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Who Qualifies For A Mileage Tax Deduction

6 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for Small Businesses (2020) Lyft – Uber | The Journey

Unfortunately, not every employee who doesnt have their expenses reimbursed qualifies for a tax deduction based on mileage. Thankfully, though, there are still many professionals who do qualify as they are as follows:

  • A self-employed worker who is classified as an independent contractor, like a driver for rideshare services.
  • Small business owners who are self-employed and file either Schedule F or Schedule C.
  • Specific types of employees like those who are in the armed forces reserves, performing artists and government officials.
  • Individuals who travel for medical appointments or for volunteer work.

How To Keep Record Of Your Business Trips

If you want to deduct the miles driven to and from a job assignment, you must keep a record of all your business related drives. This includes the distance driven from your starting point, stops along the way and final destination. You must also add the date and time of the trip and business purpose.

You must keep any receipts associated with your work-related commutes.

All this could be taking time away from your business. Thankfully, there are several apps today that will track all of this for you and even create reports you can use when filing your income tax.

Top 6 Logbook Apps For Android And Ios

If you are a professional driver and you find it troublesome to record your daily the log sheet, then here is the solution in the form of Logbook app. You also may be one of them who have heard about Logbook apps before but still confused in deciding which one is the best for you, if yes, then this best Logbook article is for you. Using a well-engineered Logbook app, you can automate most of the process and put blind-folded trust upon the system to fix your schedule. Yes, all the apps are not the same, as some of them are expensive while some of them are very easy to use and others are quite complex to comprehend. Also, Logbook apps are not only a core need for drivers, but it is also a lifesaver for Caravanners, Bikers, Sailors, etc.

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Mileiq: Best For Simple Mileage Tracking

If simplicity is your game, MileIQ is the mileage tracker app for you. MileIQ is a standalone, dedicated mileage tracker that offers basic features. It tracks, classifies, and reports your mileage and driving purpose based on your needs. The app is easy to use, as its just a plain and simple mileage tracker.

Mileage Tracker By Mileiq


Mileage Tracker by MileIQ detects when you are driving and starts tracking automatically. Once installed, it runs in the background tracking your drives and sends weekly and end-of-month email reminders to help you keep on top of your mileage reporting.

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It shows all your drives for the current month and the possible deduction amount on the home screen. You can add named locations such as Home, Office, or Gym to classify rides by nicknames or addresses. Unfortunately, the app is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

MileIQ offers both the limited free and premium version of the app. While the former only allows 40 trips a month, the latter offers unlimited trip tracking, mileage logging, and more.

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What Are The Best Running Apps For Your Smartphone

The best running app depends on what you want the app to do. For tracking run data, the best running apps are Strava, Map my Run, and Runkeeper. Strava has the added benefit of tracking cycling, swimming, and cross-training workouts too, so you can keep all your training in one place.

If youre a completely new runner, the Couch to 5K running app is a brilliant way to get started, building you up slowly from a run-walk, to a continuous 5K. For those hitting the treadmill, the Peloton app and Apple Fitness Plus both have a range of workouts to keep you entertained.

If youre just a bored runner thats looking for a running app that will make your runs more exciting, apps like Stride and Zombies! Run, are great at keeping you entertained.

Driverdirect Electronic Logbook Expense Recording And Fuel Site Locator

DriverDirect is a free to use logbook app engineered by the Toyota Finance Australia Limited, which comes with various features which are actually best suited Toyota vehicles.

Electronic logbook, expense recording and fuel site locator


  • DriverDirect comes with a Fuel Site Locator feature which helps a driver to find the nearest petrol station without using any map or GPS.
  • The user can also record the other expenses, generate reports on the expenses and also can view the reports in graphical form like in bar charts, pie charts, line charts etc.
  • The reports can be downloaded in CSV format and in PDF format, can be mailed directly, without even downloading it.
  • GPS tracking enabled

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Best Mileage Calculator And Tracking Apps For Android And Ios

If you are going on a trip, whether its personal or business, keeping track of your miles can be quite helpful. This is especially true if you are looking for tax deductions or reimbursements. Add to that, tracking mileage can also help you better manage your fuel fill-up and vehicle maintenance schedules. To get you started, here are some of the best mileage calculator and tracker apps for Android and iOS.

What Is The Best Mileage Tracker App For Android

Mileage Tracker – Best Mileage Tracker App for 2020

Are you in the market for the best mileage tracker app for Android devices?

Well, todays your lucky day. Were about to shortlist some high-quality Android apps you can use to track your mileage.

If youre a time-poor professional and you want to automate your tax reporting, then the apps below will help you streamline your record-keeping like never before.

We only considered the apps that:

  • Automate mileage tracking.
  • Keep the classifying process easy.
  • Simplify mileage report creation.
  • Offer added value by offering extra features.

App developers are competing as to who will offer the best set of features using the quality benchmarks above. The apps below have a solid ground of matching the users needs and therefore winning the title of the best app.

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What Qualifies As A Business Drive

In order to claim a tax deduction for costs associated with driving a personal vehicle for business purposes, your starting point must be your home, office or a job location.

The destination must also be home, office or job location, but the IRS doesn’t allow to side trips between two points. Your commutes have to be relatively straight to your work-related assignment.

Additionally, you can also include certain mile drives for other business related reasons such as cashing a check at the bank or meeting with professionals regarding your business.

When To Use A Mileage Tracker

A mileage tracker can be used to project tax deductions, control mileage costs, and plan for future expenses. Not all individuals or businesses need to use a mileage tracker. However, the need arises when:

  • The user intends to deduct mileage expenses for tax purposes: The IRS has strict requirements for documenting business mileage. Taxpayers must keep a detailed log of trips showing the date, number of miles, and purpose of the trip.
  • The company has a high volume of mileage expenses and reimbursements: If your line of business involves delivery or if you provide gas allowance to employees, a mileage tracker makes reimbursements easier, faster, and more accurate.
  • The users nature of work is driving, such as a rideshare driver or private employer driver: Individuals registered to drive for Uber or Lyft can use a mileage tracker to track their daily route, maximize earnings, and reduce their tax liability.

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What Are Business Expense Trackers

Business expense trackers obviously track your businesss expensesbut the best expense trackers dont stop there. They also categorize your expenses so you can identify areas to cut costs and simplify tax write-offs at the end of the tax year. Top business expense trackers should also include receipt scanning software so you can upload expenses on the go. Finally, expense tracking apps need to sync with your accounting software to save time and eliminate redundant data entry. .

While self-employed business owners technically can use personal budgeting apps to track expenses, we dont recommend it. They arent comprehensive enough to track a businesss needs, and they lack a lot of features most business expense trackers include.

If youre interested in becoming a better personal budgeter, check out our reviews of the years best budgeting apps. But personal finance apps like Mint and YNAB work only when applied to your personal life, not your business life.

Everlance: Best For Growing Companies

The 6 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for 2021

We rated Everlance as the best for growing companies because of its range of plans that cover self-employed individuals as well as businesses. Everlance tracks expenses for self-employed individuals but can also be used to implement an approval process as your business grows and you start reimbursing employees. This makes Everlance a practical solution for companies planning to expand in the near future.

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Great Mileage Tracker Apps For Android

Keeping track of your cars mileage is fairly easy, simply look at the meter and you are done. However, remembering when to change the engine oil or coolant? That can be a little problematic. Thankfully, we have the best mileage tracker apps for Android to help you with that. With these apps, keeping track of your mileage is as simple as opening the app. While I dont think everyone will use these apps daily, but they are sure worth installing for occasional usage, especially if you keep forgetting to change the oil.

I usually use the best to do list apps to keep track of mileage but after testing these apps out, Ill be using the best mileage tracker apps for Android. They are highly convenient to use and automatically log in the mileage for you. Gone are the days when you would manually write the mileage on a small diary that you kept in the dashboard.

You wont even need to have those stickers applied on your windscreen to keep track of oil changes. By using one of these great mileage tracker apps, youll not only clean up your dashboard but also avoid any sticky marks on the windshield.

Find The Best Mileage Tracking App

Tracking mileage for your reimbursement or tax deduction has never been easier – with mobile apps for tracking your drives and creating compliant mileage logs, gone are the days of manually writing down a weeks worth of information and scrambling to remember the work errand you were running around 9 am last Tuesday. In this post, you can learn about finding the best mileage tracking app for your needs and what you need to look out for.

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Stride Tax Mileage Tracking App

Strideis a free mileage and expense-tracking app that works in conjunction with Strides other services, like health insurance and tax-prep assistance. In addition to offering portals to Strides other products, it offers a mileage and expense-tracking function.

I was able to download and install the app easily and quickly with both my iPhone 11 and a Galaxy Android tablet. Its a simple and clear app, and it offers enough featuresmileage and expense trackingto keep it worth using.

Stride is also freeyou can record unlimited trips. The only downside? You have to open the app and manually start and end each tripyou cant link it to the gig companies or have it use your devices motion sensors to do it automatically. Bummer. At least you can link it to your bank securely through Plaid and help track expenses.

Stride requires you to start and end each trip manually to track them.

Accuracy was as good as my cars odometer, if not betterall these apps use GPS certainly good enough for an IRS auditor.

I think Strides a good app, well designed and intuitive to usebutand as they used to say about J-Lo, its a big butthe manual trip-recording thing is a big turn-off for me. Id either forget to use it, or forget to turn it off, or just be too busy with all the other apps we have manage as gig workers. But if you can handle that, go for it.

Heres what Stride looks like in action:

Automate Your Reporting With Mileage Tracker Apps

Stride Drive: Free Mileage Tracking App Review (Android)

If youve ever attempted to guesstimate your mileage as a contractor or business owner, you know it isnt an easy process. Reimbursing employees for mileage can also be difficult and drawn-out.

Mileage tracker apps make it easy to keep an up-to-date record of all business related driving, whether it be for you or your team members.

Apps allow you to set up the program and track mileage with limited time and management required. Use these business tools to minimize admin tasks, automate your reporting and then use the extra time to focus on high-level tasks to grow your business.

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Map My Run By Under Armour

Best running app for map building

Map My Run, now developed by Under Armour, uses the GPS and other sensors in your phone to track and map your running course, time, speed, and total distance traveled.

The app displays both your real-time stats and your end-of-run totals. Useful extras include support for a variety of fitness trackers and heart rate sensors, Wear OS support and nutrition tracking. A premium subscription provides voice coaching and location sharing and removes ads.

Another cool feature now that the app is developed by Under Armour is that newer Under Armour running shoes will connect to Map my Run via Bluetooth, allowing your shoes to sync your running data to the app the second you step back through the front door.

Enjoy other activities besides running? You’ll find separate apps for cycling, walking and general fitness from Under Armour in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Why Do I Need A Mileage Tracker App

You need to keep tabs on your mileage if youâre self-employed because you must itemise your business trips for HMRC come self assessment time.As a car or van driver in 2019, youâre entitled to 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p a mile thereafter. You can add another 5p per mile if youâre carrying a business passenger.

These Approved Mileage Allowance Payments rates apply whether youâre employed or self-employed. They apply for any business journeys you make between 6 April 2018 and 5 April 2019. In fact, they havenât changed since 2012.

As a self-employed person, you can write off your business mileage against tax. It can add up to a tidy sum, too. Imagine you do 12,000 business miles in one year. Youâd be entitled to 10,000 x 45p plus 2000 x 25p. Thatâs £5000.But of course, thatâs how it should be. Every mile you put on your carâs odometer adds to wear and tear and ultimately increases your running costs.If youâre self-employed, the information you log must include things like the date of each journey and the reason you made it.Of course, you could keep a log in a notebook, on a spreadsheet, or on the back of an envelope. But thatâs not going to impress HMRC. If you want to take a professional approach, you need a business-mileage and expense tracker app.

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Free Or Paid Whats Your Budget

You can find miles apps at a full range of price points, from free mileage trackers to those that come with highfees. For most people, one of the best free mileage tracker app options in 2020 will be good enough, but you maywant to consider paying a bit if you want additional features. From there, you have to decide if you want an appthat uses a subscription model or has you pay a one-time fee. This is a matter of whether you want to budget forit each month or just once.

How To Keep Track Of Mileage For Taxes

Mileage Tracker App For Android

You are required to keep what the IRS calls adequate records for your mileage claims: records that contain the time, destination, and purpose of each business trip. Using an app to track miles will make keeping a mileage log a much less tedious task, especially if you often drive for work. If you want to learn more about mileage reimbursement in the US we have set up an IRS Mileage Guide.

Its easy to overlook the essential features you should be looking for to ensure IRS-compliant mileage records while looking through all the best mileage tracking apps offered.

Continue reading for the essential and some nice-to-have features you should be looking for when choosing the best app for tracking mileage .

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Mileage Tracker Apps Take Hold Of Your Trips

These were a few great mileage tracker apps for Android. Depending on the feature you need youre sure to find what youre looking for in this list. These apps are quite useful especially if you have to travel a lot for work and need to know how much money you spend and how much you travel. Not to mention how much money you could save with them!

So, what app did you try? What was your experience? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below!

Hurdlr: Best For Self

Of all the mileage trackers in this list, we found Hurdlr to be the best tracker for self-employed individuals. This app is great for self-employed business owners because it calculates your quarterly estimated tax payments automatically, making tax compliance easier. Moreover, Hurdlr also offers expense and tax tracking for self-employed individuals. Using the tax tracker, individuals can generate tax reports for submission to a certified public accountant .

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