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Aura Relaxation App For Hustlers

Best Free Meditation App – No Subscriptions

Are you one of those who cannot even spare five minutes? Then you surely need a meditation app like Aura that helps you revive your mental sanity within seconds.


  • Choose your choice of topics from the given collection, including meditation, CBT, life coaching, hypnosis, etc.
  • Premium meditation libraries that include stories on innumerable topics.
  • Collaborate and listen to top coaches, therapists, and neurologists from around the world.
  • Sleep sounds, stories, and music are included to improve your sleep schedules.
  • Integrated with Apple Health to track your daily health score.

Rating: 4.8

Price: $11.9 Monthly $59.9 Annual Subscription $399 One-Time Payment

Sattva Expand Your Knowledge Of Vedic Principles

Average Rating: 4.4/5

Sattva draws its inspiration from Vedic principles of Meditation and features meditations, chanting, and mantras delivered through Sanskrit Scholars. Simple yet deep meditations are on offer here that begin at around 6 minutes long. You can gradually increase the time spent practicing each day. If you want to keep track of your progress, you can use the meditation journal and browse through thought collections and playlists created by others who meditate regularly.

Sattva is therefore a great meditation app as well as an introspection/reflection tool as it provides us to jot our thoughts down that came up in our meditation straight after we are done.

More on Sattva

Simple Habit The Best Meditation App For Busy People

If you are one of those who are always in a rush, Simple Habits is the app that can help you manage your physical and mental health on the go.

Since the app is focused on people with hectic schedules, it consists of innumerable quick meditation sessions to revive mental stability within 10 minutes of commute or 5 minutes before bedtime.

With plenty of features and over 5 million communities, Apples number one app in the health and fitness sector.


  • Innumerable short-spanned meditation sessions that dont take plenty of time.
  • On-the-go feature to help you keep calm and reduce anxiety.
  • Session personalization so you can get the best of the app.
  • Audio and written content to stimulate meditation habits and a healthy lifestyle
  • Integrated with Apple Health to keep track of your daily calorie count and number of steps.

Rating: 4.8

Price: $12 Monthly $90 Annual Subscription $300 One-time payment

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Top 4 Free Android Meditation Apps For Kids

1. Buddhify

It is one of the reliable meditation apps for kids. This app provides a session from 3 to 40 minutes and you can choose as per your comforts. This program will help you to handle your emotions optimally. There are more than 200 meditations available for users to reduce their stress and anxiety. This app costs $2.99 and you can select the appropriate sessions depending on your practice. You can find meditation sessions for both beginners and experience.

2. Chakras meditation pro

This app has no subscription fee and it is enough if you make a one-time payment to purchase this tool. You can find soothing collections of music, sounds, and exercises. You can play these options and relax easily. All the music in the collection is uniquely composed using tribal instruments.

3. Meditation and relaxation.

It is the simplest form of an app with effective techniques on meditation. The programs are selective to reduce your stress and worries. It will help you to develop self-esteem and boost your inner strength to achieve great things in life.

4. Sattva

This meditation app works on the Vedic principles and contains chants and mantras to excite your hidden strengths. There is the availability of progress tracking, you can surf through playlists, and collections packed in this app.

The Ultimate Guide To Mindfulness For Sleep

The 8 Best Meditation Apps of 2020

Sufficient sleep heals our bodies and minds, but for many reasons sleep doesnt always come easily. Mindfulness practices and habits can help us fall asleep and stay asleep. Consult our guide to find tips for meditation, movement, and mindfulness practices to ease into sleep.

Sleep is a critical component of overall well-being. It doesnt just heal your body it heals your mind. A good nights rest can change how you interact with the world by elevating your mood and improving your concentration. But in our fast-paced world, increased feelings of stress and anxiety can prevent people from tapping into the healing power of sleep. An estimated 30% of Americans are regularly sleep deprived.

With regular sleep deprivation, your attention span, mood, and memory suffer, according to Matthew Walker, PhD, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and founder and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Over time, he suggests, sleeplessness could also lead to unwanted weight gain and mood problems. In up to 15% of adults, insomnia causes daytime distress or impairment, with the risk for insomnia being greater in women and older adults.

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The 12 Best Meditation Apps For 2020 According To Experts

Calmer days and better sleep are comin’ your way.

For something that’s supposed to mellow you out and leave you feeling refreshed, meditation can be kind of stressful sometimes: How do I do it? When should I do it? And for how long? Before long, you’ve given up on meditating and put on yet another episode of Cheer.

Still, the practice is undoubtedly good for you. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, meditation can help reduce stress, chronic pain , and blood pressure, as well as help you quit smoking and better navigate a variety of mental health conditions.

So, how do you finally buckle down and do it? Honestly, you should try an apps. “Meditation apps are a great supplement to a mindfulness practice as they help you continue anytime, anywhere, putting the power of mindfulness in the palm of your hand,” says Pax Tandon, a mindfulness thought leader and author of Mindfulness Matters.

Curious what apps experts recommend for discovering your meditation groove? Here you’ll find your top choices, as well as why each one might work best for you.

Headspace is one of the most well-known meditation apps out there.

“There are hundreds of guided meditations, mini-meditations, sleep sounds, SOS meditations for emergencies, meditations for kids and animations to help you better understand meditation,” says Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, a pharmacist turned wellness expert .

Cost: $7.99 to $12.99 per month after trial

Cost: Free, in-app purchases

Relax Melodies Best Meditation App To Manage Your Sleep Schedules

Facing trouble in managing your sleep-wake cycle? Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds is the solution you need.

The app is focused on helping users have a synchronized circadian rhythm by incorporating several features such as music, meditation sessions, and sleep stories. Being referred to as the most positively reviewed app, it has also been recommended by doctors, neurologists, and sleep experts.


  • More than 200 music and sounds, including white noise, nature and ASMR sounds, healing music, etc.
  • A vast collection of meditation sessions to manage sleep, deep circadian rhythm, stress relief, dreams, travel, etc.
  • Special exercises for kids to have a better circadian routine and incorporate a positive outlook on life.
  • Plenty of sleep stories from different genres, including mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, fairytale, etc.
  • Bedtime reminders and timers to keep you on the clock.

Rating: 4.8

Price: Free Trial $59.9 Annual Subscription

Simple Habit The Best Meditation App for Busy People

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Waking Up A Meditation App To Revive Your Spirituality

Backed by Sam Harris, a lively intellectual, neurologist, and best-selling author, Waking Up is the app to guide in developing a better understanding of the mind.

This app focuses on moving beyond the usual relaxing and calming meditation practices to understand the reasons for stress and solve them adequately. Sam Harris and other teachers audio lessons help you get better insights and strengthen your mindfulness.


  • Certified meditation guides to help you go beyond stress reduction and develop a healthy habit.
  • Introductory meditation course to give more insights on different meditation sessions.
  • Additional guided conversations with teachers and trainers to keep you sane.
  • Online lessons and sessions on several topics like philosophy, science, nature, etc., to revive your intellectual abilities.

Rating: 4.9

Download: AndroidiOS

The 20 Best Yoga Apps For Android Device In 2021

  • Final Thought
  • Every day we face various types of difficulties and complex situations in our daily personal and working life. It creates anxiety and complexity in our minds and makes us unstable to maintain the harmony of a balanced life. So how can we get rid of all those problems and get toned, stabled in mentally and physically to restore the balanced life? Here, Yoga apps on our Android device can play a vital role in inculcating best-fitted yoga poses and lessons in our daily lives. The most common objectives of yoga are to get weight loss, fat burning, increasing body mobility and flexibility, calm mind, glowing skin, and daily organize happy life.

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    As an associate staff writer on Wirecutters sleep team, Ive covered various health- and self-care topics and written a range of guides on everything from body razors to sunscreens to silk pillowcases. For this guide, I spent over 10 hours familiarizing myself with the practice of mediation through various apps, YouTube videos, and podcasts. I completed the beginner courses for our paid picks, Calm and Headspace, and tried many more courses across 18 different apps total. I also interviewed David Nichtern, a senior Buddhist teacher in the lineage of Chögyam Trungpa Dr. Judson Brewer, director of research and innovation at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University and Diana Winston, director of mindfulness education at UCLAs Mindful Awareness Research Center and the author of The Little Book of Being.

    Yoga Poses And Classes

    Yoga is another option for you if you want to try a proper yoga movement. It can be the perfect solution for solving your problems regarding your yoga session. Here you can join a yoga class anytime, anywhere. It will allow you to follow the scheduled class time that will match with your busy life.

    When You are in a business or late in the office, its okay. Do it at your home when you are there. This app will train you just like a professional trainer does it on-site. This app has an advanced interface that makes the interaction almost real.

    Important Features

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    Top 4 Free Iphone Meditation Apps For Kids

    1. Headspace

    This app guarantees calmness and wellness of life and there are immense collections of meditation techniques to encourage young minds. You can find 10 new music tracks and 16 nature sounds to soothe your mind and soul during the meditation session. It is enough if you contribute a little from your side to bring wonders to your lifestyle.

    2. Calm

    This app has exclusive sessions for kids between 3 and 17. With the help of this app, you can practice breathing techniques, walking meditation, calming and relaxation exercises etc. This app had made a new update in accessing the lessons through Apple Watch. Using this update, you can practice meditation anywhere with this app.

    3. The Mindfulness app

    It is a free app and you can purchase to enjoy some of the built-in functionalities. In this app, you can find sessions starting from 3 to 30 minutes. Initially, you can figure out a five days intro session with guiding thoughts as a starter. Then you can personalize the meditation sessions depending on your needs. You can track your progress with the help of the meditation journals.

    4. Insight Timer

    It is an appreciable meditation app comprising of 1000 meditation exercises. You can discover 10 new exercises daily without fail. This app will help you to include meditation as one of your daily habits. It plays a vital role to practice meditation regularly. There are discussion groups and forums to communicate with the other users to share your experience.

    Why Do Parents Need To Know About Meditation Apps

    9 Free &  Best Meditation Apps For Guided Meditation On ...

    The parents should discover about mediation apps for kids to help their children to practice the relaxation techniques. There are surplus benefits available in meditation such as it increases the memory power, reduce anxiety and depression issues, makes the kid fall asleep soon, gives mental strength, balances mood swings, overcome some of the physical problems optimally. The meditation apps for kids take the place of a professional teacher guiding them to practice this miraculous mindfulness in their comfort zone. In this fast-moving world, it is difficult to identify a nearby meditation guide to assist the kids at the comfortable timings at reasonable rates. The meditation apps offer the kids a better environment to practice the soulful art professionally.

    The reasons to study about the meditation apps

    1. Comfort practice

    Using the meditation apps for kids the parents can aid the children to meditate at their comfort zone without any disturbances. Moreover, they can practice it at their comfort timings without traveling to the meditation centers. The flexibility of place and time stimulates the parents to look for effective meditation apps within their budget.

    2. Reasonable rates

    If the parents opt for personal meditation trainers for their children then they have to pay for the service, travel charge etc. The cost of the training exceeds their budget at times. To overcome this issue, go for meditation apps that fit perfectly within their expectations.

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    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    Headspace doesnt offer any in-app options to play background music or soundscapes during meditations they happen in silence. If you prefer to meditate with ambient sounds in the background, consider Calm.

    Headspaces Move section may not be everyones cup of tea. I did the 20-minute wake-up stretch one morning and found it too fast to easily follow along. But I can understand why someone whos more energetic might find it refreshing. Another tester felt more accomplished than usual when listening to Headspace during her runs. Options like Motivation Jog With Kim and Home Stretch With Kevin reminded her to breathe and encouraged her to vary the pace for a more mindful and, at times, challenging workout.

    As we do for any apps trial period, we strongly suggest that you put a reminder on your phone to cancel it on the appropriate date. If you like Headspace but you think the annual price is too costly, we recommend waiting until it goes on salewe saw it drop as low as 50% off over the summer.

    Headspaces cutesy animations may be off-putting to some. In that case, try Healthy Minds Program or Calm. Both are no-frills in terms of design.

    Insight Timer Meditation Sleep Music

    Insight Timer is an awareness app that can help you deal with your concern and elevate your wellness.

    This app is bundled with medication sessions and mantras made by the worlds top meditation experts, coaches, analysts, and much more. The main goal of this app is to train you to pacify your mind, have healthy sleep, and became a happier person in general.

    Herewith, the app covers more than forty thousand meditation sessions and the new ones are being added every day. Each meditation copes with particular stuff so you can always find the one that matches your current mood and needs.

    Besides, all the programs are supervised so will be detailed explained what to do. The app also contains the meditations of various timing from the very short ones to the ones that last more than an hour.

    Plus, there are specific compilations of sessions for the inexperienced that can help you to make the meditation a daily habit. There are also lots of calming audios that can help you to relax. You can even follow your fave guide to not miss any of his new sessions.

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    Best Meditation App For People Struggling To Relax Or Sleep

    Calm is the other huge name among meditation apps, andagainit’s with good reason. It’s a fantastic app and is the one that finally made meditation part of my daily life . Like with Headspace, a big part of the appeal for many people is the lead meditation instructor: in this case, Tamara Levitt, a wonderfully chatty Canadian.

    When you open the app, the first thing you see is the suggested meditations, including The Daily Calm, whichfairly obviouslyis a daily meditation. If you open the app later in the day, you’ll also get a suggested Sleep Story, which is one of the big features of Calm.

    Sleep stories can be accessed from the bottom bar of the app in the Sleep tab. There, you’ll find the likes of LeVar Burton, Matthew McConaughey, Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, and other smooth-voiced celebrities delivering stories to help you drift off to sleep. Some are traditional stories to soothe you, and others are deliberately boring: John McEnroe has a 30-minute highlights of the rules of tennis.

    The rest of the app is packed with other great mindfulness and meditation features. The Meditate tab has all the individual meditations as well as themed courses to follow along with. Music has relaxing or focusing music, again with a celebrity bent: deadmau5, Katy Perry, Post Malone, and Shawn Mendes are all featured. The More tab hosts Calm Kids, Calm Masterclass , Calm Body , and, well, more.

    Calm Price: Free 7 Days of Calm course, then from $15/month

    Morning Mindfulness Bonus: Wake Up And Start Your Day Strong

    Best Apps For Meditation

    Waking up with intention is just as important as falling asleep soundly. Starting your day off right can make a huge difference in your mood for the rest of the day, ultimately affecting how you feel when your head hits the pillow again. Integrating these steps into your morning routine can support you in being more mindful, self-compassionate, connected, and resilient throughout the day:

    1. Curate your first sounds: Rather than starting the day off with an alarm that makes your body tense, choose an alarm thats gentle and soothingchimes, bells, more relaxing music, whatever it might be. This allows your body to take in something soothing to start the day.

    2. Hydrate before you caffeinate: Rather than going straight for coffee or tea, see if you can drink a big glass of water. Your body is dehydratedyour body needs water, you have not drunk water all night long. Then move to your cup of coffee or tea.

    3. Observe nature: Instead of grabbing your phone or laptop, start your day by going outside and enjoying the world around you. Allow your eyes and body to take in the sky, the trees, the bugs in the grass. Youll be able to start your day with a more rich perspective and sense of interconnectedness.

    If you want a more guided experience to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, try this morning practice to ease into your day with more clarity and vitality.

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