumps into their car while away. Valet mode, on the other hand, alerts vehicle owners when the car has left the predefined boundaries or has gone over a preset speed threshold.

Explaining how some of these features work, Nextbase said the processor underneath the iQ camera has artificial intelligence built-in. This, in turn, enables the camera to detect pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and of course, other vehicles. Theres also a Roadwatch AI feature that can calculate the speed and velocity of the vehicles around your car during impact.

The Nextbase iQ dash camera will be available by fall 2022, so its going to be a while before we see it in action. The company hasnt offered pricing information either. Theres also going to be a subscription service that will be required for a majority of the features mentioned above.

Testing The Android Dashcams

To test these apps, I used a Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 9. In my car I have a generic clamp-style suction-cup window mount smartphone holder, like the one pictured below. The phone had to be slightly offset from being centered in the holder, to avoid the clamp taking up the shot. You may notice a black object in the top right or left corner of the videos because of that.

Unfortunately, having to shift the smartphone off-center in the clamp adds some vibration to the video capture. That said, the dashcam apps and the smartphone camera itself mitigate some vibration, so the overall video capture is relatively smooth. If you’re fiddling with a smartphone car clamp, check out these tips on how you can improve the mount.

The biggest issue that Android dashcam apps face is toggling between day and night. Some dedicated dashcams will record better-quality video at night or variable light levels than a dashcam app. The quality of nighttime recording using an Android device relates to the quality of the camera in your device. The better the camera, the better the quality.

The latest Android smartphone devices are likely to cope better with filming at nighttime, though no Android smartphone will give you a perfect result.

An overheating smartphone can cause damage to the battery and other important components, so you must balance your battery life and Android dashcam app use.

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How To Use An Old Phone As A Dash Cam

A dash cam is a really cool gadget to have in your car. You just never know when you will see something on the road that’s worth recording, or when you might need that dash cam footage if you witness a traffic incident or get into an accident yourself.

Dash cams are pretty cheap these days, but the cheaper they are, the more basic the features. Besides, you may already have a great dash cam stowed away in some drawer in your house: an old smartphone.

Best Dash Cam Apps For Your Android Phone

1080P Hidden WiFi Car-DVR dash-cam with USB port Connect with Android Player and Cell Phone App

Dash cams are massively popular in many markets. These cameras give you a very good glimpse of what goes on when you drive a car and catch something that you might miss. It offers excellent security in case of theft. The advantages are several, really. However, not everybody can get a dash cam suited for their needs. Some simply dont know about it or dont want to make an investment in hardware. This is where dedicated dash cam apps for your Android phone come in handy. The best dash cam app basically converts your standard Android smartphone into a fully capable dashboard camera. There are a variety of apps to choose from, so its easy for customers to get lost amongst the crowd of applications available on the Play Store.

This is why were carefully picking five of the best dash cam apps you can get for your Android smartphone. Although dash cam apps require you to attach your phone to a holster every time you drive, they offer a lot of flexibility in other areas. For example, some best dash cam app out there offer the ability to sync with OBD2 receivers via Bluetooth, letting you get an accurate reading of your cars health in real time.

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Days To Die Android Super

7 Best Dash Cam Apps For Android Smartphone Updated: August 10, 2021 / Home » Smartphone and Mobile » Google Android Dash Cam are relatively cheap, but for those looking into owning one but doesn’t have the budget, if you’re not sure you need a dash cam at all, perhaps you can consider converting your old smartphone as a …

Psa: Don’t Leave Your Old Phone Mounted In Your Car

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Never leave a phone in a mount right on the windshield for passing thieves to see because that will lead to broken windows and stolen stuff.

It can also just be an unsafe idea to leave a phone in a hot car because lithium batteries tend to explode when overheated. Instead, always remember to take your dash cam phone with you when you’re done driving, or stow it away safely in your glove box.

Most of all, be safe. Anytime you mix a gadget with a car, there is an urge to start messing with stuff. Don’t do it! That’s the whole purpose of using a specialized app for this instead of just using your phone’s built-in camera app. While we hope you never need to document anything for your insurance company, we especially don’t want it to happen because you couldn’t resist touching stuff. Be smart and have fun!

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