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Solution: How To Send Large Video Files From Your Iphone Via Google Drive

How to Send Videos in Gmail (iOS, Android, Mac, PC)

As we had mentioned earlier on, there are numerous cloud storageservices currently. A different cloud storage service that you can considerusing is Google Drive. Unlike iCloud which only offers you 5 GB for free aftercreating an account, Google Drive will offer you 15GB free after creating yourGmail account. To learn how to get videos from iPhone to computer and otherdevices via Google Drive, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch App Store on your iPhone and install Google Drive.

Step 2: Launch Google Drive. If you are yet to create a Gmail account,follow the onscreen instructions to create one.

Step 3: Click the + icon on the lower-left corner and then select Uploadunder New.

Step 4: Select Photos and Videos. You should see a list of albums.Select Videos. Choose the video that you intend to share and then tap Upload onthe top-right corner. Wait while the video is being uploaded.

Step 5: After the upload is complete, click the 3-horizontal line menuavailable on the top-left corner. Next, select Recent.

Step 6: Your video should be available at the top of the recent uploadslist. Click the 3-dot menu available to the right of the video filename. Thisshould launch more options. Select Copy Link.

Step 7: Share the video link. You can share the video either viaWhatsApp, text message or via the email.

How To Send Long Videos On Android With Send Anywhere

If you and the recipient of the videos are in the same area, you should use Send Anywhere to avoid the hassles of uploading and downloading large video files to and from the internet. The application gives users various file sharing options suitable to different users with different tastes. The app is easy-to-use, and you only need to install it on your Android devices.

Solution : How To Send Large Videos From Iphone To Computer Via Google Photos

Google Photos and Google Drive work in an almost similar manner.Just like their names suggest, they are both owned by Google. Below, we showyou how to send long videos from your iPhone to your computer or any otherdevice using Google Photos:

Step 1: Install Google Photos on your iPhone and launch it. Login usingyour Gmail email address. If you do not have a Google account, you can createone.

Step 2: If you are using Google Photos on your iPhone for the firsttime, you will need to grant it access to your photos. Tap OK on the pop-upthat requests access.

Step 3: Go to Photos and then tap the 3-vertical dots available on thetop-right corner. Next, tap Select Photos.

Step 4: Select the videos you would like to upload to Google Drive.Next, click the 3-dot icon available at the top-right corner and then select BackUp. The selected videos will be uploaded to your Google Account.

Step 5: On your computer, open a web browser and Log in using the Google account you used to upload yourvideos on your iPhone. Now, you can easily download the videos to yourcomputer.

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Send Large Files Using Icloud Drive In Files App

  • From: iPhone, iPad, Mac
  • Distance: Sender and receiver can be anywhere with an internet connection.

Heres how to send a large file by sharing its iCloud link:

1) Locate the file in iCloud, press it, and tap .

2) Tap .

3) Tap and choose Anyone with the link. You can also choose Only people you invite. Set the appropriate permission as well. After that, go back to the previous screen.

4) Now, share the link via one of the apps. If you selected Only people you invite, you can add them here. They must have an Apple ID to view the file. But if you choose Anyone with the link, Apple ID isnt needed to download a copy of the file.

5) The receiver can click the link and download a copy or add the file to their iCloud Drive.

To stop sharing, press the same file name in the Files app > > Manage Shared File> Stop Sharing> Stop Sharing.

Send Large Videos On Android With Wetransfer

5 Best Wi

WeTransfer is your go-to site for anybody who has found themselves in a file-sending rut and wanted to have stuff done with minimal annoyance. It permits you to send 2GB of long videos or photos free of charge and 20GB if you have a premium version.

WeTransfer comes with an Android variant, although if you would rather save on disc space, its possible to use the browser version via your mobile phone.

The browser version is more accessible in specific ways since the application is a little more elaborate your additional files from Boards allowing you to share links, also, to immediately send large videos or files.

Employing WeTransfer is quite straightforward. Enter your email , enter the receivers email, then add your large video files

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Superbeam For Local Sharing

SuperBeam is the best way to send a large file when youre in the same place with the recipient of the file. This app uses Wi-Fi Direct, as do several others. However, its far and away the best implementation of the technology on Android. Both you and the recipient will need to have SuperBeam installed, but the basic ad-supported version is free.

SuperBeam forms a WiFi connection between two devices to push files.

You can initiate a file transfer using NFC or a QR code. Simply use the Android sharing menu to select SuperBeam and hold the phones together . If youre both on the same network, the file will go over the local WfFi, if not, SuperBeam creates an ad-hoc connection and shoots the file over. Its incredibly fast in either case.

The files are sent directly without stopping off in the cloud, so its more secure than many alternatives. You can do all of this with the free version, but if you want to remove the ads or access advanced features like custom saving locations, youll need the $1.50 pro upgrade.

How To Send Large Videos From Android To Android Using Computer

As a consumer, you can quickly connect and access the memory of your cellphone through your PC. So, mostly it isnt hard to send large video files from Android to Android. Consequently, if your goal is to discover how to send large videos on Android.

First of all, connect two of your Android phones with two micro cables in one computer. then two of your android phones will appear on your computer

After that, proceed to My Computer youll discover that both the devices found as a Portable Device Today, if you put in a Portable Device icon, then you may reach the internal storage of that Android device.

In the internal storage, its evident that all your videos will probably keep from the Videos or photos folder. Now, start the Video folder of the two android phones then pick the videos that you want to send to another android phone. After that, please copy and paste them into another folder.

In the end, your large videos or photos have transferred to another destination Android phone. Therefore, as was educated previously, it isnt tricky to send large video files from the android device into another, especially if you are using copy past to finish your task.

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How To Send Long Videos From Iphone Via Airdrop

You can use AirDrop to share large videos from your iPhone with nearby iOS or macOS devices. Here is how.

  • On the other device, make sure AirDrop is on and set to receive incoming files. For this, switch on its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.On iPhone: Open the Settings app General AirDrop select Everyone. On Mac: Open Finder AirDrop for Allow me to be discovered by: choose Everyone.Note: You can also toggle AirDrop visibility from iPhones Control Center. The same can be done via the new Control Center on Mac running macOS Big Sur.
  • Now, open the app on your iPhone . Locate the video file.
  • Tap on the and then tap on AirDrop.
  • Tap on the receivers iPhone or Mac name. Give it a few seconds if you do not see it.
  • If the second device is not yours, you will see a popup on it. Tap on Accept.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete successfully.
  • Note: There is no file size limit for AirDrop!

    Inshare Share Apps & File Transfer

    How To Share Large Files on Your Smartphone: 5 Best Apps

    It is so amazing how this mobile app gathered so much attention and with lots of downloads just under a few months.

    That is to tell how superb the file transfer app for android is.

    Released in June 2019 has already gained more than ten million installs on the and with high ratings.

    Honestly, I rate it as my number one favorite file transfer app for android or application to send a video that is too large on android.

    To get started with the Inshare app for android, download and install it from the Google play store.

    After that open or launch the app to get started.

    First, it is to select hoe you will like to be seen by others during file transfer.

    Select the picture you want and click on the Save button.

    Boom youll be greeted with a nice and simple home screen.

    To send a video that is too large on android using the inshare mobile app for android, youll also have to download and install it on the other device.

    Open the inshare apps on both smartphones to get started.

    Tap on the send button and kindly locate the video you want to send.

    Youll do that by tapping on the video menu, tick on the video or videos you want to send, and click on the send button.

    On the receiving phone, tap on the recieve button to receive videos from the other phone.

    You can also use the app to send files or videos from your android phone to your computer.

    This feature is now very common in all file transfer services I must say, it isnt new at all.

    Inshare file transfer app for android

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    How To Share Large Videos On Android With Superbeam

    SuperBeam is another app that allows users within the same area share large videos. It uses Wi-Fi direct to send large videos. You and the recipient of the videos need to have the application installed on your devices. Also, it is compatible with various operating systems.

    SuperBeam gives you the option of connecting your devices via QR codes or near field communication, thus lessening the need to remember connection passwords. It’s also convenient as you don’t need to connect the gadgets manually. The app is the best to use when it comes to sharing videos on more than one device simultaneously.

    Send Large Files Using Cloud Services

    • From: iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.
    • To: Any device
    • Works: Wirelessly
    • Distance: Sender and receiver can be anywhere with an internet connection.

    Another excellent way to send large files from your iPhone is via online cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc. All you need to do is upload the file to these services using the app on your iPhone and then use the in-app options to easily share them with friends, family, coworkers, etc.

    These services have huge size limits for each file, and the amount of online space you have depends on your plan.

    • Google Drive: 15 GB free. The maximum individual file size is 5 TB.
    • Dropbox: 2 GB free. The maximum individual file size via Dropbox Transfer is 100 GB.
    • OneDrive: 5 GB free. The maximum individual file size is 250GB.

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    Transferring Videos Using A Usb Cable

  • 1Unlock your Android phone or tablet. Enter your passcode to unlock the device.
  • 2Connect a USB cable from your phone to your computer. The small end goes in your device and the large end goes in your computer.
  • The exact location of the USB plug will vary depending on your hardware, but the mini-USB port on the device is usually on the bottom. On laptop computers, the port is usually on the side, and on desktop computers, it’s usually on the front or back.
  • 3Tap the Charging this device via USB notification on your device.
  • 4Tap File Transfer. This opens a file transfer window on your computer.
  • 5Double-click on the folder that contains your videos.
  • The exact name of the folder that contains the videos varies by device, but you can usually find them in the DCIM folder, the Camera folder, the Photos folder, or the Videos folder.
  • 6Drag and drop the videos from your phone to your PC.
  • To drag and drop, click on a video and hold the mouse button down, then move the video to a folder on your PC and release the mouse button.XResearch source
  • How Can I Send A Large Video File To Another Phone

    How to Transfer Large Files Between 2 Android Phones Quickly

    For two iPhone users, an AirDrop is an excellent option if theyre close by. If not, Mail Drop via iCloud works great too. Two Android users can use a file transfer app or send the files via email.

    Android users can make the most of Apples Move to iPhone app. iPhone users, on the other hand, should stick to email when sharing large files with Android users.

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    How To Send Large Video On Android Using Other Cloud Services

    While Google Photos is generally the easiest solution, you might not have enough available storage space to store your videos there, or you might opt not to sync with Google Photos. If that’s the case, you can use a different cloud storage service instead. You can share videos with Dropbox, OneDrive, or any other major cloud service.

    Both Dropbox and OneDrive have the option to automatically upload photos and videos, much like Google Photos. After installing the app on your phone and setting the option for automatic uploads, you can select and share photos from within those apps.

    How Can I Send A Large File With A Slow Connection

    One of the biggest risks with slow connections is that the longer a session lasts, the higher the possibility of a dropped link. Use a data transfer app that will pause and resume a transfer in the case of a lost connection. Some transfer utilities will split a file up and send segments concurrently. However, if you have restricted bandwidth, that wont solve the problem.

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    How To Compress Large Video Files

    After sending large video files from Android to computer, launch the program, and click Add File menu to import the large video files to the media library area.

    Locate the bottom area and click the Settings button to open the Profile Settings dialog. Click and expand the Profile dropdown menu and select your iPhone model. Then modify the Resolution and Video Bitrate options to downscale video file size. Click the OK button to confirm it and back to the home interface.

    Then set the output destination and hit the Convert button to compress your videos. After that, you can send the smaller video files to iPhone via iCloud, iTunes or email.

    Another Ways To Send Large Video Files From Android

    How To Send Large Picture And Video Files Through Email (Upto 10GB), Best App For Android & iphone

    Another way to transfer files is using messenger apps or email. Sharing the desired files via email is still a good and common way to swap files between devices. But if your video is more than a hundred megabytes, that’s too much to email. There are email send limits, so make sure if your video file is within the limitations of your email service.

    If the file you want to send exceeds these limitations, you still have a way to send it by email. Upload the file from your phone and keep a backup on a cloud service and then share the link via email.

    Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud-based storage services out there. It lets you upload files and access them anytime anywhere from any device. Alternatively, it also allows other users to easily edit and collaborate on files. If youve got a Google account, you already have 15 GB of free storage on Google Drive.

    Using the methods outlined above, youll easily figure out what to do when “Android video too large to send”. There is a way to actually share a link to a video located on a cloud service via email. If you need to quickly move files from one phone to another, you can use Bluetooth. It is particularly handy when you want to move short video clips, but what when it comes to big-sized files?

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    How To Send Large Files From Android

    Android users might not have the same iPhone features, but they still have options for sending large video files. While Bluetooth works great for small files if the person youre sending videos to is in the vicinity, its just too slow for large files.

    Thats why using a safe file transfer app such as SendAnywhere is an excellent option. All you need to do is go to Google Play and download the app. Its around 25MB. This app gives you the option to create up to 1TB links you can share with others.

    However, the recipient should also have the app installed and be in the vicinity because the app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology.

    How To Send Large Video Files From Android To Computer With 1 Click

    Coolmuster Android Assistant allows you to send large video files to your PC with a single click. Here is how to send videos from an Android phone via this app:

    Step 1: Tap on the ‘Super Toolkit‘ option.

    Step 2: Click the ‘Backup‘ button, and then choose ‘Videos‘ option.

    Step 3: Choose the destination where you want the videos saved on your computer.

    Step 4: Tap on ‘Back Up‘ button to start to send large videos on Android to computer immediately.

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