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If You Want To Make Your Own Podcast You Should Download Anchor

Player FM for Android is the best Podcast Player out there

When you open the Anchor app, you are prompted with four options: I want to make a new podcast, Tell me more about podcasting, I have a podcast I want to import, and I want to listen to podcasts. It doesnt actually matter which one of these you click because you will have access to all of the features regardless.

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To create a podcast, you can record directly into the app with your smartphones microphone. This allows you to create segments of audio that you can label and flag in certain places if you want to edit them later. You can also upload externally recorded audio files as well as add voice messages that listeners have submitted, and you can invite friends to record live with you over the app. Additionally, the app has sound effects and interludes that you can place into your podcast anywhere. You can add any music from Spotify, but doing so will prevent you from being able to publish your podcast to any external listening platforms or monetize it in any way, and it will only be available for listening on the Anchor app.

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Podcast Addict: Free Podcast App For Android

Podcast Addict is all in one podcast app for lakhs of Podcasts, Radio, Live Stream, Audiobooks, Youtube, Twitch Channels, and RSS Newsfeeds.

Podcast Addict Key Features at a glance

  • 2 Billion Episodes:
  • You can find and download more than a billion episodes of various podcasts.
  • 7,50,000 Podcasts:
  • You can search more than seven lakh podcasts by name or keywords.
  • Browse any podcast network:
  • Yes. You can browse your favorite podcast network. Just like NPR, Gimlet, Serial, BBC, Ted Talks, and more.
  • Elegant Playback and Audio Effects:
  • It has a built-in player that supports MP 3, Audiobooks, Streaming, and local files.
  • Wow! It can support Chromecast & SONOS too.
  • Automated Update and Deletion:
  • Just fix the specific time. Then your favorite podcasts can be downloaded before you wake up.
  • You can use the custom settings for each podcast.
  • Backup:
  • It provides full backup and restores features.
  • 150K Radio Stations:
  • With its live stream radio search engine, you can search for thousands and lakhs of radio stations.
  • And more.
  • Podcast Addict Ratings and Downloads

    • Oh Great! The rating of this app on the official webpage of the Google Play Store is 4.7.
    • And it has more than 10 million downloads around the world.

    Podcast Addict Price

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    Best Podcast Listening Apps

    Disclosure: Links to other sites may be affiliate links that generate us a small commission at no extra cost to you.

    If you use an iPhone to listen to podcasts, you likely started using the Apple Podcasts app.

    It works fine at first.

    But there are so many other great options in 2021 for podcast apps for both iOS and Android.

    Some are iOS only, some are Android only, and some are for both ecosystems. Many of them include discovery options, playback controls, different sharing options, sleep timers, and more.

    Theyre organized by operating system, starting with options that work on both platforms.

    Well link to their app store listing so you can quickly check them out.

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    What Are Good Free Podcasts

    The Best Podcasts to Listen to Now Royally Obsessed. Courtesy of Gallery Media Group. Planet Money. Courtesy of NPR. Switched on Pop. Vulture. The Audition. Freetime Media. Stuff the British Stole. ABC Radio National. 99% Invisible. Courtesy of 99% Invisible. Youre Wrong About. Youre Wrong About. The Heir Pod. Courtesy of ABC News.

    Best Podcast Listening Apps For Both Ios & Android

    jlbdesigners: Best Podcast Player For Android

    There are a huge number of podcast listening apps out there, thatâs for sure. Remember that ultimately theyâre all serving the same purpose: helping you to access your favorite podcasts. The only differences lie in the small details.

    Here are the best podcast apps to download right now:

    Price: Free to download, Spotify Premium $9.99/month â


    • Music and podcasts in one place. Spotify makes it easy to switch between podcasts and music without having to change apps.
    • Daily Drive Playlist brings your music and news together. Spotify showcases its selection of music and podcasts with a daily personalized playlist that brings you news updates and a good soundtrack for your daily commute.
    • Become a paid subscriber for exclusive access. If you want to get more out of your favorite podcast, consider becoming a paid show subscriber for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes access.

    Price: Free to download and listen, Premium Subscription for cross-device syncing and ad-free listening. â


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    Ditch The Radio With The Best Podcast Apps For Android

    It should come as no surprise that Pocket Casts is our favorite podcast app for Android. Even with changes to the platform that made the app free but introduced another subscription service, it doesn’t get much better than this.

    Did you really think that Spotify wouldn’t be included? The app is already our favorite music streaming service, and the company has been steadily improving the podcast experience as well. Spotify’s one of the best podcast apps for Android if you’re looking for an app to serve as an all-in-one solution.

    Google Podcasts is one of the more unique options out there, as you can either opt to download the app, or just listen from your browser. Just fire up the Google app and search for “Podcasts”, and from there, you’ll be able to serach for, and listen to, your favorite podcasts.

    Best Audio Mixer Software In 2022

    Introduction The process of music production does not only revolve around recording instruments and vocals before releasing them. It is important to mix and master them carefully, adjusting the range and pitch of each clip and combining multiple instrumental tracks. Furthermore, one should rectify flaws, stabilize shaky sections, and remove unnecessary audio in the background.

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    The Best Android Podcast Apps

    These days, many of us prefer to listen to podcasts or other streaming media at the time and place of our choosing instead of being locked into an arbitrary broadcast schedule, and luckily, there are thousands upon thousands of amazing podcasts available on-demand. Below are a few of our favorite podcast apps for Android that allow you to quickly access The Daily and NPRs robust lineup wherever you might roam.

    For more information about podcasts and whats out there for listening and learning check out our full guide to podcasts, which includes even more recommendations for podcast apps on both iOS and Android.

    The Best Podcast App Is Pocket Casts

    The Best Podcast Apps for Android

    Pocket Casts has a nice user interface: once you follow a show, its cover image gets added to the apps home screen, placing all of your favorite shows into a grid. You can choose whether or not you want notifications when a new episode of any particular show is posted. As for playback control and customization, Pocket Casts has the most features of all the best podcast apps. It has a playback speed adjuster, silence trimmer, volume booster, adjustable skip buttons, and a sleep timer that you can adjust to end playback after a certain amount of time or at the end of the episode. Additionally, you can program the app to always skip the first few minutes of a certain show if you dont like listening to the hosts rambling.

    If you like reading stats, Pocket Casts has got you covered. It tells you how much time youve spent listening, as well as how often youve skipped segments or removed silence from episodes. It also tracks your listening history, and you can archive completed episodes if you dont want them to clutter your screen. You can favorite episodes to keep track of them and download them for offline listening to conserve data usage. If you want to share a specific timestamp of an episode with a friend, the best podcast app enables that as well.

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    Podcatcher Roundup: Top 9 Best Android Apps For Playing Podcasts

    Podcast lovers used to download their favorite episodes to their desktops and laptops, then send the files over to their SD cards, plug the SD cards into their Android phones, and voila! Instant podcast viewing/listening on the phone.

    All that has changed today with Android smartphones beefier processing power and ultra-high-speed data connections. With smartphones getting more powerful hardware and faster broadband connectivity , podcast junkies are smacking their lips with much delight and gusto.

    But, what app to use? Ahh, theres the rub. Not to worry, Watson. Android Authority comes to save the day. We recommend the following 9 best podcast apps for Android.

    Quick Answer: What Is The Best Podcast App For Android

      These are the Best Podcast Apps currently available in 2021: Spotify, Pocket Casts, and more! Spotify: Music and Podcasts. Anchor Make your own podcast. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts Podcast Player. Podcast Player & Podcast App Castbox. Stitcher Podcast Player. Spreaker Studio Start your Podcast for Free.

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      Now You Can See This New Android 13 Media Player By Using Certain Apps

      Right now, Google is releasing the Android 13 beta 3.3 to its phones. This update will fix some critical bugs in the system. If you update to that version, theres a chance that you wont be able to see the new media player.

      This was spotted on the Android 13 beta 3.2. When you play media using either Google Podcasts or Google Chrome, youll see the new Android 13 media player. Using this media player, youll see some of the buttons moved to different spots.

      With the new player , the play/pause button is moved to the far right side about halfway up. The button will be rather large and colored to match your devices theme. The play button is housed inside of a circle, and the pause button is inside a rounded square.

      Youll see the progress bar taking up most of the bottom of the card. On either side of it, youll see the skip forward and skip back buttons.

      If youre using Google Chrome, the setup will be different depending on the available buttons. If youre streaming something like Soundcloud, then the play/pause button will be on the bottom of the card along with everything else. The progress bar will take up about half of the space with the play/pause, skip track, and the upvote and downvote buttons next to it.

      The 6 Best Podcast Apps For Android In 2022

      5 Best Podcasts Apps for Android

      Our selection to listen to the news, captivating stories, or learn something new

      Podcasts are a great way to listen to the news, learn about new topics, or just entertain yourself. There are hundreds of thousands available online, all covering a variety of topics. The most convenient way to listen to podcasts and keep track of all of them is to use a dedicated app. There are plenty to choose from, so we listed our favorite ones below.

      Depending on what you listen to and how you do it, some apps might be better for you than others. For instance, if your podcasts are broken down into seasons and episodes, you might want to look for an app that can sort them accordingly.

      To make your search easier, we’ve only selected the best apps that offer support for Google Cast, Assistant, and Android Auto. We’ve also narrowed your options to those that sync your subscriptions to the cloud. Lastly, all the apps on this list let you download content locally to your phone so you can listen offline.

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      The Best For Everyone: Pocket Casts

      Whether youre a podcast newcomer or a veteran listener, Pocket Casts is the top choice across the board. Its simple enough for everyone to use, but offers pretty much all the features power users could want. It truly offers a great balance.

      It features an intuitive interface , podcast discovery, automatic downloading, and cross-device sync so youll never miss a podcast if you listen on multiple devices .

      Its playback settings are highly customizable, with options to change skip settings by the second, increase the playback speeds for faster listening, and automatically remove silence. You can also boost the volume and apply these settings to all podcasts, for a true set-it-and-forget-it experience. So good.

      If youre into video podcasts, but dont have time to watch the video, you can toggle them to audio only. Pocket Casts also supports Chromecast, Android Wear support for playback on your watch, and a sleep timer.

      And it does all this in a super sleek package. Sure, itll set you back $4, but its well worth itespecially if you spend a lot of time listening to podcasts.

      Download: Pocket Casts

      Mypod Podcast Manager Free

      MyPOD Podcast Manager Free is for podcast addicts, particularly those with very strict podcatching standards typical of power users. This app is not for the faint of heart because, being feature-filled , mastering its use can take some significant amount of time. Extensive documentation is available, though, and the investment in learning will be well worth it. MyPOD Podcast Manager Free sets you free from the shackles of desktop or cloud-based syncingits just you, your phone, and your podcasts. One of its distinctive features is remote management, which allows you to control your Android device using your PC. For managing up to 10 feeds, youll be fine with this free version. Otherwise, buy the unlocking key to allow the app unlimited feeds.

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      How Do You Get Free Podcasts On Android

      The best free Android podcast apps in 2021 Google Podcasts Google released its own native podcast app in 2018. Spotify if youre already a Spotify user, you can listen to most podcasts in your Spotify app. Castbox another good free option. Pocket Casts. Podcast Addict. Podcast Republic. Player FM. Dog Catcher.

      The Best Podcast Apps In 2022 For Both Listening + Recording

      The BEST Podcast Apps for Android!

      You can listen to podcasts whenever you want and wherever you are. The same should apply to recording them, right? No wonder, then, that there is a vast selection of apps for both listening to and recording podcasts. These apps offer an extensive suite of high-caliber features to ensure your experience as a listener or a podcaster is smooth and effortless.

      In this article, we look at the best podcast apps for iOS and Android so that you can find the one for you.

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      What Is The Most Used Podcast App

      In 2020, the most commonly used app for listening to podcasts in the United States was Spotify, with 25 percent of podcast listeners aged 18 or above saying that they used Spotify to listen to podcasts. Meanwhile, Apple Podcasts was used by 20 percent of adults, down from 21 percent in the previous year.

      What Is A Podcast

      Podcasts are audio programs, just like radio shows, except theyâre asynchronous and available for streaming or download.

      Podcasts consist of spoken word, audio episodes that usually focus on a specific theme or subject. Video podcasts are still audio-centric, but they offer the listener a visual element that compliments whatever they listen to.

      In recent years, the popularity of podcasts has ballooned. The ability to listen wherever and whenever, plus the ability to curate what youâre listening to, is the winning combination weâve all been looking for.

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      What Is The Best App For Listening To Podcasts On Iphone

      The best podcast app for iPhone is Apple Podcasts. Not only is this already built-in and compatible with all your Apple devices, but there is a large selection of podcasts to listen to on the platform. You can easily group your podcasts with the Stations feature and overall it has an easy interface for listening to podcasts.

      The Best Free Android Podcast Apps In 2022 Podcast App: Free &  Offline Podcasts by Player FM: Appstore ...

      Looking for a free app on Android that can download and play podcasts?

      For years, Apple has had a myriad of podcast players, but there haven’t been many good options on Android. But now, in 2022, there are a number of Android podcast player apps that we recommend:

      • Google released its own native podcast app in 2018. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s a good basic player.

      • Spotify if you’re already a Spotify user, you can listen to most podcasts in your Spotify app.

      • Castbox another good free option. This is the most popular app amongst my friends who use Android.

      • PodKicker

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      Best Mp3 Volume Changers In 2022

      Introduction Listening to music, whether for personal fun or in videos, is a favorite activity for many. However, very high or low volume can affect the overall user experience for most people. For this, you can use a high-quality MP3 volume changer to adjust the sound levels of audio files for better balance and sound

      What Is The Most Popular Podcast On Youtube

      The podcasting space is highly saturated with quality podcasts. Podcast preferences are subjective and sometimes rather niche, so your favorites may not align with someone elseâs. That being said, The Joe Rogan Experience is still an all-time favorite. If you havenât before, you should give it a watch on Youtube.


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      The Best Podcast Clients For Android

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      Theres no shortage of podcast apps in the Play Store, so finding a good one can be a challengeespecially if youre shelling out a few bucks for it. Here are a few deserving of your attention. And dollars.

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