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The 11 Best Apps For Realtors To Boost Efficiency In 2022

BEST Real Estate Apps 2018 for Finding a Home

Welcome to another article where Im going to share with you the 11 best apps for real estate agents.

As real estate agents, we are constantly on the go! As nice as it is to have a full computer to do work daily, its just not possible to have with you in every scenario. This is why downloading and using the apps that Im going to recommend to you in this article is so important.

Best For Vetted Projects: Crowdstreet

  • Summary: CrowdStreet gets you unparalleled access to institutional-quality real estate deals online. Register for a free account and start building your real estate portfolio.
  • Minimum Investment: $25,000
  • Fees: 0.50% 2.5%

CrowdStreet is a crowdfunding platform that lets regular folks invest in the real estate industry, which was once reserved for wealthy people. Through CrowdStreets Marketplace, investors have access to dozens of deals across every asset class and risk profile, allowing them to choose the right investment opportunity for them and their portfolio.

CrowdStreet is an online marketplace where you can choose from available real estate investments. CrowdStreet allows you to:

  • CrowdStreet is an excellent platform for investors who want to diversify their portfolio with real estate assets
  • It offers valuable information to make real estate investments easy to understand

Each deal undergoes a comprehensive review process for inclusion on the Marketplace and CrowdStreet shares much of the information they gather with investors so they can make more informed investing decisions. CrowdStreet has some of the highest deal flow volume of any online platform, and its important that investors understand they do so while maintaining its commitment to only presenting them with institutional-quality deals.

Want to get unparalleled access to institutional-quality real estate deals online? Register for a free account and start building your real estate portfolio.

Our Android Real Estate App Development Process

We provide complete end-to-end Android app development services to our clients. We handle everything from the app idea to development to the app’s approval in the app store. Here’s the complete app development process that our team follows to create Android apps:

  • Get to know our client
  • Comprehending client’s requirement
  • Get final approval from the client
  • App available for users

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How Commercial Real Estate Apps Can Help Businesses Find Real Estate

As mentioned above, in today’s market, listing apps are playing an increasingly big role in the commercial real estate industry. Many times, MLS systems are not mobile-optimized, which can make them hard for investors to use when they’re out of the office. However, with a mobile app, investors can access commercial real estate listings wherever they are in the world.

Additionally, since a lot of apps pull listings from multiple sources on the internet, investors may also have the opportunity to access “pocket listings,” or listings that aren’t put on the MLS, which may give them an edge over other buyers who aren’t accessing the same tools.

Real Estate Apps From Android To Zillow

Real Estate Social Android App Source Code

Buying a home is a nasty, arduous and blessed task. Its further complicated by the glaringly obvious fact that nobody makes any money until you buy. The feeling that you are so much meat waiting to be ground into sausage rarely goes away.

I should know. I am in the process of moving from the lovely state of Wisconsin to sunny Californiaspecifically, the San Francisco Bay Area. There are, shall we say, some bracing differences in the two real estate markets, and not just in terms of price.

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The Top 17 Real Estate Apps Of 2022

If youre asking yourself, what is the best real estate app, there is no one right answer. Whether you are a first-time investor or a seasoned veteran, growing technologies have the power to boost productivity by making complex or time-consuming tasks quick and easy. Many excellent real estate apps are available today, all of which support different functions and aspects of the real estate profession. No matter your role in the industry, these are the 17 best real estate apps for professionals:

  • Bigger Pockets

  • Looking For A New Home Try One Of These

    • Emerson College
    • Brandeis University
    • Tweet
    • Lists new properties before other apps.

    • Grades nearby schools based on their performance on state tests.

    • Some listings are out-of-date.

    • Doesn’t cover some rural areas.’s mobile app provides searchable listings for millions of homes for sale or rent. Search filters include price, size, year built, and building types, such as a house, condo, bungalow, or townhome.

    Listings are accompanied by interactive maps and high-resolution photos, You can share the houses you like with real estate agents, family, and friends via email, text message, and more.

    • Sign Snap fearure lets you send photos of a home for sale and receive details back.

    • Get updates on viewed listings.

    • Recommendation filters aren’t always on target.

    • Occasional bugs. is a comprehensive and visually compelling app available on iOS and Android. The Android versions support Google Chromecast for streaming pictures from your device to a TV. On both platforms, listings are accompanied by Google Street Views, with some listings offering 3D tours.

    The app is also attentive to your search preferences. If you scroll down the listings page after you’ve done a search, you can find suggested listings with similar features in the same neighborhood. Additionally, based on your search criteria, the app sends you alerts about new listings that spring up.

    • Trulia Neighborhoods feature provides virtual neighborhood tours.

    • Responsive tech support team.

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    Acres Real Estate App

    99acres for Android is a great help to find the required accommodation that too in a very little time. You can select the desired category whether residential or commercial and the purpose. You will be able to input your requirement including property type, number of bedrooms, etc. you can find the required type of property within the fraction of seconds. All in all, this app can be given a five-star rating for 99acres for Android.

    How Do Real Estate Apps Determine Home Value

    Top 5 Real Estate Agent Apps for Productivity

    Real estate apps perform a comparative market analysis to determine the value of a property. These apps use cutting-edge technology to track and import market trends, location, neighborhood, property condition, tax records, and nearby sales.

    Following this step, the app analyses property details like the number of rooms, bathrooms, the size of the porch, the availability of parking spaces, gardens, and swimming pools, to name a few. The app will then study previous sales in the neighborhood with similar specifications.

    Even though recent sales are an effective method of setting a valuation, real estate apps also look at current listings, pending sales, as well as the available inventory to determine more accurate results. All of these steps contribute to property valuation.

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    What Are The Best Apps For Real Estate Ios/android

    There arent many industries that havent been impacted by groundbreaking app growth. When todays prospective investors want to learn more about the real estate market, they go online first. Rather than calling a familiar agent, they can study the current deals and read web reviews. They expect immediate calculations when they go to look at a house. They will be pleased to have reviews with an app.

    Some accept the framework from the sidelines, while others find a home right in the middle of it like the many applications that can make a real estate agents life easier. This is not only for agents. Often, buyers, sellers, brokers, homeowners as well as investors can benefit from it basically everyone interested in real estate.

    Housing Property Search & Real Estate App

    This is one of the real estate apps you can trust for buying or renting your home. This Apartment Finder app can make your property search easier if you are thinking of buying a flat in a project under construction, renting or renting ready for an in-house apartment or wanting to invest in a property.

    Explore multiple property listings for rental and rental properties for sale on the Property Search app Explore the EMI Calculator to help you with home loan information Receive construction updates on projects under construction Find your neighborhood – see bus stops, malls, restaurants, schools, and more Save for instant referrals back to your favorite homes and get personalized notifications on your shortlists and on all your devices

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    Best For Apartment Or House Rentals: Trulia

    Trulia Apartments and Homes For Rent offers easy access to rental properties with a simple to navigate search feature and map views. Theres also extensive neighborhood information that includes real resident reviews and a collections feature that allows you to browse a variety of properties in a new way.

    In A Hurry The Best Real Estate Agent App For 202:

    Real Estate App Android  MaterialUp

    Without a doubt, our top app for real estate agents has to be Connecteam.

    With over 20,000 businesses, just like yours, using Connecteam for their day to day employee and business management, it tops our list of best apps for real estate agents for its time and money-saving features:

    • Seamless drag and drop, semi-automated schedule creation, with added notes, images, locations and document attachments
    • Store every one of your digital forms in one place, with added digital signing and customizable form fields
    • Detailed timesheets with seamless integration into Quickbooks Online no more payroll or timesheet-related headache!
    • Communicate with employees via 1:1 chat or group chat, or post social-style updates for hot listings, price quotes, customer reviews and more
    • Keep all of your documents, storage-limit-free, in one space, in a searchable, digital library
    • Create quick tasks, and track statuses with automated updates and reminders

    Weve created a list of the 15 best apps for real estate agents so that you can dominate your marketing, increase communication, and improve their overall effectiveness.

    Want to compare our best real estate agent apps? to go to our comparison table.

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    How Many Homes Should You See Before Buying

    Theres no definite number, but technology provides us with home buying apps that allow home buyers to look at dozens of homes in a matter of hours.

    After reviewing so many homes from the convenience of your mobile device, youll start to notice trends in the areas in which you search. The search will help you adjust your expectations for the price and features you want. Youll also notice new homes are listed every day, so it is worth it to take your time and wait for the right home for you if time allows.

    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Real Estate App

    Ok, so you know why your real estate business should invest in app development, you might be wondering about the cost.

    How much does it really cost to develop a real estate mobile app? Well, to be honest, there are many factors that affect app development costs.

    In general, the real estate app development cost depends on the following factors:

    • Features set
    • Device and Technology
    • Hourly rate of the development company

    The hourly rates largely depend on the location of the mobile app development company. For example, companies in North America usually charge between $50 to $250 per hour, while you might find many affordable options in Eastern Europe.

    If you want to check out the ballpark price of developing a real estate mobile app, you can check out our awesome project cost calculator tool below.

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    Keep Your Business Thriving On The Go

    There are hundreds of applications designed for real estate investors. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to find what works for you. Fortunately, there is a clear winner for the best apps when it comes to real estate investing.

    If you take advantage of these apps, you will save time by searching for better deals, taking photos, and documenting documents. This gives you more time to focus on what really matters closing deals. And no matter where your business takes you, you’ll have the best apps ready to go right on your phone. Verify Best Document Scanning Apps for Android: Save Documents as PDF.

    Top 10 Free Real Estate Apps For Android

    Real Estate Android Application Part 1

    Search giant Google unveiled a new Web-based mobile applications store for smart phones powered under its Android operating system Wednesday.

    The Android Market, which had only been available on Android smart phones until now, is now accessible through any Web browser. The portal allows users to easily search for and install apps that can be set up to automatically download to a users Android device.

    “Theres no wires, no syncing with computers. None of that sort of nonsense. Everything is connected,” said Chris Yerga, Androids engineering director, according to TechCrunch. Yerga announced the stores launch at an event for Honeycomb, Googles latest version of the Android operating system.

    The following rankings come from the new store, which allows users to filter apps by popularity and price. There is no formal “real estate” category in the Android Market these apps appear in a search of the phrase “real estate” on the site. All are free.

    1. Zillow Real Estate: Search for rentals, homes for sale, Make Me Move homes , and recently sold homes through typing or voice entry see homes in Google Maps satellite or street view, and get directions get home-value “Zestimates” for 95 million homes view full-screen photos and filter searches. The app launched in May 2010.

    3. Search for nearby homes for sale or rent filter search by price, property type or features see results in list or map view view property details and photos and bookmark listings.

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    Best For Home Values: Trulia


    We awarded Trulia the best for home values because it provides more information about what goes into a home value than any other app. Fifty percent of Trulia home values were within 5% of the selling price, and more than eight out of 10 were within 20% of the selling price.

    • Local info on neighborhoods, schools, and shopping

    • Notifications about new homes on the market that fit your criteria

    • The platform provides pre-qualified financing and calculators

    • You can draw with your finger on the map to customize searches

    • Link to the listing agent in each property listing

    • Crime map is difficult to read

    Trulia, which launched in 2005 and was acquired by Zillow Group in 2015, has high reviews in the two major app stores. Google Play has rated the app at 4.6 out of five stars with over 200,000 reviews. On the Apple Store, Trulia is rated at 4.8 stars with 800,000 reviews.

    Trulia allows the user to view a property in multiple ways. For instance, you can view the property itself, localized crime information, shopping, eating establishments, schools, commute times, and neighborhood demographic stats. You can search for apartments as well as homes with two different apps, Find Homes and Trulia Renters, for more personalized searches.

    The app is free for users, and Trulia earns its revenue mainly through advertising.

    Real Estate & Homes By Trulia

    It is one of the top rated real estate app. This allows you to search nearby homes, apartments and houses to buy or rent in couple of minutes. The inbuilt GPS feature that the app possesses helps you to find best homes around your area or anywhere you like. It does not simply inform you about the place but makes you comfortable with home facts, details, pictures, real time notification. So whenever you feel that you are in a need of some property then should simply check the app at least once. You will surely get good results.

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    Best Real Estate App For Estimating Closing Costs

    Calculate buyer estimates and seller net sheets with PalmAgent ONE.

    Whether you’re working with buyers or sellers, there’s one question that everyone wants answered: How will this affect my bank account?

    PalmAgent ONE calculates buyer estimates and seller net sheets in seconds based on your state and county. You enter sales price, down payment, interest rate, broker fee, and up to seven other pieces of information to automatically generate colorful, detailed graphs and tables. For example, you might want to run a Net at Close report for the seller. By entering sales price, broker fee, repairs, property taxes, loan balance, interest rate, and closing date, you’ll get a circular graph that shows you the total closing cost and the amount of money the seller will keep.

    This real estate management software also lets you go one step further and run calculations like monthly affordability, rent vs. buy, and sell to net, as well as compare multiple offers.

    PalmAgent ONE Price: Free 30-day trial $0.99/month.

    Finding The Apps For Real Estate Agents

    6 Free Real Estate Apps Landlords Should Use In Everyday Job

    There’s no one app that will take care of all your real estate needs. But by carefully selecting the apps that will get you through the processmarketing, lead gen, client management and communication, disclosures, closing docs, and anything in betweenyou’ll create a better experience for your clients. Plus, you’ll carve out more time for you to spend where it matters: closing deals.

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    Millionacres: Real Estate Winners

    Ready to build real wealth? If youre ready to rack up returns like 13.4%, 14.1%, and 16.7% per year Real Estate Winners can help. You can benefit from real estates supposedly unfair advantages like almost unbelievable tax breaks, government-mandated payouts, and limited supply without ever becoming a landlord and swinging a hammer!

    Armed with investment alerts, you can create a real estate portfolio with just a few clicks and start building real wealth today. Priced at $149 per year, Real Estate Winners teaches subscribers how to build a real estate portfolio and develop real wealth.

    Unlike the other Millionacres subscription service, Mogul , Real Estate Winners is an affordable way for investors to dip their toes into the space, learn more, and get started even if they have limited or zero real estate investing experience.

    Real Estate Winners can benefit from:

    • New stock recommendations each month.
    • Regular updates on recommended stocks following earnings and other events.
    • Top 10 Investment Alerts delivered each quarter.
    • Tons of great educational content and resources to make you a smarter real estate investor.

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