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Personalized Workout Recommendations: Nike Training Club

8 Best Google Reader Replacement Apps for Android!

Gone are the days of needing to worry about paying an arm and a leg for a personal trainer, especially with the Nike Training Club app. Instead, the app provides different workouts to help you know what you need to improve in different areas. And there are personalized workout recommendations that populate the more you work out.

Pros And Casuals: Slack

Android Central has Slacked for years because Slack is one of the best chat apps on the market today, for either business or personal purposes. Threads allow us to get into minutiae without spamming the main chat, and everyone can upload custom slackmoji for added flair. All it needs now is a dark theme, so I don’t blind my bosses when I ping them at 2 a.m.

Set It And Forget It: Ipvanish Vpn

With IPVanish, you’ll be provided with a secure environment to browse the web, watch videos, and manage your bills. The service provides access to more than 1,400 different servers across 75 countries, along with 24/7 support. If you don’t want to stick with this service, you have 30 days to change your mind.

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Best Premium Apps And Paid Apps For Android

Some of the best apps cost a little bit of money. Thats just the way it works sometimes. However, there are also a bunch of apps that ask for too much, are very expensive, or are simply not worth it. There are millions of paid apps in the Google Play Store and many of them are excellent. However, we think a few stand above the rest. To make this list, apps have to have a single price tag with no additional in-app purchases, subscriptions, or advertising. You buy it once and you get everything. Here are the best premium apps for Android.

Best Paid Android Apps

Best Android apps of 2014 revealed by Google

Whether you’re the proud owner of a new Android phone or you’re just looking to add new functions to your existing device, the quickest way to make it even better is to head to Google Play and start downloading apps.

Google’s online marketplace is filled with many great apps that can help you do much more with Android than what you might get from a phone or tablet just out of the box. There are plenty of useful free apps we’ve collected some of , in fact but if you’re willing to part with a little bit of cash, you can find even more outstanding apps for your phone. Here are the ones we recommend you add to your Android device right away.

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More Than Just Dating: Bumble

Bumble is unique as it’s not just designed to help users get a date but can also be a great source to meet some friends in a new city. On the dating side of things, users create a profile and can just swipe through. After a match is made, the conversation can start, or the match will expire within 24 hours if nothing is said.

Google App No : Photoscan

Further blurring the lines between our physical and virtual worlds is PhotoScan, which lets you capture impressively high-quality and glare-free images of physical photos with your phone’s camera and then save ’em as digital files. PhotoScan directs you through the process of capturing multiple angles of the print and then does all the dirty work of cropping it, straightening it, and generally just making it look good.

It’s like having a full-fledged scanner in your pocket only, y’know, far more practical to carry.

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Camera Zoom Fx Premium

Camera Zoom FX Premium is one of the best Android camera apps when it comes to manual controls. Its a real step up from your native phone camera app.

The camera interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate. Despite the selection of functions, you wont get lost in a series of menus. Each feature and mode is easy to find. And switching between them is no problem at all.

The manual focus is reliable and responsive. Burst Mode can capture up to 50 frames per second. The camera hardware also includes settings for ISO, HDR, and white balance. The selection of composition overlays is cool too.

Post-production fans will love the photo editor tool, where you can add tilt-shift effects and colour transformations. Many photographers will be pleased to know that Camera Zoom FX supports RAW file formats for extra editing options.

Camera Zoom FX Premium is one of the best Android camera apps. It isnt free, but its not very expensive, either. Keen shooters will consider the extra functions worth it.

Google App No 1: Google My Business

Best Android Apps of 2020 | Googles Top Picks

This next one’s pretty specific, but if you’re operating your own business or responsible for your company’s online presence in any way Google’s My Business app is absolutely worth snagging. The app gives you a single streamlined portal for controlling your company’s presence within Google. You can respond to reviews, tweak your business’s profile, and even get notifications whenever a customer attempts to connect with you.

For the smaller business owners among us, it could be invaluable.

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Encrypted Cloud Storage: Mega

There are many ways you can upload files and pictures, but not all of those options are great with encryption. That’s where MEGA stands apart, thanks to its user-controlled method for encrypting those private files. Without paying a dime, you’ll get 50GB of storage for free, or you can go all the way up to 16TB of cloud storage for everything and anything you would ever need.

Check It Off: Ticktick

TickTick is one of the few apps that serve as more than just a task management application. There are habit tracking features built-in along with a Pomodoro Timer so you can keep your focus on whatever current project you’re working on. Plus, you can organize your lists as complicated or as simple as you want.

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Zillow: Houses & Apartments

Straight up, who doesn’t love looking at the available houses on the market while dreaming big? Zillow is probably the most well-known real estate app out there, and for a good reason, it’s a blast to peruse. Pick a town, and then start looking at the many pics of each home that strikes your fancy. Estimated prices are included, along with the general taxes, which means you can quickly decide if a house fits your current budget. You can even schedule tours of these houses within the app, and you can make offers. Heck, even if you’re only into looking at pics of strange houses and crime scenes, this is the app for you.

Monetization: free / contains ads / no IAPs

Image Gallery

Best App Drawer: Smart Launcher 5

10 Best Weather Apps for Android in 2017

If at the beginning of the year you told me that the launcher I’d use most was Smart Launcher, I would’ve laughed in your face. But then, Smart Launcher 5 arrived, and I fell in love. The flexibly-categorized app drawer is better than ever, and with the integration of Icon Pack Studio and a gridless widget system, SL5 makes building and switching themes a breeze.

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See It All: Anydo Calendar already provides one of the best to-do apps on the Play Store, but the developers also have released a pretty awesome calendar app. with different views at your disposal, Calendar makes it easy to figure out what you need to get done, so you don’t miss those appointments. Plus, you can see an overview of your calendar events alongside your to-do lists for an all-in-one productivity tool.

Optimized Digital Documents: Camscanner

CamScanner made a name for itself just by being great at what it does and just working. Simply scan a document with your camera, and the app will automatically crop the image into an editable PDF. This works with business cards, documents, or even drawings that you make, giving you a way to save everything.

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Learn Music Theory With Sonid

Learn music theory with Sonid is an app that perfectly describes itself, as its one goal is to teach you music theory.

It does this through a variety of lessons and quizzes, with each focused on a single area, be it the ionian major scale, a natural note, or any number of other things.

You can change the difficulty of the questions if theyre too easy or hard, and gradually progress through the modules, learning and unlocking more as you go. Theres also a dictionary of terms you can refer to at any time.

The core app is free, but if you subscribe to Sonid Plus for $2.99 / £3.19 per month you can get rid of adverts, access additional lessons, and view statistics about your performance in the app.

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Better Than Expected: Microsoft Outlook

Best Android Apps For Your Chromebook: Squid (Notes, Drawing, PDF Markup)

Microsoft Outlook was once thought of as an afterthought, but no more, as Microsoft has put in the time to make this app great. The Focused inbox lets you worry about the important stuff while including a calendar client and OneDrive file manager in a single app. Outlook makes it easy to keep your day organized and making sure you’ll never miss a thing.

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Simple And Straightforward: 1password

1Password has not always been “the best” option on the Play Store, but recent updates have upped the ante and pushed it to the top of the charts. The service gives you a brief trial period before you need to sign up for a subscription. And your “vaults” will stay protected while giving you the ability to keep important personal information safe and at the ready.

The Best Assistant Apps

Who needs a personal assistant when you have services like and available wherever you go? These types of apps aim to help alleviate the stresses and pressures of your day-to-day life to make things easier. From automation to smart home products and everything in between, these apps allow you to get work done with some help.

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Get On The Rcs Train: Google Messages

Dark theme! Messages for the web! It’s been a big year for Google’s SMS app, and while I still miss Mood Messenger and Textra’s themes, the only third-party SMS app that can compete with Messages for the web is Pulse’s paid SMS-syncing service, which is compatible with more platforms and browsers. Messages’ theming might be lacking, but the dark theme is a welcome addition.

Best Shopping List App

25 Best Music Downloader Apps for Android (FREE) 2020

Out of Milk

  • Rating: 4.4
  • Price: Free

With over 5 million downloads, Out of Milk is about as popular a grocery list app could get. Claimed to be a must-have companion for an easy shopping experience, Out of Milk is an extremely polished app that categorizes products into individual sections – as opposed to making a haphazard list. We also found the app to be quite intuitive. Below you find some more options for you if you feel Out of Milk doesnt make the cut:

  • Rating:3.8
  • Price: Free

You may love it or hate it – but there is no denying that Google Maps – by far – is the worlds most popular, and widely-used maps app. While not promoted as an offline maps app, Google Maps does have a very useful offline feature wherein you can download data for a specific region well in advance using your WiFi connection. Of course, there are other offline map apps that do offer several features.

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Keep It Simple: Simple File Manager Pro

If you tend to download a boatload of files to your smartphone, you’ll need Simple File Manager Pro to keep them organized. This app offers an intuitive experience to access your root files, along with microSD cards or USB devices. Plus, there are plenty of customization options to create a theme that suits your desires.

Track All The Accounts: Mint: Budget Bills & Finance Tracker

If you want an app to view and track your financial life, you can’t go wrong with Mint. After signing up and adding your different financial accounts, you can view all of your money, including your bank account, car loans, credit cards, and more. The app also allows you to create budgets that are easier to stick to while tracking every penny that enters or leaves your accounts.

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Impressively Robust: Youtube Music

Slowly but surely, YouTube Music is becoming what we expected from Google Play Music, and it continues to get better. With “The Hotlist,” you can get an idea of what the most popular songs are or find something that’s trending before it hits the radio airwaves. But the biggest benefit is that you get access to YouTube Music if you already subscribe to Google Play Music or YouTube Red.

Better With A Subscription: Microsoft Onedrive

Best Android Camera Apps 2016

While you start with just 5GB of storage, OneDrive automatically upgrades its Office 365 subscribers to a whopping 1TB of storage. This is perfect for backing up all of your documents, spreadsheets, and even your photos. Just turn on Camera Upload, and you’ll get automatic backups for your photos taken on your Android device.

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The Best Alternative: Simple Gallery

Although Google Photos offers amazing features, I personally dont like it as my Gallery app. It focuses more on cloud storage instead of device folders.

I prefer to use Simple Gallery, which has a clean layout and provides all the necessary features required from a simple gallery app.

With powerful file management features, both the apps focus on privacy as well. While A+ Gallery places pictures on a map based on the location they were taken. QuickPic supports multiple finger gestures.

A+ Gallery also shows all photos in addition to folders. This makes it easy to view and edit photos.

Storyz Photo Motion & Cinemagraph

Free + $1.99/£1.79 monthly subscription

StoryZ Photo Motion & Cinemagraph is a photo editing Android app in two parts. The first of these is Ripple, a mode which lets you add motion to a static image by drawing the area and direction that you want the motion to happen.

This can be an effective way to make it look like water or smoke is moving for example, or simply to add a slightly trippy effect to things that you might expect to be static.

The Motion mode, which lets you blend a video with a photo, leaves you with an image thats partially static and partially in motion.

In both cases it can be hard to make the effect look convincing, but its doable, as evidenced by all the impressive public submissions shared on the app. StoryZ also holds contests with specific themes, such as stairs or sand, which you can enter by submitting a relevant creation. The best ones will be featured on the home page and competition page of the app.

You can use StoryZ for free, but if you find that you have more of a talent for it than we do then theres also StoryZ Premium, which for a monthly subscription removes adverts and watermarks, increases the allowable length of videos in Motion mode, improves the toolset in Ripple mode and lets you save and share in high resolution.

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Professional Video Recording: Filmic Pro

Our smartphone cameras are more powerful today than ever before, and we aren’t just talking about taking pictures. With an app like FiLMiC Pro, you can take professional-level videos and get complete control over the editing process. Those already familiar with recording video on a DSLR will feel right at home without lugging around the camera bag.

Google App No : Google Phone

Top 5 Best Language Translator Apps for Android Device

If you’re using any phone other than a Pixel, do yourself a huge favor and go grab the Google Phone app this minute.

The Phone app’s most advanced calling features may be exclusive to Pixel owners, but the app itself can actually now work on most any Android device, no matter who made it and it offers lots of advantages over the default dialing apps other manufacturers bake into their software.

Specifically, it has Google’s excellent spam-blocking system and in-app location searching smarts built right into it and readily available. It has a simple and minimalist design that matches the rest of the Google ecosystem, too. And, critically, it doesn’t have all sorts of other junk attached including third-party services that show you ads and do shady-sounding stuff with your personal info.

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Sleep Better Than Ever: Sleep As Android

Sleep tracking can be frustrating since you rarely get the same results when using a smartwatch or phone. Sleep as Android does a great job at providing you all the tools you need to get a great night’s sleep with the ability to connect with your favorite wearables. Then, your data can be viewed easily from the Sleep as Android app, or you can take advantage of Google Fit and Samsung’s S Health applications.

Best Android Apps For Reading

Dedicated e-readers are, for the most part, not a necessary commodity anymore for people that like to keep their books electronically. While dedicated e-readers still have their own set of advantages, you can just grab any smartphone or tablet and have a very similar experience to e-readers. So of course, youd probably like an app that allows you to access all of your content easily and painlessly, and discover new books online.

Here are our top picks for the best Android apps for reading in 2021.

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