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Zombie Catchers Love The Hunt

Top 10 Survival Games for Android & iOS in 2021 | High Graphics

If you are tired of playing the same style of zombie mobile games, you should try Zombie Catchers. Even if you dont like zombies, you will like this game. You can play it without an internet connection.

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Instead of shooting or killing zombies, you catch zombies to make zombie juice and sell it to the public. Surprisingly, everyone likes the zombie juice and are lining up at what can be described as the future Starbucks!

There is a large variety of zombie juices in production. To make the best juices, you need to capture certain types of zombies. You can hunt down zombies with sneaky traps and harpoon guns. Besides juices, players also need to create different cuisines and candies and sell them to hungry customers.

Into The Dead : Zombie Survival

You can understand from the title itself that it is a sequel to the popular zombie action game Into the Dead. Anyone who has played the first installment will want to try their hands on the sequel.

It is a journey through the zombie apocalypse, where your only goal is to protect your family. You have an array of powerful weapons to kill the undead and save yourself from the massacre.

It comes with an evolving story with more than one end. With hundreds of challenges and varied gameplay, you are sure to get addicted to the game. Besides the main story events, there are daily special events to showcase your skills to bag exciting prizes.

Best Online Survival Games For Android You Must Play 2021

10 Best Online Survival Games for Android You Must Play 2021 Are you looking for how to download the best Survival games? Well, in this post I will share with you the best online survival games for Android that you must try. And whats the survival game? Just read and follow it until its finished this post.

10 Best Online Survival Games for Android You Must Play

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Plants Vs Zombies Free

Plant vs. Zombies have been around for a long time and happen to be one of the most popular titles in the tower defense realm. Even though it is a lane-defense game, it has played a key role in the rise of the tower defense genre.

It is a strategy-based title, where you need to protect your home from the hoard of invading zombies. Assemble all your plants and stop the zombies from breaking down your door. There are more than 50 fun levels available. With each passing level, the game gets harder and harder.

It features a variety of fighter plants as well as zombies. You must find a way to reach your home. Some zombies are smarter than the average ones. So you need to utilize the available resources very wisely. Earn 49 powerful perennials and get stronger with the game.

The Escapists : Pocket Breakout

5 Best Survival Games For Android In 2020

Price: $6.99

The Escapists 2 is a strategy simulation game with some survival elements. Players start out as convicted felons in prison. The ultimate goal is escaping from the prison. In order to do so, players have to formulate a a plan, craft the necessary items, and slowly make their escape. However, you also have to go to chow, show up for prisoner counts, etc in order to not get caught. Its an entertaining game that doesnt quite fit the survival genre, but there is enough survival here to put it on the list. It runs for $6.99 with no in-app purchases or ads. Both games are available on Google Play Pass if you have it.

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Crisis X Last Survival

This game is full of adventure. While playing this game you will experience the new open-world survival action MMORPG. Currently, the beta version is available. In coastal town oakport sudden president activated alert nationally. It has been a few days since a mysterious spore infection wiped out most of the population, and the infection keeps spreading. After fleeing in panic, people realized they were in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, mutants and zombies roamed the streets, infrastructure was destroyed, and society had collapsed. When you fled into the wildness, you and your family were separated. As a result of this devastating doomsday, you are completely alone! Your only goal is to survive!

Squad Survival Free Fire Battlegrounds Epic War

The game is exactly what it sounds like. Im talking about Squad Survival Free Fire Battlegrounds. In this game, you have to fight like a survivor. You also have to destroy the enemys territory with powerful weapons. The city will be full of enemies and snipers.

In this tactical battle, you have to survive and be a hero. The main focus is to save your people and assure their survival. But first, you have to be alive and even healthy. You have to look out for food and weapon too.

Important features

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Zombie Gunship Survival Action Shooter

Zombie Gunship Survival is an action shooter game where you must fight to survive amid an apocalypse. It includes various exciting features that will keep you engrossed in the gameplay right from the start.

In a world where most of the population is turned into zombies, its difficult to survive. But you must prove your worth by attacking the zombies from a military operations base. Build up your defense and help your troops to complete their objectives.

The game offers many weapons that can be upgraded to make them more powerful. As you go deeper into the game, you will encounter zombies with many terrifying abilities that will threaten your squads safety. But you shouldnt give up and fight till the end.

What Are The Survival Games And What Can You Expect

Top 10 Mobile Survival Games of 2021. Android and iOS.

Whether you are surviving the apocalypse or just trying to keep a small island habitable, there is a lot to discover in survival games. Although the majority of survival games currently feature zombies, weve compiled the best of them and a few which feature new faces like dinosaurs, dark monsters and mythical creatures.

So, click on the big button below to read on and find out our favourite survival games for iPhone and iPad, and if you think we’ve missed something then leave us a comment, because we do occasionally revisit our various lists to make sure that we’ve kept them completely up to date.

Original list by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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Best Survival Games For Android & Ios 2020

Looking for a survival game to play on Android or iOS? Read on and find out the best survival games for Android and iOS 2020

In this post, we have listed out the best survival games for Android and iOS 2020. We update this post regularly and keep the content fresh so you will see new survival games over time. So without any further ado, lets get started.

State Of Survival: The Joker Collaboration

If you are ready for a strategy survival game, you should try State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration. The Joker-inspired storyline is what makes this title more exciting. Its a game of survival, where you fight laughing zombies and unlock the Joker.

The apocalypse has engulfed the whole planet, and you and your friends are the only survivors. To win the battle against the zombies, you need to give your all. From building a city to controlling the plague, the fate of the earth is in your hands.

Players need to gather coins, gold, and anything necessary to survive this horrible war. Find and save the other survivors to strengthen your numbers against the attacking zombies.

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State Of Survival: Zombie Survival War

In-State of Survival, you will have to work with your alliance partners to build new cities capable of surviving the hordes of zombies that dominate the streets. The plague is spreading fast, so you will have to play smart to create exemplary buildings and kill dangerous creatures. To win, you can also save other survivors and make them join your group.

Live Or Die: Zombie Survival

Top 10 SURVIVAL Games for Android in 2020


Though this survival game is still under development, players can try the game by downloading it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. With a virus outbreak turning people into mindless zombies, you as one of the survivors must rely on your wits and skills to survive the apocalypse. Search for raw materials and food in deserted areas, improve your stats by battling and evading zombies, and build your fortress from the collected resources that you have obtained to help you in battling the restless undead.

Developer: NetEase Games

Another battle royale game that is getting more attention from mobile gamers, it features a modern-day setting where players are dropped into a remote area, and they must survive by looting items from abandoned towns and facilities. Other players would do the same and mayhem ensues in key locations where every player will try to kill each other. The last man standing wins. Rules of Survival also features a 300-player Battle Royale mode, where more players can join a match that is triple the capacity of typical Battle Royale titles.

Developer: NetEase Games

Developer: NetEase Games


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Stardew Valley Switch & Mobile

If your gameplay focus in Minecraft is task-oriented, then Stardew Valley is a worthy comparison when looking for another great game like it. Stardew Valley, from developer ConcernedApe, is a role-playing sim that requires farming, mining, fishing, collecting, and relationship building to ensure your game progresses.

The beauty of Stardew Valley, much like Minecraft, is that it gives players the freedom to choose where they invest their time but with Stardew Valley, a lot of that can be spent on forming relationships around you.

Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs.

Survivor Adventure: Survival Island

What will you do when you are trapped on a lonely island? Being a survivor on a strange island is tough even though it only happens in a game. Survivor Adventure is a game to give you an adrenaline spike where your strategy is highly demanded to survive.

In this game, you have to look for food, build shelter, and keep yourself safe from monsters. You can also craft weapons, tame animals, and grow plants to survive. Survivor Adventure offers tons of start resources and an advanced crafting system for the engaging gaming experience.

Supposing that you need more adventures, you can explore mysterious caves. But you have to be careful as you dont know what is inside the caves. How about going on a trip with your animals? Build an ark and travel to nearby islands to discover new adventures.

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Dark Days: Zombie Survival

A zombie epidemic has blown out of proportion, and not even nuclear bombarding can bring the situation under control. Hordes of cannibals roam around freely and consume humans for fun. You dont have body armor, food resources, weapons, etc. when you start the game. Everything needs to be collected and used with smartness. Melee weapons are your best friends in this game as they dont exhaust and cause decent damage to the zombies.

Ensure that you only carry the items you need as youll have to deal with inventory management too. You can create temporary shelters by cutting down trees to give yourself some valuable hiding time. You also get access to a robot that you can use to get yourself out of dire situations. Dark Days: Zombie Survival offers unlimited action till its last second. Download and enjoy Dark Days on PC using the BlueStacks app player that gives you the option to set the controllers of your preference with its Keymapping feature.

This concludes the list of some of the most thrilling zombie games that you must play. The games are full of action, and some episodes might scare you to bits and would surely bring out a few unplanned screams. The action becomes even better when you have BlueStacks as your gaming companion. You can earn exclusive BlueStacks points while playing your favorite game and use them to make several in-game purchases.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Top 15 Best Survival Games for Android & iOS 2021 | Top 10 Survival Games for Android

The CoD franchise is typically known for its human battlegrounds. With , it amazes its fans with a thrilling zombie adventure. The game has several maps, and each one has its own complications. You can play solo or multiplayer with your friends, talk to them through voice chat, and go on a zombie-killing spree. You have powerful weapons on your side but dont underestimate the ruthlessness of the deadly zombies.

The game offers zombie warfare at its offensive best. You can also enjoy the exclusive Dead-Ops Arcade mode that puts you against fifty nasty creatures, and your goal is to withstand the zombie waves. Use firepower when you see an opportunity to down a zombie and hide when you know you wont be able to counterattack. Just like other CoD games, is also best enjoyed on the BlueStacks emulator. You can record a combo using the Macros feature and use it again with a single keystroke.

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Stormfall: Saga Of Survival

Youll love enjoying making your shelter, and youll get everything you need for a war. In the hard surviving mode, you have to fight for starvation with wild animals. There will be a time for redemption, but first, you have to survive or die instantly.

Important Features

  • To suffice your gaming experience, this game comes with HD quality video graphics and smooth sound quality.
  • You will get tons of building crafts and tools that you can use to build your home.
  • Explore the secrets of dark magic and learn to use the Arcane Sorcery.
  • You can explore through the dark forest and snowy mountains to reach the Eastern March.
  • Youll find a lot of faction ambassadors on your way.
  • Ferocious dark creatures will appear now and then. So, be ready to defeat them at any time.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

If you are an ocean lover and looking for a survival game, I have an addictive game for you, offered by Birdy Dog Studio. This game is full of unique features and an exciting gaming story. You can enjoy this game both on the mobile and tab. It is almost about your freedom to build your own home, a farm on a huge Island.

There are some supplies for hunting and surviving with some basic transport. Both children and adults will enjoy this survival game for Android. But you have to remember that the only goal of the game is to survive.

Important Features

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The Walking Dead: Survivors

This is another exciting zombie game that you must play. The Walking Dead: Survivor is a battle for survival in a world captured by zombies. You must build your tower defense to survive against the dead and the living.

When playing a game like this, every decision you take matters. Whether you will cooperate or fight for domination, the choice is yours.

In the world of the Walking Dead, zombies are the least of your concerns. You will encounter other players from around the world who are much more threatening than the undead. The best way to cope with the challenges is to devise a full-proof strategy.

Features Of This One Of The Top Survival Games On Iphone And Android

Top 14 Best Survival Games For Android 2016
  • Available for $4.99
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Suitable for Teens or older
  • Played by 4 million players on iOS devices

This one of the top survival games requires at least 3 GB of RAM to run smoothly. Moreover, this one of the best survival games for iOS and Android includes more than 80 dinosaurs that will enhance your gaming experience.

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Top Android Zombie Games For Best Gaming Experience 2021

  • Dark Days: Zombie Survival
  • The zombie genre in gaming offers non-stop action right till the end. You might have the support of your team to take down these man-eaters. However, in many cases, youll have to fight a lone battle. Here, we list down some of the best zombie android games that you can enjoy on your desktop or PC:

    Survival Heroes Moba Battle Royale

    Survival games are not easy at all, especially when youre playing a battle based survival game. Survival Heroes- MOBA Battle Royal can be the best choice for those who love to play battle war. This exciting game provides a lot of weapons and items for winning the war against others.

    Only your luck and your skill will save you here. All you have to do is to pick the right gear. You can explore the valley and fight the enemies. If your war strategy is rich and the fighting skill is sufficient, no one can bite you here.

    Important Features

    • This game provides a real war environment with excellent graphics and sound quality.
    • You have to train your army and collect the weapons and other tools you have to use in the war.
    • In this war game, you can pick your weapons and fight against the dangerous creatures.
    • You can also loot here and choose your land from where you want to start your battle.
    • This game contains almost 30 distinct weapons. Also, you can set traps and wait for your enemy to step on them.

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