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Pros Of Buying An Unlocked Phone

Best Android Phones – Winter 2020

If you are looking for a new plan, many carriers offer discounts for bringing an unlocked phone to their network, but that’s not the only benefit.

  • Unlocked phones often come with less carrier-related software, commonly referred to as bloatware.
  • Most unlocked phones work on all major Canadian carrier networks, no matter which country they originated from.
  • Instead of roaming or buying an international plan, you can pick up a local SIM card to use wherever you’re travelling.
  • These phones are typically updated directly from the manufacturer – not the carrier. This means the updates come more frequently and quickly.

How We Test Unlocked Phones

Every smartphone Toms Guide evaluates is tested for days in real-world use cases and benchmarked with a gamut of performance-measuring apps. We use a light meter to ascertain display quality data, like brightness and color accuracy, and our proprietary battery test determines longevity on a charge by streaming webpages over a 4G or 5G network.

We explore the software, test gaming performance and conduct live camera comparisons with rival handsets. We also factor in network compatibility, so you can be certain whether a device will be operational on your carrier before you buy. Each of these factors plays a part in our comprehensive verdict.

Wow These Are Some Really Cheap Unlocked Phones

Did you know that you can get an unlocked phone for this cheap? Maybe you thought you have to wait until Black Friday 2021, but thanks to these unlocked phone deals being used & refurbished, were able to offer them at a price thats lower than ever. At Back Market, our deals on unlocked phones are so fresh, they make breath mints look stale! Buying a refurbished unlocked phone is a much better value than buying a new unlocked phone, and thanks to our warranty, you can be sure youre not losing out on quality either. 🙂 Now thats what we call a win-win!

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Where Can I Buy An Unlocked Phone

There are more places to find unlocked handsets than you might imagine..

We talk quite a bit about unlocked phones here, including their benefits and where you can use them. One of the questions were often asked, though, is where to buy them.

Are unlocked phones part of some secret society and hard to find? Quite the opposite, really. In fact, there are are plenty of great spots to buy unlocked phones, some of which are places you already shop.

What follows are a number of outlets to explore when it comes to buying an unlocked phone.

Looking For A Gsm Unlocked Phone

These are the best places to buy an unlocked phone

If you came here looking for a phone that’s GSM unlocked, thats awesome! Just a tip: Make sure that the phone is unlocked for the AT& T and T-Mobile networks. These are both GSM networks, which means they use the same kind of technology to broadcast their cell signal. If the phone is able to work on both these networks, it should have the capabilities to work almost anywhere in the world. But be aware that an unlocked GSM phone may not work on CDMA carriers like Verizon or Spectrum.

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Option #1 Buying A Refurbished Phone

If you go the refurbished phone route, you could stand save yourself around 40% versus buying new. For instance, you could pick up an iPhone XR via Verizons refurbished program for less than $300.

If you want a properly unlocked model, however, it pays to go with a specialist someone like Gazelle.

With Gazelle, youll have your pick of refurbished iPhones and Samsung phones, as well as iPads and MacBooks too.

You can also get unlocked phones from Gazelle, although theyre usually slightly more expensive. Not by a lot, but enough to make you notice maybe like $40 to $50 more.

  • Save

If you want an iPhone, and you want one that is cheap and unlocked, buying it refurbished is the simplest way to do this.

You can pick up all of Apples legacy iPhones refurbished, though Id be inclined to suggest you do not go any older then iPhone X.

The iPhone 8 Plus, for instance, is still a great phone but it probably only has another two years of software support at best. Apples iPhone X, on the other hand, will get another five to six years of iOS updates.

If you want a new iPhone, youll have to look at Apples cheaper iPhone models like the iPhone SE 2020. This will still be the best part of $400 though, so youll need either a credit card or finance options.

What Are The Best Unlocked Android Phones

Our current pick for the best unlocked Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It offers everything you could want in an Android phone, including a beautiful 120Hz display, four very capable cameras, and excellent battery life.

But the OnePlus 9 Pro comes in as a close second, while the Google Pixel 5a offers the best budget-friendly option. And that’s not to mention the new Google Pixel 6, which wowed us with its impressive cameras.

We have a few other affordable choices in this list, too, like the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and Moto G Stylus. And if you’re interested in foldables, then we think the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is your best bet since it starts at $999.

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Why Buy An Unlocked Cell Phone

  • You may live in a GSM area where you get a reliable signal from a carrier in some locations. But a different carrier has reliable service in other locations. With an unlocked phone, you can simply swap out SIM cards from different carriers in each network.
  • You can also use the swap-out SIM card technique to keep work and personal use separate.
  • That expensive cell phone of yours has much better resale value if it is unlocked.
  • An unlocked cell phone doesnt come preloaded with a bunch of extraneous apps.
  • Unlocked devices are best for travel to a network out of the US.
  • You can get a great deal on a used phone.
  • The Best Phone Deals This Week*

    Top Android Smartphones Under $300 – (Updated for 2021)

    *Deals are selected by our partner, TechBargains

    At the same time, there are a few downsides to going the unlocked route. If you change SIM cards overseas, you won’t have your US phone number while you’re traveling. Most of the phones on our list work on all three major carriers, but you’ll want to check out our reviews before you buy, since a few may not connect to all the carriers’ 5G networks.

    See How We Test Phones

    AT& T doesn’t permit Wi-Fi calling on many unlocked phones, and it’s difficult to nail down which phones can do it and which can’t. This is annoying. If you want Wi-Fi calling on an unlocked AT& T phone, stick with iPhones, Google Pixels, and the Nokia 6300 4G.

    And with the growing number of phones with electronic SIMs , changing carriers is easier than ever. Simply select your carrier from a menu or by scanning an online QR code, and you won’t need to wait for a physical SIM to arrive in the mail. On this list, the Pixel 6 series and iPhones support eSIM and dual SIM, which let you have two lines attached to one phone. The Nokia 6300 4G has two physical SIMs. Dual SIM is great for having a work line and a personal line, or lines for two different countries.

    You can quickly add and remove eSIMs on the Pixel 6

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    Why Is Back Market The Best Place To Buy An Unlocked Cell Phone

    Well shout it from the rooftops: Our warranties! Thanks to a minimum 1-year warranty, you can rest assured that youre getting a safe, sure-fire deal on your unlocked phone! Have doubts or questions? Hopes, fears or dreams? Check out this article to find out how to activate your unlocked cell phone.

    How To Unlock A Cell Phone

    A carrier doesnt want you to switch carriers to other networks. But savvy customers wanted an unlocked phone and choices of networks. So many carriers offer that service. So it is advisable to unlock phone legally.

    Key Things Every Customer Should Know About the Unlock Process

  • If youre a member of the US military with an order to deploy, in the US or to another country, the carrier will consent to unlock your phone so that it can be used overseas. If needed, the carrier will consent to suspend your contract in the US.
  • To unlock a phone, youll need information: account number, the phone IMEI number, the phone number, the password, and information about your payment plan.
  • You can dial 611 from your phone to start the unlock request process. But the best way to do it is by calling from another phone.
  • Some carriers offer a free unlock. Although that frees your phone, that doesnt mean youre free to shop carriers. The policies may state that youll only get permission to change to another carrier if your service contract has been fulfilled, or youre willing to pay an early termination fee to the carrier for permission to access other networks.
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    Best Unlocked Phones In 2021

    The best unlocked phones keep you free from carrier payment plans and contracts. Not only do you get to pick the device you want, you can then bring that unlocked handset to the best phone carrier for your needs. Of course, the downside is that you have to front your phone’s cost upfront in most cases.

    Dont worry if you want to switch carriers: Its super easy to jump from one to another when you own an unlocked phone. And the best part is, you dont have to pay any early termination fees.

    While the best unlocked phones almost certainly support GSM carriers like AT& T and T-Mobile, its best to look for devices that work with all the major U.S. providers, including Verizon. That way, you can freely choose to take your device to any carrier.

    Best Places To Buy Unlocked Phones 2021

    Best Place To Buy Cheap Unlocked Phones? Our #1 Picks

    We hear a lot of talk about the benefits of buying an unlocked phone. You can use it on any network, you don’t have a carrier deciding which apps are pre-installed or when you get updates, and you typically don’t have to pay more for the privilege. As unlocked phones get dramatically more popular in the U.S., the number of choices for where you buy one has exploded and as always, some are better than others.

    If you’re in the market to buy one of the best Android phones and want to make sure you buy unlocked, here are the best places you should buy from in 2021!

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    Ebay Refurbished Phones Are Sorted Into Four Grades Based On Condition:

    Certified Refurbished

    The top grade in our program, Certified Refurbished smartphones are in pristine, like-new condition and have been professionally inspected, cleaned, and refurbished by the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved vendor. Phones are guaranteed to be fully functional with 100% battery life.

    You’ll receive the instruction manual, and all accessories included with a new phone. Accessories may be original or new, but always in perfect working order. This grade is exclusively available through a partnership with Samsung. Certified Refurbished products are covered by a two-year Allstate warranty.

    Excellent Refurbished

    This grade is ideal for shoppers interested in purchasing a phone without easily recognizable signs of prior use. Devices arrive in like-new condition and are free of visible screen scratches and dents, and have a minimum battery life that is at least 85% of the original specification. Your smartphone will have been professionally refurbished, inspected, and cleaned by a qualified seller to ensure it arrives in Excellent condition.

    It will arrive in new generic packaging and all accessories initially sold with it are provided in working order as original or new items. Excellent Refurbished items are covered by a one-year Allstate warranty.

    Very Good Refurbished

    Good Refurbished

    Best Places To Buy Unlocked Phones In 2022

    What are the best places to buy unlocked phones online?

    Cell phone, the best functional, handy device that is favorable for everyone! Gone are the days where people were surviving without having this handy piece. Now, with the modernization, with the changes in technology, the needs and necessities of the people have changed a lot.

    The cell phones before were only being used for calling purposes, but now the scenario is different. It can be now operated for different functions. You can buy both types of phones, unlocked phones as well as locked ones.

    Locked cell phones are easily available at the brick-and-mortar store near you. What about unlocked cell phones? What are the best places to buy unlocked phones? They are very few available at a physical store.

    There are various online sellers who sell unlocked cell phones at a number of places as well as they offer various types of models too. The seller can be a wholesaler, bulk buyer, or any other but an unlocked cell phone at an affordable price is very exciting to buy.

    Unlocked cell phones online are preferred by all genuine buyers. Also, you can find the best free government cell phones here.

    Unlocked cell phones are highly advisable to buy if you are an international traveler, as well as a prestigious local traveler. They can be used on any carrier, while locked cell phones can be used in only a single carrier.

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    The Top 7 Places To Buy Unlocked Phones

    When youre shopping for an unlocked phone, its important to whether you want a new device or one thats been refurbished. While you can get a new unlocked phone for a reasonable price, youre going to find better prices on used and renewed models.

    I researched the online prices for several popular phones new and used to see how major vendors prices stacked up against each other as of June 2021.


    As you can see, the prices for unlocked phones tend to stay in the same range across retailers and independent sellers. Still, youll find enough of a difference to make it worth your time to compare prices.

    For a new Samsung Galaxy S20, eBay offered the best price on a new device: $509.99. I also checked the prices at Swappa, which sells only used phones. They ranged from $415-$575, so in this case, youre not getting a bad deal buying new.

    A used unlocked Moto G7 Power was available at eBay, Swappa and Newegg for less than $120. These are especially great deals because Clark recommends the Motorola product line for people who are price sensitive.

    Motorola seems to have gotten the compromise right between price and quality. A lot of unlocked phones with really good screen sizes are going to be in the $200s, says Clark. The big market though for unlocked phones seems to be used iPhones.

    A used iPhone X was available at Swappa for only $270 at the time of writing. The next best deals were at Walmart and eBay for around $300.

    The Best Places To Buy Unlocked Phones

    Best Android Phones 2019 [July update]

    If youve shopped lately for a new phone, you know how easy it is to end up spending nearly $1,000 to get the latest device only to be stuck in a contract for a year or more. But shopping for an unlocked phone online can save you hundreds of dollars. And youll have the freedom to change carriers at any time, potentially saving you even more money in the long run.

    In this article, Ill compare prices among several major online vendors to find deals on unlocked cell phones. I also got input from our sister site, which tracks cellphone prices continually, to see where you can get the best overall deal.

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    Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Deals

    More than ten years after their inception, Samsungs Galaxy smartphones still command the lions share of the Android smartphone market and could arguably be considered Apples main competition worldwide . As you probably inferred from the name, the 2019 Galaxy S10 phones represent the tenth generation of Samsungs main flagship line, but Samsung got in the spirit of 2020 when it rolled out the new S-series flagship dubbed the Galaxy S20 at its February Galaxy Unpacked event. The Galaxy family also features the Note smartphones that occupy kind of a weird space as alternative flagships featuring larger displays and included stylus pens, and we were more impressed with the new Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra than with the S-series devices. Samsung also recently revealed the unique Galaxy Z Flip, a new spin on the old flip-phone concept, along with the larger Samsung Galaxy Fold.

    As far as the new 2021 offerings go, the release strategy hasnt changed much from last year with three next-generation Galaxy devices to choose from: The Galaxy S21, the larger Galaxy S21 Plus, and the premium Galaxy S21 Ultra . Theyre all solid phones as youd expect, although the Samsung didnt exactly re-invent the wheel. Your best bet when looking for a deal on new releases like these is to take advantage of the carrier offers below, but if you dont mind last-gen stuff, you can also find great deals on carrier-unlocked models like the Galaxy S10, Note 10, and similar 2019 flagships.

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