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Best Turn Based Android Games

Top 10 Best TURN BASED for Android 2022 | 10 TURN BASED game will be The MOST PLAYED RPG Android

Playing games which require you to act fast might sometimes be difficult for Android users. For example, shooters or real-time strategy games. After all, you dont have a mouse and a keyboard.

On the other hand, with turn-based games, you have all the time of this world to think about your next move. Although turn-based games are the oldest form of games , they are definitely NOT outdated. There are many great turn-based games released for Android , that are very popular among players.

Turn-based games can cover various genres, including shooters, card games, strategies, role-playing games and many more.

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What Is A Turn

The gaming app realm is nothing but a spider web of interconnected and interrelated genres, interwoven differently. This is often the reason why there seems to be a discussion as to what genre a gaming app is. The answer is really simple: one game can take up two genres at once.

A turn-based RPG is a type of role-playing mobile game. This is one of the popular types of RPGs and involves a player commanding a character in various missions. The player then takes turns to defeat a dedicated opponent within the game.

Some gaming experts believe a great turn-based RPG has a combination of one or two of the following:

1. Has good storytelling and narrative

2. Real-world players decisions make impacts on the overall game world

3. The game allows for full character customization

Obviously, what makes a game the best is a players ability to choose a path for the character in contrast to the narrative being linear. This makes the rest of the factors to consider subjective to ones liking.

War Of The Visions Ffbe

Price: Free to play

War of the Visions FFBE is the second game in the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius universe. This one is a riff on Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. You get the classic checkerboard battle style along with an absolutely massive cast of characters to collect. It has gacha mechanics as well so you must summon your companions as you go. The game is the newest on the list so it hasnt been as fleshed out as other, more mature free to play games like Fire Emblem Heroes. However, there is already a ton of content and most of the major release bugs are in the past. Our only complaints are the sheer number of screens you have to click through to start playing, and the absurd number of daily chores that take forever to do.

If we missed any of the best tactical RPGs or Strategy RPGs for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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Star Realms Android Turn Based Strategy

Star Realms is another best turn based strategy game that combines the Deckbuilding Game play with exciting Trading Card Game style combat. It is specially designed by Magic Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty. It is quite amazing that you may get addicted to it in the end.

In the tutorials, you will find all the tactics and methods to play this beauty in a few minutes. In the free version of Star Realms, you will find 6 mission campaigns among the players and the Player Combat. Moreover, you will experience mesmerizing visuals in this free turn based strategy game Android for play vs AI.

If you want to experience the full features of the game, then you will find 9 mission campaigns along with 3 difficult steps in Player vs Al version. Playing with your friend will be a real fun where you can challenge them in a battle of Star Realms and follow pass and play technique.

Dragon Rpg: Dragon Village M

What Are The Best Android RPG Games?

Brace yourself if youre into dragons. Dragon RPG is all about Dragons in RPG style. It is free to play and optimized for Android devices. You will get the full Google leaderboard and achievements in this game. So, you will be able to compete with friends and dont forget its a massive community of online players. The game offers realistic sound effects and mesmerizing 2D visual effects with animations. So gear up and think down with the best possible strategies to dominate with your crew.

Important Features

  • You will have the freedom to choose from a thousand unique dragons.
  • Be a thinking person, and use strategic tactics to make the best deck possible and upgrade your dragons to reach the next level.
  • It offers numerous game modes, such as adventures, dungeons clearing campaigns, PvP and PvE competitions, and online multiplayer missions with the gaming community.
  • The game features a chatting option with friends and clan members, making it even more lively and interesting to play.
  • It is supported by regular updates and fixes from the developers. For ready perks and instant resources, in-app purchases are also available.

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Reigns: Game Of Thrones

Considered by many to be the best version of Reigns, this game adapts the classic game formula into the setting of George R.R. Martins ruthless fantasy world. Reigns: Game of Thrones is not only the best mobile Game of Thrones adaptation, it also brings a wonderful degree of complexity to what is, otherwise, a very simple game system. You may only be swiping left or right, but in Westeross atmosphere of betrayal and court intrigue, even these minor decisions can have massive consequences.

Final Fantasy Vii & Remake

Supported Platforms Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation Portable, iOS, And Microsoft Windows + PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Square Enix set a new standard for RPG developers with Final Fantasy VII. With hundreds of awards over the years, Final Fantasy VII is regarded as one of the best turn-based RPGs ever made.

Avalanche and Cloud Strife join forces in Final Fantasy VII in order to attack the nuclear plant responsible for the loss of the planets resources. While the story gets quite intense, its turn-based combat is what made Final Fantasy VII so popular.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake also received praises from around the world but unfortunately, it is mostly focused on real-time combat tactics. There are a few points where players could experience the modern-era turn-based combat tactics but theyre not enough to calm our urges. Nevertheless, Final Fantasy VII and its remake are definitely worth a look.

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Knights Of Pen & Paper 2

Developer: Paradox Interactive AB

Requires: iOS 9.2 or later / Android 4.0.3 and up

File Size: 452.9 MB


This retro pixel-art turn-based RPG has full adventures and challenges awaiting any player who wishes to conquer the 10-floor dungeon teeming with ghostly figures. On top of that, a boss awaits at the end, ready to unleash a battle so massive in proportion. A recent update on this turn-based RPG is the seamless integration for tablet use and the ability to play the game both in landscape and portrait orientations.

Redefine your definition of classic role-playing mobile games and experiences with this new and fun app that has danger, intrigue, and semi-appropriate cultural references!

Requires: iOS 7.1 or later / Android 4.0 and up

File Size: 159.5 MB


Do you know how some games are true to their core when it claims its a no-brainer? Well, this game breaks that very claim. Doom and Destiny combine a well-written narrative with references, humor, dialogues, and satires that would not sound as funny when you do not have enough background to know what they are about. Or is it?

Join four friends that have been sucked into a fantasy world and who have been mistaken for heroes to battle out of a massive maze of adventure by defeating a villain.

Requires: iOS 7.0 or later / Android 4.1 and up

File Size: 3.9 GB


Developer: Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd. / KEMCO

Requires: iOS 6.0 or later / Varies for Android

File Size: 40.3 MB


The Battle Of Polytopia

Top 10 Best Turn Based RPG Games for Android & iOS 2021 | JRPG Games for Android

The Battle of Polytopia is one of the best turn-based strategy games for Android. This strategy game is all about ruling the world, fighting evil AI tribes, discovering new lands, and mastering new technologies. With unlimited replay value, the auto-generated maps make each game a new experience.

Players are able to pick and choose among different tribes. The game is formerly known as Super Tribes and is developed by Midjiwan AB. It was released in February 2016. It is a great game for those who like strategy.

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Ftl: Faster Than Light

The game that spawned a thousand clones, FTL: Faster Than Light is an excellent top-down spaceship simulator roguelike. Basically, as with Crying Suns, youre in command of a starship on an important mission to save the galaxy, but along the way you happen upon all sorts of dangerous encounters. How you approach each of these is what makes FTL so clever, as you balance resources on your ship to prolong your survival. When you do die, however, its for real. FTL is as punishing as it is smart.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

This tactical RPG is based within the Warhammer setting of Age of Sigmar, and sees you gather a party of champions to take on the many trials of the Silver Tower. While you can equip your heroes with armour and weapons, what Silver Tower specialises in, is short tactical micro-battles, letting you dip in and out of the game at will. See our Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower review for more info.

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Baldur’s Gate And Baldur’s Gate Ii: Shadows Of Amn

If you’re a D& D fan, then you’ll want the Baldur’s Gate games on your phone ASAP. They use a modified version of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition rules and the original Baldur’s Gate was credited with the computer RPG renaissance in 1998.

These are your classic fantasy games, where you start off knowing only the walls of the castle in which you were born but are thrust into a war-torn world under mysterious circumstances. Venture off and take on mythical creatures, as well as real ones like rats.

If you like a good old-fashioned romp around a medieval realm, clearing dungeons and slaying beasts, all while creating potions and bettering your character, then the Baldur’s Gate games should be right up your alley. Given the smaller text and menu controls, this game should ideally be played on a tablet, but you might be able to get by if you’ve got a larger flagship phone. Once you’re done with the enhanced version of the original game we’ve linked below, check out the sequel Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. You won’t be disappointed.

Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate is an iconic RPG that is ideal for fans of D& D lore. Create your own customized hero, recruit your party of allies, and explore the Sword Coast in your search for adventure, profit, and the truth.

    What Is The Hardest Strategy Game

    Best New RPG Turn Based Games For Android 2020

    The most difficult strategy games for Android are Baldurâs Gate and Final Fantasy IV.

    These games are considered difficult because they have challenging tasks that require strategy and are not everyoneâs cup of tea.

    If you want to try other turn based strategy games Android then Fire Emblem heroes, casual heroes, and World of Empires, etc. Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the newly launched leagues with interesting battles and tactics. In this game, you will find around 800 stories to engage you and drag you one step forward every time. You can play these free turn based strategy games android at home with your friends and show your strategic mind strengths.

    All the above-mentioned turn based strategy games are available for Android devices and you can them from the Google Play Store.

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    Legends Of Heroes: The Trails Series

    Developers Nihon Falcom has created some of the best and longest-running JRPGs of all time with the likes of Ys, Xanadu, and the Dragon Slayer series. However, the studios real jewel in the crown is The Legend of Heroes series which has peaked with the recent successes of the Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel series.

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    Both Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel are interconnected and for fans to fully appreciate Trails of Cold Steel IV which brings together all of the characters in an Avengers Endgame-style finale they should be played as a whole. The games are so well written, however, that gamers could dive into either series without any issues and still enjoy a detailed world, amazing character development, involved strategic combat, and emotional narratives capable of hooking players from the start.

    Best Tactical And Strategy Rpgs On Android

    Gamers have their own combat choices when it comes to choosing a role-playing game. Some prefer fast-paced hack and slay battles whereas others love tactical battles.

    Turn-based tactical rpgs allow gamers to think and chalk out a proper plan before leaping into enemy territory. Weapons, armor and magical items along with character upgrades play an important role in battle, but its proper tactics and squad management that decides who will emerge victorious on the battlefield.

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    Galaxy Of Pen & Paper

    Trade your broadswords for blasters in Galaxy of Pen & Paper, the latest RPG parody game from Behold Studios. Galaxy retains the pixel retro art style of Knights of Pen & Paper as well as that game’s delightful sense of humor. This time around, the app takes aim at science fiction games, books and movies in a loving parody of SF tabletop gaming. Galaxy adds a ton of new gameplay elements to the old turn-based battle standby of the Pen & Paper series, including space battles, branching stories and planetary exploration.

    App Store, Play Store

    The Legend Of Dragoon

    Top 10 Best TURN BASED RPG OFFLINE for Android iOS | Most looking OFFLINE Turn Based RPG for Mobile

    Like a few others on this list, Legend of Dragoon is an iconic classic in the JRPG realm. It puts the player in the role of Dart, a warrior trying to stop the end of the world. It originally released in Japan in 1999 for the PS1. But it stands out as one of the most classic JPRG experiences to date.

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    The game has three play modes: the battle screen, the area map, and the field. Though players were bound by routes on a 3D linear map, they could explore the world nonetheless. The game inverts expectations early on, however, when Dart is saved from a Dragon by a woman named Rose.

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    Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind

    Some strategy gamers will absolutely love Six Ages blend of forced immersion. Fans of King of Dragon Pass, which this serves as a spiritual sequel to, will already be familiar with it. But Six Ages features a smoother interface, and a fresh setting in a new culture.

    Forgoing the traditional control and power fantasies of strategic empire-building is a hard habit to give up. But for those willing to make the sacrifice, Six Ages holds a wealth of wonder that few games can match. It wants to tell you a tale of gods and humans, of mysteries, and the mundane, while still taxing your tactics. Its a bold goal, and the narratives that it weaves are unlike anything else in gaming. If you like strategy, text-based narrative games, be sure to also check out our Silmaris review.

    Hoplite Turn Based Mobile Game

    Hoplite is considered as one of the best turn based strategy games Android. This challenging gameplay is based on the fact that you must think before you act upon your moves. The reason behind this strategy is that your every move counts and make your actions worth implementing.

    Hence, you will be needing a proper strategy to move ahead in your missions. And you can team up with your friends and use the turn based strategy games Android as a source of amusement. Hoplite is a kind of old school 8-bit graphics. So, you are going to play as a warrior, crossing multiple grey squares to fight your enemies.

    Although the game is quite simple, you will be needing tactical movements and strategies to avoid any chance of being knocked out by your enemies. Therefore, all you have to make strategic choices which may lead to upgrading your abilities. The more you play wisely, the more you can earn the scores.

    Moreover, on the screenplay of Hoplite, you can see the powers and lives left as well. You can make different strategies based on different parameters of complexity at each level. Since there are no in-app purchases available, you can download it free from the Google Play Store.

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    Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition

    The definitive classic RPG made a triumphant comeback on mobile thanks to Beamdog. This Enhanced Edition features a completely revamped UI, touched-up visuals, and entirely new content. The sequel, Icewind Dale, and a brand new game, which takes place between the first and second, are also available on mobile. Beamdog, you do spoil us.

    Tank Battle 1944 Android Turn Based Strategy

    The Best Turn

    Here comes another turn based game for your Android where you will be taking command of an American battle group. Tank Battle is an action-based game from World War II and your task is to free Europe from the evil. This game comprises of 8 mission rising storm campaign allowing you to use multiple tactics through your amazing skills.

    Moreover, you will also find 13 Unique units to help you engage yourself throughout the battle. You will also find 12 pass and multiplayer scenarios to keep yourself on board in the Tank Battle.

    Additionally, you can also purchase more features like 12 mission campaigns in different landscape modes. Apart from this, get ready to experience 3D graphics for an ultimate action based game and settle for the best quest.

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