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Best Mobile Payment Apps In 2022

Top Paid Android Apps: Wipeout (Hands-on)

The best in contactless payments

The best mobile payment apps make it easy to pay for goods using nothing more than an app on your smartphone.

Mobile apps providing contactless payments have become common since the introduction of Near Field Communication , turning individual smartphones into the equivalent of a payment card.

Just as like contactless credit and debit cards, however, mobile payments have their limitations – but they also have their fees, and sometimes these aren’t always so clear.

Therefore as mobile apps deliver on the promise of the digital wallet they are changing and expanding the way we pay for things in everyday life. They excel at small transactions, avoiding the need for having cash, and this can apply not just when shopping but also for everyday items.

However, as well as contactless payments, mobile payment apps can also be great for sending money to people you know, such as friends or family, or paying traders directly.

As contactless payment platforms continue to be rolled out, we’ll help you choose the right mobile apps and NFC system that can work for you.

We’ve also featured the best mobile card payment readers.

Apple likes to make the complex simple, and easy for everyone to do, and their mobile payment offering, Apple Pay is true to that philosophy. There is no app to download, and it works on iPhones, and can be used for online purchases on Macs.

The Best Mobile Payment Apps For 2021

Cash is so last century, and touching a credit card reader isn’t COVID-friendly. Fortunately, we’ve tested the top apps for using your phone to make contactless payments in stores, pay friends, and shop online so that you can pick the one that’s right for you.


  • Lets you easily pay stores , sites, and people
  • All functions work on Android, iOS, and web
  • Substitutes actual card numbers with virtual ones for security
  • Gift card and loyalty-program management


  • Doesn’t work with Google Assistant or Siri voice assistants
  • No buyer protection


  • Combines online purchases and p2p activity
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works internationally
  • Payment splitting not as straightforward as in Venmo
  • Few in-store payment options


  • Money goes directly into recipient’s bank account
  • Simple setup
  • Works inside existing bank apps
  • Recipient doesn’t need app
  • No international, store, or web payments
  • Few extras


  • Anonymous, single-use token system keeps credit card data secure
  • Manages gift cards, movie tickets, boarding passes, and more
  • High-reward credit card option
  • Only works with Apple devices
  • Paying in stores with face recognition trickier than paying with Android
  • Setup more complex than for some competitors


  • Works at every credit card point of sale in the US and 17 other countries
  • Paying with a smartwatch is slick
  • Money account management option
  • Uses legacy magnetic stripe technology
  • No paying friends

Google Pay A Simple And Secure Payment App

Google Pay, formerly known as Tez App, stands the biggest and best app in our list of best UPI apps in India. This app has accumulated a huge customer base in India within a small time frame. And obviously, having a big brand name of Google has helped this app to build trust among the new and existing customers.

As of November 2020, Google pay has 960.02 million transactions in volume with Rs 1,61,418.19 Cr in transaction value. Using Google Pay, users can send money to friends, pay their bills, shop online, recharge, or pay at the nearby café, etc. through secure payment by Google.

Another most enjoyable part of using Google Pay is the Scratch cards. Whenever the users make a new transaction, they are awarded a gift card in the form of a scratch card. After scratching the card, users can earn a gift in the form of money which directly gets credited into the registered bank account.

Anyways, you wont earn a Scratch card on every transaction as there are a minimum value and number of transactions predefined by the app. However, if youre lucky, you may get a reward of up to Rs 1 lakh.

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How Much Does It Cost To Accept Mobile Payments

Beyond the new equipment or software coding work, it doesnt cost anything extra for a merchant to take mobile payments. Your in-person payment counts as a regular card-present payment, and your online payment counts as a regular card-not-present payment. There really is very little reason not to take digital wallet payments.

Make Money Earn Free Cash

6 Android Mobile Payment Apps for Sending Money Painlessly

We said in 2016 & 2017 that Make Money Earn Free Cash had a lot of potential and it still has. Now with over 1 Million installs it is one of the most popular get paid to apps on the market. Last year the app was rated on the Play Store at 4.6 and in 2022, it remains the same.

There are numerous ways to earn however it can be slow and tedious. The rewards are earned by watching videos, filling in surveys and taking advantage of free trials.

PayPal is the only option to cash out your rewards, which for most is a good thing.

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Paytm Bhim Upi Money Transfer & Mobile Recharge

Paytm is a quite well-known mobile payment app in India. Along with Paytm Mall, it also offers Paytm Wallet and Paytm UPI . In simple words, we can call it a mega store due to the variety of products and services provided by this app.

Paytm users can perform almost each and every activity related to online payments on its app. And thats why it is certainly the most used payment app and is third in our list of best UPI apps in India. As of November 2020, Paytm has 260.09 million transactions in volume with Rs 28,986.93 Cr in transaction value.

From making online Payments to buying household items, groceries, IRCTC train ticket booking, bus & flight booking, movie tickets, LIC premium payment, metro card recharge, buying gold, making loan payments, paying e-challans & more, everything can be done on this app.

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Which Is Safer Paypal Or Cashapp

Paypal uses extremely strong encryption technology. But Cashapp and other apps used to send money also use such technology, with multiple barriers between private information and the money in your bank.

In short, safe use is the best feature of payment apps. Thats because of the additional layers between the app and financial information.

Image: Depositphotos

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Best For International Payments: Wise


  • Recipients cannot track the status of transfers

  • Not as fast as other payment apps

  • No protection by a financial protection scheme

Wise took the top spot for best international payments because it doesn’t charge overly large international transaction fees or exchange rates. You can send money to over 100 countries. However, you may send money to a country not on Wise’s list if the recipient’s account uses U.S. dollars, euros, or pounds.

Wise offers mobile apps for Apple and Android devices and enables robust security and encryption so you can protect your personal information. You can also choose two-factor authentication for extra security. Wise doesn’t offer the same protection that the Financial Services Compensation Scheme , the U.K.’s statutory deposit insurance and investors compensation organization, offers with a bank account.

Converting money can take a maximum of two working days, but often takes less time. It also depends on how quickly the recipient’s bank can process deposits and the ways in which you can send money in that particular country.

For the personal accounts the daily limit is $1,000,000 and the annual limit is $5,000,000. For business accounts, the limits are $3,000,000 daily and $15,000,000 annually.

You can spend the money you keep with the Wise card.

What Can You Do To Fix The Flaw

Best Paid Android Apps: Gene Effect

Threat Post reported that Samsung already released fixes needed to remove the vulnerability back in August 2021.

Experts explained that if users see that their Samsung Galaxy smartphones have security patch levels as of July 2021 or below, they need to update their handsets’ systems as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Samsung also said that people need to regularly update their devices to the last software versions to have safe experiences. If you want to see further details about the new Samsung Galaxy vulnerability, you can visit this link.

In other news, a new Android banking Trojan virus recently attacked Google Play Store. Meanwhile, cybersecurity experts now urge businesses and organizations in the United States to prepare for massive cyberattacks.

For more news updates about security flaws and other related topics, always keep your tabs open here at TechTimes.

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Where Can You Pay With Venmo

You can shop at millions of websites using Venmo as a payment option in connection with PayPal. You can also use the Venmo Debit Mastercard to shop at any merchants where Mastercard is accepted.

The app even keeps track of what you buy, as well as when and where you bought it. You can also use the app to quickly transfer money to your bank account.

Cashkarma Rewards & Gift Cards

cashKarma is a popular , signing up for free trials and watching videos. For paid video views you get 1 point per video view and you can watch 50 per day.

You can redeem points for PayPal cash, Amazon gift-cards of $5 and $10 amounts.

With cashKarma, you get rewarded to check in to the app daily and there are other bonuses when you achieve milestones.

There is a referral system to help you earn more points by having your friends sign up.

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Do All Phones Support Mobile Payments

Not sure whether your phone will support contactless payments? Here’s what you need to know…

  • The oldest model you can use Apple Pay on is the iPhone 6 .
  • Google Pay works on any Android 5.0 smartphone with Near-Field Communication , and several Wear OS smartwatches including Huawei Watch 2, Fossil and TicWatch models.
  • Samsung Pay works on the Samsung Galaxy s6 and more recent models, the Galaxy A series of smartphones and Samsung Galaxy watches.

GHI Tip: Check your Android smartphone is compatible in the Settings menu. Check whether it has NFC under ‘Wireless and Networks’, and which version of the Android operating system software it runs under ‘About Phone’.

What Are Mobile Payment Apps How Do They Work

8 best mobile payment apps for Android and iOS

Instead of using cash or a card, mobile payment apps let you make purchases and send and receive money using your smartphone. Paying this way also means you avoid exchanging cash or touching any buttons, making it a popular option during the coronavirus pandemic.

» MORE:Learn about contactless payments

With many mobile payment apps, you use your debit card to pay money into an online account. When you use the app to buy something or send money, the funds are deducted from that account. Likewise, if you receive money, it tops up your account balance.

Other mobile payment apps are linked to your current account. When you use the app, money is taken straight from the account youve chosen.

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How To Make Contactless Payments By Mobile Phone

It’s easy to use your phone to make contactless payments!

Nearly one in six Brits have registered to make contactless payments using their smartphones or smartwatches, instead of using a debit or credit card.

Mobile payment services allow you to link your credit or debit card to your smartphone so you can pay for goods and services by tapping your phone on the contactless card reader you don’t need your card with you.

If you’re deciding whether to start making contactless payments with your smartphone, here’s what you need to know before you make the switch…

Are Payment Apps Safe To Use

The payment apps on our list were specifically tested for their safety features. You can usually find protection against unauthorized transactions with a payment app but may not get the same type of financial protection you might get through FDIC-protected banks or other financial institutions. Many apps offer authentication technologies such as Secure Sockets Layer , digital certificates, and RSA encryption to protect your business’s valuable information.

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Popular Mobile Payment Services

There has been a surge in mobile payment services beyond Apple and Venmo. PayPal bought Braintree in 2013, which had purchased Venmo the year before. Meanwhile, there’s Zelle, Cash App, and Google Pay.

Many payment apps are default choices depending on which phone you have, and they work much the same. You download the free app, upload your credit or debit cards and tap to pay with your phone at any retailer that accepts that service.

PayPal works the same way, and with the same card reader, if the merchant has signed up to accept PayPal payments. PayPal is not as widely available in brick-and-mortar stores.

The Best Android Apps For 2022

download top android paid version apps 100% free ||what are the best apps for mobile phones

The Google Play store has millions of apps. Some are terrific, some are duds. Our guide, which covers 13 key categories and 103 top apps, features the ones that deserve a place on your Android phone or tablet.

Android tablets and phones are technological marvels that entertain, let you work from any location, and keep you connected with friends, family, and coworkers. With the right app, you can transform your humble cell or slate into a mobile movie theater, work station, art canvas, recipe manager, and so much more. Unfortunately, finding the best Android apps is a bit of a challenge.

There’s a titanic quantity of apps to download from the Google Play Store, but which ones are worth their salt? Weve assembled this list to help you discover worthwhile apps, so read on: You may find something you didnt even know you needed.

These 103 recommended apps are organized into 13 categories, including music, productivity, security, and utilities, so it’s easy to find ones that suit your mood. Need an entertaining streaming video service? There’s an app for that. In search of a dependable word processor that’ll keep you productive while on the go? There’s an app for that, too. Note that we don’t include any games in this roundup. For those, check out our separate list of the best Android games.

Each recommended app is excellent in its own way. Taken together, our collection is a snapshot of the Google Play Store’s best apps at the time of writing. So explore and enjoy.

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Best Mobile Payment Apps For Safe Transactions

Mobile payment apps are changing the way people settle financial transactions. They move cash to where it needs to be while working in the background. With just your mobile phone, it is possible to make convenient in-store purchases, pay your friends and colleagues back, make international transactions, and more.

But as the market for these apps continues to grow, how do you know what works best for you? Not to worry, well provide you with a quick rundown of the top mobile apps to meet your everyday banking needs.

Best Paid Android Apps

Whether you’re the proud owner of a new Android phone or you’re just looking to add new functions to your existing device, the quickest way to make it even better is to head to Google Play and start downloading apps.

Google’s online marketplace is filled with many great apps that can help you do much more with Android than what you might get from a phone or tablet just out of the box. There are plenty of useful free apps we’ve collected some of , in fact but if you’re willing to part with a little bit of cash, you can find even more outstanding apps for your phone. Here are the ones we recommend you add to your Android device right away.

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Make Money And Free Gift Cards

The Make Money And Free Gift Cards app makes our list for the first time! Over 30,000 reviews and most of them positive.

Over the past year a lot of apps have been removed from the for being scams and the fact that advertisers are no longer paying good money. As a result the quality of the apps are now better and actually pay you.

This app state that you could reach your first cashout within 2 days!

The Bottom Line: Payment Apps & Mobile Payments Are Here To Stay

Google Pay gets a major redesign with a new emphasis on ...

Its not surprising that consumers are using payment apps and mobile wallets more and more. What is surprising is how quickly this can be brought about by unpredictable, external events, such as a pandemic.

While many things will return to normal after the pandemic, most analysts think that online buying or paying with contactless payments are here to stay. As a small business owner, you can take advantage of these changes.

If you own a physical location, you can accommodate these younger, tech-savvy customers by having an NFC-capable card reader so that they can pay through smartphone payment apps or a smartwatch. If you have an online store, you can hire a developer to add a pay with button to your store. With yet other wallets mostly those for sending money to friends and family you can send payment requests to your customers for payment. If youre interested in taking mobile payments, check out The Ultimate Guide To Accepting Mobile Payments.

How many types of mobile payment applications have you integrated into your business? Let us know of your experience, good or bad. Have questions? Leave us a comment!

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