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Purecontact Speed Dialer Apps

Speed Dial Widget Android App

Launch the app either by swapping on your android screen or by double-tapping it. Add your favorite contacts in the app and use different symbols to call, text, or whats app them.

PureContact is still in its Beta Phase if you come across any bug, please contact the app developer. There are different types of gestures available: swiping to the right, swiping to the left, swiping to the top, swiping to the bottom, and double-tapping. The app is available for free in the Google Play market.

Gps Speedometer And Odometer

Price: Free / $1.10

GPS Speedometer and Odometer is among the most popular speedometer apps. For starters, it works offline. Thats something you dont typically see. It also boasts an accuracy rate of 98% while connected online and slightly less while offline. Along with that, the app can track speed, average speed, distance, trip time, and maximum speed. It also comes with a simple screen that just displays your speed. The free version has ads and the paid version doesnt. Otherwise, both do the same thing.

Favourites Widget Pro For Apple

Compatibility: iOS 8 and up.

Features include:

  • You can organise contacts into groups, such as Family and Friends
  • 3D Touch in the widget for a quick call
  • Order Uber of Lyft to your favourite places from the widget

Price: Free to install, in-app purchases for more features.

You can get this app from Apple App Store

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Speed Dial For Call Whatsapp

Do you have too many contacts in your phone list and you do not know how to organize them? This app will help you understand what to do with calls and texts from WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Email. This way you will get an app that will help you optimize your contacts. You can easily reach the contact you want with a single or a long click.

You can also edit the icon and change it easily in the settings. So you are able to customize the photo to be round, square, and with rounded corners. In addition, you can adjust the interface of Speed Dial For Call, WhatsApp. Speed Dial For Call, WhatsApp more than 300 built-in themes, and different gradients.

Drag Racer Car Performance

Android Apps and Games on free

Price: Free

Drag Racer is a speedometer app for drag racers, mostly. It shows your distance and speed along with a graph to show your acceleration pattern. It also shows the distance to each speed market. Thus, you can see how fast you made it to 20mph, 30mph, etc. You can also switch between miles and kilometers. The app does require a GPS connection and GPS permission to use properly. This developer also has a standard GPS Speedometer app. Check out the developer page to see that one. You really cant go wrong either way, though.

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Speed Dial Widget Quick And Easy To Call

Sometimes I feel that if there is an option to keep my favorite contact at the home screen for quick dialing, that will be much comfort. Finally, I have found this dial app for Android that fulfills my necessity. If you ever feel this way, this app is for you. The main motto of this app is to keep your favorite contacts like a widget to your home screen and faster the calling process. This app is also perfect for older people and young children to call instantly instead of searching for numbers from the list.

Important Features

  • You can create many groups of your favorite contacts and place them as widgets on your phones home screen.
  • It supports a dual sim, which means, like a regular contacts app, and you can select from which sim you will call.
  • There are shortcuts such as IMO, WhatsApp, email, and other social media for easy use of the contact list of widgets.
  • It backups your contacts so that you can quickly restore them without losing any contact data.
  • There are lots of customization options, including contact shape, widgets colors, number of contacts in a row, and so on.

My Photo Phone Dialer Phone Dialer Contacts

Are you getting bored with the dull keypad of your call and dial app? THen download this contacts app on your Android to make your phone lively again. It has almost the same features that previous apps have. The main difference between them is their appearance and customization option. Do you believe you can set your own picture on the background of your dial pad?

Important Features

  • It displays caller id along with a full-screen image of the caller.
  • To make it more enthusiastic, you can record your video clip and set it as the incoming call alert.
  • There are many unique and stunning themes to use besides your photos as the dial pad background.
  • The incoming and outgoing call receiving process is more stylish with dozens of creative styles.
  • It turns on LED Flashlight at the time of incoming call ringing.

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Best Dialer Apps For Android Phones

With the advent of technology and the generations moving forward drastically, it is well observed that a smartphone has become an inevitable part of our life. It all started back from a traditional phone which provided facilities like calling, switch messaging, calender & clock and had 3-4 ringtones in it. Here are some of the best dialer apps for Android if you are looking for change than the built-in dialer.

And gaze at todays scenario, we have everything in our smartphone from internet, calculator, calling, messaging, video calling, camera, compass, speedometer, weather forecast, payment options, listening latest music, booking a cab, flight, movie ticket, restaurant, hotel, etc., .

But amidst all this, did you realize from where this story of carrying a phone started? Yes! It all started with a small wish of making a phone call, which means the phones essential utility lay in calling. So it is strongly believed and recommended for the smartphone designing and manufacturing units to stay rooted in the prime utilitys service of a smartphone and give a smooth experience to our users.

These dialer applications are even able to provide relevant information about the caller or receiver, that too in seconds. Here is a list of 8 Android applications which are worth using and extremely secure while talking about the data breaching concern of our customers.

Best Phone Dialer Apps To Use In 2021

Best Phone Dialer Apps For Android

Searching for what is the best phone app for android for dialer apps. Here is Another iOS and Android dialer app that deserves to be on our list of the best dialer apps is Truecaller as it provides fast and accurate call tracking features to the users.

This best phone app offers an extensive range of customization options to its app users. Truecaller is easy to use and offers a user-friendly interface. Moreover, this open dialer also provides dual SIM support to ensure that users can automatically switch between the SIMs.

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Godial Speed Dial/call Group Text Group Email

When you start using this app, you can see that this a second home screen inside your phone. When you launch the app you can choose backgrounds. The app also includes the group SMS function so now you can not waste your time choosing the numbers one by one and sending a text.

Sometimes, when you are sending your CV during your job search to companies emails it can be exhausting. When you are writing third or fourth e-main it is really hard to percept everything adequately and really demotivates you for doing it at all.

With this app, you can affect Facetime calls and create smart groups. Each smart group has its speed dialing system and thus you can stay connected all the time and receive messages at a glance. The number of contacts and groups are unlimited and you can do it as many numbers as you wish.

Best Dialer Apps For Android & Ios In : Conclusion

There are many dialer apps available on Play Store and App Store. Here we have picked out some of the top dialer apps for iPhone and Android. Some of these apps have caller IDs and block spam callers as well. You can choose which appâs functionality you liked the most and download them for yourself. Many of these best phone dialer apps also provide a personalised experience to their users. Which one is your favourite?

Get a Dialer App of Your Own

Looking for ideas to get mobile app development? Phone dialer apps are easy, lightweight and loved by many. Get for yourself a phone dialer app with VerveLogic. We are one of the best mobile app development companies with experience iOS and Android mobile app developers.

We make use of the latest technologies to deliver high-quality, functional mobile applications that look appealing as well. Do reach out to us to get a quote for yourself, without any hidden charges.

Wondering how free apps make money? We have a comprehensive blog to help you out make money with your mobile apps.

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Clever Dialer Caller Id Block Calls

Clever Dialer is one of the top-rated Android dialer apps. It identifies phone numbers in real-time and blocks unwanted or spammy numbers. The best part is unlike some other dialers for Android, it doesnt upload your address book on its servers.


  • It automatically adds all calls to call history
  • You can block number ranges and prevent yourself from being trapped by spam calls

Dialer One Free Smart Dialer

13 Best Dialer Apps For Android &  iOS in 2021

Dialer One is another amazing addition amongst the various Android dialers. It is a free smart dialer that will give a lot more than just a default dialer such as, Tone dial and filter calls by type.


  • It allows you to swipe between screens with ease.
  • You can customize your app as per your needs and demands.

So, these were our Best free Android Dialer Apps . Weve have picked the apps as per their unique features, ratings and reviews. If you think any other app deserves to be a part of this list, then do let us know in the comments.

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How To Add A Widget For Direct Dialing A Contact On Your Android

Widgets are similar to shortcuts, helping you access different features and apps directly from your Android smartphone’s Home screen. By default, your Android device comes with some built-in widgets. To begin adding a widget, access the Home screen where you want the icon that lets you quick dial on Android. Touch-and-hold on a space on the Home screen to bring up a menu, and then tap Widgets.

The widgets drawer opens, and you can scroll through all the widgets available on your Android smartphone, categorized by their corresponding apps. The widget you want is under Contacts.

The widget we are looking for is called Direct dial or Speed dial, depending on your phone. Touch-and-hold on it to enter placing mode.

TIP: The Contact widget in this category offers an alternative to the method of creating a Contact shortcut illustrated in 5 ways to manage Android Home screen shortcuts.

In placing mode, you can see a preview of the Home screen page you started from. Drag your widget to where you want to place the Android call shortcut.

When you decide on a spot, lift your finger off the screen to place the widget there. As soon as you release the Direct dial widget, Android displays a list of all your contacts. Tap on the number you want to speed dial. If you have more numbers in your agenda for one contact, that entry is expanded, allowing you to choose between them.

Speed Dial Widget For Android

Speed dial widget is the best way to get in touch with your favourites with just one touch. You can Message, Call and Video call etc. Straight from your home screen.

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and up.


  • Just one tap and do Actions: Phone Call, SMS, WhatsApp message, WhatsApp Call, Skype call, Facebook messenger, Google Duo Video call.
  • Choose what to do on single or double tap on contact like Call or Message etc. Or you can choose specific action for each contact.
  • You call and message to all your selected contacts from home screen using app widget.
  • Categories your contacts into groups like Family, Business, Friends etc
  • You can add each group widget into home screen
  • Change shape of Contact List photos.
  • Choose app colour theme or your choice.
  • Dual SIM Support
  • Backup and Restore app data

Price: Free to install, in-app purchases for more features.

You can get this app from the

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Contactsx Dialer & Contacts Free

It is another well-known contacts app for Android. It comes with an excellent-looking interface and lots of customization options. You can call, email, and SMS in groups and individuals quickly through this app. This app supports two languages, Japanese and English. According to users, this app is simple in the interface but powerful in call and SMS management. From the letter to theme and style, as you can customize everything, the app gives you a personalized interface, dial pad, and call book.

Important Features

  • With this app, group calls or send messages in groups becomes faster and easier.
  • Sharing contact from one phone to another is much as it generates QR codes for sharing contacts.
  • It has a regular search contact option along with a smart T9 searching option.
  • It shows internal country codes to understand from where you get the call.
  • It will display the caller image and gives you an option to reject the photos.

True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

iPhone Speed Dial

This is another most popular contacts and dialer app for Android. It is a fantastic app that has the potentiality to replace your stock dialer app and enhance your call app experience. It has a dark grey interface that is easily matched with both the dark and light of your system mode. It has several beautiful themes to customize the outlook of your wish.

Important Features

  • It shows the caller image in a large size that makes it easier to identify the caller.
  • It adopts many styles, Including Google, iPhone, Huawei, and some other famous brands styles to answer phone calls.
  • You can record your essential call without help from any other third-party call recording application.
  • This app will suggest you create groups, favorite contact lists, blacklist numbers, etc., based on your activities.
  • It contains the best T9 dialer that eases the searching contacts smoothly and quickly.

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Best Android Dialer Apps

Weve laid down the best Android dialer apps roster which features some viable replacements for the native application on your device, just for your consideration. Besides an improved dialer, the apps tag along a lot of other attributes which include voice recognition, tap dialing, a better contact list and more. Scroll down for a detailed summary of each one.

1 Dialer One:

This T9 dialer application features support for multiple languages and lets you take advantage of the speed dial function. It recognizes swipe gestures to switch screens and groups the call log by contacts. This customizable app can launch a search for contacts in two different languages at a time.

It further simplifies searching for phone numbers as it lets you filter contacts by groups as well as calls by type. You can also send such information through this app.

Price: Free

2 exDialer & Contacts:

An intuitive interface, multiple language support for T9 and several other useful features make this application worthy enough to be included in our list of Android dialer apps. The launch panel of this tool displays an icon for exDialer that surfaces the dialer interface along with the exContacts icon to manage contacts. It lets you quickly access your favorite contacts and launch a search for a number through a simple touch or make calls via a swipe gesture. It also allows customization with different themes and searching for contacts by nickname, address, organization and more.

Price: Free

How To Set Speed Dial On Android

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Speed dial is no longer a feature on most Android phones. Now that you can add contacts to your mobile phone, speed dial is a bit obsolete. However, you can add contacts to a list of favorites. This wikiHow teaches you how to add contacts to your favorites list on Android phones.

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Top 10 Best Speedometer Apps 2021

Digihud speedometer androidOne of the best speedometer app Android, Pocket Casts is an all-singing, etc, automatic downloading of new How to Speed Dial on iPhone: 8 Steps Views: 57K1.6.1 (May 9, if you are searching for an ultimate speed test apps for Your iOS device that can help you to evaluate the cellular and WiFi speed, measure WiFi Signal Strength,Best Speedometer Apps for iPhone 2021, This app is one of the best dictionary app iPhone 2021 and with this app, comments and

How do I add speed dials to my iPhone XR?

Speed Dial Free For Android

Speed Dial Free for Android

Speed Dial Free is an excellent app for easy and rapid call, email and message to your speed dial contacts. This way you can quickly communicate with your frequently used contacts. It can also be used in emergency situations for quick call and SMS.

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and up.


  • You tap to call the contact and long press for SMS, however, you can change this in the setting options
  • You can customise your settings to include WhatsApp message and FaceTime
  • Create a maximum of 10 groups with unlimited number of contacts. This allows you to send a group message or email in a very fast way using the inbuilt templates
  • You can call all your selected contacts from the home screen using app widget, without having to open the Speed dial app. You can add unlimited contacts to the widget
  • Long Press on Speed Dial Free logo on Speed dial home page for voice command dial, speak name to instantly call
  • You can set up multiple call reminders for speed dial contacts, with customised notes

Price: Free to install, in-app purchases for more features.

You can get this app from the

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