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My Friend Pedro: Ripe For Revenge

Top 14 Best Offline WAR Games For Android & iOS!
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Following the success of My Friend Pedro, Ripe For Revenge brings the same general gameplay mechanics to the mobile space. You take on the role of a talented sharpshooter whos killing off criminals to help save the family of a talking banana. As weird as the story is, the gameplay is really solid.

Your character doesnt run from place to place as in the original, but he jumps. You swipe to have your character jump and slide to your destination. Whenever an enemy makes eye contact with you, you can shoot them. It can be tough getting used to the gameplay mechanics, but its not too hard.

Theres only one in-app purchase. When you die, you need to watch an ad to restart the level . However, you can pay the one-time fee of $2.99 to remove this. Thats a really good price for such a fun game.

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Grimvalor is one of the more fleshed-out offline games. It is a pretty popular hack-and-slash game that was also released on the Nintendo Switch. Its really simple and straightforward in nature, but it has a really deep and lore that you learn bit by bit as you play along. The story is told with fully voiced cutscenes, which is rare for offline games.

What really makes this game fun is the set of fluid and responsive combat controls. Your characters attacks are quick and precise. This makes fighting multiple enemies a rewarding experience . The combat can be a bit stagnant at the very beginning, but you learn different types of attacks as you progress.

Best Offline Android Adventure Games

Ark: Survival Evolved by Studio Wildcard/War Drum Studios

Ark: Survival Evolved, a dinosaur-themed survival game, is one of the most enjoyable Android gaming experiences you can have where you play offline solo or connect and play with others. Its the best of both worlds! Ark is a blend of first-person survival and exploration, placing you on a large island full of dinosaurs.

To survive, you must collect resources and craft structures, clothing, weapons, and gear. Theres also a story hidden away in there too. Be warned that its a rather hefty app, so youll need Android 7.0 or higher to run it.

Dead Trigger 2 Zombie Game Fps Shooter

Next on our list of Top 13 Offline Shooting Games For Android is this zombie-inspired FPS shooter game. It enjoys a humongous download of around 110 million. During the gameplay, you have to use different fighting and survival strategies to stay in the game.

The game offers:

  • 33 different battlefields and 10 regions.
  • To stay in the game you have to build your Hideout and safety measures.
  • It has around 70 types of gun weapons to offer along with 600 gameplay wars.
  • Katana, Swords, Hammers, Bats, Wrench are a few of the brutal weapons that you can use to fight for your survival.
  • The game can be played using a virtual joystick or touch control.

Enjoy unleashing the zombie in you and experience cutting-edge graphics with this best offline shooting game.

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Total War Battles: Kingdom Medieval Strategy

Total War Battles: KINGDOM Medieval Strategy is a great android game. It takes you to the medieval kingdom. Instead, it lets you build your medieval kingdom to shape the lands, build towns, recruit your army, and train them.

This game gives you a real-time feel of defeating your rival lords along with other players. You get to rule your people, manage your nations economy and build a stronghold among your rivals, and rise in power.

Best Free Offline War Games Without Wifi In 2022

Top 10 Battlefield Games For Android 2020 HD OFFLINE WAR ...

Smartphone and tablet games are great ways to kill time in a lot of scenarios say youre waiting for your flight to land, or maybe you arrived way too early for a meeting. Thankfully, with smartphones and tablets always within our reach these days, you dont have to spend that extra time twiddling your thumbs you can play a game instead! In the computer world, usually games are something youd have to pay for however, in our mobile era, there are tons you can get for free.

So, if youre looking to kill some time, follow along below, and well show you the top war games on the market, at no cost to you!

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The Battle Of Polytopia

Games created in the classic style of turn-based strategies can be very addictive and take all your free time. If you download The Battle of Polytopia, there always be a very interesting and exciting lifeguard from boredom in your pocket.

In addition, this simple gameplay can become indispensable in the development of logical thinking and gaining experience. Moreover, this game is built in a very original form, what allows you to enjoy every game moment in a new way.

The player will be able to control the huge world. In this game, you will come across a very ancient community and will manage your own tribe. It will be necessary to constantly develop, explore new lands of this world and go to battle against other tribes of the universe. In this game, youll become the only leader who will control this world. Explore new lands and discover new technologies of our time in order to gain an advantage over other nations of the vast mysterious world.

The player will never appear on the same map due to the constant generation of worlds and maps. Get an unforgettable experience from the gameplay and dont look at the restrictions, because you will have access to great freedom of action and opportunities.

Initially, the player can choose one of the tribes, in which he will participate in the game process. Then there is the opportunity to travel to a variety of fantastic locations, among which there are mysterious forests and many other locations.

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Nigh

Do you want to play SotN? The fact cannot be ignored that its a beautiful and amazing 2D platformer offering non-linear gameplay which is all about encouraging exploration. The best offline tablet games are all set to entertain you. The prominent campaign needs to take about 8 or 9 hours to accomplish and that is why it would be taking too much more in comparison to one sitting to work your way through following this release. You can easily offline this work indeed.

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Shadow Of Death: Dark Knight Stickman Fighting

Watch Gameplay

This dark fantasy action game can be played just the way you like it. There can be a choice among four unique shadow warriors, multiple weapons, customized self and surroundings. You can slash, batter, shock and hammer your opponents in this thrilling adventure. All this happens so you can save a lost kingdom from foes.

The game supports endless combats and experimentation. There are cool suits of armor, massive weapons and several other challenges that you will love to overcome. Magic and weapons come together in this game of fantasy and warfare. Save the prosperous kingdom Aurora and fight with the living and the dead.

We’ve Got You Covered With Our Best Mobile War Games Guide

11 Best War Games For Android & iOS 2021! [Offline/Online]

If you have ever looked for war games on your iPhone/Android device you will know what we mean when we say its akin to walking into a swamp to find your wallet. Hundreds upon hundreds of tower defence, sniper-and-risk, and RTS clones can often feel like theyre drowning out any other kind of game. Thats why we decided to create a list of the best mobile war games, to celebrate this genre which can often feel drowned out by strategy at large, with free-to-play gacha games and MOBAs proving nigh-on impossible to resist.

PC isnt the only place to find good war games. Plenty of the best mobile war games are gems hidden in plain sight, adapting both the conflicts of the ancient world, of military history, and modern warfare. War gaming is very much alive and kicking, and that can be seen in any of the games in this list.

Equipped with the latest in swamp-draining technology, weve been able to bring together a crack squad of some of the best mobile war games currently available on Android and iOS.

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World War : European War Strategy Games

Are you ready to make your own European clan join the war? If yes, then install World War 3: European War Strategy Games. Ladik Apps & Games has presented this awesome game with amazing graphics and visual effects. Furthermore, the sound quality is impressive, and you can easily get addicted to it. However, you can see whats more it includes here.

Important Features

Offers a vast world map for you to explore. You are allowed to decide when and when to start the war. You can build your troops and upgrade them as usual. Provides awesome graphics and sound effects. Includes 6 different units for more details. You can enjoy playing with army troops with addictive war tactics.

Brothers In Arms : Sons Of War

If you want to play a war game with impressive graphics and lots of different campaigns and missions, then Brothers in Arms 3 is the perfect game for you.

With a 4.4 star rating and over 10M downloads, this game is the most addictive and one of the top war games for Android users. Some of its outstanding features are:

  • Multiplayer and single-player modes
  • Multiplayer mode has two options Free for All and Deathmatch
  • 4 different maps available in multiplayer mode
  • 9 campaigns available in single-player mode with 5 missions each
  • Each chapter has several missions apart from the campaign, including Raid, Commando, Top Secret, The Last Stand, and Blueprints.
  • Earn medals on completion of missions to upgrade the players and weapons
  • Supporting brothers available with unique abilities like an airstrike, Molotov, sniper and rocket launcher.
  • Impeccable graphics

Brothers in Arms 3 requires an internet connection to play. Most weapons are available for free but some special limited edition weapons can be purchased to gain an advantage over the enemy.

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Dead Rain : Tree Virus

Talking about this game, a tree grows in your body. Following a dystopian world, you are required to fight hard to survive. It is quite easy to portray offline on your mobile. This game would be ensuring you would not require any sort of boring moment here. The best thing about this is that it comes up with a number of combats as well as manipulation. There are varieties of levels that test different skills. You would be needed to fight with zombies as well as bosses as well as explore hidden elements following each stage. The graphics of this game are outstanding and your attention will remain engaged in this game.

Mekorama: Monument Valley For Robot Friends

Top 8 Offline Strategy Games For Android

If you’ve ever played Monument Valley, you’ll also find pure joy in Mekorama for both Android and iOS. In this offline game, you control a small nameless robot by navigating it through carefully crafted 3D worlds. Using the “tap-to-move” mechanism, you indicate the direction in which the little robot should wander.

The difficulty of this game lies in the towers on which the robot moves – these are 3D towers. In higher levels, you will have to turn a lot and consider both elevators and tunnels along the way to ensure your little robot arrives at its destination safely. To make matters more challenging, the robot can also fall off – in which case you’ll have to start the level all over again.

The nice thing about Mekorama is that you not only have 50 levels to indulge in, but you can also create your own levels. Self-created worlds can then be shared with your friends around the world via QR code. But even the existing 50 levels are challenging enough for most. If you have VR glasses, you can even play Mekorama as a VR version, but this version will set you back by $3.99.

  • In-App Purchases: Yes.

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Real Commando Secret Mission

As we talked about first-person shooting games, another best game in this category is Real Commando Secret Mission. If you are a sniper lover, then this game is perfect for you. It has sniper missions that you can complete to earn rewards. Playing and winning keep you upgrading to new levels. This game also includes realistic assassinations missions that are a whole new level. The missions are very challenging they need a perfect plan to get succeed.

This game is one of the best war games which can be played offline also. The graphics are nice that renders perfectly while playing. You can also play the game on tablets, and it also supports controllers. These things make this game more interesting. You can download this game for free and start playing.

Download: Real Commando Secret Mission Free Shooting Games

Army Men Strike: Military Strategy Simulator

Army Men Strike: Military Strategy Simulator is a fantastic game. This android war game allows its players to build the army clan with the most efficient army force. The developers designed the simulator war game with the best soundtrack and high definitive graphics.

The games strategy is easy to perceive, and you will start enjoying it from the beginning. Players can build their headquarters, treasuries, transport resources, trains, and other items on their land.

Moreover, you can also train your army force efficiently. It is an easy and decent game. There are exciting events in the game, and commanders can earn more rewards participating in these events. Players need to own shields else, they will get pirated.

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Best Offline War Games To Play Without Wifi

Mobile gaming is constantly improving more than ever and the excitement of playing these games on your phone or Tablet is close to what you get on a gaming console. There are many games out there you can play on your device ranging from strategy, shooter games and RPG ones. This article will outline the best offline war games to play even when you do not have WIFI or internet connection on your Android tablet or phone.

Strategy And Tactics: World War Ii

Top 10 Battlefield Games Android 2021 OFFLINE War Games

HeroCraft Ltd.s Strategy and Tactics: World War II, a turn-based strategy game, is similar to Risk-like board games. The game has eighteen scenarios, each map consisting of territories that the players must conquer to earn their troops income.

Furthermore, the game has plenty of unit types, including soldiers, motorized infantry, and vehicles. The combat takes place on the map, with either side having their troops spread across the provinces.

Players must complete the goals for completing the scenarios. It suits both hardcore and casual strategy lovers. The game has tutorials that explain the basics of the gameplay, so you will find it easy to play. Also, if you are looking for a new war game, you must try this one out.

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Special Forces Group 2

Special Forces Group 2 is a 3D first-person shooter that can run without the Internet.

According to the game plot, you will need to pick a side you hat to join the terrorists or the special forces that fighting against them. The game gives you absolute freedom when it comes to exploring the map. Plus, there are no limits for your movements so you can pick your shooting point on your own.

Mainly, your goal in this game is to slayer any bad guy that cross paths with you. Herewith, you can also take part in tasks to diversify the gameplay. Furthermore, the game takes place in lots of locations so you wont get annoyed seeing the same landscape over and over again. Nevertheless, it means that you will need to come up with new killing strategies for every location.

These locations cover deserts, cities, and lots of abandoned buildings. Wherein, you can also find shelters to weight for the perfect opportunity to slayer your opponent. In case youll have access to the Internet you can join the alliances to participate in group fights.

Toy Defense 2 Tower Defense

Toy Defense 2 Tower Defense is another war defense game that can give you authentic military experience.

Lets go through the pros and cons of this game. At first glance, the game is quite catching and has everything you expect from it different kinds of troops, several play mods, tactic abilities, and all that. In the setup of this game you play for the commander of the army and your purpose is to win a World War II battle.

As for the gameplay, it is quite traditional for the genre quite good but not outstanding. The game also has ground and air battles at the same time so be sure to upgrade all the equipment you have. The sound effects and music is quite atmospheric though. For every successful mission, you earn a particular amount of points that you can spend on developing the capabilities, the equipment, or the commanders training.

However, there are few things in this game that might bother you. Mainly, you will need to connect this game to your Facebook account to tournament or the arena. Plus, sometimes you will need to share something on Twitter and its not always possible to skip this action. Furthermore, when you reach one of the top levels you realize it is almost impossible to pass it without in-app buying which is not that great.

In the long run, if you want to hone your strategy skills in the good-old strategy game, make sure to give the Toy Defense 2 a try.

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