Best Singing Apps For Android


Voice Recorder Audio Editor

Best app for singing android phone with music, like as a recording studio

There are a lot of great things to be said about this voice recorder. Its got great audio clarity, you can edit your content, and its overall user interface is intuitive.

What we like about it

  • Superb sound record quality.
  • You can choose the recording quality so you can optimize the capacity.
  • You can record in background mode.
  • Its easy to manage your recording files.
  • You can share your recordings easily through email, SMS, Dropbox, etc.

Whats lacking

  • It only has one language available.

Price: Free

Backline App Backing Tracks For Musicians

Backing tracks arent just great for singers theyre great for musicians in general.

After all, jamming along makes you a better player. Its not just a way to develop your technique its a way to sharpen your improvisational skills.

The Backline app comes with 25 free backing tracks, ranging in genre from rock and blues to country and pop.

It also has a metronome and count-in feature, a pitch shifter, and comes with the ability to adjust the volume of any instrument and change the tempo.

Backline is another app worth downloading.

Warm Me Up For Singers

Available on iOS and Android

Price: $5.99

Warm Me Up! for Singers is up there in the best singing apps for serious singerswho are even more serious about vocal warm-ups. Were talking about musical theater kids who have been in Mamma Mia and Les Miserables.

The app has up to 50 vocal exercises tailored to your voice type: High and Low Male, or High and Low Female. These exercises are then further divided into five categories: Gentle Start, Getting Warmer, Extending the Range, Mouth Workout, and Tuned Up.

Its name isnt also random. The app allows you to create and customize warm-ups based on your time availability and the tracks you want to sing. Theres also a simulated grand and a professional singer who can give guidance in the first two repeats.

Warm Me Up! is a classic tool youd want if youre serious about becoming a singer.

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Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android In 2021

Have an iPhone? Check out our favorite voice recorder apps for iPhone.

Computer-based voice recorders are awesome. However, in a lot of ways, they can be very limiting. For instance, you cant take one outdoors and continue recording while hiking with the influencer youre featuring on your website.

Portable recorders , however, make voice recordings completely limitless. As a matter of fact, a lot of people these days are using them to increase productivity, get the work done, and save a great deal of time.

Voice recording is just one of the many conveniences an Android phone has. While it may not gift you with studio-quality audio despite still producing exceptional quality recordings it does reward you with the ability to record sounds, no matter the time and place.

Do you need to record your voice now? Check out our online voice recorder that you can use straight from your browser.

There is a myriad of voice recording apps for Android. Some are basic, while others offer full features of a digital audio workstation . In this guide, were going to look at 10 of the best recorder apps for Android.

Best Karaoke Apps Of 2022 For Android

Best Android apps for singers

Karaoke apps seem to be trending among smartphone users of all ages. An activity that was confined within a Karaoke club has now integrated itself into the world of smartphones.

The barrier between professional singers and home-grown amateurs is slowly fading away by the use of these apps as they allow ease of interactions between all their users.

Also, app developers study peoples psychology to create something better and attract the attention of its users.

Below is a list of the best karaoke apps of 2022 that are supported by Android devices.

In case you are an iOS user, check out this article instead: 10 Best Karaoke Apps of 2021 For iPhone and iPad

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Sing Sharp Learn To Sing

Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing is a wonderful app for those who want to learn or perfect their voice. Sing Sharp replaces the need for a vocal coach. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. It helps you learn how to sing and provides you warm-up exercises, vocal range, and ear training program. This will help you tune your voice step by step in the process and become pitch-perfect.

While singing, the app will automatically determine how much you hit the notes in order to later correct your singing in real-time. It has a practice sing board that is powered by an advanced Real-time Pitch Detection Engine. It also has Studio effects enhanced to let you sing in karaoke style and Note Bar Octave Control.

Whether you are enjoying the music of a particular genre like rock, pop, classical, etc or want to sing songs like a popular artist. The SingSharp can help you train to understand more about music and theory in order to build better music sense. SingSharp app is recommended for singing teacher, vocal coach, music tutor or voice trainer to help their students, vocalists, choir, chorus group in their training courses or classes.

Get Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing for Android HERE. For iOS get HERE.

Birthday Video Maker With Song

Have you thought that you can make not just a singing card but a whole video to congratulate someone? Easily accessible app Birthday Video Maker will let you express all your fantasy and put all your heart into an e-card to wish happy birthday. Its all just about birthday

You can surprise a beloved one, a family member or a best friend with a fully customize video birthday wish full of different effects such as frames, stunning pictures, stickers, and text.

Be creative and use all your imagination creating a spectacular birthday video. You will find in the app all kind of features that helps you with it. It has also editing tools such as blur effect and patterns. You are able to flip, rotate and crop images. In the end, you will have all in one birthday wish full effects and suitable music that will bring a good celebrating atmosphere.

Up till now, the app s available only for Android devices and as its free, it has some ads popping up during the creation process.

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Musixmatch App Lyrics For Your Music

Its embarrassing but it happens. There are plenty of singers out there covering other peoples material without knowing what the right lyrics are.

If you one day hope to be a professional singer, you need to get good at memorizing lyrics.

Ive found that its basically a matter of repetition and muscle memory, so if you sing a song enough times, youre more likely to remember the words.

Either way, Musixmatch is an app that claims to have the worlds largest collection of song lyrics, which synchronize with YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and many other platforms.

Musixmatch also has a translation function which allows you to learn songs in different languages.

So, check out Musixmatch to get a head start on memorizing lyrics. Its available for iPhones too.

Karaoke Sing Karaoke Unlimited Songs

Apps for Singers & Musicians Performing on Stage – 17 Best Apps 2021

Singing karaoke is exciting even more when you have the best Karaoke apps for Android, Sing Karaoke, and Unlimited Songs. This karaoke-singing app is additionally filled with tons of amusing and helpful features that are actually helpful to have an impressive performance. On top of that, its elegant-looking interface keeps everything well organized so you can find any setting quickly and give all focus to your song.

Important Features

  • This exciting app has lots of special effects to add to your recordings.
  • You can initially record videos of yourself while singing.
  • Sharing your karaoke song is quite easy in this app.
  • The songbooks are well-organized and indeed easy to reach the expected song.
  • This app also provides lyrics that make singing rich.
  • The interface of this app is again decent and smooth.

Pros: This app has a community of singers, so you can post songs or listen to others. Moreover, it has a quite good collection of songs from all over the world.

Cons: The free version has a limited amount of songs.

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Top 10 Most Popular Apps For Singers And Karaoke

Millions of people are interested in singing and karaoke apps either for fun or to showcase your talent. The market is full of such applications and needless to say that the competition is very high and many of these applications are not useful at all and does not perform as advertised. In such scenarios, finding the perfect application can be difficult. Therefore, here in this article, we have listed out the top ten best and most reliable apps for singers and karaoke.

Best Karaoke App To Sing On Your Android And Iphone

By Cora| Follow | Last Updated December 22, 2021

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Summary :

For those who love singing, Karaoke is one of their favorite activities. If you want to sing on some Karaoke apps of Android and iPhone, youve come to the right place. Just check the list of the 7 best Karaoke apps in this post.

Quick Navigation :

    Karaoke is a very popular interactive entertainment. And people always love Karaoke parties where they can sing songs with friends. Sometimes, you may want to sing at home with some mobile apps. Thus, this post will describe the 7 best Karaoke apps for Android and iPhone.

    Try MiniTool MovieMaker to add music to your video.

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    The Metronome By Soundbrenner

    Price: Free

    The Metronome by Soundbrenner is one of the easiest and best singer apps. Its a metronome where you can define a beat and then rap or sing to it. The app also has 20 sounds, a dark or light theme, and even support for MIDI devices. You can create various time signatures, save presets, and more as well. There are many other metronome apps and we have some linked up below the download button, but this one should hit all the notes for most people. Its also entirely free to use.

    Price: Free / $4.99

    Nail the Pitch is one of the better singing apps for Android. It allows you to monitor the notes you sing so you can see what pitch they were. Some other functions include the ability to test your entire vocal range, record your voice for further analysis, and more. There isnt much else to it than that. However, this app promises to help you practice pitch and it does. We like it when apps do what they say.

    The Voice: On Stage Sing Free Songs

    Best Android apps for singers

    The Voice is another wonderful and among the best singing apps that will make you sing like you are on The Voice. This app is reminiscent of popular TV shows such as Become a star where a participant can show their talent to the judge. The Voice is one of the best social & musical apps, that you can sing your own covers. It has a huge library of more than 2,000,000+ songs of different genres. You can also collaborate with your favorite artists or with other users around the world.

    The Voice App comes with some cutting edge sound technology that helps you sing like a star contestant. There are many awesome features to help you sound like a star. These include Auto-Tune, Vocal Guides, the Pitch Pointer, and a huge range of Audio effects. With this app, you can also record your song as a music video and share it on social media.

    Get The Voice for Android& iOS.

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    Singplay: Karaoke Your Mp3

    SingPlay, Karaoke your MP3 is a good quality karaoke singing app. It lets you unleash your inner voice and helps you to provide the best of yourself. You will feel confident singing beautifully along with your favorite songs. Unlike most other Karaoke apps for Android, this lets you sing karaoke with your favorite song from your devices storage. So, you can choose songs from the whole world as the song library.

    Important Features

    • This app provides a function for very good quality sound recordings.
    • You can indeed fast forward and rewind songs in this app.
    • This exciting app eventually lets you record a certain part of a song.
    • It also lets you adjust the tempo and pitch of your recordings.
    • Adjusting properties of original songs is also available in it.
    • You can directly share your recording on social platforms.

    Pros: You can initially import any local mp3 song you want with this app, making it special. Moreover, editing is much effortless with this app.

    Cons: Permitting a devices memory may feel riskier to some people.

    Karaoke Online: Sing & Record

    Karaoke Online is a completely different concept. And, its absolutely free karaoke app. Karaoke Online utilizes YouTubes content to fetch the karaoke music files and present only the ones within the app.

    It definitely saves you time compared to when you use YouTube to find karaoke music because you get all of the karaoke music listed through YouTube on this karaoke app . In addition, it gives you the ability to record as well .

    To prevent repeated searching for the same karaoke music every time you launch the app, it lets you mark the ones you like as your favorite, which you can then directly found from the favorites list.

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    Singtrue: The App Which Can Teach Anyone To Sing In Tune

    SingTrue can teach anybody to sing in perfect tune. Even if you think youre tone deaf!

    Amazing, effective and user friendly

    Voice training just got a whole lot easier and less expensive

    Worried that you have a bad voice?

    Always told youre out of tune or off-key when you sing?

    Many people think they cant sing because they dont have natural talent or werent born musically gifted. The surprising truth is that anybody can learn to sing well, even those who feel totally unmusical.

    SingTrue helps you discover your inner musicality and gain control over your voice to become a natural, confident, powerful singer.

    App Store Reviews:

    Everything I wanted in an app I found on this one! Its easy to use and the exercises are great, I can already feel difference in my singing voice 5 stars, Courteney S, USA

    Definitely recommend this to anyone who worries at karaoke time! 5 stars Always-thinking, UK

    Here Are The 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

    best singing app for android

    Revs recorder app is a simple but full-featured audio recording, dictation, and transcription app.

    What we like about it

    • Syncs with cloud services
    • Continues recording even in sleep mode

    Whats lacking

    • External storage to cloud account

    Revs app is built according to user feedback so you can expect really nice features. Whats more, we guarantee that itll always be free. Should you need immediate 99% accurate transcription, you can send your recording to us and pay only $1.25/audio minute.

    Price: Free

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    Best Android Apps For Singers

    The Google Play Store is home to a huge number of free apps in a variety of categories .

    Ive highlighted some of the best apps for recording your voice, karaoke, finding lyrics and so on. But just so you know, you can find other apps in the same categories that offer different functionality too.

    So, here are some of the best Android apps for singers.

    Top 6 Best Karaoke Apps For Android That Make You Sound Good

    The play store does house tons of applications for a variety of purposes. But, here, we do not have much quality karaoke apps for Android. Only a few of the karaoke music apps are meant to serve the purpose. While we know about that, we will not let you search for a perfect karaoke music app for hours, instead, well talk about the best ones here.

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    Learn To Sing Singing Lessons

    Available on iOS and Android

    Prices: Free and paid memberships

    Cant afford a vocal coach or voice lessons in the meantime? Well, you can learn to sing on Learn to Sing.

    Learn to Sing is one of the best singing apps that detects your pitch in real-time. This feature can help you fine-tune your pitch faster.

    With the apps 1000+ exercises and a progress tracking feature, you can focus on training your ear and strengthening your voice control. The exercises will particularly help you warm-up, practice your vocal range, and sing songs.

    There are many perks on the app, as well. For one, it allows you to apply studio effects when you want to sing in karaoke. You can customize your songs by adding images and share them with your family and friends.

    Theres also a feature that lets you access sing-along songs from your iTunes music library.

    Learn to Sing is a reliable companion for those who are just starting out to achieve their dream of singing.

    Androids Stock Audio Recorder

    Best Free Karaoke App For Android

    Your android device already has a fully functional recording app. Access the app, press the red button, speak, and voila! You can immediately store your ideas for later recovery.

    What we like about it

    • Records high-quality MP3

    Whats lacking

    • Has limited customization features

    This Android-default app is free. Interface-wise, it may vary between brands but are essentially the same at the core.

    Price: Free

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    Karaoke Online : Sing & Record

    Karaoke Online App help you Sing and Record songs easily, conveniently. Karaoke Online has lot of songs, including many latest karaoke songs. It is really easy to search and sing karaoke all day right on your phone or tablet. The Karaoke Online App is another great app that you can use without spending a buck.

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