Best Money Making Apps For Android 2020


Best For Fitness Buffs: Sweatcoin



  • You can redeem your rewards with more than 300 companies.

  • It encourages a healthier lifestyle.

  • There is no commitment.

  • You can’t redeem rewards as cash.

  • Low earnings for most users.

Getting outside for a workout can be tough. But download the Sweatcoin app, and watch your motivation skyrocket. After all, the app pays you for the steps you take. But full disclosure: Youre paid in cryptocurrency.

Heres how it works. Download the Sweatcoin app, and keep it running on your phone in the background at all times. Then, get moving. Youll earn 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take. Once you earn a certain amount of Sweatcoins, you can redeem them for goods like anti-gravity yoga classes , an Apple Watch, an iPhone, even vacations.

Most items will cost you around 20,000 Sweatcoins. If you walk 10,000 steps per day, youll earn 9.5 Sweatcoins. Walk 10,000 steps daily, and it will still take you almost six years to earn 20,000 Sweatcoin. So this app is really for the serious movers and shakers, not casual fitness enthusiasts.

Get Rewarded For Paying Your Bills On Time

If you get a credit card with rewards and pay the statement balance in full each month, you can get FREE money.

You have to spend money on food, clothes, gas, etc. so why not get a percentage of that money back if you can ON TOP of the cashback youll receive from the apps mentioned above.

My husband and I put everything on our one Chase Freedom credit card because the more you spend, the more cashback rewards you receive.

I spent over $500 of my cashback rewards on Christmas last year, and now Im back up to $654. This is not necessarily an app, but I do use the Chase app to track my transactions and rewards.

If you sign up for the Chase Freedom Credit card you get a $150 bonus if you spend $500 within the first 3 months. That should be easy to do if you use it on everything like us.16.

What Are The Best Free Note Taking Apps For Android

There are many notes apps available for Android. Some are dedicated to making simple notes whereas others have extensive features that let you create powerful lists and reports. To help you choose the ideal app for you, heres the list of the best note-taking apps. Ive downloaded them all on my Android system and tested myself. Whether you look for a simple app or an all-inclusive tool, theres something of interest for everyone.

The little helping arrow will show you who are the apps best for.

  • Record you can dictate your thoughts, Keep will transcribe them for you
  • Add checkboxes to create a to-do list
  • Make a copy of your note
  • Add a collaborator to work together on ideas
  • Print note

You can also quickly archive or delete content that is no longer needed. Use Ok Google voice commands to take a note or add to to-do list.

Google Notes is a simple app with all the basic features you need to make a good note on the go, far away from your office or home. It easily synchronizes with other Google services which makes it comfortable to work across different apps and devices. And you can easily and quickly access and share notes via email, text message, copy them to Google Docs or Google Drive, or send them to any other app.

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+ Apps That Pay You: The Best Money Making Apps Of 2021

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info.

Were hooked on our devices, but did you know your smartphone can actually make you money every month? Here are some of my favorite money making apps.

Some are completely passive after you set them up, while others take a little more time.

Ive broken these down by category, and encourage you to pick and install the ones that make the most sense for you.

For each, well take a quick look at how they work and how you can earn money and get paid for using them.

Best Money Making Apps For Android In 2021


Make money with these Android apps!

Lets admit there are times when we think about earning a few extra bucks. The few extra bucks that you earn now could be helpful in critical situations. Lets take an example of the recent COVID- Pandemic the threat has forced users to stay and work from home. However, not everyone knows how to utilize technology to earn a few extra bucks per month.

Its all because of the lack of resources. Look, theres no sure-shot way to earn money, but you can always have a try with the apps listed in the article. In this article, we will share a few best Android apps that would help you make some decent money. You can use these apps on your Android smartphone to generate decent secondary income.

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Apps That Pay You To Play Games

1. Mistplay

Mistplay is one of our favorite apps here at YMG!

The app lets Android users easily make money while having fun and playing mobile video games. The only downside is that you can’t get direct PayPal cash, but you can earn gift cards and sell them online for cash!

2. Luckstastic

Lucktastic allows users to sign up and start playing games and scratching tickets in exchange for prizes. Lucktastic is entirely free to play, and users win tokens or cash for every game they play.

The average game lasts about 30 seconds and requires users to watch a 30-second ad before playing.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the best small task sites on the internet. You can easily earn money by playing games, shopping online, watching videos, and completing surveys.

Every task earns you points, and you can choose from your favorite gift cards or transfer your payout to your PayPal account. MyPoints is available for both Android and iOS users. You can even earn a $10 bonus when you reach your first $20 in prizes.

4. InboxDollars

With InboxDollars, users can take surveys, open paid emails, and play games to earn money. The platform sets itself apart from other sites because it pays users with cash rather than points, and it pays directly via PayPal.

5. Microsoft Rewards

6. PointsPrizes

Want to find a strategic way to maximize your wins? Try PointsPrizes! It will show you how to earn the most rewards as fast as possible.

7. Banatic

Top Game Apps To Win Money

There are lots of apps that can earn you money just for using them. If you find youre spending many hours mindlessly playing Candy Crush or Two Dots, try switching to one of the options below.

This way, youll actually make money and have some mindless fun while you play.

Payouts vary for each app and are anywhere from pennies to a few dollars at a time. Pick a couple of options from the list below and try them out.

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Best For Automatic Payment: Ibotta


  • Actual cash back, no points or coupons.

  • Works on mobile app and via browser extension.

  • Low cash out threshold.

  • Lower cash back than other apps.

  • Eligible retail locations may not include regional and local stores.

ibotta is another great cash-back app, and you have three options to make money using it: Upload your receipt to the app when you purchase eligible items, link a store loyalty card before you shop to get access to special offers, or make purchases at eligible stores via the ibotta app.

With ibotta, youll have to complete tasks within the app to access its money-saving tools, which can be a drawback, depending on how much free time you have. Youll also have to upload receipts manually, and there are only about 400 eligible retailers. However, you can get cash deposited directly into your ibotta account, which you can then withdrawno waiting on checks via snail mail or trying to navigate cryptocurrency.

Plus Apps That Pay You Real Money

Best Money Saving Apps – iPhone & Android 2020

Are you looking for cool apps that pay you???

You may have heard rumors that it’s relatively easy to earn money using your smartphone. It’s true!

You can download free money-making apps and start earning right away. Some pay you for playing games on your phone. Some let you make money from your daily walks. Some help you sell off some of that household junk you don’t actually need.

Chances are, we’ve got an app on this list that’s perfect for you.

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Storm Play Earn Free Bitcoin

Do you want free Bitcoin or Ethereum? Bitmaker Free Bitcoin, now renamed Storm Play can help you get free cryptocurrency. The app was built initially by cakecodes but has since been sold. This app pays you blocks which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin . You must do a number of different tasks like answer surveys, install games and more to earn blocks.

The payout is low so you get paid on Fridays when you reach the threshold (this keeps changing depending on cryptocurrency trading prices. Remember to receive Bitcoin, you must have a Bitcoin wallet and a separate wallet if you want to receive Ethereum. You can find Bitcoin wallets online and easily sign up to them.

Recent updates have made this app worse. We had at number 2 on the best apps that pay you, but no longer!

Robinhood Investment & Trading Commission

Millions of users are making money with Robinhood by investing and trading with others. Using this app, you can simply invest in the stock market and EFTs. And this app will help you learn the stock market properly with a complete stock market analysis. So, if you are a newcomer, it wont be a problem for you to use this app and invest in the right stock. Additionally, it is a hundred percent place to invest and trade that you can trust.

Important Features

  • From your trade and investment, you will get a direct paycheck and credits using this app.
  • Different places like stocks, options, and funds will be available to invest and get profit.
  • You can eventually buy and sell cryptocurrencies using this app.
  • Cryptocurrency units like Bitcoin , Ethereum , DogecoinDOGE), and are available here.
  • This app will also show you the analysis of the real market of stock and provide you with data on that.

Pros: This app initially lets you enjoy the opportunity to get a handsome amount of interest rate. You can also get the Annual Percentage Yield using this app.

Cons: A lot of users have complained about the poor customer care of this app.

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Cashkarma Rewards & Gift Cards

cashKarma is a popular , signing up for free trials and watching videos. For paid video views you get 1 point per video view and you can watch 50 per day.

You can redeem points for PayPal cash, Amazon gift-cards of $5 and $10 amounts.

With cashKarma, you get rewarded to check in to the app daily and there are other bonuses when you achieve milestones.

There is a referral system to help you earn more points by having your friends sign up.

Rakuten: Get Cash Back & Save On Your Shopping


Now, making money is now easier with lots of promo cards and coupons. Want to know how to get them? Just use Rakuten, one of the most popular money-making apps for Android you have ever got. This app will provide you with lots of promo codes and coupons that you can use to buy things from many convenient stores and shops with discounts. This is basically how Rakuten offers for people to save money and get more discounts on products they need to buy daily.

Important Features

  • It is a 100% safe app, and there is no complaint about losing your money from this app.
  • It initially shows a long list of products with maximum discounts and coupons.
  • This app is apparently working with more than 2500 shops and stores.
  • It also offers discounts on products from different brands and categories.
  • You can eventually get cashback up to 40% with specific products.

Pros: Once you start using this app, you will initially get a 10$ coupon for free. It is basically a welcome bonus from this app.

Cons: Some users find this app working very much slower.

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Best For Bargain Shoppers: Rakuten


  • Cash back can apply to in-store purchases.

  • Must have a PayPal account to receive payout electronically.

  • Non-electronic payments sent out via check.

  • Payouts every quarter.

Also a great browser extension for those on a desktop computer, Rakuten has a solid money-making app, as well. With this tool, you can use in-store coupons, scan items as you go to compare prices, and perhaps its most well-known featureearn cash back on certain purchases from certain retailers.

Heres how it works: Once you download and start using the app, youll earn a set percentage of cash back when you shop with Rakutens list of 2,500-plus eligible retailers. While cash back is usually between 1% to 2%, weve earned as much as 10%. Youll also get access to in-store coupons and other perks. Rakuten even compares coupons for you, so you can be sure youre getting the very best deal.

Another plus is that once you sign up and start using it, youll automatically get paid every three months, as long as youve earned at least $5.01. Rakuten is an industry staple in the world of money-making apps. Founded in 1997, its given more than $1 billion in cash back to its customers.

Ibotta: Cash Back Savings Rewards & Coupons App

Most of your purchases could have given you impressive cashback if you knew about Ibotta. Ibotta is one of the simplest money-making apps for Android, where you have to check the app for the cashback offers and provide a picture of your receipt after shopping. Besides, most cash back-include products are regular grocery items, and you will need them anyway. Learn more about this app from right below if you are interested.

Important Features

  • This amazing cash-back app lets you earn over $150 per year by just purchasing regular products.
  • The interface of this app is eventually very user-friendly and easily operable.
  • Apparently, Ibotta offers cash rewards on more than 500,000 brands and retailers, including the popular and famous ones like Safeway, eBay, Best Buy, etc.
  • The reward and cashback redeeming process are fast and totally hassle-free in this app.
  • You will also find grocery deals and eventually get cashback rewards without cutting your coupons.

Pros: This app provides you with a good amount of money as a welcome reward when creating an account in it. In addition, it features over 500 exclusive cash-back offers.

Cons: The time limitation may feel hassle to some people.

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The Best Budgeting Apps For The Money

Charting and maintaining a budget is extremely crucial for ones financial health. Experts often urge people to spend money in a 50/30/20 format, wherein you spend 50% on necessities, 30% on your wants, and 20% is set aside as savings. However, most people do not have the time or inclination to adhere to such principles. Although many wish to, modern lifestyles often play spoilsport. In such times, budgeting apps are the life jackets one needs. Most apps today offer options to save, invest, and regulate spending. The apps featured in this list offer a wide variety of tools to regulate ones money management and take into account the best budget apps for Android and iOS. The best budgeting apps gather information and adapt their services to suit the user.

App Developers Are Constantly Looking For Ways To Reward Users


These apps are just some of the ones that can make you money. There are new apps coming out all the time. Just be careful about what you download and what kind of information you provide.

If you dont mind getting the legwork out of the way and filling out a bunch of registration forms over the next hour, you can get started with many items on the list right now and be making money from your phone in no time.

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Robinhood Free Share Of Stock

Robinhood is an investing app offering you the opportunity to buy stocks with a $0 trading cost. The beauty of the app is you can invest in partial shares of stock so if you only have $20 to invest, you can still own part of Google!

The bonus of Robinhood is when you sign-up , youll be awarded a free share of stock. This share of stock can range in value anywhere between $2.50 and $200 . Read more about it in our full Robinhood Review.

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Helo App Discover Share & Communicate

Helo has over 100 million users in India, making it one of the fastest-growing money making apps of 2020. What makes this earning app great is that it allows you to make friends and chat with them. You do this as you make money with it. Helo gives users up to 350 Rupees for every new user you recruit or refer to. Payment is made through Paytm or straight to your bank account.

Rated 4.2 stars and 100M Downloads on Google play store.Rated 4.9 stars on the Apple store.

Download the app: Android | iOS

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