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Connecting Your Smart Tv To A Windows Pc With A Vpn

BEST VPN FOR ANDROID TV The 4 Best VPN for Android Smart TV in 2022 Bypass Geo-Blocks & More

Even though this method technically doesnt involve setting up a VPN on your smart TV, youre still connecting to one, with all the advantages this brings. This is accomplished by installing a VPN on your Windows PC and subsequently connecting your smart TV to your PC, by turning your PC into a mobile hot spot. As such, your smart TV is connected to the same WiFi or broadband network as your PC, thus making use of the same VPN connection. Please note you do need to have Windows 10 installed on your PC for this method to work. Read our short and simple step-by-step guide down below to use this method.

  • Install a VPN on your Windows PC. Most VPN providers make this very easy to do. After all, virtually every popular VPN provider offers an easy-to-use Windows app nowadays. However, if you need some help with this, then have a look at our article about setting up a VPN on Windows.
  • Set-up a mobile hotspot on your PC. To do this, type in mobile hotspot settings in the search bar of your computer and click on it.
  • Click on the little switch you see under Mobile hotspot, so it turns on . Now check to make sure the right network is displayed and to make sure WiFi is selected where it reads .
  • Now connect your smart TV to your Windows PCs WiFi or broadband network. To do this, use the information behind Network name and Network password from the previous screen.
  • Set Up A Vpn For Android Tv Box

    If your Android TV does not allow you to download apps from the Google Play Store, you may need to install the APK file manually. You can do this by sideloading the app onto your device:

  • Start by downloading the APK file onto a PC or Android device.
  • Next, copy the file onto a USB dongle and copy it over to your Android TV box via the USB port.
  • go in your settings and select allow apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Once the APK is on your device, you can run it and install it.
  • If your device does not have a USB hub, you could send the APK file to yourself in an email, open that email on your Android TV and download it to the device.

    Best Vpns For Android Tv

    While there is a lack of quality web browsers on Android TV, it does feature top-of-the-line VPNs and all of them are optimized for the TV platform. You dont have to sideload VPNs to use them on Android TV. Almost all major VPNs can be installed through the Play Store and they work fine. Whats more, VPNs also remain active in the background and do not get killed due to low RAM. I would say, if you want to unlock geo-restricted content or browse certain apps anonymously then you should be looking at the best VPNs for Android TV. So on that note, lets go through the list.

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    How To Set Up A Vpn On A Smart Tv

    Like any software or service, your first step here is to work backward from what’s available for your operating system. The most VPN-friendly smart TV OSes are Amazon Fire TV and Google’s Android TV and Google TV platforms. That said, if you use Roku, Apple TV or the built-in operating systems for Samsung, Vizio, LG or any other platform, you still have options.

    Here are a few of the most practical ways you can go about hooking up a VPN to your smart TV.

    Why You Need A Vpn For An Android Tv Box

    Best VPN for Sony Smart TV in 2021

    Transforming your TV into a Smart TV with an Android TV Box allows you to stream content from a number of platforms, play games, and much more. But youll only be able to access content within your region.

    All streaming apps use geoblocking technologies to ensure they only work in authorized countries if you try to stream from an unauthorized location, these geo-restrictions will block you. Even ones available in multiple locations, like Netflix have specific libraries for each area.

    Install a VPN on your Android TV Box and you can connect to a server in a different country, which gives you an IP address to unblock global content. Connect to a UK server using your VPN and you can stream BBC iPlayer or connect to a US server and you can stream Hulu.

    Christmas 2021 Deal:

    Enjoy streaming freedom through your Android TV Box with ExpressVPN. The VPNs app is compatible with a wide selection of Android TV Box models and is simple to install and set up.

    Streaming addicts can binge-watch all their favorite content with ExpressVPN. Its unbeatable speeds and unlimited bandwidth mean that you will never have a problem streaming just one more episode.

    Plus, with ExpressVPN you can also change your Google Play Store region on your Android TV Box, which allows you to download apps not available in your area.

    Get in touch with ExpressVPNs 24/7 live chat customer support for a quick response to any inquiries you have.

    Christmas 2021 Deal:

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    Get Expressvpn On Your Router

    For users who are committed to a particular smart TV, streaming device, or game console that cannot install a VPN directly, and who need more versatility in changing locations and the full suite of privacy and security features, ExpressVPN for routers is the way to go.

    You can change to any location easily via the router dashboard in your browser. With split tunneling, every device that connects to the router can be set to connect to the chosen VPN location, set to âno VPN,â or set to use MediaStreamer. The router and every device connected to it together count as only one device under the five-device limit. And if youâre in a household with users who canât be bothered to connect to a VPN, it allows you to cover them without any effort on their part.

    If you just want every device in your home to be protected, and to behave as if youâre in the country of your choosing, a VPN router canât be beat. You might think of it as the expert solutionâthat works for everyone.


    • Easily switch among all 160 server locations via browser interface
    • Can choose which devices connect to VPN
    • Can set certain devices to use only MediaStreamer
    • After initial setup, âset it and forget itâ
    • Works with all smart TVs, game consoles, and streaming devices, even ones that cannot use MediaStreamer
    • Everyone on your network is protected just by connecting to Wi-Fi
    • Works with any service available with ExpressVPN
    • Easy to turn VPN off to access local services


    Open The App And Log In

    Once the Android TV app is installed, run it and follow the on-screen instructions to sign-in to your ProtonVPN account using any browser. You need to do this only once on the first login. If you are a ProtonMail user, you can access the ProtonVPN Free plan by logging in with your ProtonMail username and password. To get a ProtonVPN account, .

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    How We Tested The Best Vpns For Android Tv Boxes

    You need a VPN that can unblock content and apps from all over the world to get to the full benefits of your Android TV Box. Throughout my research for the best VPN for Android TV Boxes, I looked and tested for:

    • A large global server network spread across dozens of countries so you can access streaming services, games, and apps from anywhere.
    • Easy-to-use apps so set up and changing your virtual location is quick and simple.
    • Fast speeds, plus unlimited bandwidth and data so you can stream in HD and download quickly without interruptions.
    • The ability to overcome both geoblocks and anti-VPN technology, so you can reliably access global content.
    • Responsive customer support and a useful knowledge base of guides and tutorials, so any issues you have can be solved quickly.

    Best Vpns For Any Smart Tv In February 2022

    how to get a vpn on an android tv
    • Fast speeds and unlimited data on Smart TVs
    • Stay anonymous and block ad trackers
    • Compatible with all devices & services
    • Discover the best VPN free trials and deals

    Available on:

    Fastest VPN

    With a vast network of servers optimized for data-heavy activities, CyberGhost is a great VPN for Smart TVs. Unlimited data with stable connections.

    • Installs on most routers for Smart TV compatibility
    • Fast speeds reduce lag and ping time
    • Robust security protocols protect your privacy
    • Try it free for 45 days

    Over 6,000 people have picked CyberGhost VPN in the last 30 days

    ExpressVPN is the top-rated VPN for Smart TVs and it maintains fast internet speeds.

    • Speed tester makes it easy to find the fastest server
    • Compatible on Smart TVs with Smart DNS Media Streamer
    • 256-bit encryption protects your Smart TV from hackers
    • Large server network helps you avoid crowded servers

    You can set up Ivacy on your Smart TV with PPTP or L2TP protocols or Internet Connection Sharing on Windows. Its easy to manage, and you can quickly switch servers.

    • High-speed servers in 65 countries
    • Robust security and privacy tools
    • Security Features include kill switch, split tunneling, no-logs, secure DNS, and more

    PrivateVPN has the unlimited data and speed necessary for a Smart TV without interruptions or buffering. 2048-bit encryption protects your data.

    • Use Smart TV anonymously and avoid ISP slowdowns
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • No limits on speed or bandwidth
    • Large network of servers in 75+ countries

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    Installing A Vpn On Your Android Tv: App In The Play Store

    Many large VPN providers have their own software. This often means that they will also have an Android app available. If your provider has an app available in the Google Play Store you can install it on your Android TV. If youre not sure about which VPN to go with, than you might want to scroll down to the section where we discuss the available options.

    Below you can find a step-by-step guide to install a VPN on your Android TV by using an app in the Play Store:

  • Go to your chosen VPNs website, for instance ExpressVPNs website, and create an account. Choose your subscription and method of payment and pick a secure password.
  • Look for your providers VPN app in the App Store on your Android TV and .
  • Open the app and log into your account, using the details from step one.
  • The app is now ready to go. Choose the VPN server that you want to use. Consider that this choice also determines what content is available to you. Do you want access to the American Netflix? Then choose a server in the US.
  • Turn on the VPN by pressing the on button or click connect.
  • Your Android TV is now protected by the VPN. You can use the TV as you normally would, while enjoying the safety, anonymity, and access to blocked content!

    Do Samsung Tvs Have A Built

    Unfortunately, Samsung TVs don’t have a built-in VPN. In fact, its Tizen operating system doesn’t support VPN connections, which is why you can’t simply install a VPN from the Google Play Store on your Samsung Smart TV like you might with Android TVs and away you go.

    To make use of a Samsung VPN, choose one of our five recommendations which come equipped with either Smart DNS, a router client, or both.

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    How To Install A Vpn On An Android Tv Box

    Installing a VPN on your Android TV is an absolute breeze. You can install the VPN via Google Play Store if your device runs Android 5.0 software and above. If youre unsure how to do it, follow this simple setup guide.

    However, note that sometimes the VPN you want may not be available to download from the Play Store, and youll have to sideload the app.

    Sony A1e Series Oled Tvs

    How to Setup the Best VPN service on any Smart TV to ...

    This is one of the best and most pricey Android Smart TV from Sony. It has a frameless design and sports the OLED tech with HDR, a combination that produces a brilliant image quality. With the X1 Extreme processor, its capable of streaming in 4K with self-illuminating pixels, high contrast ratios, and absolute blacks. Besides picture quality, the other amazing thing is its sound quality. Its audio system is referred to as acoustic surface. Thats, it has screen exciters that vibrate the screen to produce sound without affecting the display. You cant see the vibrations on display unless you touch the screen. Theres also a low-frequency subwoofer integrated onto the stand. This series is available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch screen sizes.

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    Best Vpn For Sony Smart Tv In 2022

    WhichVPN is best for Sony Smart TV? Can you actually install a VPN on your Sony Smart TV? What benefits do I get out of using a VPN on Sony Smart TV? I will be covering all of these points in the review below. Along with Samsung, LG, and more recently, Hisense, Sony Smart TV sets are one of the most purchased items in electronic stores.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    With the constant shift from traditional TV viewing to online streaming, Smart TVs, in general, have become even more popular.

    However, streaming does have its limitations. In case youre an expat living abroad, youre probably already aware that you cannot watch your favorite TV channels from back home because of geo-restrictions.

    This is why VPNs are now very popular and sought-after technologies. A VPN basically allows a user to unblock geo-restricted content from all around the world. Bearing all that in mind, have a look at the best VPNs for Sony Smart TVs or what theyre commonly known as Sony Bravia TVs.

    How To Install Expressvpn On Android Tv In A Nutshell

    While there are two options to choose from when installing ExpressVPN on Android TV, there is one clear winner. Not only is downloading the app a much more intuitive route, but its the only true Smart TV VPN choice.

    Thats because the alternative MediaStreamer option is not as secure as a VPN connection, and won’t guarantee the same levels of security. And while it will automatically allow you to access BBC iPlayer and the US-version of Netflix, unlike the app, you will not have the flexibility to change your location.

    Its why we recommend using the ExpressVPN on your Android TV for all compatible devices.

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    How To Sideload Vpn App On Sony Android Tv

    In case you cannot find VPN apps on Google Play Store, you can sideload them using ES File Explorer instead. Heres how I installed IPVanish on our Sony Smart TV for instance:

  • Turn on your Sony Android TV and press the home button.
  • Next, head over to settings and select Security & Restrictions. Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Once you do that, a warning message will appear. Just hit ok and proceed.
  • Now, launch Google Play Store and get the Downloader app on your Sont Bravia TV.
  • Once the installation process is complete, press the to launch it.
  • Within the Downloader app and enter this link in the URL section: Now, click on Go.
  • The installation process will begin now. Wait a few minutes until it finalizes.
  • After the IPVanish apk file is finished downloading, youll have to press Open File to install it on your Sony Android TV.
  • The BulletVPN app will now launch.
  • Finally, log in with your credentials and connect to any server youd like.
  • The process is quite simple if you know your way around it, and now you do. You can easily watch any blocked streaming service in your country on your Sony Bravia TV.

    Display Size And Resolution

    Best VPN for Smart TV | TOP 4 VPNs for unlimited streaming

    With a smart TV, the bigger the screen size, the better. Sometimes this is not exclusive since other technologies and factors may affect the size such as physical space. Resolution is essential as it determines the picture output that youll see on your screen. The bigger the screen size, the more resolution you will need. In 2021, the best resolution is 4K or Ultra HD. 4K is becoming a viewing standard as most media providers are producing content in 4K resolution.

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    Can I Use My Vpn On Other Devices

    Absolutely! Premium VPNs like those on my list have apps that are compatible with a wide range of devices. Plus, they allow multiple device connections at once, so you can use your VPN other devices at the same time as your Android TV Box. If you use other streaming boxes, check out our articles on the best VPNs for the Roku and Amazons Fire Stick.

    How To Install Vpn On Android Tv

    If you want to start watching more content on your Android TV or Android TV box, a VPN is the ideal solution.

    If you have a newer Android TV or box, you should be able to download the Android TV VPN app directly from the app store . We’ve made a list of the simple steps you’ll need to follow in order to get set up:

  • If you don’t already have a subscription to an Android TV VPN, then pick one from the list above. Navigate to the services website and subscribe. You will need to set up a username and password and make a payment. Remember to hold onto your password and username as you will need these to login to the VPN on your Android TV.
  • On your Android TV, access the Google Play Store and search for the VPN you have a subscription with. Download the app and let it install.
  • Launch the VPN app and log in to the VPN using your credentials.
  • Select a VPN server in the location that you prefer. You can opt for whichever country that you want to watch content from.
  • When your VPN connects, your data will be encrypted and your real IP address concealed, and instead, you’ll appear to be in the location of the server you selected. As a result, you’ll have true online privacy and be able to watch geo-restricted content from across the globe.

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