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Top 15 best Educational apps for kids | Android and iOS | 2021 | Free and Paid

Since we began researching learning apps in 2016, weve spoken with a range of experts, including a classroom teacher, a child developmental psychologist, a pediatrician, an astronomer, education researchers, app developers, and others.

Developers and app stores often label apps as educational with little research or evidence, and few experts, to support those claims.

These have included Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, a professor of psychology at Temple University who has written about and conducted research studies on educational apps for young children Jennifer Auten, an award-winning teacher in Cupertino, California, who has been using tablet and smartphone apps in her first- and second-grade curricula since the iPad was released in 2010 Christine Elgersma, senior editor, parent education, for Common Sense Media, an organization focused on childrens media and Pat Yongpradit, chief academic officer at, a nonprofit that advocates for computer science education. Last, weve spoken with parents on our staff for recommendations of apps they and their kids love in categories such as science, music, and coding.

We read articles and reports from the American Academy of Pediatrics and child developmental psychologists and educational researchers to learn about kids media use and about principles for designing learning apps. Finally, we read through reviews and ratings from well-regarded childrens media sites such as Common Sense Media.

Baby Joy Joy Abc Game For Kids Android / Iphone

Baby Joy Joy ABC game for kids is another wonderful app that was created for vocabulary building. One of the crazy things about this very app is that it provides you with tons of features which will really help you through your learning exercises.So if youre really looking out for the best phonics app for 2020, then Baby Joy Joy ABC game for Kids is really a good idea. This very gaming app is available on playstore and on appstore too.

Best Educational Apps For Kids

MAAAYYYYBBBEEE youre a little worried that your kids didnt really grasp everything in their curriculum this year.

And maybe youd be into some supplementary learning that wouldnt involve MORE online school.

So no matter where you stand on the great screen time debate, if your kids are going to be online, it might be nice if they learned something. And if that something isnt fun, they wont engage. Most teachers will tell you that some of our kids best learning happens when they dont even know theyre doing it.

Mind. Blown.

So weve pulled together some of our favourite fun and educational apps for kids so you can feel better about handing them an iPad for the first or the tenth time this week. Or to supplement what they did or didnt learn this year.

Whether its astronomy or animals, reading or math, theres something here for every age and almost any interest.

Happy downloading!

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Baby Joy Joy Abc Game

If you need to find a funny, interesting, and easy educational app, Baby Joy Joy is a must. This app was created for the kids, who want to learn how to read fast. It is recommended for the children aged 3-5.

Baby Joy has a special set of tasks that can help a kid to prepare for a kindergarten. Thats a great option for parents who can not spend enough time teaching their children to read.

The first step of learning is recognizing the letters. Baby Joy has a big number of interesting tasks aimed at reaching this purpose. Then comes the second and most important step reading parts of the words and then putting it together to create a word.

All of these steps are easy-to-learn because the app analyzes the way your child performs the tasks.

Baby Joy Joy ABC Game is available in Google Play Market for free.

Touch And Write Phonics Android / Iphone

Best Educational Apps Kids

Touch and Write Phonics is a wonderful phonics apps specifically rated as one of the best in 2022. This app is very good in terms of phonics and it is user-friendly too. One of the major reasons why I love this app is that it is easy to use even if youre a beginner. Also, this very app comes with series and tons of interesting writing textures which include pumpkin pie, pink chalk, and pudding. You can also find at least 35 writing-paper styles for backgrounds.

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Teach Your Monster To Read

The Teach your Monster to Read is an award winning app that teaches children to read in a fun and simplistic manner. The app covers the first two years of reading, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying books. The app has been designed in collaboration with academics at Roehampton university. The app teaches kids phonics and alternative spelling of sounds. It is no wonder we believe it is one of the best apps for kids!

Price: $3.99

Download Teach Your Monster to Read

Best Phonics Apps 2022

Many kids, pupils, and even students find it very difficult to build their phonics in time past. This experience has made their parents and teachers go through hard times, teaching them how to speak at least a word probably. Many of them also never believed that some applications could help them put their kids through an extensive learning process one day. With these applications, their kids will be exposed to some spelling training classrooms. Ideally, with these great apps, your kids will probably be at the peak of becoming a badass in speaking and some grammatical exercises too.Moreover, parents and teachers can also set up classes for their kids to enhance their spelling abilities. In a nutshell, Ive done several pieces of research on this very topic and have been able to come up with a comprehensive list of the best phonics applications for your Android and iOS devices. Meanwhile, this article is an extensive list of the top best phonics applications you should download into your devices to help build the vocabulary of your kids or perhaps loved ones.

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The Joy Of Reading Android / Iphone

The Joy of Reading is another crazy app that gives unforgettable experiences upon exploration. Meanwhile, this app was also mentioned as one of the best apps for android and iOS devices in 2022. However, this very application focuses on short words and sentences to teach kids how to read. It also provides hours of fun and learning, perhaps with nine different games. Get started with this very app if you want to improve in the way you speak, and kids love it too. You can easily download this very app from AppStore and playstore.

Brainpop Jr Movie Of The Week

Top 10 best learning apps for kids | Android and iOS | 2020 – 2021 | Free and Paid

Best Videos

This collection of three-to-five-minute animated videos has grown to include topics like gratitude, conflict resolution, and mindfulness, in addition to all the great shorts on the arts, math, and history. In the video on empathy, characters explain how children can identify their own and other people’s emotions. They then explore how to be compassionate when a friend isn’t feeling their best. The videos come with “easy” and “hard” quizzes for an added learning boost. Ages 6 to 8

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Best For Airplane: Busy Shapes 2

Courtesy of Apple App Store

Ages: 4-8

iOS/Android: Both

Why We Chose It: Use your travel time wisely with these brain-boosting 3D puzzle games that teach kids critical thinking skills without them even knowing it.

  • More than 100 visually engaging levels

  • Designed to build visual skills like hand-eye coordination

  • 3D puzzle animation

  • Some users complain about app crashes or loading problems

  • May be tricky for toddlers to use without supervision

Unfortunately, you cant assume that your toddlers favorite app will work the same way when you aren’t connected to WiFi. Thats why its a good idea to download some apps that work in airplane mode before hopping on a plane with your toddler. Our pick for the best airplane app for toddlers is Busy Shapes 2.

This updated offering from one of the most popular toddler apps is a fully functional app, even in airplane mode. Here, your toddler will learn shapes by dragging and dropping shapes into matching holes. The activity is brought to life by stunning visuals and beautiful, calming background music your kids will love. The shapes are made of real-life objects like fruit, helping your kids to associate shapes that are part of their daily lives.

The Best Reading Apps For Kids In 2021

Epic! Books for Kids stands out as the best reading app for children. Their premium service offers a huge selection of books and many other useful features. There is also a free version of the app available. This app may be the best option for most users, but you may find that Epic! Books for Kids doesnt adequately address your specific needs. In that case, weve also reviewed nine other reading apps for kids that are worth checking out below.

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Pet Bingo By Duck Duck Moose

Pet Bingo is a fun and cute way for your kids to develop math skills through play. The problems slant toward an older audience, with bingo games designed to test math skills through primary school . There is a free and premium version for this app. This app is best for ages 4 and up, and it is for Android and iOS.

Montessori Letter Sounds Android / Iphone

Best Android Educational Apps For Kids (3

Montessori Letter Sounds is also one of the best phonics apps for your android and iOS devices in 2022. One of the major reasons why I like this app is that it comes with a feature which comprises of tons of foreign language option that allows kids to practice in Spanish, French, Italian, or German.

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Apps For Visual Math: Dragonbox Numbers And Dragonbox Big Numbers

Our pick

Cute Nooms help kids visualize and conceptualize numbers and arithmetic operations.

Buying Options

Kids follow characters called Nooms on adventures, solving long addition and subtraction equations in the process.

Buying Options

Ages: 4 to 8 and 6 to 9

How it works:DragonBox Numbers , aimed at kids 4 through 8, introduces number sense, addition, and subtraction through cute characters called Nooms. Kids feed, slice, and sort the Nooms, developing familiarity with addition, subtraction, fractions, and ranges. In DragonBox Big Numbers , for kids 5 through 9, players follow the Nooms on more complex adventures, solving long addition and subtraction equations in order to gather and trade resources.

Why its great: The Nooms function as digital versions of what classroom teachers call math manipulatives, physical learning aids that help young children understand theoretical math concepts in a concrete way. For older kids, the DragonBox series continues on with algebra and Euclidean geometry.

Playkids Tv Shows For Kids

PlayKids is a useful childrens app for Android that is developed to keep your child entertained. It has a collection of various episodes from favorite animated shows along with some mini-games. It contains hundreds of best educational cartoons and TV shows for kids. However, to have complete access to all the contents, you will need a subscription. Apart from animations, it has free educational games like minigames and puzzles. Users can even download the shows and games whenever it is necessary.

The app is ad-free and free to download.

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Read With Phonics Android / Iphone

There is probably no way you can talk about the best phonics apps without mentioning Read with Phonics. This app is a phonics-based app that was propagated to help young people learn synthetic phonics colorfully and interactively. Added to this, it also improves letter sounds recognition, and this is a pleasant experience for you, right? If you want to improve your vocabulary and speaking skills, then Read with Phonics is there to help you. You can remotely find this app on playstore or AppStore.

Best Free Educational Apps For Kids

Top Best Free Educational Apps for kids|Offline FREE Android/Ipad Educational Learning apps for kids
Friday August 28, 2020

As the learning arena moves into more of a digital space than ever before, the educational apps for kids are becoming very significant. The Covid 19 situation is demanding social distancing and remote learning and working. So the parents who choose to work from home may be worried about how to engage the kids all day.

Most of the parents end up giving extra screen time to keep them busy inside homes and there is no wonder why the mobile apps are of great demand.

Then why not choose some awesome educational apps that are equally interesting, fun, and informative, that keeps your kid engaged while improving their skills and knowledge?

Here we can help you out by listing some of the amazing Educational apps for kids that have won the hearts of millions.

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Best Android Apps For Kids

With over a million choices in the Google Play Store, it can be tough to decide which apps are really worth downloading for your Android phone or tablet. We’ve made it easy for you to decide what’s right for your family with this list of our favorite Android titles for kids. Among the challenging puzzlers, arcade games, and fun apps for learning, you’re bound to find an age-appropriate, affordable, and awesome app that fits your kid’s needs. For more great Android apps, you can also check out some of our other lists, like free apps that foster learning or great apps for travel!

Best Apps For Toddlers That Are Educational And Fun

Though we can understand your reservations about getting your little one addicted to mobile-media before they’re out of nappies, with the right toddler-friendly apps you can help your child learn, as well as develop their motor skills, problem-solving and reaction times.

And while it’s important to limit screen time and give your child plenty of other outlets to channel their imagination and energy, there’s no denying that in this digital age, early mobile literacy will be a valuable skill.

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Best Free Android Apps For Kids

Child-friendly Android apps for your tablet or phone

Android Market is packed with apps, hundreds and thousands of them, and finding a good quality app can be a tedious and frustrating process.

In the Education segment alone there are over 3,000 free educational apps available for you to download.

Here we dig deep and uncover ten of the best free Android apps for kids.

1. AniWorld Lite

AniWorld Lite is an excellent app for kids aged one to five. It teaches kids the names of different animals and gives them a chance to feed and pet them. While the app itself is very basic, it’s the “Hey, pet me” feature that will have you and your kids rolling on the floor.

2. HomeWork

HomeWork is not a fun app, it’s a helpful one and aimed at the older kids. Using this free app they can schedule homework and lessons, set reminders, plan for exam revision, and manage their time more effectively. It works well on a tablet, supporting both screen angles, and is extremely intuitive to use.

3. Famigo Sandbox

Famigo Sandbox is a brilliant, and free, way of making your Android device safe for your kids. It includes a free app of its own for kids to play as well as listing certified safe apps for parents to browse and choose from. There are no ads or in-app purchases and you get shown games and activities that are platform and child specific.

4. iStory Books

5. Ant Smasher

6. 0-10 Numbers

7. Kids Numbers and Math

8. Steamy Window

9. Classic Simon

10. How To Make Paper Airplanes

Universe In A Nutshell

Top 12 Pre

Want your kid to fully understand their place in the scheme of things? Then Universe in a Nutshell is a must-install. Via the magic of pinch gestures you can zoom from the Planck length all the way up to the observable universe, comparing the sizes of over 250 objects in between.

Along with being a beautifully illustrated and tactile modern take on a size comparison chart, theres some learning to be done here as well: tap on an object and you get a bit of writing about it. All this is backed by a suitably chill-out soundtrack that further helps immersion.

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The Cat In The Hat Invents: Prek Stem Robot Games

The Cat in the Hat Invents: PreK STEM Robot Games is an educational game designed to get kids interested in STEM, and it’s completely free to play. Essentially, The Cat will engage your children to problem solve, which is a big part of STEM, and of course, engineering tools will be used throughout so that your child grows accustomed to standard terms for the field. Like most educational games, there are many mini-games to explore, which should keep players busy for a good while.

Monetization: free / no ads / no IAPs

Image Gallery

Kids Learning Puzzles Puzzingo

PUZZINGO is a fun and educational puzzle game developed for kids of age 0-5. It has eight free puzzles that contain over 100 different vocabulary words. Each problem covers topics like alphabets, shapes, colors, cars, trains, etc. There are various mini-games available as a reward after the kid completes a puzzle. Also, it gives a Daily Free Preview puzzle game every day.

With the in-app purchases, you can unlock over 100 different puzzles in more than 13 puzzle packs. All the purchases are locked behind parent-gates to block accidental purchase. Overall, the app can help toddlers, and kids develop their spatial recognition, matching, tactile, and motor skills.

It is one of the best Android apps for kids that is free with no ads.

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