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Transfer Photos From Iphone To Android Using A Computer

How To Transfer Photos From Android To iPhone EASILY! (2020)

The easiest way to transfer your photos is to copy-paste them from the iPhones default photo directory to Androids image folder. You will need a PC and USB cables for both your iPhone and Android phones for this method. Make sure that youve installed the device drivers of both handsets so that they will be detected.

How to transfer your iPhone photos to your Android phone:

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Turn the phone on and unlock it.
  • You might be asked to trust the computer in use. Hit Trust.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Way : Use Tool To Transfer Photos From Android On To Iphone Directly

    This is the easiest method to transfer all contact to the new phone at one time. PanFone Mobile Data Transfer, designed for transferring data among iOS devices, android devices, iCloud, iTunes and computer, make it much easier to transfer data from an old phone to a new one. Simply install the latest and correct version of the program on your computer from below buttons, and follow the steps to transfer photos from Android Phones to iPhone in this part.

    PanFone Mobile Data Transfer

    PanFone Data Transfer is a one-click solution for you to sync data between iOS & Android, restore iTunes and iCloud data to device conveniently, as well as back up your phone data and restore later.

    • Transfer files between Android and iOS, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more.
    • Backup phone data and restore in lossless quality.
    • Recover iTunes backup, iCloud data to any supported iOS or Android device.
    • Sync media files from iTunes Library to devices.

    Step 1: Download and install PanFone Mobile Data Transfer

    Open this iPhone contacts transfer tool, three modules on the program homepage will pop up automatically. Select Transfer mode on the main interface.

    Step 2: Connect both Android Phone & iPhone to computer.

    Step 3: Transfer photos from Android Phone to iPhone

    The data transfer process may take a while depending on the photo size in your android phones. Once finish, you will get “Copy Completed” prompt. Then, click OK to close the window.

    How To Share Files From Iphone To Android With Google Drive

    Google Drive is an effective cloud storage service that allows you to back up your files to the cloud. Luckily, you get 15GB of free storage to start right away, and that’s enough to upload and share your files from iPhone to Android. If you’re comfortable spending your mobile data or you have a WI-FI network around, here’s how to send files from iPhone to Android:

    • Install and open Google Drive on your iPhone.
    • Sign in to your Google account.
    • Tap the large + button and select
    • Find and select the files/photos/videos you want to transfer. Wait for the files to finish uploading and if you’re sharing large files, we recommend you connect to a Wi-Fi network to avoid high data consumption.
    • After the upload is completed, you can then log in to the same Google account on your Android phone to access the files.

    Alternatively, you can choose to share the files with a link, instead, if you’re transferring the files to a friend or you don’t want your entire Drive on the Android phone. Here’s how to do it.

    • Locate the uploaded file on your iPhone.
    • Tap the 3-dot button beside it and tap from the options.
    • Input the email of the Android receiver and tap The Android receiver will receive the file instantly and can find it inside the folder.

    You can also send a link instead. Just tap Send a link from the options after taping the 3-dot button on the file.

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    Transfer Photos From Android To Iphone By Bluetooth

    Another reliable method for transferring photos from android to iPhone is through Bluetooth. To do this, click on the settings app on both phones. Select the Bluetooth option. Another way to get to the Bluetooth option is by clicking directly from the drop down panel by sliding your hand from the top screen down.

  • Check the âvisible to other deviceâ option to make both devices visible to each other.
  • On your android device go to file manager app and click on it. Look for the DCIM folder and click on it.

  • Long tap on one picture for long to check it, this automatically creates a checkbox for the rest photos although some devices donât add empty checkboxes.
  • Make sure you plug in both your android device and your iPhone to the laptop. This should be done by means of a USB cable. When you tap on the âStartâ button, a pop up will appear showing two phone icons. If your devices have been properly connected, they will show up in this window.
  • When that is done, choose the âshareâ icon, this will bring a list of option, search out the Bluetooth option and select it.

  • A list of devices visible to your android device will pop up, select your iPhone and if itâs not visible, keep refreshing list till it comes up.
  • After selecting your iPhone, a transfer request will come in asking to accept transfer. Click âacceptâ and watch the progress bar while each photo is transferred one at a time.

    Top 7 Ways To Fix Whatsapp Not Sending Pictures From Iphone

    Top 3 Methods to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone

    Despite the existence of iMessage, WhatsApp contiues to be a popular choice among several iPhone users. Most of the times, sending messages, files, or making calls is smooth, but you might run into instances where the app lets you down. Thats when youd like to fix WhatsApp not sending any pictures from iPhone.

    The is much more prominent when youre trying to share multiple photos from your iPhone. If youve been irked by a similar issue, you can work your way through the following troubleshooting methods below to fix any photo-sharing issues on WhatsApp on iPhone.

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    Anytrans Iphone Photo Transfer

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Step 2. Click Phone Switcher > Click Phone to iPhone > Confirm your two devices.

    Choose Phone to iPhone on Phone Switcher

    Step 3. Choose Photo Library and Click Next to transfer to your iPhone.

    Choose Photos and Click Next to Transfer

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    Easiest Ways To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Android

    Whether youre switching from an iPhone to Android or simply own both phones and want to keep them in sync, being able to transfer photos between them is a top priority for many users.

    Depending on how many photos are in your current photo album, some of the methods available to transfer photos across platforms make more sense than others.

    If youre using a cloud storage solution like Google Drive, the total storage needed may become prohibitively expensive. But, with options like a Wifi-enabled USB drive available, theres almost always a way to transfer large photo collections without paying huge storage bills each month.

    Weve compiled a list of the easiest ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Android phones to help you find the best option for your needs. Lets jump right in!

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    How To Transfer Pictures From Iphone To Android By Drag

    Drag-and-drop is no doubt one of the simplest ways to transfer pictures to android from an iPhone if you prefer to do it manually. As the name suggests, you’ll have to drag the photos from the source iPhone and drop them to the Android device using a computer. You’ll, therefore, need a Windows or Mac computer and USB cables for it to work.

    Although this method is fast and easy, it depends on the sizes of the photos. If you have large images, you may have to transfer them from iPhone to computer before moving them to their final destination. A direct drag-and-drop may lead to delays or even failure.

    The followings are the details on how to copy photos from iPhone to Android by drag-and-drop:

    • Use two USB cables to connect both your iPhone and Android device to the computer in use.
    • Follow the prompts to make 2 devices recognized by the computer and find them out by going to “This PC”> “Devices and drives”/”Portable Devices”.
    • Open the devices in separate windows by right-clicking each one and selecting “Open in new window”.
    • Go to “DCIM” folder in the iPhone’s window then choose the pictures you want.
    • Open the folder where you want to keep the pictures on the Android’s interface.
    • Drag the pictures from iPhone to Android. You can choose to drag multiple pictures at once or select them one by one.

    How To Transfer Files From Iphone To Android With Telegram

    The Best Way To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android!

    Surprisingly, Telegram allows you to share up to 1.5GB of a single file with anyone on the app. So, if you’re looking for how to send files from your iPhone to a friend on Android, Telegram is a sure way of doing it. And if you’re sharing the file with yourself , you can take the advantage of Telegram’s “Saved Messages” feature, which allows you to keep messages for yourself.

    Without further ado, you need to download Telegram on both the iPhone and Android devices and sign in to your account to get started.

    • Open Telegram on the iPhone and sign in to your account if you’re using it for the first time.
    • Locate and select the contact you want to share a file with. Note: if you’re sharing with yourself, open the side menu and tap Saved Messages
    • Tap the attachment button beside the text area. Browse and the file you want to send to the Android phone.
    • Tap the send when you’re done. And based on the file size, it may take a while to send it.

    After delivering the message, you can view and download the files to your storage on Android.

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    Faqs Of Transferring Files From Android To Iphone

    1. Can I send the files via Bluetooth from Android to iPhone?

    Apple does not allow non-Apple devices to share files with its products using Bluetooth. That means you cannot transfer files from an Android device to an iPhone using Bluetooth.

    2. How to import contacts from Android to iPhone via Google account?

    On your Android phone, go to “Settings”> “Account”> “Add Account” , and then select Google and enter your Gmail username and password. Once your Android phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the contacts will be saved to Google Contacts automatically. Next, you need to set up Google on iPhone as well. Connect iPhone to your Wi-Fi network, and then go to “Settings”> “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” on iOS 9 and earlier, or “Settings”> “Mail” on iOS 10 and later. Tap “Add Account”, select “Google” and input the same Gmail credentials. Switch on the data type of Contacts and then they will be imported to your iPhone.

    3. How to send large videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality?

    To send large videos, you can try MobieTrans to help your move videos from Android to iPhone without losing quality. Additionally, you can use it to backup videos between iOS devices, Android phone and computer, or transfer videos, music, photos, etc. from Android to iPhone directly.

    4. Can I Airdrop from Android to iPhone?

    You can use Airdrop to share files between iOS devices, but youâre not able to Airdrop from one Android device to iPhone.

    How To Move Photos From Android To Iphone Using Copytrans Photo Program

    Follow the steps below on how to send photos from android to iPhone using CopyTrans Photo app:

    1. First, copy the photos from Android to your PC as shown above following the steps up to 4

    2. Next, download CopyTrans Photo on your PC and install the program:

    3. Launch the program and connect the iPhone to your PC. CopyTrans Photo program displays photos from both iPhone and the PC. Select the folder where you earlier saved the Android photos

    4. Create a new photo album on your iPhone by clicking on the green photos symbol

    5. Name the new album and click OK

    6. Select the Android photos on your PC and drag and drop them to the iPhone side

    7. Click on the Apply changes button to save the Android photos on the iPhone photo album

    8. Thats it. Now you can see your selected photos and videos on your iPhone album

    Now that I have explained how to transfer pictures from android to iPhone let me also reply to some related questions often asked by the Android phone users.

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    Sync Photos Through Online Storage

    You can also transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone or Android phone using an online storage site. I’ll use for this example, but any site accessible from your PC and your mobile phone should do the trick.

    Sign into your online storage service and upload the photos you currently have stored on your computer. You can also add the new photos to a specific album.

    Now open the service’s app on your phone and navigate to the album with the photos you uploaded. From Google Photos, you can tap a specific photo and download it to your phone for use as wallpaper or storing in your mobile photo library.

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    Through The Google Drive

    Best Way To Transfer Pictures From Android To Iphone ...

    Through Google Drive, you can transfer photos, videos, and other files to your iOS device.

    • Open Google Drive on your Android device. Else, install it from the Google Play Store.
    • Go to the file or video you want to share and hit the share button and choose share via Google Drive.
    • Now, install Google Drive on your iOS.
    • After launching it, you can find all the uploaded images and videos there. Click on one and choose Save to transfer it to the iPhone.

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    Sandisk Wireless Usb Drive + Sandisk Connect Drive App

    Pairing a SanDisk Connect Wireless USB Drive with the SanDisk Connect Drive App allows you to automatically back up photos and videos from your camera roll to the drive when the thumb drive is connected.

    Whats really useful is that it allows wireless syncing across three devices simultaneously, perfect for Wifi-enabled DSLR owners who want to quickly transfer photos to both an iPhone and Android after a photoshoot. As an added bonus, you can even stream music or videos to up to three smartphones, tablets, or computers!

    The Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick comes in multiple capacities:

    • 32GB

    Solution 1 How To Transfer All Of The Photos From Iphone To Samsung With 1 Click

    When switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy, you may need to transfer a ton of photos and other files as well. Some of the files are sensitive, such as private photos, contacts, and text messages. So the security and efficiency are considered as the primary. That is why we recommend professional MobiKin Transfer for Mobile at first.

    MobiKin Transfer for Mobile is designed to help users transfer files from one phone to another one by clicking once. It has 4 modes for data transferring, including Android to Android, Android to iOS, iOS to Android, and iOS to iOS. The supported files are different based on the working mode.

    The Features of MobiKin:

    iPhone XR/XS/X/8/7/6/5/4, iPad Mini/Air/Pro/4, iPod touch 5/4, etc.

    Supported Android devices:

    Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6, Galaxy Note9/8/7/6, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A6, Galaxy Tab running Android OS from 2.1 to 9.0, etc.

    It is also friendly to other Android phone and Android tab, including LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, and more.

    You can free download the software and follow the steps to transfer pictures from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy.

    To transfer photos from iPhone to Samsung, you need to connect your iPhone and Samsung device to the computer via USB cables. Then enable USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy. Next, tick on “Photos” and other files that you wanted, click “Start Copy” to activate the process. Here are the details:

    Step 1. Connect iPhone & Samsung to your computer at the same time.

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    The Best Ways To Send Mobile Photos Without Losing Quality

    Sharing mobile photos is pretty much an integral part of taking photos with a smartphone camera. If youre attentive, you may have noticed that when you share photos via messaging apps such as WhatsApp, the photos get compressed and lose their picture quality.

    This can be frustrating, especially if you wish to retain the picture quality to have your mobile. Luckily, there are ways in which you can send your mobile photos between devices or to friends and family without sacrificing the picture quality.

    How To Send Pictures From Android To Iphone Devices

    How To Transfer from Android to iPhone – Contacts, Pictures, Videos & More

    So, heres our favorite methods for sending Pictures from Android to iPhone. Theyre easy, time-saving, and stress-free.

    It would come in handy for those transferring photos from Android to iPhone and/or any other iOS device.

    Method One: Google photos

    This method is the simplest method for this task, but you must have an active internet connection and ensure you have the Google Photos app installed on your Android Smartphone. Due to the size of data involved, it would be worth using Wi-Fi with VPN activated to ensure the transfers speed and security.

    First, you have to enable the backup and sync feature in the Google Photos app on your Android device activating this feature will allow the pictures on your Android device to be automatically stored on Google drive.

    Proceed to your iPhone, download, and install the Google Photos app from iTunes iOS store. Launch the app, activate the backup and sync feature. Your photos will start showing up on your iPhone within a few minutes.

    NOTE: This method requires uninterruptible active internet access as it will consume lots of data. It is advisable to consider this method only when you have access to Wi-Fi or a reliable network with a huge data allowance.

    Then add both numbers to contact and use the messaging feature to transfer your favorite photo from iPhone to android and/or from Android to iOS devices.

    Method Two: Using Photo Transfer App

    Steps to transfer photos from Android to iPhone using Photo Transfer App

    In Conclusion:

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