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Clear Scan: Free Document Scanner App Pdf Scanning

TOP 3 Paid To Scan RECEIPT Android Applications | November 2018

Clear Scan is yet another decent scanner application on the Play Store with over 5 million installs. What makes this scanner noteworthy is its ability to scan multiple documents and exporting options. In spite of being lighter and simple, it is very productive

It also offers OCR feature for easier extraction of text from scanned documents. The filters, editing ability, manual page sizes, backing up and restore of app data are few of the other highlights about the app. All and all, a decent application with a minimalistic user interface.

Things we like

  • Easier and quicker in scanning multiple documents

Things we didnt like

  • Presence of adds. However, you could remove them permanently at a cheaper price.

Final Word

The Clear Scan android scanner app is a simple and innovative piece of work that just does the job right. If you are a decent user who only scans something once in a while, this could be the cherry on your cake.

How Do I Scan And Save Receipts

Not sure how to scan receipts? If you own a smartphone, you can simply take a picture of the paper receipt. Once you upload the image, you can view your receipt any time using receipt-scanning software. Receipt-scanning software works with emailed receipts too: just forward the email to your receipt-scanning softwares email address or upload the image to your accounting software yourself.

You can also use portable scanners by popular printing companies like Epson and Xerox, such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap or an Epson WorkForce scanner. You can choose from models that range from straightforward flatbed scanners to hefty desktop scanner/printer combos.

Fujitso also offers a receipt app in combination with its portable scanners. Neat Receipts used to be the biggest player in the app/printer combo game, but Neat eliminated its hardware in 2018 and went app-only. Fujitso is the best Neat scanner software alternative weve found so far.

Whats The Best Way To Track Business Receipts

For most small businesses, digitizing receipts is the best receipt management strategy. Snapping a picture of a receipt and uploading it to a secure database is a good way to ensure youll never lose the image and information. .

Plus, document scanners and trackers like Expensify and Shoeboxed dont just store your receipts but categorize them too. With the right receipt app, you can find a receipt in the time it takes to type a date.

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Expensify: For The Business Traveller

If you work remotely or regularly have meetings in different parts of the world, you know post-trip expense tracking is a nightmare. Using Expensify means you can stop stuffing receipts into your luggage while youâre on the go. Snap pictures of your paper receipts with your mobile device, submit and be done with them.

Expensify also automatically imports receipts from ridesharing services like Uber and Airbnb, and also has a function for managing mileage tracking. Use the company credit card a lot? Expensify will import those expenses automatically from your card so you donât have to go through your statements at the end of each trip. If youâre looking for an app for tracking employee travel expenses, itâs hard to beat Expensify.

Platforms: Android, iOS , web browser

Price: Starts at $4.99/month

Best Receipt Scanner Apps Tiny Scanner Pro
  • Expensify for all receipt scanning
  • Receipts by Wave for freelancers and small businesses owners
  • NeatDesk for bulk scanning
  • Evernote Scannable for iOS users
  • Shoeboxed for taxes
  • Veryfi Core for data privacy
  • Smart Receipts for custom reports
  • Vupoint ST470 for remote scanning
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap IX500 for on-the-go scanning
  • Epson Workforce DS-30 for portable scanning
  • ABUKAI Expenses for expense reports on the go
  • Clear Scanner for reports on-the-go
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    Swiftscan Pdf Document Scanner

    Scanning documents and QR codes are now easy with the help of the SwiftScan mobile app. This is yet another free scanner app for Android that allows you to produce high-quality PDF scans or JPG scans in just one click.

    Exclusive Features of This Android Scanner App

    -> Premium quality JPGs and PDFs can be created with the use of this mobile app with 200 dpi and higher.

    -> URLs, Contacts, Phone Numbers and more can be scanned as QR codes with this Android mobile app.

    -> Both, single and multi-page documents, can be easily created with this Android scanner app.


    App Store Rating: 4.4

    Shop With A Rewards Credit Card

    If you have a rewards credit card, you can earn rewards points for each dollar you spend. And these points are separate from any app offer.

    But this piece of advice only applies if you pay your credit card balance in full every month.

    Remember, the shopping app doesnt care how you pay for your purchase. All they are looking at is if you purchase the correct product and upload your receipt in a timely fashion.

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    Fast Scanner: Free Pdf Scan

    Fast Scanner mobile app is available as a free scanner app on Android Operating System. This mobile app can scan documents, receipts, invoices, business cards, notes, whiteboards, and other paper text for you.

    Exclusive Features of This Android Scanner App

    -> From a single receipt to a multi-paged book, anything can be scanned on this mobile application.

    -> This scanner Android app can export your files as industry-standard PDF files where pages can be added and deleted.

    -> Image editing options are available to the images you scanned with the use of this mobile app.


    App Store Rating: 4.6

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    So What Are The Best Receipt

    Receipt Scanner:Smart Receipt and Expense Tracker App Review

    There are many different types of receipt scanners app available today, but they generally fall into two categories:

  • A receipt scanner app that works directly off of physical receipts
  • A receipt scanner app that uploads scanned images to cloud storage services like Google Drive
  • The first type of scanner works by taking a picture of each page when you’re done using it.

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    Best Document Scanning Apps Of 2022

    Archive your files as PDFs

    The best document scanning apps make it simple and easy to archive your files as digital PDFs, using nothing more than a mobile device.

    In this day and age, only rarely is physical paperwork a necessity. The best document scanning apps can help you transition to a paperless office, converting paperwork into PDFs for digital or online document storage.

    However, for document scanning you don’t need to invest in OCR software and hardware but can instead simply use apps that are readily available for mobile devices.

    This means being able to scan anything from work invoices to receipts, and the beauty of scanning apps is that they don’t just create a PDF copy, but also allow you to edit the file as required before saving – that way you really do have only a copy of your documents and the information you need from them.

    Some apps offer additional services, often for a small fee, in order to allow you to do even more with your scanned files. This might include document editing and management and/or cloud storage to help you better manage your digital archives.

    Here we’ll look at a range of the best document scanning apps currently available.

    Scan in a snap with this app

    Reasons to buy

    Even better, Adobe Scan is a free app to download and use, though there is an in-app subscription available if you want additional features.

    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to buy

    Extended: How Do I Scan A Receipt To My Computer

    For sure, most of the receipts are papers, when how to scan a receipt to computer? There are 3 ways:

    Way #1

    Take a picture of the paper receipt with your mobile phone camera, and save to your photo library, then import to OCR app for recognization.

    Way #2

    Take a picture of the paper receipt with your mac/windows camera, then sync the receipt images to your mobile phone via Dropbox or other transfer tools

    Way #3

    Connect a scanner to your Mac or Windows PC, place the paper receipts in the scanner, then run the scanning program on your computer, start the scanning and save paper receipts as PDF or image format.

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    More Android Document Scanning Apps

    In addition to the document scanning apps listed above, there are plenty of others to consider. Here we’ll feature some of the best of the rest available for Android phones:

    Clear Scan is a free PDF scanning app, which allows you to quickly scan any text or image into a PDF file. The app includes an edge detection feature to prevent your images looking skewed, and scanned files can be easily saved to cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. While the app is free it does contain advertising, though this is generally unobtrusive.

    TapScanner is another free PDF scanner that easily handles images and documents, with an autodetect feature to ensure that any images is properly aligned. In addition to saving as PDF or PNG files, TapScanner also contains an OCR function to covert images to text, and supports over 100 languages. Although the free version contains ads, you can remove these for a monthly or yearly fee.

    Microsoft Office Lens is specifically targeted at taking images of whiteboards, notes, and documents, which can then be saved to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files. These can then be saved to the cloud via OneNote or OneDrive. Office Lens is free to use and comes with no ads, though more properly integrates with the paid-for Microsoft 365 office suite.

    Receipts By Wave For Business

    11 Of The Best Receipt Scanner Apps For Android &  iOS

    Image Gallery

    As the app’s title indicates, Receipts by Wave is primarily a business expense tracking tool. However, its website syncing and ability to scan multiple receipts at once makes it a robust tool for anyone looking to scan and track receipts. The app also lets you search your phone’s gallery for receipts.

    The app’s OCR capabilities are impressively accurate, meaning you don’t have to waste much time editing receipt information. It is also one of the few receipt scanning apps that is truly free and doesn’t put limits on the number of scans you can do each month.

    The only downside is that if you want to manage your receipts after submitting them, you will have to log into the Wave website. Otherwise, it is great at getting the job done.

    Receipts by Wave for Android | iOS

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    How To Perform Receipt Ocr On Mac With Cisdem

    Step 1Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter on your mac
    Step 2Import receipt files for OCR.

    You can drag and drop your PDF receipt or image receipt to the program.

    If you just have paper receipts in hand, you can go to the end of this post to learn how to scan your receipt to digital copy on computer.

    Step 3Prepare for PDF receipt OCR or image receipt OCR.

    For PDF receipts, you need to turn the OCR button ON, then choose file language, page range and select output as Excel, Text or other editable formats

    For Image receipts, you will notice the OCR button is ON by fault, choose file language and output as needed

    Step 4Perform receipt OCR on mac.

    Then click Convert to start the receipt OCR progress on your mac.

    Receipt Bank: If Youve Got Lots Of Receipts

    Receipt Bank lets you digitize and store your receipts in pretty much any way imaginable. You can do it using a mobile app, via web browser, via email, or automatically by hooking your credit card up to the app. It also automatically imports receipts from PayPal and Dropbox, and lets you take photos of multiple receipts at a time.

    Receipt Bank also integrates with most popular accounting software, including Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Sage One.

    The only downside to Receipt Bank is that it wonât let you manually input receipt information, which can be a hassle if you donât have the receipt in front of you.

    But if youâre looking for an app that can ingest a lot of receipts quickly, in every way imaginable, Receipt Bank is the app for you.

    Platforms: Android, iOS

    Price: $14.99.month

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    Using Receipt Scanning Apps

    The ability to turn your receipts from paper to a digitalformat can make your expense tracking much simpler. And with most apps offeringthe feature to even automate sending those receipts to expense reports couldmake your business travel effortless.

    Choosing the right receipt scanning app really depends onwhen you need to scan apps and how you need to use them. Try out a few of theseapps and see for yourself which one is right for you.

    Ryan has been writing how-to and other technology-based articles online since 2007. He has a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering and he’s worked 13 years in automation engineering, 5 years in IT, and now is an Apps Engineer. Read Ryan’s Full Bio

    Best Apps To Digitise Your Receipts

    How to Scan Bills Receipts with an Android app?

    When you last did your tax, did you have every single receipt and docket that you were supposed to keep with you? Was everything beautifully organised and sorted out? Didnt think so.

    The fact is that were human, youre human, and everyone is busy! Most mere mortals simply dont have the capacity, time and ability to retain and duplicate every receipt that they get in the way of their business. And this is ok because in some situations, business owners dont need documented evidence of an expense unless its over a certain amount. But in other cases, you definitely do need the receipt otherwise its goodbye to that expense being claimable.

    Youve likely dabbled in some digital recording tool for your phone or business but were here to set the record straight on five of our easiest-to-use and most effective tools. And if youre sick of trying to keep things in line get us to manage it for you. We are based in Brisbane and can help you and your business to get your bookkeeping records in order.

    Call us today for a chat about our bookkeeping services and end of financial year services on .

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    Fitfin: Shopping Tracker Receipt Manager Scanner

    Ninth on our list is the Fitfin Budget app. This is a very unique tracker app, and hence we decided to put it up on the list. You instantly think about travel and your business-related expenses, when you hear the word receipts.

    How many of you actually think about your money expenses and budget? After all, they are also crucial to any individual or family. Whether you are running a small or large business, keeping track of your overall monthly expenses enables you to make cost-effective decisions.

    You can do that by having all the receipts with you using the Fitfin Budget app. It also helps you update your family or business budget when you eventually decide to do it. The interface is simple, and users can add the files to the app.

    You can then take the receipts that apply to the segment of your budget. A notable feature about the scanner app is that it aids the creation of updating your budget.

    Users have claimed that receipt scanner apps have helped them reduce their expenses drastically in areas where they do not need to spend their cash.

    The tracker app can run flawlessly on both the Android and iOS platforms. You will prefer this receipt scanner app over others because of its simple interface, its abundance of features, and the receipt summary provided.

    Using the Fitfin budget app, you can now keep track of your expenses with the multiple folders present on them.

    Your Favorite Grocers App

    You might also want to download the official app for your favorite grocery store. The deals found here might not be as lucrative. But you have access to store-only coupons.

    These coupons can be in addition to any savings you get from other coupons. Or from using a third party app like Ibotta.

    Grocery store apps can also offer exclusive perks that third-party apps cant. These perks may include free delivery or a pickup discount when you order online.

    Some of the apps you might consider:

    • Albertsons
    • Walmart Grocery
    • Whole Foods

    Although this is just a partial list, you get the idea. The next time you receive a weekly flyer or visit the store, look for an ad about their mobile app.

    Also, it may tell you that first-time users can get a one-time bonus.

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    Neatfiles: Best Overall Receipt Scanner App

    NeatFiles offers receipt scanning and online cloud storage. Every NeatFiles subscription includes all the features of NeatInvoicesNeats invoicing app. NeatFiles can help you keep your business documents organized, categorized, and archived. Moreover, NeatFiles can help you classify uploaded documents every time you upload them.

    What Can A Receipt Scanner App Do For You

    Top 10 Best Receipt Scanner Apps for Android in 2020

    If you’ve been freelancing or running your business for a while, youâll already know theses struggles:

    • Digging through a pile of coffee-stained and invisible-inked slips of paper.
    • Losing your receipts â which means you miss out on write-offs
    • Maintaining huge filing cabinets, since the IRS requires you to three yearsâ worth of records
    • Typing out the contents of your receipts into Excel when youâd rather be doing anything else

    Just starting out? Youâll be sick of all this soon enough.

    As a small business owner, freelancer, or independent contractor, you have to keep good financial records. But you donât have to do that by hoarding receipts. These days, apps can help you stay organized, get your write-offs, and do it all in a few swipes of your phone.

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