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How We Tested Them

WhatGas Cheap Petrol Finder Android App Review

We tested the apps for the design and usability of their interfaces, plus ease of navigation, the number of features and the kind of analysis built in. These are all important criteria, but for apps that help you keep track of spending, price comparison is just as vital. We rated their value for money, too.

With iOS and Android operating systems popular, we also took into account which platforms the apps supported, plus download prices from app stores.

Iexit Interstate Exit Guide

The iExit app is specifically good for road trips or those who spend a lot of time on the highway. You won’t be able to see any gas price information just anywhere. This app will specifically tell you what gas, food, hotels, etc. are available off of specific highway exits.

In order to see gas prices, you have to spend $1.99 in the app. Otherwise, you can just see which gas stations are available at each exit and how they far are from you, but you won’t be able to compare gas prices.

If you’re one to take road trips frequently, it would be worth spending the $1.99 for gas price access. If you’re looking for a gas comparison app for everyday use, one of the above options would be better for you.

iExit Interstate Exit Guide for Android | iOS

Best App For Relaxation

  • Nature sounds in the background
  • Unlimited listening
  • Free membership with ads

This app is convenient when youre on a break and you probably want to sleep or meditate. You know, recharge your batteries before the next trip?

The app comes with more than 500 HD audio channels to stream relaxation music. If you want a free membership, you can access the channels but with ads.

Besides listening to all types of relaxing genres like Jazz, classical music, country music, pop-rock, and adult contemporary, you can choose to play nature sounds in the background it sounds almost like youre in a beach or forest. Better yet, you can listen to binaural beat therapy and set up a sleep timer.

On the flip side, the ads can interrupt your meditation music or nature sounds if youre using the free version which can be annoying especially if you were asleep.

However, you can avoid that by subscribing to premium membership.

This is one of my favourite apps and is quite reasonably priced for the premium version if you watch for their occasional deals . Excellent value.

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Fueling Up: The Best Apps To Keep Costs Down At The Pump

Death and taxes are said to be the only things in life that are inevitable. Truckers know theres a third thats just as unavoidable fuel. You cant do your job without diesel in the tank, but you can do something about how much youre paying at the pump. Here are six apps to help you find the best price per gallon.


Fuelbook offers several customized options. You can input a destination to find fuel along your route, select up to three states, select up to three interstates and sort by truck stop chain. You also can select types of services sought. Once a search by your selected criteria is started, the list of truck stops can be sorted by price, distance or price before taxes. Fuel prices are updated six times daily.

Google Maps

For those of you using Google Maps, most fuel pricing is now built right into your navigation and browsing. Simply open up your map, press the gas station icon for the latest pricing for each fuel type. An added benefit of Google Maps is the satellite view that shows an actual overhead image of the station and 360-degree views of the road so you can easily judge turnaround and parking space.

iExit Trucks

As the name says, this app is made specifically for trucks. iExit guides you to trucker-friendly pit stops along any interstate. Along with fuel prices, youll find weigh stations, dealer locations, service centers, overnight parking, truck washes and even the nearest Wal-Mart.

Trucker Path

CoPilot Trucks


What about Fuel Taxes?

Drivvo Car Management Fuel Log Find Cheap Gas

Top 13 Best Fuel Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Lets start with an app available on both platforms at once. Its name is Drivvo. What is more, it is considered one of the most top-rated tools with a fuel-calculating feature.

First of all, the app will allow you to monitor refueling and stay aware of other important information on gasoline consumption, the monthly expense on your vehicle, and so on. Thus, the app will show you fuel calculation , the average km per liter, costs per kilometer traveled, kilometers traveled totally. By the way, for those who prefer to view the data graphically, it will be possible to transform records in graphs and charts.

As for other features, you will also be surprised by the app. The reason for it is its intuitiveness. Thats why it can identify which fuel suits best for your car. With it, your car will be as efficient as possible.

Moreover, in case you are a professional driver, you will be able to register your expenses in the app directly. What is more, the outlays can be connected not only with refueling but also with other services like oil change, brake check, tire rotation, filters, etc. As a result, you can give the app-built report to your higher-up to get the business travel receivables back.

Considering this feature, we find it extremely necessary not only for professional drivers but also just for motorists. It will be a great opportunity to calculate the sum of money required for your car a month/year. Monitoring expenses on your car have never been so easy.

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Copilot Premium Uk & Ireland

As well as being one of the best mobile sat-nav apps on the market, CoPilot Premium also offers local fuel prices, so you can pick which station to call at on your journey. It may seem expensive for a phone app, but this really can act as a replacement to your dedicated sat-nav unit it was recently voted AutoExpress’ 2014 app of the year.

Get it for iOS and Android.

Mileage Tracker By Mileiq

Mileage Tracker by MileIQ detects when you are driving and starts tracking automatically. Once installed, it runs in the background tracking your drives and sends weekly and end-of-month email reminders to help you keep on top of your mileage reporting.

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It shows all your drives for the current month and the possible deduction amount on the home screen. You can add named locations such as Home, Office, or Gym to classify rides by nicknames or addresses. Unfortunately, the app is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

MileIQ offers both the limited free and premium version of the app. While the former only allows 40 trips a month, the latter offers unlimited trip tracking, mileage logging, and more.

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Refuel Memo Fuel Tracking App For Iphone

This is another best fuel tracking app for iPhone with lots of features and information it provides a graphical representation of the data inside the application.

With Refuel Memo you can finally record which distance you are driving, how much fuel your vehicle is consuming, and can calculate the cost as well. The data is shown in graphical form and in tabular format so that you can easily read the data.

The new updated version of this application shows you some more data and statistics like costs and gasoline prices by year, month and week total consumed by you.

Some of the features of this application are:

  • Management of each fill-up
  • Optional protocol a Note, Tire, Driving style, and Roadway typeThis will be done on each fill up as well as on overall fill ups
  • Management of multiple vehicles possible
  • Editing of each logged fill up possible
  • Complete fill ups, as well as half, fill ups possible
  • EMail export of fuel data as CSV file. Using filters, you can select which data should be exported.
  • Create and import backups

Available for iPhone

What Is The Best App For Saving Money On Gas

Android App: Gas Buddy

There are many different types of apps that can help reduce how much an individual or business spends on gasoline and diesel fuel. They include apps that can help you find the best prices, apps that offer fuel rewards and apps that help lower your gasoline consumption.

Some apps even combine a number of those features. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the top options to consider.

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Gas Manager Fuel Consumption

The first attractive thing about the Gas Manager application is its interface. The application is very stylish everything is displayed in bright colors on a dark background and the user immediately likes it.

Most importantly, here you control your fuel consumption, calculate the required volumes, and also monitor the amounts spent on refueling. Like the previous application, you will need to enter your refueling data into Gas Manager yourself the amount and odometer readings.

This data will be used by the application to calculate your cars odometer values. You will clearly see how much money you spend on servicing your vehicle. You will also see a calendar in Gas Manager that shows you all the dates on which you have visited a petrol station.

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Features Of This One Of The Best Auto Apps

  • Locate the cheapest gas stations along with your routes
  • Explore ratings and reviews before you visit a gas station
  • Report fuel prices and earn reward points in return
  • With the free GasBuddy fuel card, you can link your bank account and save up to 25 cents per gallon
  • Follow tips and tricks to drive smarter and save more fuel

Parkopedia is a network of over 70 million parking spaces from 15,000 cities added by drivers themselves. The purpose of this app is to make sure finding parking is no more a hassle for you anywhere. With this one of the best mobile apps for the automotive industry, you can just search the nearest parking lot with the help of the current location, or you can type the address.

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Which Fuel Apps Are The Easiest To Use

Our ease of use test assesses navigation within the app, data presentation, general performance and whether there are any ads.

Fuel app ease of use

  • NSW FuelCheck – 87%
  • Vroom Fuel Price Compare – 55%
  • FuelWatch – 53%
  • MotorMouth – 53%
  • ServoTrack – 53%

Ease of use tested on an Android smartphone in November 2019. myfuelnt was not available as a smartphone app as of this date a mobile-optimised browser version was assessed in place of an app.

New South Wales and Northern Territory motorists are in luck not only do these governments provide public access to their databases, the apps/mobile optimised websites are very easy to use. The cost comparison map is clear and concise, each one lets you sort by price or distance from your location, and they even provide price trend graphs.

Fuel Map Australia is the easiest nationwide app to use, though the default map shows a very wide area. This can be slow to load and quite cluttered once everything appears.

Though all the apps we tested are free, three displayed ads at the bottom of the screen ServoTrack, Petrol Spy and GasBuddy.

Most fuel apps don’t force you to create an account, but myNRMA does require an NRMA membership. MotorMouth is the only fuel app in our test that encourages email registration and it doesn’t explain why.

Which Of Eight Fuel Usage Apps Is Best For Keeping Track Of Your Mpg

Best Android apps for finding cheap gas

Fuel costs have been fluctuating recently, as supermarkets go to war on prices. For the first time in a decade, diesel costs less than petrol, providing welcome relief to many high-mileage drivers.

This doesnt mean fuel is cheap, though. Average pump prices are around 114 pence per litre for diesel and 115ppl for petrol, so its important for motorists to keep track of what theyre spending.

Whether youre doing this for business expenses or just to save money, its normally an arduous task, involving heaps of receipts and calculations. But a fuel use smartphone app can help, keeping all the information in one place with automatic calculations. Versions are available for iOS or Android phones, so which is best?

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Drivvo Car Mileage Calculator App Fuel Log And Find Cheap Fuel

Drivvo fuel calculator and car mileage calculator app for Android and iOS. It comes in the list of best fuel calculators applications with a good rating and user base. First of all the app will allow you to monitor refueling and gasoline consumption, the monthly fuel consumption by your vehicle, and other data. You can use that data to monitor your vehicle performance if it is consuming more fuel it indicates that your vehicle needs service. It will help you to save your money on fuel. The app supports all type of fuels which is used by the vehicles currently all over the world which are Gasoline, Ethanol, Petrol, Diesel, CNG, etc. It shows data like the average km per liter your vehicle is consuming and the data can be seen graphically.

Available for Android and iOS

Find Cheap Gas Quickly

GasBuddy is an application that shows the prices of gasoline in your area.

Useful for drivers in the United States and Canada, GasBuddy uses the location of the Android device to collect user-submitted gasoline prices.

Separated into the different types of gasoline, GasBuddy can show both a list and of the locations of the gas stations. The service is dependent on gas price submittal by users, but the prices are updated consistently.

It is easy to see the difference between the prices of gas stations. Signing into GasBuddy allows users to input gas prices and gain points. The app is very useful when in unfamiliar areas or when you are looking for the cheapest gas in the specific area.

Simple and effective, GasBuddy is an excellent tool for commuters.

Improved performance in mapBug fixes

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Getupside Cashback: Gas & Food

Are you a popular visitor to gas stations? Then you need to get your reward. With GetUpside Cashback is something you need to try.

How to use it? Well, you dont have to change your life and habits too much. Just shop as usual. Once you downloaded the app and create an account, your cashback will work.

Here are the best functions provided by GetUpside Cashback:

  • The app works with over 25 thousand gas stations across the US. The list of stations is truly impressive and it includes famous brands like Shell, Mobil, Speedway, and many others.
  • In GetUpside, you may also get cashback in restaurants, fast food, cafes, and shops. The cashback can be huge, it might reach 45%, enabling you to save big money.
  • Different payment methods. Some people feel more comfortable using credit cards. Others love PayPal. It doesnt matter what you like, all the options are available.

Please note that GetUpside will collect some data about your identity. It will track your location , contacts, search history, and usage data.

To install the app, you need to have about 150 MB of free memory.

The app is free of charge. You can get it on the App Store and Google Play.

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Here Are Ten Of The Best Car Maintenance App Guide

Gas Buddy iPhone App – Best iPhone App – App Reviews

A car maintenance app is an application that assists car owners in tracking and monitors their vehicles history, and service needs to take care of the needs at the right time. Many of these apps keep records on MPG, fuel economy, maintenance fees, gas expenses, and others. The apps will also help you learn about the composition of your vehicle, parts that need regular attention, breakdowns, and what kind of care the car needs to keep running. All you need to benefit from is download the car app from Google play on your iPhone or Android phone.

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Simple Cheap Gas Prices Finder

Another wonderful app if you want something really simple and easy to use is the Simple Cheap Gas Prices Finder.

This little-known app does exactly what its name says. It finds you the cheapest prices for gas, and its really simple to navigate.

Even the apps developers state that this app is super basic in comparison to other cheap gas apps out there, like Gas Buddy or MapQuests Gas Prices app but thats the point of it.

With this app, you just get a sortable list of gas prices near you.

Its a great app if youre low on time, and you really just want something simple, no frills.

The only downside to this app is that the prices are only updated every two days. So, theyre not going to be as accurate, as say, Gas Buddy, which updates prices in real-time.

However, the app is good for finding out which stations generally have the lowest prices.

The apps developers state that Simple Cheap Gas Price Finder is perfect for people whose lives dont revolve around their phones, but would like to save money.

Best Automotive Apps To Make Traveling Convenient

This best car scanner app is designed to provide information such as OBD fault codes, sensor data, car health data, and much more. The tool gets connected with the help of OBD II Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0 with the OBD2 engine management. To use this car repair app, you need to have an OBD ELM327 compatible adapter.

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