Best Way To Secure Your Android Phone


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Best Ways To Secure Your Android Phone

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The 7 Best Android Anti

If your Android phone gets stolen, you’ll need a way to get it back. Here are the best Android anti-theft apps.

Nobody wants to think about their phone getting stolen, but the truth is that it could happen to anyone. As such, it’s always a good idea to have an anti-theft app on your device.

Google offers built-in Android security, including an option called Find My Device that can a missing phone, but there are also some great third-party options available. Let’s take a look at the best anti-theft apps for Android.

Keep Your Tracking And Remote Locking Settings On

At this stage, we assume that youve enabled your mobiles lock screen feature with a multi-digit passcode, face/fingerprint recognition, or a complicated pattern. This is particularly helpful if you lose your phone or if a thief has gotten their hands on your device. But if you think that your screen lock will make it impossible for thieves to misuse your phone, youre not aware of the tricks hackers can use to bypass the phones initial security mechanism. There are ways to bypass even fingerprint lock and facial recognition security mechanisms!

This is where the ability to remotely lock your device is essential. This is the first step in protecting your phone from hackers or anyone, really, who shouldnt have access to your device. Fortunately, virtually all the phone providers offer Find My Device and remote lock functionalities. You just need to install those apps and register your device.

For example, you can use the app for Android phones and Find My iPhone for Apple phones. To enable these apps, choose your type of device below and follow these easy directions:

  • For iPhones: Go to Settings> Passwords, and Accounts> iCloud> Turn on Find My iPhone, Enable Offline Finding and Send Last Location.
  • For Android Phones: You just need to link your Gmail account in app, and it will start working without any further settings. All the android device providers have this feature available. For Samsung phones, you can use Samsungs Find My Mobile tool, too.

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Why Is Android Vulnerable

There are a few reasons why Android is more likely to pick up malware than other operating systems.

  • Its open source: Android is built on open-source software, which means anyone can make their own version of the operating system. Not only does that include manufacturers like Samsung and Amazon, but also independent developers. And when Google releases new versions of Android to other companies, phone manufacturers need time to add their own spin to the OS. And its up to them if and when they release new versions to their users.
  • Older devices arent supported: When Google, manufacturers and networks decide to stop supporting devices with updates, that means older phones and tablets get left behind in terms of security. These phones and tablets may not even be that old, and that has led to more than a billion unsafe devices.
  • Apps can be installed from third-party sources: Android also gives users more freedom about where they download apps from. While Apple locks iOS users into the App Store, Android users can easily install apps from third-party stores and anywhere on the web. That means more potential avenues for malware.
  • Rooting is a bad idea: Finally, some users like to root their Android devices. This allows them to install their own versions of Android and customise certain aspects they wouldnt normally be able to. Unfortunately, this can also lead to increased security risks, so its usually advisable not to root your phone.

How To Protect Your Android Phone With Third

6 easy ways to keep your Android phone secure

Although Android has its own security settings, there are good reasons to use third-party phone security apps like Clario. One of the main reasons is that older phones often dont get software updates. Thats a big problem, because many people are happy with their phones and dont want to buy a replacement every two or three years. No updates means no security patches, and that can leave an open goal for hackers to exploit.

Even if you do have a new phone, its a good idea to install third-party Android phone protection anyway. It adds another layer to your defences, and because these apps come from dedicated security companies, theyre likely to have more up-to-date virus definitions.

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Store Passwords In Encrypted Files

“The most secure way to store or keep sensitive data on your phone is to use some form of password-protected app to store data inside, like LastPass,” Dey told Business Insider. “Even if a hacker gets their hands on the sensitive data, they will be encrypted and would make it difficult for him or her to break in.”

Quickly Block Access To The Camera Or Mic

Why: Youve long been able to grant or deny access to the camera or microphone on Android per app, but sometimes its nice to know exactly when theyre being used, or to temporarily restrict access in general.

What to do: In Android 12, you can pull down the Quick Settings menu to block the camera and mic. This option is great if you dont want to futz around with the mute or camera buttons in different software, or if youd just like some peace of mind when you need to step away from a call.

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Wrapping Up: How To Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Nobody likes imagining the scenario in which perpetrators hack, install malware, or steal the data from their phones. But when theres a 680% increase in fraudulent transactions that are performed via mobile, lets not deny the fact that no one is immune to mobile fraud.

The best way to protect your phone from hackers is to:

  • Do everything within your power to secure your mobile account with your service provider.
  • Be vigilant while visiting any websites and downloading anything from the internet.
  • Never underestimate the importance of security software and always keep it patched and up to date.
  • Use trusted and reliable antivirus and antimalware protection tools.

We hope this article has helped you to strengthen the security posture of your mobile.

Manage Certificates Like a Pro

14 Certificate Management Best Practices to keep your organization running, secure and fully-compliant.

The Password Youve Entered Is Incorrect

How to secure your android mobile phone

Im sure the question has occurred to you at some point over the course of your smartphone tenure: Whats so wrong with using a password?

As I mentioned above, there are a finite number of different passwords that any of us can use. Of course, the likelihood that a stranger would be able to arbitrarily guess your password is extremely small. However, if the perpetrator is someone you know, and if youve chosen a password thats somehow related to you or your life, that person has much better chances of overcoming your devices security. In fact, the potential to be hacked by a loved one is one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing the right security method for your device, and thats a point well come back to in a moment.

But what about the capital letters and special characters Im required to include in my password? Doesnt that make my device more secure? Actually, no.

If the man whos responsible for all those guidelines that are supposed to make our passwords more secure is to be believed, including the capital letters and numbers and special characters doesnt actually make your password more secure. That guys name is Bill Burr, a former manager at the National Institute of Standards in Technology .

A different set of properties to passwords not better or worse, but differentBiometric data could include a fingerprint, face, or iris scan, while non-biometric security includes a password, PIN number, or pattern.

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Use A Password Manager

Downloading a password manager can be a big help in password management. A password manager can help keep your passwords organized and safe from hackers. Many password managers also will help you create strong, complex, and unique passwords. All of your unique passwords are then captured and protected in a vault by one master password or your fingerprint.

Use A Secure Lock Screen

If youre not using a secure lock screen, its time to change that. This is your absolute first line of defense when it comes to keeping your phone safe.

While the process varies slightly between Android manufacturers and their various flavors of Android, the general gist is Settings > Security > Screen Lock. As I said, the details might vary slightly here, but that will get you in the ballpark. We also have a more detailed guide available should you need that.

And dont forget to add your fingerprint if your phone has a scanner, toohere are a few tips to make it as accurate as possible.

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Oem Solutions Like Samsung Pass

Price: Free

Its not very common, but some phones have password managers as part of the OS. These password managers are usually tied to an account, sync between devices, and work with the devices existing security. For instance, with Samsung Pass, you can auto-fill apps and websites by using the iris scanner on the Samsung phone instead of the usual fingerprint or PIN/pattern unlock methods. Its only a good solution if you intend on sticking with a brand for a while. Otherwise, we recommend one of the nine solutions above. Still, if you have a phone with something like this built-in already, it might be worthy of a chance. They are usually free.

If we missed any of the best password manager apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

Thank you for reading! Try these out too:

Keep Your Apps Up To Date

Best Ways To Secure Your Android Phone

As well as Android itself, you need to keep your apps up to date as well. Again, this is because developers often issue security patches in their updates. Assuming you get your apps from the Play store, its a good idea to set up automatic updates, so you dont have to manually go through your apps and update them one by one.

Turning on Google Plays automatic updates is easy:

1. Tap your avatar in the Play store

5. Select either Over any network or Over Wi-Fi only

6. Tap Done

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Dont Let Lockscreen Notifications Give The Game Away

Lots of apps pop up messages and notifications on your phones lockscreen. Its worth thinking about what these notifications may reveal. If you work for a big banking company, for example, a visible email from a work colleague or a meeting reminder tells a thief that this might be a particularly interesting phone to steal.

On iOS, also consider disabling access to Siri from the lockscreen. Siri isnt supposed to give away personal information before you enter your passcode to unlock the iPhone, but past hacks have let intruders use Siri to unlock the device, access details of contacts and view photos. Its safest to shut the feature off entirely: youll find the option under Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Disable Siri on the Lockscreen.

Shield Your Phone From Cracks Scratches And Dust With An Easy

Whenever you buy a new phone, a screen protector should be one of your first purchases. It’s one of the easiest ways to avoid damaging your screen. And if you do happen to crack your screen, it will help keep the pieces of glass in place until you are able to repair or replace your screen.

Promising Review: I can never apply a cell phone screen protector without getting lots of bubbles. I always have my husband do it for me. But seeing that people said that as long as you follow the instructions, you won’t have bubbles, I applied this screen protector myself. I followed all of the instructions, I didnt have any bubbles! The directions recommend applying the protector in a bathroom after running the hot water to cut down on dust particles. I did that, as well, and I am sure that really helped.

Get the iPhone 7, 6s, and 6 protector from Amazon for $7.99.

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Install An Android Antivirus App

There are many good antivirus apps for Android in the Play store. However, theres also a long history of fake Android antivirus apps too some which do nothing at all and others that contain malware themselves. So while its a good idea to get an Android antivirus solution and run scans every now and then, you should choose one from a reputable company like Clario.

Heres how to scan your Android phone for malware with Clario:

  • Open Clario, and find Antivirus
  • Tap the Scan button
  • You may need to set up some permissions the first time you run a scan. To get started, tap Start scan
  • When prompted, tap Allow
  • Clario will scan your phone in search of malware. If Clario finds anything, it will be quarantined, and you can delete it
  • Reduce Snooping With Activity Controls

    Best way to Protect your Android Phone from Virus || பà¯à®©à¯ பாதà¯?à®à®¾à®à¯?à® à®à®¤à¯ enable à®à¯à®¯à¯?யவà¯?à®®à¯?

    Next up is Activity Controls. For anyone who wants to protect their online privacy, the intro to this section of Privacy settings is scary indeed:

    The data saved in your account helps give you more personalized experiences across all Google services.

    In other words, Google tracks everything you do, and uses that data to predict what you will do next, influence what you think and do, and serve you targeted ads that are designed to convince you to buy stuff.

    Lets turn all this off now:

  • Go to the Privacy settings, then tap Activity Controls. Youll see a screen full of the kinds of things that Google tracks, along with a pitch on why them tracking this information is good for you.
  • Turn off Web & App Activity. Google will give you a long message trying to convince you to let them keep tracking you. You should be aware that doing this doesnt actually put an end to Google collecting this data. It only pauses the collection.
  • You should also know that doing this will not delete all the data Google has already collected on you. To delete the data Google has already collected in the Web & App Activity category you need to go to
  • Now go back to the Activity Controls screen and do the same process to pause Location History.
  • Repeat for YouTube History.
  • Ignore the bit about Ad personalization that may appear next on Activity Controls. We will deal with that in a moment in another area.

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    Only Install From Known Sources

    One of the things Android has inherited from Linux is only letting you download from approved Android developers and this should already be the default setting on your device.

    But, just in case it isnt, or youre not sure if it is the case, you can check by:

  • Going to Settings
  • Then, More settings
  • Next, tap Install apps from external sources (this could also be named Install apps from unknown sources or Install unknown apps depending on your phone
  • Select a source and where it says Allow app installs, tick the slider to the off position
  • Ways To Protect Your Android Phone

    Android has been around for nearly a decade and has come a long way from its early wannabe iPhone days. New features, upgraded camera phones, a wide variety of apps and platforms, and polished interface design have led to a huge install basea whopping 2 billion+ monthly active devicesmaking it the biggest mobile OS in the world to date.

    This is but one testament to how technological advancements have enormous selling power. What was once a pipe dream , is now reality. At the moment, Androids future seems all unicorns and rainbows. However, expanded technological capabilities arent always a good thingespecially for security. Let me explain.

    Introducing new technology, such as a new Android version, doesnt mean that users can adopt it right away. Quick adoption is what Google phone users expect. But for the majority of Android users, it all depends on when their carriers push the upgrade. In other words, its no fault of the users if theyre still on an old OS version. Plus, lets not forget the rise of cheap Android smartphones, which may not get an OS upgrade at all.

    The longer a user has to wait to receive an upgrade, the longer theyre missing out on new security features, patches for vulnerabilities, and other fixes. This could mean that flaws in the previous version will remain open and potentially exploitable to cybercriminals.

    But thats just one way Androids tech can be infiltrated by threat actors.

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    Use A Virtual Private Network

    A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a great way to prevent your ISP and others to track what websites youre visiting or what youre downloading on your Android device

    Because they will definitely do this.

    What a VPN does is route your traffic through one of its own servers , instead of your real location.

    This will hide your actual Internet Protocol address and will instead replace it with that of the VPN server, so a website or someone else that wants to track you will see the VPNs IP instead.

    One thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a VPN is that some will keep logs, so be sure to use the one that doesnt do this. Some good options include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IP Vanish, etc.

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