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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Top 10 Best Card RPG Games For Android & iOS

Price: Free to play

Were calling our shot a bit with this one. It still isnt out officially just yet . However, we have played the game. Its one of the better card games for sure. It competes with games like Clash of Clans and Hearthstone. Youll collect cards, build a deck, and then duel opponents. It has a campaign mode, an online PvP mode, and more. The mechanics include lanes to add an extra strategical mechanic to the combat.

Rpg Card Games #: Order And Chaos Duels

Perfect for: Players of the Order and Chaos series who just cant get enough of the franchise

The world needs a hero to restore the balance of order and chaos, and that hero happens to be you. After choosing what you will be–whether you want to be a human, orc, elf, or undead, you will find yourself imprisoned in a dungeon.

An ally will rescue you and help you retrieve your cards to battle your way out of your prison so you can hurry on on your heroic duties.

This game is a wonderful mix of good visuals and heroic music that will make you want to rescue the world from the forces of chaos. A single round of mana-depleting, attack-calculating round takes at least 5 minutes to finish.

Of course, that length of time can vary with your experience and with the difficulty of the game. You get to earn new cards after you win a fight. Plus, you get to loot treasures along the way.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

It took its sweet time, but the official spin-off of Gwent, the Witcher 3 card game, is now on both Android and iOS. Its quite different from what it was like at launch and its gone through several updates and revisions, meaning that us mobile jockeys get a game thats tight and quite unique compared to some of its contemporaries. Its a power-struggle between two people, but its less about pounding each others cards into dust or attacking life-points its simply a best-out-of-three bout to have a bigger number than your opponent at the end of the round.

This simple concept can inspire a surprising amount of cunning and card combos, with card advantage being a very important concept. As a free-to-play game there are IAPS and micro-transactions, but its very tame and you can still get access to cards through gameplay. If you want some tips to up your game, have a look at our Gwent guide.

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In Response To The 1 Star Review

This game is absolutely free to play and a record of 12-18 for someone who just started playing against a field of players who are already so ahead of me because theyve been playing so long is pretty fair. There are lots of options to play the game against AI that provide great rewards The developers have created an excellent game that continues to grow and get bigger. The only things that require you to spend real money for premium currency are cosmetic, and theyre pretty cheap too. As the card pool gets bigger, new players will obviously be at a disadvantage, but there are plenty of decks to choose for competitively playing and having fun, and some of the most effective decks are very cheap to build. There will be games that you just cant win, and there will be games you lose because they draw something dumb off the top, or because you mess up. Thats how card games are. If nothing else, you should give the game a fair shot and decide what you think for yourself. The community itself is very helpful and active, and this game is only going to get bigger.

Assassins Creed Rebellion: Adventure Rpg

Popular RPG Card Game Guardian Cross Now On Android ...

Here comes another name that I wont believe that you are unaware of. Assassins Creed is the most revolutionary name in gaming world history. And now, you can enjoy the version Rebellion of this epic RPG game on your Android device. It is for sure that the graphics and the environmental details of this mobile version wont be the same as it for PC. But in comparison to other mobile games, it will be even better. The story is the same as usual and the tactics also. Lets see what else it includes.

Important Features

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Dragon Rpg: Dragon Village M

Brace yourself if youre into dragons. Dragon RPG is all about Dragons in RPG style. It is free to play and optimized for Android devices. You will get the full Google leaderboard and achievements in this game. So, you will be able to compete with friends and dont forget its a massive community of online players. The game offers realistic sound effects and mesmerizing 2D visual effects with animations. So gear up and think down with the best possible strategies to dominate with your crew.

Important Features

  • You will have the freedom to choose from a thousand unique dragons.
  • Be a thinking person, and use strategic tactics to make the best deck possible and upgrade your dragons to reach the next level.
  • It offers numerous game modes, such as adventures, dungeons clearing campaigns, PvP and PvE competitions, and online multiplayer missions with the gaming community.
  • The game features a chatting option with friends and clan members, making it even more lively and interesting to play.
  • It is supported by regular updates and fixes from the developers. For ready perks and instant resources, in-app purchases are also available.

Ascension: Chronicles Of The Godslayer Best Roguelike Deck Building Game For Android

The first game on my list of roguelike deck building games for Android users is Ascension. You are one of the warriors capable of defending your world from Samael, but youll need help from Heroes and Constructs. Samael is a fallen god who has invaded your long-protected world, Vigil. The world of Vigil consists of four realms: Ogo, Arha, Hedron, and the Void. As expected, each player starts with decks with the worst cards. But while playing the game you must acquire cards thatll help you build a deck worth the greatest victory points.

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Free Android Collectible Card Games

Anurag loves playing video games. His guides and listicles revolve around popular iOS, Android, PC, and console games.

Several free collectible card games for Android let players create their own decks, play a co-op battle with online friends, and take advantage of tactical opportunities to defeat opponents.

If you are fond of old-school trading-card games, then you should try out the games listed below. Almost all CCGs sport amazing artwork, and many will remind you of your prized card collection. A few games feature animated battles, where characters come alive out of cards and show exceptional combat skills. Heres a rundown of some of the top free Android CCGs.

Teen Patti 3 Patti Poker Rummy Card Game

Best Free Role Playing Board Games For Android!

User Rating 4.6

Another free Android card game, played by millions all over the world and is considered as the most thrilling online card game. Using Teen Pati 3 Patti, Poker, Rummy Card Game you can play variations of Joker, Royal, AK47. Moreover, you can invite friends and family and play with them on Private Tables. Not only this, you can play Poker, Andar Bahar and Rummy with this free Android card game.


  • Not need of real money to play this game
  • Play online with friends and family
  • Both 2D and 3D modes are supported
  • Easy Chatting
  • Can be played over 2G, 3G,4G, and Wi-Fi

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Action Rpg

You can join a force with millions of bounty hunters in a game. For that, you have to give it a try on Dungeon Hunter. It is known as one of the most thrilling hacks and slashes adventure RPG games for Android. Chaos is raised in the darkness, and the people around you have complete trust in you. At the same time, destiny provides you an opportunity to see the lightest fortune with gold and money. Now, decide what you will fight for. Is it for the good and your people or your good fortune?

Important Features

  • Mysterious environment and forest that you can explore freely.
  • You can discover lots of casual controls, skills, spells, and abilities for a bettercombat experience.
  • Hunt and defeat monsters, devil minions, and dark Knights.
  • Thousands of armor and weapons are available for you.
  • The Multiplayer mode of this game allows you to play with three of your friends.

Gemtrader Story: The Aeon Stone

The gameplay of the game is a simple turn-based gameplay system. Each team has their own formation on 3×2 tiles where players will be able to use their respective weapons and abilities to cast in each formation. Each weapon has different patterns and combos that will damage the other enemies depending on where they stand. The game is really simple and easy to understand even if you didnt know the language.

If you are not interested in the list above, you could also check out another list in this video below:

Hopefully, this list can help you find some of the best Anime RPG games on android in 2022. Check out another Roonby article to get a more interesting game list!

See other roonbys article for daily inspiration. Also dont forget to check out our to get the latest information

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Day R Survival Apocalypse Lone Survivor And Rpg

This game come up with a strategy-based free RPG game for android called Day R Survival. It is an extensive online multiplayer game and features a post-apocalyptic survival storyline. Players can enjoy the game in multiplayer mode online or go on solo in the single-player campaigns.

You are put into a dire situation where the entire region is plagued with war, crimes, hunger, and deadly viruses. It gives you different tasks to save your family while fighting your way through bloodthirsty enemies and contagious diseases in the USSR regions.

Important Features

  • The game offers a classic 1980s setup with vintage styles while preserving high-quality visual effects.
  • It features a huge area, and there are more than 2700 cities along with vast forests and open wilderness.
  • You will have unlimited opportunities to improve your condition, such as crafting, hunting, acquiring fighting, and survival skills.
  • There are thousands of items to loot, and you can join in the cooperative mode where you can join with other players in fight and exchange items with each other.
  • It comes with an interactive crafting system that allows you to collect, loot, or hunt resources and create your own weapons and objects to survive.
  • You will love its smooth controlling system and exciting quests with rich stories.

Best Rpg Games For Android In 2021

Hidden Gems : Top Card Games To Play

Play these RPG games on your Android!

Lets admit, we all have wanted to play role-playing games on our Android. Well, theres no shortage of role-playing games or RPG games on desktop platforms, but on Android, the choices are significantly fewer. If you have an Android device, then theres always a world of adventure to explore.

Androids Google Play Store right now has lots of RPG games to offer. Some of them are popular, and others were underrated. So, in this article, we have decided to share a list of the best role-playing games that you would love to play on your Android smartphone.

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Top 20 Best Rpg Games For Android Devices

  • Final Verdict
  • True gamers often lost themselves in the roles of the gaming characters. RPG games have come for them, which we say role-playing games elaborately. Most of the RPG games let the players craft their characters on their own, and so the players spend hours after hours to craft their role models. Thats why RPG is the most addictive genre in the gaming section. However, the Android system always tries to cover up every field of the gaming world, and so, you can now play RPG games on your Android device. And here, we come with the best 20 RPG games for Android.

    Galaxy Of Pen & Paper

    Trade your broadswords for blasters in Galaxy of Pen & Paper, the latest RPG parody game from Behold Studios. Galaxy retains the pixel retro art style of Knights of Pen & Paper as well as that game’s delightful sense of humor. This time around, the app takes aim at science fiction games, books and movies in a loving parody of SF tabletop gaming. Galaxy adds a ton of new gameplay elements to the old turn-based battle standby of the Pen & Paper series, including space battles, branching stories and planetary exploration.

    App Store, Play Store

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    Evil Apples: You Against Humanity

    This is an unofficial mobile version of Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples that lets you play online anytime. There are over 5,000 answer cards and 1,300 question cards so each game should be uniquely hilarious. You can connect and play with friends over SMS, Twitter, or Facebook or join random Blitz Mode games against strangers for a quick fix.

    To top it all off, there are wild cards that let you add your own custom text. There are in-app purchases for unlocking expansion decks, but you can also purchase them with the in-app currency that you earn by winning games. Nice!

    Evil Apples: You Against Humanity

    The unofficial Cards Against Humanity, Evil Apples, offers you hilarious fun. There are tons of multiplayer options, too.

      Rpg Card Games #: Soccer Spirits

      10 Best RPG Games For Android & iOS 2020! [Offline/Online]

      Perfect for: Anime and manga fans who want sports and cards in one game

      Do you prefer to enjoy a good game of soccer instead of drowning yourself in bloody wars and gory battles? Then Soccer Spirits is just the thing for you!

      Soccer spirits is a card game online RPG that unravels in a fantasy soccer universe with a touch of anime in its art style. It features over 30 voice actors with approximately 3,000 sound effects to make your soccer gaming experience more vivid and enjoyable!

      You can form best soccer team to overthrow the League of Evil in an epic space war, or defeat other players in the Colosseum of Despair. Either way its going to be so much fun!

      The game uses a card-based system to add players to your soccer team and to strategize your play by utilizing the unique abilities each player has.

      Ready to hit the goal? Go for it!

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      The 25 Greatest Board Video Games On Android

      An addictive and fascinating mixture of a TCG and a CCG with a couple of technique twists thrown in for good measure. Its rather well put collectively, its straightforward to familiarize yourself with and also youre going to sink hours of your life into it.

      With Agricola Revised Version, Asmodee has taken the baton from Playdek to present this award-winning agricultural board recreation a brand new lease of life. Appropriate for as much as 4 gamers, it sees you establishing a farm after a famine in central Europe on the finish of the Center Ages. Which is FUN!

      Extremely topical on the time of writing, Pandemic is that rarest of issues: a board recreation with out rancor. Relatively than making an attempt to crush your opponents, the purpose is to cooperate with three different gamers to suppress and defeat a pandemic because it spreads throughout the globe. The interface has been criticised on cellular, but it surelys price plunging on for the distinctive gameplay.

      Ticket to Experience is without doubt one of the hottest and acclaimed board video games of the twenty first century, having gained, amongst different awards, the coveted Spiel des Jahres in 2004. The gameplay is deceptively easy simply lay trains on the board to create routes between US cities however because the board fills up the complexity will increase.

      Void Tyrant Best Roguelike Card Game For Android

      Void Tyrant is another super-exciting role-playing game you dont want to miss out on. You have a deck containing numbers from 1 to 6. As a player, your job is to draw cards from this deck and try as much as possible to get close to 12 but you mustnt go over.

      The further you go in the game, the better the cards become. Every world or planet has quests and secret areas. So no matter how many times you play this game, theres always something to get you excited.

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      Rpg Card Games #1: Adventure Time: Card

      Perfect for: Anyone who needs an Adventure Time fix through cards

      Do you love Adventure Time? Then, you will definitely find this single-player game comfortingly familiar with the same humor, voice overs, and art style featured in the cartoon series.

      Positioned in front of a deck of cards to command awesome warriors like Husker Knights, Immortal Maize Walker, and the Pig to march towards victory and claim the crown of Cool Guy or to fall down the shallows and drink from the Dweeb cup, the stakes couldnt get higher!

      To make the game even more heart pumping, you get to collect new cards after winning enough gems and level them up or fuse them together to make you even more formidable.

      Assemble your troops and grab that Cool Guy crown for yourself!

      Best Online Rpg Card Games You Can Play Right Now

      17 Best Online RPG Card Games You Can Play (RIGHT NOW)

      Rpg Card Games Online

      Do you believe in the heart of the cards?

      Then draw!

      RPG card games online are some of the best games you can play. The combination of good storylines, appealing graphics, and awesome gameplay makes MMORPG card games truly entertaining.

      There are quite a number of platforms on where you can play these games. For this article, we will focus on RPG card games that can be played on browser card RPG on PCs, iOS/Android mobile phones.

      Are you ready to talk about the best RPG card games you can play online? Hop on!

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