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The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Best Offline RPG games for Android and iOS

Players who love to open worlds and immersive storytelling will love what The Elder Scrolls: Blades has to offer. Android hasnt witnessed an open world like the Morrowind, and now, we have just that in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Its one of the very first massive first-person role-playing games to come to Android devices.

The game has a brilliant character creation screen, enabling you to truly dive into this open world game with your own distinct appearance and skillsets. Players will be able to discover and grasp unique weapons, armor and other abilities that they will be able to use while exploring the world and fight the ancient and legendary enemies and hordes within.

In the gameplay, The Blades, the Empires best soldiers, are sent into exile by force. Afterwards, when you create your character, you move towards your home town, only to find it destroyed and devastated, possibly something to deal with the exiled Blades. Youll fight to solve the mystery, and in the progress, try to rebuild your home town to greatness.

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Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden

Are you ready to play fantasy RPG game with the fantastic story? The Fantasy RPG story unfolds as you advance in the game and there are more than 120 quests you must complete, including side quests. Guide your hero through various worlds completing quests and fighting countless enemies. Upgrade your hero and level up. Fight against more than 20 different enemies, from the luring Mermaids to Goblin, Orcs and many more. Destroy breakable objects to collect gold.

Dungeon And Demons Dungeon Crawler

Prevent the things from turning into the darkness because of Demons and Dungeons as you are the only monster slayer who can do so. The world was resting peacefully by believing that all the dangers are gone and everything is safe till the sky rained fire of burning rocks. These rocks opened the long-closed gates to the underworld and gave freedom to legions of orcs, demons, ogres, and devils ready to break havoc on this world. You play as the last dragon champion and you have to restore peace in this world.

Ratings- 4.1

Features of Dungeon and Demons Dungeon Crawler-

  • Just like any other RPG, the Dungeon and Demons are also built on a fantasy setting.
  • The storyline of the game is very mesmerizing.
  • If you are a beginner at RPGs, then this is the game for you.
  • The game allows you to join epic and classy battles.

Pros of Dungeon and Demons-

  • Elegant design

Cons of Dungeon and Demons-

  • Unattractive

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How To Download The Best Small Size Android Offline Rpg Games In 2021

Not only PS 2 games, but PSP-specific games can also be played on Android, and even more powerful gameplay and the graphics are exactly the same.

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Although many new games have sprung up, the presence of RPG games from the past until now still has its own fans.

This might be because RPG games have 3D graphics that are already quite good.

As we all know, the average RPG game now has to be played online.

Therefore, in this post, the admin shares some offline RPG games that you can later play at any time.

Many who like RPG games, because it is different from android games in general.

RPG games do provide their own sensations and excitement when playing them.

The following are some recommendations for offline 3D RPG games that have pretty good graphics and very exciting gameplay.

All the list of games on the RPG mod apk has been equipped with a download link underneath, which makes it easy for you to find games in Playstoreor other alternative links.

Please click the download link in the description of the best 3D android offline RPG game, if you are interested in playing the game.

What Are Rpg Games

Top 10 Best Offline RPG Games For Android

RPG stands for Role-Playing Games, a type of game in which a player assumes the role of a character from the game. The Character can be from the real world and the fictional game world. The aim of the game is to finish the game by completing the responsibilities of the character. The character can be played through narration, acting or decision making.

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Most of the RPG games take place either in the fantasy world of science fiction world. The simplest example of RPG can be a space world. Imagine the world in a space where you are an astronaut, and you have to save the earth from aliens by fighting them in the space. In this situation, you are playing a role of an astronaut from a fiction gaming world.

RPG Games are hugely popular among gamers and are played all across the globe. Nowadays, smartphones are powered by 4GB of RAM and heavy graphic cards which allow developers to develop amazing RPG Games for Android.

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Dragon Rpg: Dragon Village M

Brace yourself if youre into dragons. Dragon RPG is all about Dragons in RPG style. It is free to play and optimized for Android devices. You will get the full Google leaderboard and achievements in this game. So, you will be able to compete with friends and dont forget its a massive community of online players. The game offers realistic sound effects and mesmerizing 2D visual effects with animations. So gear up and think down with the best possible strategies to dominate with your crew.

Important Features

  • You will have the freedom to choose from a thousand unique dragons.
  • Be a thinking person, and use strategic tactics to make the best deck possible and upgrade your dragons to reach the next level.
  • It offers numerous game modes, such as adventures, dungeons clearing campaigns, PvP and PvE competitions, and online multiplayer missions with the gaming community.
  • The game features a chatting option with friends and clan members, making it even more lively and interesting to play.
  • It is supported by regular updates and fixes from the developers. For ready perks and instant resources, in-app purchases are also available.

No Internet Simulator Games For Ios And Android

Simulator games are usually labeled as slow and boring by a lot of people mainly because they require proper time and dedication. Without both, the game would not play the way it is meant to be played.

Despite the criticism the genre often receives, it has some ardent fans all around the world. It is actually surprising to see that in the ever-evolving, and moving world of mobile gaming, simulator games have found a home on the platform.

The list is going to have some of the best simulation games you can play on both iOS, and Android.

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Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire

In case you havent guessed yet, Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire is about creating your marijuana empire. The best part is that the game makes you feel like an herb seller. Its not like an idle clicker. You will have to take some actions like sending presents to the Mafia or the Police. In the course of the game, you can choose different pots, seeds and even use fertilizers. Also, keep in mind that Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire is about turning down offers when you can.

Price: Kush Tycoon: Pot Empire is completely free with in-app purchases

Ads: No

Offline Android Trivia Games

Top 12 3D Action RPG Games Android/iOS 2020 (Online/Offline)

4. Quizoid

As the name implies, Quizoid is a simple quiz game that can also be played offline where you have to answer questions. It has over 7000 questions divided into six levels. Quiz and puzzle lovers would enjoy having this game on their phones. It can also make one of the fun android offline games to play at parties.

Quizoid has 17 categories, three game modes, and various hints to help you with the game. The quiz contains questions from Arts and Literature, Famous People, Geography, Language, Mathematics, Medical Science, Religion, and Mythology, etc. With the pro version, you get 3000 extra questions. One of the best offline Android games for all quiz-lovers, Quizoid is unmissable.

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Zenonia 4 Offline Rpg Games For Android

The best part about Zenonia 4 is that it is now available in 3D. If you are exploring and killing, this game is designed just for you. The aim of the game is to explore the lands and kill as many monsters as you can. The game features excellent graphics with simple controls and lots of diverse quests.

Game Size: 41 MB

Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3d Rpg


Another âSkyrim likeâ for you to play on your mobile. Kingdom Quest Crimson Warden 3D RPG is an open world fantasy RPG set in a fantastic world. Although free, it has in-app purchases ranging from R $ 0,99 – R $ 58,99 per item.

Her hero is Crimson Warden, one of the king’s elite warriors who must protect people in the cursed kingdoms until the army arrives. Embark on a fantastic journey filled with hundreds of enemies and try to upgrade your hero’s skills and attributes to fight better.

So, what did you think of the list? Let us know in the comments and let us know if you have downloaded any of these games. And take the opportunity to read more about mobile games on Our site.

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Knights Of Pen And Paper + 1

NOT FREE. One more retro-style 2D app game. This one reminds a fairytale. Well, actually, most RPGs remind fairytales. Just a nice thought that came into my head. Even not fairytales, but rather comic books. No, it is certainly a mixture of both fairytales + comic books.

You find yourself in some freaky environment like the Middle Ages and you got to train heroes and win the evil just like in good Marvel movies. Pardon me, if Im wrong bout Marvel movies Im not a big fan of them.

Anyways, Knights of Pen and Paper + 1 is a classic RPG that makes you go through challenges, unlock cool stuff and, of course, kill the monsters.

You can travel through an amazing world of this game and store your adventures at the so-called Tavern. You can choose classes of your heroes, for example, mages or knights. Upon the whole, there are lots of customization opportunities, so if you are into playing with settings, youll love this game.

This one is a good choice for anyone who is keen on 2D 90s vibe! Get KoPP today and have a nice experience with it!

Customers rating:

Casual Games For Android And Ios

Top 24 Offline RPG Android iOS Games 2016

Sometimes you dont want to play action games, or games that require your brain to focus on things. In a situation like that, the best way out is by playing games that are casual. There is no shortage of casual games in the market, as a matter fact, they have been around for a long time.

Casual games are just like they sound, you dont really need a lot of brain activity to play the games. You can even play them when you are half asleep and they will still make sense.

The list is all about the best casual games that are available on the mobile platform. Lets have a look at them.

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Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition

Icewind Dale is another one of those classic RPG games, similar to Baldurs Gate 1 and 2. In fact, they have the same play style, as all three were made by the same developer. This is an RPG with a long story, with over 40 hours of gameplay. Like Baldurs Gate, the controls, in rare cases, dont seem to translate well to the mobile interface and theres a somewhat complex learning curve, so more casual gamers should think twice before venturing into it. This is an improved version of the original game, released in the year 2000, which solves several defects of the old one and adds a more polished interface to the mobile universe.

Price: $15

Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Zombie survival open-world games are pretty popular on any gaming platform, and Android is no exception. Dark Days features a massive open-world that players can explore.

When an unknown epidemic wipes most of humanity and turns it into bloodthirsty zombies, you must scavenge for resources and learn to survive on your own. Gather resources, build a shelter and shoot zombies to survive the apocalypse.


Build and upgrade your shelter

Craft weapons and equipment

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Best Offline Action Rpg Games For Android In 2022

On Android, there are a lot of mindless and addicting games. Thats not necessarily a bad thing after all, these games are great for having a little fun on your lunch break or when you only have a couple of minutes of time to clear your head. But if youre big into gaming you know that there is very little substance to games like this. That said, you might find a Offline Action RPG Games For Android a whole lot more enjoyable. These games generally have a lot more content, usually a Story Mode that will take you through a rich campaign.

So, if you want to get yourself into the best android RPG offline, but arent sure on where to turn for one or even what a good one is to download, follow along with us down below. Weve got all the top-rated action RPG games for Android there!

Badland Best Offline Game

Top 10 Best TURN BASED RPG OFFLINE for Android iOS | Most looking OFFLINE Turn Based RPG for Mobile

If you are searching for an action adventure game that does not emphasize on blowing up stuff, Badland is the right game for you. The game markets itself as an action adventure, but there is proper artistic flare involved too.

Players are tasked to find out the one thing that is wrong with the jungle in which they are living in. The games level design, and the art style is among the best I have seen on a mobile game.

Badland is undoubtedly one of the best offline games for android that I have had the pleasure to play, and for those running iOS, its also available. Badland is free to play on Badland but contains ads, and in-game purchases. On iOS, the game costs $0.99

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Badland: Offline Game For Action Fans

This game is certainly not one of the newest games available, but it is still one of the favorite games among the NextPit editorial team. Badland on both Android and iOS is an incredibly good-looking action-adventure sidescroller that impressed us with its loving yet gloomy atmosphere.

In the game, you happen to be some species of bird and have to steer your character through a forest. Numerous dangers and traps are there to slow down your journey. Badland scrolls on and on, and when your bird reaches the left edge, you will restart from the last checkpoint.

In total there are more than 80 levels to complete, but only the first 40 are free to play. The other levels can be purchased via an in-app purchase. Conveniently, there is a multiplayer mode in which you can explore a total of 21 levels on one device with up to four other players.

  • 4.5 stars on / 4.4 stars on the Apple App Store.
  • Price: Free, in-game ads / $0.99 .
  • In-app purchases: Yes / No .

Rpg What Hadjane Says Goes

Price:R$ 7,99

This Disgaia-style RPG, with a lot of action and humor, was developed by the same company that made Top Gear for the Super Nintendo, which is a great reference. In addition to the price, the game also has in-app purchases ranging from R $ 0,99 – R $ 49,99 per item.

Em RPG What Hadjane Says Goes! You control underworld queen Hadjane, who spends her days doing nothing or making her demonic minions work to exhaustion or punish them severely. Until they can’t take it anymore and rebel against it. Now the queen must capture the fugitive demons and end the rebellion that threatens her reign.

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Mekorama: Monument Valley For Robot Friends

If you’ve ever played Monument Valley, you’ll also find pure joy in Mekorama for both Android and iOS. In this offline game, you control a small nameless robot by navigating it through carefully crafted 3D worlds. Using the “tap-to-move” mechanism, you indicate the direction in which the little robot should wander.

The difficulty of this game lies in the towers on which the robot moves – these are 3D towers. In higher levels, you will have to turn a lot and consider both elevators and tunnels along the way to ensure your little robot arrives at its destination safely. To make matters more challenging, the robot can also fall off – in which case you’ll have to start the level all over again.

The nice thing about Mekorama is that you not only have 50 levels to indulge in, but you can also create your own levels. Self-created worlds can then be shared with your friends around the world via QR code. But even the existing 50 levels are challenging enough for most. If you have VR glasses, you can even play Mekorama as a VR version, but this version will set you back by $3.99.

  • In-App Purchases: Yes.

Finding The Best Rpg Games For Android

Best Offline RPG Games For Android And iPhone 2015

But, if you need all these things, you need to play some of the best RPGs out there. Just to get you an idea, Google Play Store has an amazing collection of Role-Playing Games. Even when you narrow down the list to online multiplayer RPGs, you have plenty of choices. In this article, however, we managed to find 20 of the best Android RPGs you can play today. We have included both free RPG games for Android and paid ones. There are also sub-categories like offline RPGs for Android. Shall we begin?

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